Aoun vowed to make Lebanon the ‘focal point’ for business and tourism in M.E.


aoun diasporaLebanese President Michel Aoun  vowed to make Lebanon  the focal point for business and tourism  of the Middle East stressing   that the State’s efforts will continue in this regard

“We are determined to bring Lebanon to the forefront of the Middle East and make it the focal point,” Aoun told Lebanese diaspora delegations.

“You have planted joy in the hearts of your families and all the Lebanese when you came to Lebanon,” he added.

“Today you are witnessing that Lebanon is very stable. We hope that you promote  the idea that Lebanon is in good shape in the minds of others,” added Aoun.



181 responses to “Aoun vowed to make Lebanon the ‘focal point’ for business and tourism in M.E.”

  1. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    Blease Mr. President bring electricity to Lebanon, remove the trash and fix the roads. Remove the Resistance Brigades, the Jaefferies and all the Drug gangs then talk about tourism. You are lucky you are getting any. it’s because most of the Lebanese who visits Lebanon are used to this crap.

    1. Omega Avatar

      Still pretending to be Lebanese Azrna? I mean Danny Farah.

      1. Danny Farah Avatar
        Danny Farah

        I am sorry did I offend your iranian proxy sweetheart? everytime the real lebanese criticises hezbollah and their allies they automatically become israeli agents. you bastards let the Syrian Army kill and destroy Lebanon for 30 plus years and all you jackasses say these are our brothers and they can kill us anyway they want. There is no difference to me between Israel, Hezbollah Syrian regime and the iranian and daesh they are all alike. No go take your frustration on a watermelon so you can cool off weirdo.

        1. +There is no difference to me between Israel, Hezbollah Syrian regime and the iranian and daesh they are all alike+ You are crazy, Danny, please visit Israel to see how you are wrong with equation

          1. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            I don’t need to visit Israel man. I already know what Israel did to Lebanon and until they take all the palestinians and pay reparations to Lebanon, i don’t want to visit it period.

          2. Why Lebanon start war together with Orabian “states” against Israel, Danny? Don’t use term “falestinians”, they are usual orabians

          3. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            Let me put it this way since the falestinians and israeli problems Lebanon never seen peace. I do not like either but i have to admit I have met many jewish americans and I admire them and respect unlike the yellow belly who comes from Israel. As far as falestinians i have not forgotten what they did to Lebanon but i also met few intelligent ones in the US and i also have great admirations and respect for them. but all in all I didn’t like israel pushing falestinians on us and then bombing the living hell out of us. if they were not in lebanon we would not have wars between us.

          4. You are not answered my question, why Lebanon shared with Orabian “states” starting war, war with Israel? Starting war, war is bad thing. So blame your country first.
            It’s good when all people are equal, but in reality part are creators, part are vandals etc. I believe in every nation (“falestinians” are politically corrected Orabian nation, again) there is the same proportion of smart and fool people, we need respect smart, not fool, fool we need tolerate and correct

          5. Hannibal Avatar

            Well put!

        2. HebAlba Avatar

          I’m not Omega iranian proxi sweetheart, he’s married, i tough i was your sweetheart..

        3. HebAlba Avatar

          Did you drink Arak?

          1. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            I don’t drink but when i do i drink Dos Equis..

          2. HebAlba Avatar

            Humm ..shou haida..

        4. Niemals Avatar

          You probably didn’t followed Omega’s tactics.

          When omega and his ilk are pressed against the wall, they develop can’t stand it.
          They presenting than the theory that the ‘others’ on this forum are pretending or have multiple Avatars (accounts).

          The mystery is why they continuing to reply to the “you’re blocked” avatar…

          They never ???? blocked anyone on this forum!
          They don’t dare. ⚡

          1. Omega Avatar

            You did/do have multiple avatars and I’ve exposed them all. You’ve been butt hurt about it ever since, blocked me and keep throwing tantrums while pretending you don’t read my comments to you and others.

