Saudi minister labels Lebanon’s Hezbollah as ‘Party of Satan’


hezbollah paradeSaudi Arabia’s Arab Gulf Affairs Minister Thamer al-Sabhan slammed Lebanon’s Hezbollah and warned of the consequences of the party’s crimes.

“The inhumane crimes which the Party of Satan is committing in our nation will inevitably have consequences on Lebanon,” Sabhan wrote on Twitter on Monday.

Sabhan also urged the Lebanese people to stand against Hezbollah’s militias.

“The Lebanese people must choose to either be with it or against it. The blood of Arabs is precious,” he added.



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  1. Listen to the soft spoken Jubeir. I am not a fan of Saudi Arabia due to its culture of Islamic laws, but Jubeir speaks very rationally and with undeniable evidence of Iranian terror but still hold out hope of normal relations with their neighbor. So different than the fiery Iranian speeches about doom and destruction.

    Video Link below

    1. Steve Harvey Avatar
      Steve Harvey

      So true.

  2. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    While I am not a fan of Hezbollah the party of Satan you help create Al Qaeda and Daesh along with other arab countries and that includes Iran who housed them and even trained them. Stop the the support of these extremists first then let’s talk about Hezbollah.

    1. The wahabi takfiris should talk… Start by freeing your women… unbelievable. Well said Danny.

  3. Steve Harvey Avatar
    Steve Harvey

    Hezbo-Shaytan is the Party of the Devil. How else would you classify a terrorist group that has written the playbook for modern day terrorists? Suicide attacks, hostage-taking, drug trafficking, money laundering, assassination of heads of state, etc. Hezbollah is the A-team of terrorists, period. 200-600 million/year from Iran definitely goes a long way. It’s poetic justice that they are getting killed/maimed by other terrorists. Karma is a bitch!

    1. Hezbollah, suicide attacks? Your confused with your beloved Takfiri-Salafist-Wahhabis; Steve Paul.

      1. Steve Harvey Avatar
        Steve Harvey

        Suicide bombings are the hallmark of Hezbollah ( Beirut, Tyre, Buenos Aires, Bulgaria, Khobar Towers). Is a Shi’a suicide bomber less of a terrorist than a Takfiri suicide bomber? Mughniyeh lived by the bomb and died by a CIA-manufactured spare tire bomb in Damascus. Poetic justice for a terrorist mastermind!

        1. You should check the definition of “suicide” (Hezbollah is not renown for such type of attack) and investigate the incidents (they’re blamed on Hezbollah and/or Iran).

          1. Steve Harvey Avatar
            Steve Harvey

            IJO/Hezbollah can’t outrun its history of terrorism. Just ask the 300+ Americans killed by IJO/Hezbollah terrorists since 1983. Why do you think that Hezbollah (and Iran) are hated by the West? The EU, America, Canada, Australia, GCC, Israel and Argentina all label Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. America, Australia, Israel, Bulgaria, Argentina, UK, France and others have lost loved ones because of Hezbollah suicide bombers. BTW– when a Hezbollah suicide bomber drives a explosive-laden truck into a Western target, its terrorism, no different than an ISIS, AQ or Taliban suicide bomber attacking Western targets. You can also add hostage-taking, hijacking airliners, bombing airliners, killing heads of state, and training other terrorists to Hezbollah’s repertoire. It’s time for Lebtards like you to wake up and smell the coffee…Hezbollah is the A-team of terrorist organizations founded by Iran (200M-600M/year in funding from Iran). Assad is no better, as he sponsors these Shi’a jihadist bearded fanatics. The best part about the Syrian Civil War is that the terrorists on both sides of the war are killing each other. Syria is a graveyard for Takfiri , Shi’a, Palestinian and Kurdish terrorists. It’s a shame that someone has to win!

          2. Suicide bombing implies that the perpetrator kills himself as well. Hezbollah does not do that. You must be too stupid to connect the two dots.

            Loved one you say. I don’t see you squeal at IsraHellfor:

            • Making the decision not to tell US and French military of the foreknowledge they had on the Beirut barracks bombing.

            • What about the USS liberty? Despite identifying the ghost ship as American 9 hours earlier, IsraHell went on attacking it. Question of covering up the attack on Syria (breaking the cease fire) and occupying the Holen Heights.

            • What about to 20,000 civilians killed by IsraHell from their illegal invasion and occupation of Lebanon? What about ISIS apologizing to Israel for a flag in the Golan Heights?

            • The millions of lives taken by the Anglo-Americans in their illegal invasions and wars.

            I would go on but even a stupid golem made out of putrid Zionist shit like you gets the picture.

            Hezbollah is demonized by the West because they are an obstacle to the Zionist oligarchies hegemony in the Middle East. ps – GCC? -(LAUGHING) – You putrid golem you.

            Do Iran and Hezbollah blow shut up? Hell yes but the incidents you brought up are false flag blamed on Iran and Hezbollah. I’ve gone through the details of many of them with golems like you in the past. I don’t have time to go over it again. Read the overwhelming counter-evidence for some of them:

            The 1992 and 1994 attacks in Argentina

            The killing of Hariri

          3. Steve Harvey Avatar
            Steve Harvey

            I don’t know where you learned your history (Hezbollah Online College perhaps). Hezbollah has been using suicide bombers since the Tyre suicide bombing on IDF troops in 1982.

