6 Die in One Day in Latest Israeli-Palestinian Violence

Violence at Neve Tsuf settlement in the occupied West Bank
Violence at Neve Tsuf settlement in the occupied West Bank

Israeli officials say three Israelis died and one more was wounded when a Palestinian broke into a home in a settlement  in the occupied West Bank and stabbed its residents while they were eating dinner.

Two of the victims died soon after the attack in the area known as Neve Tsuf, north of Ramallah. Another victim died later in the day.

The assailant was shot by Israeli police and is hospitalized in Israel. He has been identified as 20-year-old Omar al-Abed. His brother also has been arrested.

Elsewhere Friday, three Palestinians died when clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians turned violent.

Tensions have been rising for days after Israel installed metal detectors at a site sacred to both Muslims and Jews, after two Israeli police officers were killed there by Arab gunmen.

On Friday, Israel barred Muslim men under the age of 50 from entering the contested Jerusalem holy place for noon prayers

Officials said the clashes at the Old City shrine had been expected.

The site is known as the Noble Sanctuary to Muslims, and as the Temple Mount to Jews. It is the holiest Jewish site and the third holiest in Islam.




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  1. Rascal Avatar

    IDF should have put a bullet in Omar al-Abed the useless tit. There is no peace to be made with Pallies. Palestinians are fighting for an imaginary country that doesn’t exist.

    1. In wild failed Orabian “states”, tribal society, there no clear distinguishing between country, village, city; streets mostly without names etc.
      “In my opinion, only nine Orab states can be called successful. These are Kuwait, Qatar and seven states belonging to the United Orab Emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm al-Qaywain, Fujairah and Sharjah. These are successful, full-fledged, quiet countries. At the heart of each of them is one tribe. Thus – both the state is legitimate and the power is legitimate”

      1. English improved “all of a sudden” again, copied-pasted or Freudian slip?

        1. m.b. random fluctuating, i’m bad in English, using GT as correcting tool. Hope no problem for communication. But what about Neo Canaanite ???????????????? ?????????????????????????

          1. Back to bad English, what gives? Incomplete Persian-English dictionary?

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    2. Strange. The Palestinians have lived on the land for thousands of years. They were first Pagan, then became Jewish, then Christian and finally Muslim.

      You’re confused with your cabbage munching ilk who came from Europe with their National Socialist Zionism to steal, kill, oppress and occupy.

      1. Rascal Avatar

        Why stop at “finally muslim”, when a enlighten atheist is a vast improvement?
        I am not Jewish or have any affiliation to the state of Israel.
        Logic tells me that the Jews have produce a much more desirable country above what any muslim majority Islamic Republic or State could ever be, especially in this world of growing retarded radical Islamist’s, and that includes the sneaky Ayatollahs in Iran.

        Trust me, nobody cares about these whinny and violent muslims. The west has had its fill of Islamic CULTure and the extremist’s it brings.
        There is little support for this useless Islamic state that Palestinians have in mind for Israel. Muslims have proven themselves to produce sub-par social standards and in many cases, failed states.
        Fvckin Libtards, Look for real and massive bloodshed and genocide right next door in Syria.
        But I am ok with terrorist Hezb/Iran and AQ terrorist killing each other. It is an evolutionary solution.

        1. I don’t stop, that is how it went. Paganism was first practiced then Judaism became the primary religion, and then Christianity and finally Islam.

          Your logic is conjectural and biased. Jews did not produce a much more desirable country than others in the region. Europeans, Eastern Europeans, American and ROW people of the Jewish faith were given billions (every year) and unconditional support by the US (and the US puppets). Give the same conditions to any sub-developped country today and in fifty years, you will observe the very same result (hopefully minus the National Socialist Zionist behaviour).

          You want to push a myth similar to Jews turning the wasteland of Palestine into a miracle-arable one when the Palestinians grew, harvested and exported oranges (crops of Jaffa), olives and grapes since the 18th century. In the meanwhile, most of the surrounding countries (that were not aligned with the West) were left to deal with Palestinian refugees (ever since 1948), civil wars, the rise of dictators (recruited, groomed, financed and supported by the West) and the resulting conflicts/wars.