          2. Omega Avatar

            If you paid more attention in ESL, you wouldn’t have to crawl around and mooch on others.


            You did/do have multiple avatars and I called you out for it. You’ve been butt hurt about it ever since, blocked me and keep throwing tantrums while pretending you don’t read my comments to you and others. Man up.

          3. HebAlba Avatar

            Can’t post without complaining about HebAlba.;))))

          4. HebAlba Avatar

            “At the same time that she criticize the entire western world (EU) not approving asylum to syrian(?) refuges, Hind Abyad‏ chose the rumor dissemination of a blogger “themolesite” about “EU planned mass immigration”..

            Stupid Niemals-Matrix.. Rumor disseminations

            1-“On sites, every day, over one million new articles and over two million comments are published.
            Some notable clients include CNN, CBS, BBC, Reuters, Sony,, and Volkswagen.
            In September 2010, it was announced that Windows Live Spaces, Microsoft’s blogging service, would be closing, and that Microsoft would partner with for blogging services.”
            “According to a study carried out by Georgetown University of Washington, D.C. after the launch of the electronic version of in 1997, the magazine counts among its readers all 535 members of Congress, the 9 justices of the United States Supreme Court, senior officials in the White House.”

            2-Mass immigration is on the verge of DESTROYING Europe, blasts LEO MCKINSTRY

            SEVERAL millennia were required to build European civilisation but its impending destruction has been the work of just a few years, carried out by a cadre of irresponsible, unpatriotic and deluded politicians led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

            3-“They never ???? blocked anyone on this forum! They don’t dare. ⚡
            The mystery is why they continuing to reply to the “you’re blocked” avatars…”
            Will reply tomorow.

        5. Omega Avatar

          Hahaha. Look at you chant Mekenseh’s tune. Nice lapdog you are.

          My comment is about you pretending to be Lebanese (irrelevant of your opinion of Hezbollah); period.

        6. Omega Avatar

          Hahaha. Look at you chant Mekenseh’s pathetic tune – nice lapdog you are. Contrary to what you rave about, we had no choice when Syria was in Lebanon for thirty years – and you would know if you were Lebanese. Anyone who stood against them was beaten and/or arrested and/or disappeared. In 2005, the killing of Hariri and twenty one other Lebanese (by Mossad but blamed on Syria) and the ‘Cedar Revolution’ that followed shortly after created a vacuum in the country. That is when people like Mekenseh thought it would be a good idea to play superhero. He couldn’t do much (can’t really blame him) and ended up supporting the other side (US, Israel, etc). He now climaxes at the idea of seeing Lebanon burn and its people dead.

          My comment is about you pretending to be Lebanese (irrelevant of your opinion of Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, etc); period. Your comments are also identical (in style, syntax and content) to the ones of Arzna. Coincidentally, both of you refuse/ignore my requests to continue conversations in Akl-format Lebanese.

          1. Barry Avatar

            Jews sure are good at fooling the world into thinking Syria killed Hariri. But you, in your mom’s basement, know better! Carry on!

          2. Niemals Avatar

            It still is not easy for you as a Jew to exist without hearing over and over again – ‘blame the Jews’.

            Following the air strike in Syria last week, many on the “alt-right” have blamed Jews within the administration, like Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka, for Trump’s move against Assad.

            David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard and serial failed politician, attributed the action to “Jewish extremism.” Andrew Anglin, editor of the hate-mongering Daily Stormer, said Trump had been “manipulated by Jews.” [Twitter]

          3. Barry Avatar

            Either the Jews are so smart that they control moron Arab world; or Arabs so foolish, they are controlled by 7 million Jews. Either way, give up, bruv.

          4. Niemals Avatar

            It is very plausible that they are controlled by 7 million Jews. ????????

          5. ???? Rolling on the Floor Laughing i don’t see this emoji like You Phoenician
            ???? i can see

          6. Hannibal Avatar

            They controlled Germany until…

          7. Niemals Avatar

            .. and “Hannibal” witnessed it in person when he lived here…

          8. Hannibal Avatar

            ummmmm…. History books? Documentaries? Are you a holocaust denier?