          4. I wonder where you learned yours. Golda’s night classes in Tel-Aviv perhaps.

            Hezbollah did not exist in 1982. It was blamed on an Islamic group. It could have very well been a PLO member.

            It’s too bad Lebanese people also died during the bombings. If only hundred fold more despicable IDF vermin died.

            For some reason, you conveniently forget the intensive decade-long bombing of the south of Lebanon by the IDF with US bombs/missiles that killed thousands of Palestinians refugees and Lebanese civilians. Conveniently unreported in the mainstream media, it was described by reporters and various international groups on the ground as “unprecedented”.

          5. Steve Harvey Avatar
            Steve Harvey

            Phoenician cretin, you never cease to amaze me. IJO/Oppressed of the Earth/ Islamic Resistance were used as phony names by pre-1985 embryonic Hezbollah (Mughniyeh, Badreddine and IRGC Col. Dehghan). These terrorist scum were behind the attacks on US Embassy and the US Embassy Annex and the Marine Barracks Suicide Bombings. Add to that the kidnapping, videotaped torture and execution of several CIA officers and Col. Higgins. Add to that TWA 847 hijacking (death of 1 US sailor) and kidnapping of US professors at American Univ. in Beirut.

          6. Maybe you bend over when someone attacks you but real men fight back.

            Whatever Hezbollah may or may not have done pales next to what the Anglo-Americans have done to the Middle East and rest of the world. We’re talking millions of innocent lives.

            Cry me a fvcking river.

          7. mike angel Avatar

            Steve, the Lebanese wake up and drink the coffee every morning. you go ask those 300+ Americans soldiers (remember they were soldiers not civilians) killed what were they doing in Lebanon? Terrorism is by definition trying to spread fear, there was no attempt to spread fear there. It was a clear message, you invade our country under whichever disguise you wish to name it and we will fight you. yes Hizbollah bombed foreign troops on Lebanese soil there is nothing to be ashamed about there. The rest of the accusations about attacks in Bulgaria, Argentina or whatever, are just accusations. Hezbollah is the A -team of Lebanese defenders you can learn to accept that or continue to spread falsehood. it is totally irrelevant, they are here to stay.

          8. 241 Americans, 58 French and Lebanon was in the midst of a civil war. Muslim Jihadists wanted the MNF out of Lebanon because the MNF was interfering with their efforts to occupy Lebanon.

          9. Steve Harvey Avatar
            Steve Harvey

            Thanks Rudy1947.

          10. Steve Harvey Avatar
            Steve Harvey

            Suicide bombings, hijacking airlines, drug trafficking, money laundering, training other terrorists (like AQ in Sudan in 1998). Hezbollah wrote the playbook for modern day terrorists. Mughniyeh and Badreddine were vicious terrorists that were brought to justice (thankfully). Hezbollah even had a terrorist trainer in Pakistan helping to fight US troops (he was killed in a US drone strike in 2010). Ironically, he was the SOB that killed US Sailor Robert Stethem on the Hezbollah TWA 847 hijacked flight. 300+ Americans killed by Hezbollah before 2001 (Hezbollah was replaced by AQ as the deadliest terrorist group for Americans). America is still waiting for Iran to pay out compensation to the Americans (soldiers, civilians and CIA officers) kidnapped/tortured/killed by Hezbollah. Pay up Khamenei!

          11. You are definitely not the Mike angel
            simply because the formulation of your text; “it is totally irrelevant, they are here to stay.”
            You must be some arab that is pro “A -team of Lebanese defenders …”.

  4. Thousands of years ago, the Pharisees came up with their religion, Pharisaism.

    That Pharisaism the became Talmudism, then Medieval Rabbisnim and finally Modern Rabbinism; before being renamed as Judaism.

    Among the innumerable misfortunes which have befallen… the most fatal in its consequences is the name Judaism… neither in biblical nor post-biblical, neither in Talmudic nor in much later times, is the term Judaism ever heard. – Rabbi Adolph Moses, Rabbi H.G. Enlow in “Yahvism and Other Discourses”

    Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. -Rabbi Louis Finkelstein in “The Pharisees, The Sociological Background of Their Faith”

    The Pharisees were also a priesthood who worshiped Ishtar. Ishtar was/is known as The Great Whore, Mother of Satan.

    Coincidentally, KSA is a secret ally of the Great Whore’s worshippers.

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  5. “Party of Satan”? (LaVeyan) Satanists are actually pretty cool. They throw great parties. And they certainly don’t wear ’em disgusting turbans! 🙂

    1. LaVey certainly had his moments! Including an uncredited role as Satan in Rosemary’s Baby. Sammy Davis Jr was a member for a while. Now that was a guy who liked to parrrty!

      1. Didn’t know LaVey was in Rosemary’s baby. Thanks for pointing it out!

        (The Telegraph piece is actually pretty good, below the correct link):

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