UN chief declares : “Israeli settlements construction illegal”

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres (R) is welcomed to Ramallah by Palestinian prime minister Rami Hamdallah (AFP Photo/ABBAS MOMANI)
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres (R) is welcomed to Ramallah by Palestinian prime minister Rami Hamdallah (AFP Photo/ABBAS MOMANI)

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday said that Israeli settlement construction in the occupied West Bank was “illegal” and should be halted.

“The only guarantee for peace is the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside the state of Israel, living in security, peace and mutual recognition,” Guterres said at a Tuesday press conference in Ramallah with Palestinian Prime Minister Rami al-Hamdallah.

“Israeli settlement construction is illegal and constitutes an obstacle that must be removed in order to implement a two-state solution,” he added.

The UN chief went on to urge both Israel and the Palestinians to refrain from taking any action that could undermine the prospects for a peaceful settlement.

Israeli settlements, under construction are seen, in occupied Palestinian lands in Jerusalem.
Israeli settlements, under construction are seen, in occupied Palestinian lands in Jerusalem.

Guterres also voiced concern about the Hamas-run Gaza Strip’s deteriorating humanitarian situation, stressing the UN’s commitment to the blockaded enclave’s reconstruction and efforts by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to end years of internal Palestinian division.

Al-Hamdallah, for his part, called on the world body to “protect the Palestinian people and Muslim holy sites” from repeated Israeli violations.

“I discussed with the UN secretary-general the latest developments regarding the political, economic and humanitarian situation in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza strip,” al-Hamdallah said.

“The failure to oblige Israel to implement [UN] resolutions… weakens the position of the Palestinian people and the UN’s credibility and fuels conflict in the region,” he added.

The prime minister went on to assert that the Palestinian leadership “supports the establishment of a Palestinian state — with East Jerusalem as its capital — through popular resistance and international action”.

On Monday, Guterres met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. On Wednesday, he is expected to visit the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip.

Anadolu Agency

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183 responses to “UN chief declares : “Israeli settlements construction illegal””

  1. Muslim Orabian occupation is “legal”, also of UN

    1. Which “Muslim Orabian”, what occupation and what legality?

      A group of people had lived on the land for thousands of years – they were once Pagan, then became Jewish, then Christian and finally Muslim. Today’s Palestinians are that group of people. Less than 15% of that people remained Jewish and are now part of the Israelis. The other 85%+ of today’s Israelis are migrants who came from outside the territory of Palestine.

      1. Please leave alone for a minute small “Land of Israel”, Judea, Samaria, Gaza or Palestine. What about Half of Africa? What about Kurdistan? Rest of ME also Lebanon? What about Eurape? What about so huge territory? Why World so blind or political correct not to see Orabian (Muslim?) occupation (migration?) everywhere?

        1. Niemals Avatar

          Yes the world is blind.

          Bosnia is still recovering from its civil war, two decades ago. With more than 27 percent unemployment is desperately seeking capital to create jobs.

          Bosnia’s late Islamist president, Alija Izetbegovic, came to power in 1990, he and his party have initiated various efforts to Islamize the institutions and territories under their control.
          During the Bosnian jihad from 1992-1995, Izetbegovic and the SDA established “Muslim brigades” and a Muslim secret intelligence organization, belying their alleged devotion to a multiethnic society.
          Much of this effort was financed by generous Middle-Eastern donors.
          With the help of the corrupt Bosnian politician, Kuwait managed to build a ‘Wahhabi country’ in Bosnia with Arabic as its official language.

          The 160 homes have been constructed in a luxury enclave near Tarcin, some five miles west of Sarajevo, the homes are owned exclusively by Kuwaiti investors. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6f461ede4d3bd550f7032df47cf6d3ca17f98ea609af86f3499c058228fcd272.jpg The community has its own mosque and the residents do not mix with local Bosnians

          The locals claim that they are only allowed in if they are hired as cleaners or servants!

          The houses – marketed only in Kuwait – are being sold for 150,000 €.
          Adverts for the estate call Bosnia a Muslim country “gifted with beautiful nature by Allah.”.

          Unstable politics and a cumbersome bureaucracy are the main obstacles to foreign investment, but one project may change that. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e6847792d8d7cbe962f16fbe8ec51160366fa9fb988accdf18269530a3e696f8.jpg One Arab project could change Bosnia-Herzegovina
          “This will be a tourist city with more than 2,000 villas, several apartment hotels and 160 residential buildings. It will also have the biggest shopping mall in this part of Europe https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/09cec535b3c9b2704bb96aacde5db77fb891c8b6525e5e8a79fec6a599c9ed5c.jpg Zayd Shopping Mall
          with shops and other facilities on more than one million square feet of space, as well as a hospital – Ozone Hospital,” Ismail Ahmed, Executive Director of the Dubai-based Buroj Property Development Company told Deutsche Welle. Some elements of his hometown Dubai are also to adorn the Buroj Ozone city, like dancing fountains.
          According to some preliminary figures, the project is expected to cost more than 4 billion euros. Such extensive Arab investment interest in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the large sums of money have provoked media speculation that the Arabs are spreading in Bosnia because of the Muslim majority and have built mosques across the country. (Deutsche Welle)
          https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/08280464c63951ab85c532a7aca6c04f24e1901795fa5c0c795b8b52a3a62b2d.jpg Arabia Moves to Bosnia…..