          9. HebAlba Avatar

            The Bank of England has admitted its role in one of the most controversial episodes in its history – helping the Nazis sell gold plundered from Czechoslovakia months before the outbreak of the Second World War.

          10. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            They do control the moron arabs. you just found that out. They tried to control Christ and succeeded to put him on the Cross. But they never learn do they. all the up and down revolutions in the arab world will catch up to Israel and soon you will burn too. Did you see the comments made the Israeli President that Daesh leader apologized to Israel more than once. They control Daesh too and they love to see them behead christians..

            I’m jew, i hate to see Daesh beheads christians or not “true” muslims or etc. You are brainwashed, Danny, but good not 100%

          12. HebAlba Avatar

            Bravo.. I like it when it’s straight to the point with no insults,
            (à la Mek Jager..;-)

          13. Barry Avatar

            So Arabs should just give up. Jews are too smart for them.

          14. HebAlba Avatar

            Yes Republicans are controlled by Zionists Billionaires who
            run the US.. you see money is the smart God.

            “Kay24 May 8, 2017, 5:43 pm
            The Palestinians have lost already. They have lost years of freedom, thousands of acres of land, farms and olive trees destroyed, they have lost thousands of their people, millions are refugees living in camps, and they have lost all hope.
            What the heck more do these idiotic Republicans want them to loose? It is all about Israel, the occupier, and it’s needs and their pride.”
            To Hell with you.

          15. Hell with You, Hind. So called “falsetinians” are mostly apartheided Orabians in Orabian states, also in Lebanon. Orabians starting wars (Look at Syria f.e.) There are Orabian local councils in Israel (stolen land lol) Orabians stole half of Africa, almost all ME, want to live in Europe, America with mostly wild ideology

          16. Barry Avatar

            Give up.

          17. Barry Avatar

            You have already lost. Canada is more Zionist than Tel Aviv. I know this for a fact. I also personally know Israeli Arabs who are making great lives for themselves. But you keep fighting that fight, keyboard warrior. I am sure Israel is coming tumbling down any minute now thanks to your copy/pastes.

          18. HebAlba Avatar

            Don’t be stupid i already know (not only Canada;-))

          19. Barry Avatar

            Grayson (congressman) is a Jew and a Zionist. Nice try.
            Sorry about the Jew envy. I am sure your CanadIan neighbors will BDS once they learn that the crazy cat lady in 2C is actively cutting and pasting 100 year old cartoons and YouTube vids. Or not.

          20. HebAlba Avatar

            And an American.
            Oh sorry we have no such Canadian neighbours. Or do i care for you’re 3000 years old book of myths copied from the Egyptians.
            Jew envy…? Hahahhah.. can’t stop laughing you’re quite an idiot, a Lebanese Christian envy the anti-Christ, now get off my back squater crazy glue.

          21. Methuselah Avatar

            I remember that.

          22. HebAlba Avatar

            Ow, you just got an uppie from Guest who died (according to Niemals, ex Oh Yeah, ex Matrix) hhhh..hh

          23. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Took you long enough to see the joke. Guess who???

          24. HebAlba Avatar

            Mathusalem in French, another proof of book of myths.
            The World first literature was Greek Mythology..not for children

          25. Methuselah Avatar

            The uppie is from you.

          26. Barry Avatar

            Jew envier. Copy paster. Keyboard warrior. A perfect trifecta.
            Sorry, but you ain’t no Christian.

          27. HebAlba Avatar

            Frustrated i don’t envy the anti Christ? Stop addressing me..

          28. Barry Avatar

            You are obsessed with Jews. That is Jew envy. It is okay. Lots of people have it. They can blame all their failures on the Jews. Makes them feel better. Especially as they sit at their keyboards, copying and pasting other Jew enviers’ work.

