“We are racists” Lebanon FM says in comments on Syrian Refugees


Gebran-Bassil- NYCFree Patriotic Movement leader and Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil stressed on Sunday that the FPM will not tolerate the creation of Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon.

“We will not tolerate today what we had resisted in 2011, which is the creation of Syrian refugee camps,” Bassil emphasized during a tour of the Western Bekaa region.

“Syrian citizens have only one route, which is the route that leads to their homeland,” Bassil stressed.

He added, “Yes, we are racist Lebanese and at the same time we are open to the world and no one has the right to lecture us about being humanitarian.”

Over one million and a half Syrian refugees have flooded into Lebanon since the conflict in their own country erupted in March 2011.

They live in homes and makeshift camps. Their presence has been largely tolerated, despite Lebanon’s limited resources and aging infrastructure .

There have been rising calls recently to send the refugees back home but politicians disagreed on whether to coordinate the move with the Syrian regime or not . Hezbollah and its allies wanted to coordinate the move with The Syrian regime while the March 14 alliance was dead set against the idea .

One analyst decried Bassil’s comments : ” Not a single sect or lebanese organization has ever called for housing Syrians in refugee camps, so why is talking about this now” .
He added , ” Unfortunately makeshift refugee camps do exist in Lebanon , but having UNHCR administered camps for the Syrian refugees like they have in Turkey and Jordan would have been much better for everyone. The Syrians are now scattered all over the country in dirty makeshift disorganized and disorderly lawless camps and pose huge security risks for many Lebanese communities .”



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  1. MekensehParty Avatar

    For once he’s saying the truth: Lebanese ARE racists in their majority

    1. Fortunately (or not), very little of what this Fat Sack of Shit’s(tm) lackey says actually matters.

  2. More specifically the Shiites and maronites are racist against Muslims in general.

    1. I thought the Shiites are Muslims and if Ali is your real name you are Shiite, so I don’t know where you get that Shiites are racist against Muslims. The Sunnis, the Shiites and all the people of the Middle East are of the same race.

      1. Having the name Ali does not make you Shiite. Ali was the name of a popular Muslim leader and also the nephew of the prophet Muhummad (saw). Shiite literally means sect and they constitute about 10% of the Muslim population. Sunni literally means traditional Muslim and is used to describe 90% of Muslims. Shiites are generally known for being against traditional Muslims and usually pop up when there is a big war against Muslims. During the crusades and Mongol invasions, genocides were carried out against Muslims which the Shiites participated in. They still consider the Muslim hero Saladin to be their enemy because he defeated the Crusaders and stopped the genocide of Muslims. Even today they have allied themselves with Russia and USA in the genocide of Muslims in Syria and Iraq. They generally constitute the foot soldiers in the killing fields and call themselves names like Hezbollah(Party of God) and PMU (Popular mobilization units).

        1. I really don’t know why you bothered to write all this dung here. Your ignorance about history beggars belief.

  3. Palestinian and Syrian Refugees must go home. Lebanon has been more than accommodating in hosting people displaced by the Anglo-American-Israeli filth.

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