Israel admits exploiting Palestinian laborers who seek its work permits

Palestinian workers at a checkpoint near the occupied West Bank village of Nil'in, March 2017. Majdi Mohammed / AP
Palestinian workers at a checkpoint near the occupied West Bank village of Nil’in, March 2017. Majdi Mohammed / AP

Palestinians who seek an Israeli work permit are sometimes forced to pay up to 2,500 shekels ($703) a month to middlemen, according to a study in which the Finance Ministry took part,  according to a report by Israel newspaper Haaretz reported on Wednesday
The sum ranges between 1,500 shekels and 2,500 shekels, about a quarter to a third of a Palestinian laborers’ average monthly salary, says the study, which marks the first time the government has recognized this exploitation of Palestinian workers – and a bizarre trade in work permits among employers, the report dded
Palestinian laborers are bound to a specific Israeli employer when receiving a work permit. For example, Ayman, a 45-year-old from a village near Jenin, pays about 2,400 shekels a month, though his employer sometimes chips in.

“There’s no choice,” says Ayman, who declined to give his last name. “We have to work, even if we have to pay a lot of money to a contractor.”
According to a government document obtained by Haaretz, “The employment method has not created proper employment conditions for workers. Moreover, it has allowed many situations in which salaries have not been paid to employees.”



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  1. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    It sounds like Daesh forcing minorities to pay Jaziah if they don’t want to convert to Islam or fight with them..
    Oops VS will be trolling me now.

    1. i’m glad i’m like popular for you like Israel for OmegaHell, HindBlahblah and Kannibal. Almost any work is like slavery and sometimes or a bit or hard with robbery, don’t you think so? I wish Orabians (and Orabians so called FaLIEstinians) will create own strong fair Economy, why need depend on Jews (and even sometimes parasitize on Jews, UN, US, Eurape)

      1. Danny Farah Avatar
        Danny Farah

        I was just teasing you my friend no worries. you are ok guy.

        1. If he’s okay, you’re dumber than I thought.

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          2. Hannibal Avatar

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          4. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            so are you for following Assad and keeps believing that he is a Saint coming to save you.
            Second I meant ok meaning yes he has his bad moments and some good ones.
            But I guess in a sense you are right I am dumber than I thought too since I thought of you as OK as well. You can’t keep fighting people forever at sometimes you have to reach for peace. but kind like you don’t want to.. And that’s pretty dumb in my opinion.

          5. And another tantrum. Only you know how you went from Israel admitting to the exploitation of Palestinians to VS being ok to Assad, Hezbollah to the PLO in Lebanon decades ago.

            VS is not okay. He’s a raving, trolling lunatic who has been polluting YaLibnan by spamming and insulting everyone. Neither is he an okay Jew who wants peace. Simply read his comments.

            As far as the rest of your meltdown is concerned, nowhere in my past or present comments have I expressed the sentiment that Assad is a Savior of any sort.

            Why do you side with Hezbollah? Might as well go with ISIS and change your name to Mohammad.

            Claiming that Lebanon let the Palestinians in to wage war against Israel doesn’t even scratch the surface of history. You really need to educate yourself.

          6. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            I am just being logical but dumb ass like you don’t understand it.

          7. Tell your logic to the Nazis down south, not me.

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          9. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            Sure thing Charlie.. whatever makes pink when you wink..

          10. I was being rhetorical darling.

          11. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            You always are.. no worries Omega.. I dig you man.

          12. Hannibal Avatar

            You are insulting the Nazis by comparing them to the “down south” Omega.

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          14. Hannibal Avatar


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          20. Hannibal Avatar

            Are you fraternizing with the enemy Danny? le2iine 3al mataar… LOL

          21. Dirty idiot Kannibal fraternizing with Nasrallah

          22. Hannibal Avatar

            After all he is a compatriot of mine and you are NOT. Go back to Poland.