          29. HebAlba Avatar

            Repeating yourself.

          30. Hannibal Avatar

            and Alan Grayson was never elected again… Dictatorship, a definition: a form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a dictator or a small clique (of bankers) whom you cannot speak against or bring their actions out to the limelight.

          31. HebAlba Avatar

            Thank you for giving me that opportunity.
            The so called ‘copy pastes’ above, are Documents.

          32. ZOG

          33. “settlement” is politically correct racist term for jewish community or village or town in Judea or Samaria. Geneva, UN occupied by Orabians

          34. Niemals Avatar

            According to “Hannibal”, Jewish people are invented, so who “tried to control Christ“?
            ummmmm…. History books? Documentaries?

          35. Hannibal Avatar

            Christ was not controlled… People blaming the Jews for the Christ’s crucifixion are dumb.

            Isaiah 7:14: “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.”

            Isaiah 53:3: “He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering. Like one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not.”
            Fulfillment: John 1:10-11 says, “He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him,.”

            Isaiah 53:7: “He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth; he was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is silent, so he did not open his mouth.”
            Mark 15:5: “But Jesus still made no reply, and Pilate was amazed.”

            As to the invention piece, that is easy to answer:
            1. The expulsion of the Jews simply did not happen. The Jewish diaspora is essentially a modern invention. The reason why many Israelis look Europeans is simply through the religious conversion of European people in the same way Aramaic people adopted Christianity and Islam and so on. So the Palestinians of Israel are converted Jews who adopted Christianity or Islam. You dumb fools do not know that the blood you spill on both sides is the same jewish blood.

            2. “Nation-race” of Jews with a common origin never existed, and that just as most Christians and Muslims are the progeny of converted people, not of the first Christians and Muslims, Jews are also descended from converts. Jews were never exiled by the Romans following the Bar Kokhba revolt. The story of the exile was a myth promoted by early Christians to recruit Jews to the new faith. “Christians wanted later generations of Jews to believe that their ancestors had been exiled as a punishment from God.” Following the Arab conquest of Palestine in the 7th century, many local Jews converted to Islam and were assimilated among the Arab conquerors. These converts are the ancestors of the contemporary Palestinians.

            3. Before zionism, Jews knew that they shared a common religion, not a common ethnic background.

          36. Omega Avatar

            Very precisely; excellent post.

          37. HebAlba Avatar

            Bravo.. I like it when it’s straight to the point with no insults,
            (à la Mek Jager..;-)

          38. Barry Avatar

            But not you, fella! You figured it out whilst the other 7 billion fall for it. So smart! You must be so successful and well liked and champion of the masses!
            Or a bitter dude who blames his present situation on “the Jews” to make himself feel better.
            Either way, looks like the Jews are winning, bruv. Sorry.

          39. Hannibal Avatar

            I do not blame anyone. Jews in the US are making me rich. I work with them all the time. My right hand manager is a jew married to a Christian. He refuses to raise his kids Jewish as jewishness is passed via the mother. We have daily debates about this because I want him to take his kids to the Synagogue and he refuses. 😉
            I have a problem with the apartheid state of Israel and I know the shortcomings of the Palestinians… Those dumb fools shoot themselves in the foot daily because of their “islamization” of the Palestinian struggle. Both the Israelis and the Palestinians are wrong. If they choose the 2 states solution they will forever split the one Palestinian state, the home of the 3 religions.

          40. +apartheid state of Israel+ You are fake, Orabians of Israel (21% of population) are equal citizens. So called Falestinians of Gaza, Judea and Samaria are mostly wild occupants politically corrected Orabians like Orabians everywhere (in Africa, all ME, Europe etc.)
            +3 religions+ Religion is may be hoax, i think there no religions in the world but only two ideologies existing, one of creation, civilization, other is of destruction, vandals, barbarians

          41. Hannibal Avatar

            I need to coach you a little here…
            Instead of “You are fake” WHY NOT “Your statement is fake or your argument is flawed”
            STOP the personal attacks. It only means you lost the argument and dehumanizing your opponent. That is how Palestinians and Jews end up killing each others. Dehumanizing is evil.
            I semi agree with you on the second. Jesus said: “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”
            If you remove ALL religious icons out of state related places then it is fine (ie secularize)
            For instance, Lebanese have a cedar (non-religious) on the flag representing the country.
            Israel MUST remove the star of David as it is a religious symbol from the flag and adopt a new Palestinian flag.