          Had the Anglo-(French)-Americans not meddled in the Middle East (in tracing borders between people who co-lived for hundreds/thousands of years, fomenting conflicts and supporting Wahhabism), the region would have been peaceful, prosperous (thanks to its vast reserves of oil), Christians would have never left and that, regardless of the Muslim majority.

          I agree that the Islamic culture (with the likes of ISIS, Salafist and Wahhabi) is deviant and must be exterminated but let’s also ask ourselves who funds, arms and supports them.

          The mainstream/imposed image that just because one is Muslim that one is retarded, violent, terrorist, etc is just that: mainstream and imposed. The Shia-Sunni war is modern and started with the mass-scale industrialization of the oil industry. Don’t forget the first recorded genocide of one million people was committed by the Hebrews (it’s written in the Torah under “Deuteronomy” and “Exodus”) – not the Muslims.

          You must have been asleep since the beginning of the “Arab Spring”. The bloodshed in Syria was instigated by the Anglo-American-Israelis who seek to be the only superpower in the region and have monopolistic control of the oil reserves. Over three quarter of the Islamic fighters in Syria are not Syrians. Again: who funds, arms and supports them?

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          2. Brahms Avatar

            Just goes to show that the Arabs are a few centuries behind.

          3. How do you arrive to that conjecture?

          4. Brahms Avatar

            They keep losing.

          5. Losing how and who are the “Arabs” in question? The Saudis?

          6. Rascal Avatar

            Culturally and socially, yes. Fully agree.

          7. Rudy1947 Avatar

            zzzzzzzz. The Arabs never make a mistake………ROFL

          8. Irrelevant but keep trying.

          9. Rascal Avatar

            To be honest Rudy. I grow tired of debating with Hezbullah/Iran supporters that blindly attempt to justify Hezb/Iran actions. Fact is they are a terrorist group controlled by Iran and they are inching towards serious conflict. It is time that Iran bares responsibility for its minions. I only see one way this can play out with Iran, they need a serious spanking because they simply will not stop their terrorist activities without some motivation. Couple days ago the US had to fire warning shot at a Iranians speed boat that was training/testing US ships yet again. The soft touch simply does not work. Now they are openly declaring Hezbollah of America is ready to launch terrorist attacks within the US.



      2. ???????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? idiot OmegaHell

      3. Brahms Avatar

        Odd, Jews have lived on the land for thousands of years as well. The Arabs and the Ottomans didn’t do much with the land, but when the Zionists had the opportunity they built a nation.

        1. UNESCO Says No Jewish History on Temple Mount; Hebron and Bethlehem “Integral Part of Palestine”

          Just face it, You are squatters and are in a land that doesn’t belong to Jews whatsoever.
          Jews are a problem for the Europeans and they sent You to Palestine like an invented specie of predators, You where expelled from Europe because You are undesirable.
          You repeat a lie thousand times until become a phone true. all of You make Me sick.

          1. Rudy1947 Avatar

            So what. UNESCO can’t change the history of the region and their credibility is of question.

        2. The (minority) Jews you talk about were Palestinians, not German, Russian, American, Polish, etc.

          The whole wasteland of Palestine turning to a miracle-nation is a conjecture. Give billions/year and unconditional support to any sub-developed country and you will observe the very same result. Besides, Palestinians grew, harvested and exported oranges (crops of Jaffa), olives and grapes since the 18th century.

          Israel was created by the non-Jewish ruling class of Britain who wanted a bridgehead in the ME following the discovery of oil. The average-joe Jews were used to make it happen. Worth noting that the Jewish Elite of Europe and the US colluded in the project.

          1. FaLIEstinians were born in June 1964 in Soviet KGB, idiot. Israeli Circassians are just Circassians f.e. and not FaLIEstinians, also Druzes etc. etc.
            Please don’t steal mental masturbation

          2. Brahms Avatar

            To take a phrase out of your own verbiage, I don’t see where I spoke of a miracle-ration. Also, the Palestinians had the same opportunity and billions to support them. Now where did the money go?

            You also seem to forget that modern Israel was populated by ME Jews as well.

            The interest of oil in the ME also made many Arab nations, but not all, abundantly wealthy. I’m sure they are not thing about.

