Russian intelligence officer beheaded in Syria by IS: Report

Islamic State claims that it beheaded a Russian intelligence officer in Syria
Islamic State claims that it beheaded a Russian intelligence officer in Syria

Islamic State has issued a video showing the beheading of a man it described as a Russian intelligence officer captured in Syria, the U.S.-based SITE monitoring website reported on Tuesday.

But the Russian defense ministry denied any Russian serviceman had been captured and killed by Islamic State in Syria.

The 12-minute Russian-language video, released on the day Russia celebrated the anniversary of the 1945 victory over Nazi Germany with military parades, showed the man dressed in a black jump suit kneeling in a desert scene and urging other Russian agents to surrender.

Islamic State says it beheads Russian officer in Syria. The alleged officer was earlier featured in a Russian-language video in September (screengrab) MEE and agency's 's picture
Islamic State says it beheads Russian officer in Syria. The alleged officer was earlier featured in a Russian-language video in September (screengrab)
MEE and agency’s ‘s picture

“This idiot believed the promises of his state not to abandon him if he was captured,” a narrator says in the recording, before the prisoner was beheaded by a bearded man dressed in combat fatigues.

The authenticity of the recording and the identity of the man could not immediately be verified, nor was it clear when the killing occurred.

In comments cited by Russian news agencies, the defense ministry said all Russian forces in Syria were accounted for and continuing the ‘struggle against international terrorism’.

There was no immediate response from the FSB security service.

Russian senator Vikor Ozerov told Interfax news agency “there would be hell to pay” if the recording proved authentic.

Russian forces are backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in his war with rebels and Islamist militants seeking to oust him. The video showed scenes of what it described as the aftermath of Russian bombing raids in Syria.

The Russian defense ministry says about 30 Russian servicemen have been killed since the start of the Kremlin’s operation there in September 2015.




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  1. The Ministry of Defense of Russia refuted the reports in the media about the seizure and
    execution of a Russian serviceman who was serving in Syria

  2. Arzna Avatar

    The Russians have been denying everything that doesn’t suit Putin’s policies. They have denied hacking Hillary , Clinton, DNC to help Trump win election, hacking Macron’s campaign and influencing Brexit . But this spy has reportedly been missing since last September. Time for the Russians to stop faking the news

    1. Omega Avatar

      Have the accusers presented a single shred of evidence against Russia for the hacking Hillary , Clinton, DNC to help Trump win election, hacking Macron’s campaign and influencing Brexit.?

      1. HebAlba Avatar

        Leaked photos reveal US military entered southern Syria to train rebels: opposition media

        1. Omega Avatar

          If only Syria/Russia could reciprocate some ‘mistake’ airstrikes.

          1. Methuselah Avatar

            They already have.

          2. Omega Avatar

            In Southern Syria where the Americans are training the ‘rebels’?

          3. Methuselah Avatar

            Barrel bombs are not precision weapons and the mere fact of dropping them is a mistake. Then again, Syria was running out of real bombs.

          4. Omega Avatar

            Not clue what you’re raving about but it seems propagandist. Especially when IsraHell is known to do the same.

          5. Methuselah Avatar

            No doubt you have no clue.

          6. Omega Avatar

            A hasbara troll on another site told me the very same thing when I told him I had no cue what he was raving about: he turned it on me. It must be part of the training.

          7. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Was it me?

          8. Omega Avatar

            Read again: on another site.

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          10. Omega Avatar

            Roodie, is that you?

          11. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Nahhhhhh, it’s your paranoia talking back to you. Then again even if you’re not paranoid doesn’t necessarily mean they are not out to get you.

          12. Omega Avatar

            Dimwit, I responded you but he answered.

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            LOL, just appealing to you and Hind and collective paranoia.

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            Was that sarcasm as well?

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            No Roodie; it wasn’t.

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            Pity, it should be.

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            Should be cook2long but it’s cook2half. King of superficial nothingness.

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            He was right since you said you had no clue. I concur.

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            I let you continue do what you do best: hasbara troll.

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            You must be an old man who believes in myth… Methuselah lived for 969 years your bible says. We know nobody can live more than 130 years or so. Therefore your bible is full of lies? The biggest of which God a real estate agent?

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            So what.

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            Just sayin’

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            Do you herd and train elephants for battle?

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            LOL witty…
            At least he was real… πŸ˜›

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            That’s nice. Another losing entity.

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            Losing to some a hero to others… Semantics πŸ˜‰

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            Don’t seem to remember Carthage lasting too long or Hannibal.

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            668 years to be exact. More than enough. Israel 68 years… Carthage wins by 600 years. At the rate your Arab cousins reproduce you will be outbred soon enough. πŸ˜‰

          32. Merlin Avatar

            I’m sure that applies. sarcasm.

          33. Omega Avatar

            Their Bible (which slowly morphed from Babylonian and Can’aanite practices (the Torah mentions something of this)) says a lot of things – none of which they respect today. ‘Their’ scriptures are essentially Vedantic commentaries – they are retelling the tales in the Hindu Rig Vedas with localized characters. The essential elements of the Torah being Genesis and the Deluge are already foretold in the Vedas. They morphed over many generations to become the Mahabarata and the Baghvad Gita. The Torah added some local tribal accounts to the mix and also relies heavily on the Hammurabi Codes. All of which written by the Pharisees (hence Pharisaism (known today as Judaism)), a priesthood of Persian origin who worshipped Ishtar.

          34. Merlin Avatar

            I’m sure that applies today as well. sarc.

          35. Omega Avatar

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          36. Merlin Avatar

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          38. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Glad you agree.

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            So what Merlin.. Excalibur King Arthur, The Legend of the Sword
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          Hope they did a good job.

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            We don’t need sadistic Zionists here Shlomo

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