          42. O.K. Sometimes each of us instead of thinking starting mentally masturbating. “Falestinian” is mentally masturbation, also flag is not really “Falestinian” but of Orabian revolt. Please, Hannibal, leave alone only one jewish state. You have mostly failed 22 Orabian and more muslim, want you more? I said “religion” is may be hoax, we have no “Christian” states f.e. Islam is humanitarian catastrophe mostly including so called falsetinians, are you know last news situation in Gaza? Why Israel need rescue, provide electricity to Gaza if Gaza sending rockets f.e.?

          43. man-o-war Avatar

            I’m still trying to figure out what an Orabian is? Where do you get this spelling of Arabian from?

            Equal citizens? Are you sure about this?

          44. Latin O is Phoenician and South Orabian ayin (and looking the same o), A is alif. Naturally citizens can not be equal, i was seen rich Israeli Orabians and poor Israeli Jews f.e.

          45. Barry Avatar

            Cool post, but your manager’s kids are not Jews in either Jewish nor Catholic practice. He could take them to a synagogue as tourists, but that is all. That said, have a good night!

          46. Barry Avatar

            And why quote Jews’ books? We all know that, just as they control both Communism and capitalism; so too, they control the debate on themselves. You are giving free advertisements to a couple of Hebrews! As if they needed more money! You fell for it too! I take back the last comment. You are NOT smarter than the other 7 billion!

          47. Hannibal Avatar

            You made me laugh… Kudos

          48. Niemals Avatar

            When one surfaces the other disappears…, he is ‘smarter’, just quote…..

          49. Barry Avatar

            what the hell was that? i feel like i should shower now. pls no more links to such garbage.

          50. Niemals Avatar

            Where from do you think Hannibal & Co. get the Inspiration?

            Sorry, but it have to be pointed out.

          51. Hannibal Avatar

            Stop hiding behind your finger… We can still see the Nazi in you. I have never seen that link you provided before and as soon as I landed on that page that YOU shared I was disgusted by its content. You have no morals to share this and I honestly find it insulting and offensive especially to the Jews who post on this site. Stop pretending you’re a friend to Jews because you’re not. I share Barry’s opinion “I feel like i should shower now. pls no more links to such garbage” about your post. I suggest you edit it and remove the link to such garbage.

          52. HebAlba Avatar

            Nobody here is interested in your David Duke..
            you have Twitter?

          53. Omega Avatar

            What does this have to do with Jews and/or Judaism? Albeit built from stolen lands, the Zionist State is a country. Albeit being a terrorist organization, the Mossad is an inteligence agency. Alluding to religion (Judaism and/or Jews) when the Zionist State and/or its agencies are criticized is silly.

            The fake Jews (Israelis) did fool the world as the US and its mainstream media pushed the made-up narrative but any semi-intelligent person would know that Syria was cleared in international court.

            Hariri Sr. was killed by Mossad et al. (all points to it -read below) to further Oded Yinon’s Lebanonisation plan of the Middle East: break up everyone in order to make of Israel the only super power in the region.


            Bribed witnesses

            Several of the UNIIIC’s prime witnesses have admitted to perjury, accusing the US-Israeli backed Lebanese government of bribery and foul play. Witness Hussam Taher Hussam claimed Future Movement MP Saad Hariri (son of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri) offered him $1.3m USD to incriminate top Syrian officials. Witness Ibrahim Michel Jarjoura said he was assaulted and forced to lie by Lebanese Telecommunications Minister Marwan Hamade. Star witness Zuhir Ibn Mohamed Said Saddik, who had accused Lebanese President Emile Lahoud and Syrian President Bashar Assad of ordering Hariri’s murder, bragged of earning millions by falsely testifying to the UN Commission.