          3. You spoke of nation, I added “miracle”. What’s the fuss about? Isn’t what your ilk call it; a miracle?

            Claiming the Palestinians had the same opportunities as the Jews and Zionists shows you’re either delusional or seriously misinformed.

            What about the Jews of the ME and how have I forgotten them? We all co-lived until the National Socialist Zionism stepped to divide everyone.

            The oil of the ME belongs to the ME. Not sure what’s your point.

          4. Brahms Avatar

            Evidently the Jews living in other ME countries did not agree with your assessment and chose to take the opportunity to immigrate to Israel or to the EU and USA.

            The Arabs had the opportunity but chose a different path, one that has led them to a deeper hole. Really s2pid decisions.

            As far as oil, you thought it was significant. Besides, if the oil was used only in the ME the Sheiks would not be living in the splendor that they have become accustomed to.

          5. Anti-Jewish tensions in Arab countries (which resulted from the treatment of Palestinians) and Zionist false-flag terror acts aimed at Jews in Arab countries forced them to migrate to Israel. Only the poor, hard working Jews moved to israel (to be exploited by the wealthy Jews). No wealthy Jew from anywhere around the world initially moved to Israel (unless there was an opportunity at making even more money).

            When you write “Arabs”: 1) I have no clue who you talk about and 2) you sound very uneducated (politely saying: dumb). Might as well say the Asians when you refer to the Koreans or Japanese.

            The oil of the ME is significant; it’s the single most important variable. Nobody would care of the ME otherwise. My point is: it belongs to the ME.

          6. fake ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ????????????

          7. Rudy1947 Avatar

            The migration had nothing to do with Jews being unhappy in the various Arab countries and the opportunity for an Israeli state as well. Your lame “exploitation” garbage has been over cliched, sliced and diced, and an excuse used for centuries all over the world. Give your a zzzzzz on that crap.

            You have no clue about Arabs? Okay, go back to school.

            Now the oil is significant. Damn, your like the weather.

          8. Where do you read me write that the migration of Jewish Arabs to Israel was due to their unhappiness?

            You claim the exploitation argument in invalid but provide nothing to back up your claim. The poor, hard working Jews being sent to Palestine and the richer (and intelectual) ones to the US is hardly a secret. I read it in an immigration archive – will have to dig it up.

            Yes, which “Arabs” is he talking about? Why doesn’t he address them as Palestinians? The Palestinians are not Arabs like the Saudis are. Putting the whole ME under “Arabs” because they speak Arabic is erroneous. For the record, the Jewish Arabs of the ME spoke Arabic for centuries.

            I never changed my mind about the significance of the ME oil in this discussion.

          9. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Quit whining. If your as educated as you have boasted the “elite” exploiting the “weak” has been around for centuries. Stop using worn cliches, very unbecoming.

            I’ll address them as Arabs since they are.

          10. If the Elite exploiting the weak has been around for centuries, why does it bother you so much when it comes to Jews and why did you lie it was any different in Israel? And I am the one whining … right.

            You can address them however you want. The discussion and question was not addressed to you. You intruded and made a fool of yourself.

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          12. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Oh please, worn out cliches?

          13. I let you backpedal.

          14. Idiot, insert in your stupid brain, FaLIEstinians are KGB Orabians, now Hamasians and Fatahlandians, tomorrow new Juhadians or ISISians

          15. Are you saying the Palestinians who lived on the land of Palestine for thousands of years are actual Soviets? The plot thickens.

          16. You are playing Soviet KGB antiimperialistic political game, masturbating with one Geo Latin Name instead of hateful for you idiot Israel. Were not FaLIEstinians before June 1964 like Soviets before 1922, were Orabians, Jews, Circassians, Druzes, Maronites, Arameans, Bedouins etc. Please stop your mental masturbation

          17. Does “GT” also correct punctuation? Quite an algorithm.

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        3. Brahms don’t bother answering this deluted psycho , Holocaust denier, Jew hater racist scum of the earth Omega.

      4. OmegaHell idiot, political correct FaLIEstinians are KGB Orabians

  2. “6 dead”?
    How about “3 Jews murdered during dinner; assailant and 2 rioters also dead”

  3. 26.07 King of Jordan urged Mahmoud Abbas to reassure Muslims http://www.newsru.co.il/mideast/26jul2017/jordan_0015.html

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