5 more Hezbollah fighters killed in Syria


hezbollah funeralFive more Hezbollah fighters were reported to have been killed in Syria on Sunday, according to Lebanese media reports .

There were identified as Karim Karam Karim, Ibrahim al-Juni, Ali Talib, Mahdi Abu Hamdan and Muhammad Ali al-Haq.

Mehdi Abu Hamdan was 16 years old and was described as the “youngest party member ” that was killed in Syria.

The development comes amid reports that Hezbollah is preparing to launch a military campaign aimed at ousting the jihadist groups Islamic State and Fateh al-Sham Front from Lebanon’s Arsal area near the Syrian border .

At least ten Syrian airstrikes targeted Arsal outskirts on Sunday, media reports said.

The Iranian-backed Hezbollah Shiite militant group has long supported President Bashar al-Assad against the mostly Sunni insurgents.