            The politicization of the UN investigation was in full swing when the tribunal issued several reports accusing the Syrian regime, based on non-credible witnesses. It took four years for the tribunal to admit that much of “the evidence” used against Syria was fabricated by false witnesses, some of them even tied to Israeli intelligence (Abdelbasit Bani Odeh) or the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies (Ahmad Mari‘e and Zuhair Siddiq).

            Biased prosecution

            In the Hariri case, German critics claimed “the choice of Mehlis was done because of his links to the German, American, French and Israeli intelligence agencies.” Lebanese news source, and Le Figaro reported that the British MI6 and Mossad have been supplying much of the UN Commission’s intelligence. When Mehlis resigned in disgrace, the UN hired Belgian prosecutor Serge Brammertz at Mehlis’ recommendation. But Brammertz could also be vulnerable to US pressure if he assembles a verdict not to America’s liking.

            Shifting evidence

            It is also not certain where the explosion that killed Hariri was detonated. French experts assessed it was underground because the blast had cracked the foundations of adjacent buildings, manhole covers on the street had blown off, and asphalt was propelled onto nearby rooftops. After it was found that an underground explosion would not implicate Syria- but rather the pro-US/Israeli Lebanese government who had supervised road work in the days before Hariri died- the focus shifted to an above-ground blast via suicide bomber.


            According to United Press International, Stratfor’s report on the Hariri crime concluded that the Lebanese assassinations were “so sophisticated that few in the world could have done it.” Burton told UPI that only five nations had such advanced resources- Israel, US, Britain, France and Russia.

            Mossad in Lebanon

            But the irrelevant evidence Brammertz refuses to speak of could prove far more substantial. Last June, the Lebanese Army discovered several networks of Arab mercenaries sponsored by Israel’s Mossad conducting terrorist attacks and car bombings connected to the Hariri assassination.

            “Israeli intelligence is standing behind this crime,” claimed German criminologist Juergen Cain Kuelbel. In his book “Hariri’s Assassination: Hiding Evidence in Lebanon” he wrote: “Syria is innocent and has nothing to do with that crime or the other assassinations.” Kuelbel discovered that the jamming system used to disable the Hariri convoy’s electronic shield was manufactured by Netline Technologies Ltd of Tel Aviv, an Israeli company co-developed with the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli law enforcement agencies.

            Surveillance of Hariri’s routes by Israel

            He [Nasrallah] then showed extensive images taken by the Israeli drones for over a five-year period of Rafik Hariri’s land routes across Lebanon- to and from his offices and residences in Beirut, his summer home in the mountains, and the coastal route to his brother’s residence in Sidon.


          54. Nasrallah propaganda, OmegaHell

          55. Hannibal Avatar

            Do you think Danny is Mek?

          56. HebAlba Avatar

            Funny, Danny would copy ‘Blease’ that was mainly between you and Mek..?

          57. Do you think HebAlba is Hind? Do you think internet is someone’s intellectual property?

          58. Hannibal Avatar

            I know HebAlba is Hind… and I am thankful the Internet is not your intellectual property 😛

          59. i think thankful “intellectual property” is oxymoron, intellect can not be proprietary. Are you using M$ Windows? OS can be also free (also of money) unlike proprietary M$ Windows

          60. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            Yes I am Mek Jagger.. Start me up.. Lol

          61. Hannibal Avatar

            Is that like a Batman/Bruce Wayne thingy? Danny by day and Mekenseh by night? LOL

          62. HebAlba Avatar

            It’s Daniel.

          63. Rudy1947 Avatar

            It’s Spartacus.

          64. HebAlba Avatar

            It’s Daniel.