          Town in the heart of Europe where ONLY Arabic can be spoken and Arabs can live. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c9776fa2d02adc5b7f9db459b7b88d9dc8099da20ca8ef06ab2df767e11435c6.jpg
          PROTESTS are taking place in a town in Bosnia-Herzegovina because only Arabs are allowed and most of the houses contain the third or fourth wives of wealthy sheikhs.
          Scheichs der arabischen Halbinsel kaufen ganze Landstriche und errichten neue Städte. (Sheikhs of the Arabian Peninsula buy whole land and build new cities.)

      2. Hind Abyad Avatar

        Why talk to a nut?

  2. He said more than that …

    Dramatic humanitarian crisis’: UN chief visits Gaza, urges Israel to end decade-long blockade

    The UN Secretary-General has called on Israel to end its 10-year blockade of Gaza, calling it one of the worst humanitarian crises he’d ever seen.


  3. Niemals Avatar

    You don’t need the UN Secretary-General to comment that Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank are “illegal”, it’s old news.

    Al-Hamdallah, forgot to say – protect the Christian Palestinian people.

  4. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    And what have the UN and the international communities about this.. Nothing! zilch and they need to stand united against this aggression by the Israeli government and the settlers once and for all.

    1. Hind Abyad Avatar

      “Ending the War on Civilians: A Discussion with Syria’s White Helmets”


  5. “Human Rights Watch criticized the Lebanese government Wednesday for its failure to advance justice and accountability to thousands of people forcibly missing during the country’s long and bloody civil war between 1975 and 1990.

    The NGO detailed in a statement that nearly 17,000 people were abducted or disappeared during the armed conflict.”

    Well lets see who the Lebanese here are going to blame………

    1. The Syrians… and… YOU

      1. Typical Lebanese – your brothers kill each other like fly’s….. but as long as you can blame someone, it’s OK in your culture…….
        BTW where are they……. do you collect scalps in your backyard in the US.

        1. What are you? Like a teenager on a Mossad payroll? Stop trolling and go get yourself a job you lazy Biatch.

          1. Typical infantile answer……. I give some more credit to Lebanese people, I guess you represent those who escaped and not those who chose to continue to live there.

          2. What are you deaf? I told you I left the country at a young age and I visit yearly and will be retiring there where I am building a mansion. Lebanon is based on seafaring which is the culture of the Phoenicians who are the fathers of the entire Mediterranean Culture from Cadiz to Barcelona Malta and Carthage to name a few. We travel we work and build new Lebanons in every corner of the world. Soon inshallah we will build a Lebanon in the Galilee. Forward we move… Qaadimoun ya Qods.

          3. sure another Lebanese cowards who sits in the US and wants Lebanon to enter another war, that will destroy it.
            It fits your persona

          4. You got it wrong this time around… Those days are gone. Israel power illusion was wiped out in 2006.

          5. The Lebanese who stayed are much smarter then you…….
            They remember how Lebanon looked like in 2006, when NH was a regime and not part of Lebanon as it is today……

          6. Orabians were raped you and your “culture”

          7. Yes vz Arabians were raped by us Lebanese many times, our culture remains. Wanna dance dabke with us?

          8. Why can not you support Canaanite Phoenician?
            ???????????? ???????????? ???????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????

          9. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            Arabs are extraterrestrial beings!

  6. Palestinians and surrounding Arabs should have considered the benefits of building rather than destroying. 7 decades of their ill advised policies have left them struggling to catch up and don’t seem to have any hope of ever catching up. When the battles failed the whining and begging started. Now that is a shaky stance for their future.

    1. Hind Abyad Avatar

      Said Hasbara..
      Who’s demolishing?? you’re not even capable of 0.1% reality, commenting simply for sake of propaganda..simply stupid


      1. The Arabs should not have planned to attack Israel. They failed again.

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar

          The only ones who planed were foreign Zionists from Europe.
          Palestinians were expelled or killed, they had to run for their lives leaving their homes and lands for looters..only on that day Arab armies invaded, to protect them.
          You all live in fake history and illusions

        2. יוסף בן-ישראל Avatar
          יוסף בן-ישראל

          “stupid lying Zionists”

          Are you able to have a contradictory discussion without insulting your interlocutor ? I doubt…

          1. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Tell that to you’re compatriots..
            This is my contradictory discussion without insulting my interlocutor. Don’t doubt


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