          23. You are pretend Lebanon to be next Syria, dirty idiot, not Switzerland of ME
            Go back to your grandmother grandmother land, dirty hateful idiot

      2. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
        Rainbow Sponge

        What is an Orabian?

        1. O is Ayin, A is Alif

        2. Hannibal Avatar

          I think vs is a Phoenician reincarnate. A real son of Melkart and Ishtar.

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        3. Niemals Avatar

          Probably this is “Orabian”…
 Palestinian and Israeli activists take part a protest against occupation, Route 60, between Jerusalem and the West Bank city of Bethlehem, July 7, 2017. (Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90)

  2. Well, looks like that’s Journalism Ya Libnan style.

    The Headline of the ORIGINAL article is :
    “Finance: Palestinian workers are systematically exploited and pay thousands of shekels to work
    Workers are sometimes required to pay between NIS 1,500 and NIS 2,500 to middlemen, an amount that could amount to one-third of their salary. A government team has determined that the “profiteering industry” Must Be stopped.
    Further in the article it describes the measures and acts done to stop this horrible stealing.

    “The change in employment is based on two components: the first is the elimination of the individual allotment and the “binding” of the Palestinian worker to the Israeli employer. In this context, the worker will be able to work for each contractor without the need for prior approval, and the contractor will be able to employ several employees who will need (out of the total approved quota); The second component is the online transfer of pay and possibly social benefits. The reason: the desire to minimize the ability of the employer to pressure the worker and pay less than necessary. In this respect, cash payment is prone to trouble, as opposed to an online payment bearing at least a theoretical promise of follow-up. It can be assumed that the work of the Payments Section in the Immigration and Population Authority, which deals with these issues today, will also be updated. According to the document, “The change will ensure benefits for employees, but no less so for contractors.” It added that “those who are expected to pay the price are the intermediaries who incurred tens of thousands of shekels at the expense of workers and contractors because of government regulation.”

    BUT – as usual the aim of Ya Libnan, is to smear Israel, to satisfy racist Jew Haters and Holocaust deniers like psycho Omega, that Ya Libnan hosts.
    Israel is still in a conflict with the Palestinians…… but try’s to resolves issues like this, while Lebanon
    for the last 70 Year treats their Palestinians brothers worse then a bloodiest regime:

    *The Palestinians do not have Lebanese citizenship
    * No identity cards,
    * Are legally barred from owning property
    * Legally barred form entering a list of desirable occupations.
    * Are not granted much access to the social services .
    But Gave the Palestinians the ability, to create a private army to fight Israel……

    This will not be mentioned in Ya Libnan…….

    1. It’s not mentioned by YaLibnan because it’s not about Lebanon but the exploitation of Palestinians (the inhabitants of Palestine) by the Zionists who came from outside to lie, steal, kill, oppress and repeat for the past seventy years.

      No sick regime lasts forever and National Socialist Zionism will not be any different. It’s a matter of time.

      1. You idiot will not last forever, hateful liberal fascist

  3. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
    Rainbow Sponge

    Jack is right. Yalibnan took the original article and paraphrased it into fake news.

    1. Niemals Avatar

      Yalibnan is not the only one spreading Fake News.

      Hind Abyad and Omega are specialists regarding the truth about places like Auschwitz, Dachau and Buchenwald. (Hollywood Creation…)
      This kind of Fake Truth is spread by Reichsbürger links that Omega trust blindly and Hind Abyad is just parroting.
      The Daily Express was often used by the Nazi Party printing conspiracy theories about Jews.
      They will tell you that those are far from being the “death camps” and were not in the business of extermination.
      They were work camps, critical to the German war effort.

      I wouldn’t be surprise that they claimed that the Jewish workers were compensated for their labor with scrip printed specifically for their use in stores, canteens and even brothels…..

      1. If the Holocaust is “real news”, you should not have any problem providing me with the following:

        1. Forensic evidence of the gas chambers

        2. War documents attesting if the Jewish death toll

        3. An explanation for the “6million” number that came in both Jewish and non-Jewish press decades before WW2

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