          65. Omega Avatar

            It never crossed my mind to be honest but Danny is definitely Arzna. What makes you question?

          66. Hannibal Avatar

            When one surfaces the other disappears… 😉

          67. Omega Avatar

            Yes, that’s a reoccurring pattern with trolls posting under various usernames. If he is Danny, then he is also Arzna. Nothing a superhero like Mekenseh can’t handle. 🙂

          68. Omega Avatar

            Yes, thats a reoccurring pattern with trolls posting under various usernames. Either Mek, one thing is certain: Mek isn’t sane.

          69. HebAlba Avatar

            Arzna is not so agressive..

          70. Omega Avatar

            Forgot his manic-depressive rambling when he attempted to write in All-format Lebanese?

          71. HebAlba Avatar

            I really don’t importance.
            Many fake Lebanese and Zionist extremist here.
            YaLibnan MSM fake news articles makes them feel at home.

          72. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            Yes you pretend to be Lebanese as usual. I am not sure why you always defending hezbollah and syrian regime. All i do attack all of them and you accuse me of pretending to Lebanese.. If you open your eyes and see what all these assholes in lebanon done to us you would be critical of them too. but all you jackasses do is pull one side or another. you follow these leaders as if they’re Saints. I don’t who is Arzna but i certainly likes his posts. he is intelligent and a true Lebanese unlike you cheesecake.

          73. Omega Avatar

            How can I pretend when I am? While I do support Hezbollah’s military stance against the cancerous Zionist State, I do not the Syrian regime. If you can proof otherwise, show me.

            You talk an awful lot about everyone’s negative influence on Lebanon but never the one of the Zionist State and/or KSA’s – why?

            I let you pretend to be Lebanese and not to know who your other alter-ego, Arzna, is. Same style, same syntax, same content.

          74. OmegaHell infection

          75. How’s your investigation of the identity of “Stan”, or “Steve”-something from the Daily Star progressing, moron? 🙂

          76. Omega Avatar

            Adding “Steve” doesn’t help you. You were (still are?) Stan. Still butt hurt about it I see parasitical slime. 🙂

          77. Why should any orifice of mine hurt, retard? I relieve myself on your attractive mug whenever the need strikes. I never keep it in.

          78. Omega Avatar

            I don’t know why; ask the guy(s) you were with last night.

            In regards to the rest of your comment, you and Mekenseh should get together. Both of you share an affinity with taking dumps on people.

          79. MekensehParty Avatar

            I truly find it hard not to talk to him like a pos too
            Like you want to give him a hint of respect and he answers with a turd… spoils any hope of a conversation.

          80. Omega Avatar

            I’ve always told you to man up but this time, I must add: quit lying. I approached you respectfully many times to have civil discussions. When you poured abused and insults, I did not reciprocate.

            But if you can show me otherwise, show me where I answered you with a turd and spoiled any hope to a conversation. Unless you mean to disagree with you that is. Until then, remain the pathetic liar you are.

          81. HebAlba Avatar

            A Republican plan for peacemaking:
            ‘break the will’ of the Palestinians and force them to ‘accept defeat’.

            While President Donald Trump prepares to make his first trip abroad to Israel where he reportedly will announce his administration’s plan for the creation of a Palestinian state (without East Jerusalem as its capital), some members of his own party are calling for an alternative plan: “Israeli victory, Palestinian defeat.”

            Jewish comments are far more intelligent than here.


          82. Omega Avatar

            The fascist Zionist thugs (who also comment here) don’t seem to realize that the Palestinians will never give up.

          83. Look at the mirror, OmegaHell, you are yourself fascist or vandal.Your so politically correcting called “Falsetinians” are usual Orabians. Don’t be idiot

          84. Omega Avatar

            Unlike the first Zionists (who had close ties to the fascists in Italy and Nazis in Germany) , I am not a fascist. When you write ‘vandal’, are you referring to a person who deliberately destroys or damages public or private property like the Zionists or the ancient Germanic Tribe? Either way and there again, I am neither.

