‘Hezbollah’ repositions Itself on Syria border, did not pull out as announced

A "Hezbollah" member patrols the Qalamoun hills close to the Lebanese border with Syria. AFP file photo
A “Hezbollah” member patrols the Qalamoun hills close to the Lebanese border with Syria. AFP file photo

Beirut- The recent announcement of Lebanon’s “Hezbollah” that it was dismantling its positions along the Lebanese-Syrian border has not been met with implementation on the ground.

Sources following up the party’s moves said that “Hezbollah” hasn’t made an actual withdrawal, but rather repositioned itself in certain areas.

The sources said the party’s militants pulled out from several locations but expanded their presence in other areas.

Hezbollah’s move on the Lebanese side of the border is most likely met with a similar operation on the Syrian side.

A Lebanese military expert told Asharq Al-Awsat that “Hezbollah’s existence and military power contradict with a pullout from the Lebanese-Syrian border despite its shrewdness in promoting for that.”

The expert, who refused to be identified, said that “militarily, Hezbollah continues to preserve its force on the border to protect its supply line.”

“But politically and in terms of security, it is capable of holding the Lebanese state and the army responsible for any future security breach on the border,” he said.

“Hezbollah” Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah declared last week that the party “completed its mission” along Lebanon’s border with Syria, leaving the arena to the Lebanese state.

He announced that “Hezbollah” has “dismantled its positions” along the border.

Nasrallah also called on the Lebanese state “to assume its responsibilities in protecting the eastern border and preventing the infiltration of gunmen from Syria to Lebanon.”

On the Syrian side of the border, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights quoted “reliable” sources as saying that “Hezbollah continues to maintain its positions in al-Qalamoun and its outskirts.”

“The party withdrew its members from several bases … but redeployed them in areas that it considers highly important,” the sources said.

Asharq al Awsat



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  1. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    Typical Hezbollah they always blame the government but they are part of it. they will manipulate the Army as they see wish. so if any lack of security they will turn force the army to submit more to their will. They manipulated the Army in Saida against Sunnis and Tripoli and they could careless about this fake formula they call resistance + army plus something else.. we are yet trying to figure it out. May Daesh and Hezbollah kill each other and take assad with them too and Hind and Omega.. Lol

    1. Omega Avatar

      It all comes together now, you’re actually a Salafi Sunni; MekensehParty. When you lied about hanging the Lebanese flag in Beirut, did you mean the black and white Islamic flag by any chance?

      Notice how you sugar coat your bs in ending with May Daesh and Hezbollah kill each other when the actual message of all your comment is always centered around Hezbollah, Iran and Syria.

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