            Constantly regurgitating that the Palestinians are the usual/typical Arabs of the Middle East (and thus that they migrated from surrounding Arab countries to Palestine over time) is nothing but Zionist distortions and lies. The Palestinians are the inhabitants of the land who never left the land. Hence why they share genetic markers with the ancient people of the land – markets that other Arabs do not have.

          85. You are not correct OmegaHell and your intention is bad. Israeli Zoabi Orabians are migrants from Jordan/Iraq before 300-400 years ago f.e. Modern Hamasians and Fatahlandians are migrated and welcomed in Land of Israel from different parts of ME and world like also jews. I’m know better than you tribes, clans, families of co called falsetinians, they are not one people. Try google “palestinian clans” to see them (in .pdf)

          86. You are stubborn politically correct like media, mostly leftist like haaretz and sometimes hateful anti Israeli like mondoweiss. So called in 1964 Falestinians is widespread BS and after your links you can call them better former jews or bedouins f.e. Why not Arameans, why just call them Falsetinians? Because of promotion more Orabic “Falastyn” instead of Israel

          87. Omega Avatar

            What were the people (regardless of their religious faith) on the land called before Israel came to be? Palestinians.

          88. Rudy1947 Avatar


          89. Omega Avatar

            Refrain yourself from mumbling when you don’t have a clue.

          90. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Are you lonely tonight Omeeegy?

          91. Omega Avatar

            You’re the only mumbling non-sense. Besides, be original and don’t repeat what I tell you.

          92. Rudy1947 Avatar

            I didn’t, I said Omeeegy.

          93. Not before 1964, they was called Jews, Israelis, Judeans, Orabians, Arameans, Bedouins, Canaanians, Philistines (or Allophyloi) They are not Hamasians and Fatahlandian Orabians Also Israeli Orabians are Falestinians?

          94. Omega Avatar

            Read again: before Israel came to be.

          95. Omega Avatar

            I asked you: before Israel came to be (that is pre-1948) and in reference to modern time, not ancient.

            They were known as Palestinian Arabs/Jews/Christians or the Jews/Arabs/Christians of Palestine. There was no Israel and no Israelis, ever, until 1948.

            What is this Hamasians and Fatalandian non sense? Were there anything called Herutians, Haganahians, Irgunians, etc?

          96. please learn:正名

          97. Rudy1947 Avatar

            To their demise then. Their leadership doesn’t want to give up because they would then have to work for a living or take responsibility to govern a people for the people’s benefit instead of their own.

          98. Omega Avatar

            The Palestinians = the people; not their corrupt ‘leaders’. The demise is on both sides.

          99. Rudy1947 Avatar

            LOLOLOLOL. What a lode of dribble.

          100. Omega Avatar

            1. Where do you read me write ‘leaders’?
            2. History has shown that the demise is on both sides.
            3. What’s ‘lode’ of dribble?

          101. Rudy1947 Avatar

            1. I said it and did not refer to anything other than that.
            2. It would appear that Israel is a viable nation, the Palestinians are not.
            3. Hence a lode of dribble.

          102. Omega Avatar

            1. Diversion.
            2. Diversion.
            3. Still raving. You mean load, not lode.

          103. Rudy1947 Avatar

            1. excuse
            2. excuse
            3. excuse

          104. Omega Avatar

            1. You brought up the leaders – diversion.
            2. You brought up viability – diversion.
            3. Load: vs Lode:

          105. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Repeat above.

          106. Omega Avatar

            Lonely Roodie?

          107. mondoweiss is hateful site

          108. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            I say they are both cancerous to Lebanon period. there is no difference in enemies when one fight you from the inside and the other from outside. i say let them both fight each other and good riddance to all.

          109. Omega Avatar

            Don’t be naive. The ME would be peaceful and prosperous if it wasn’t for the Anglo-Americans.

            The carving up of the Arab world was brought up for the first time in NATO strategist circles by British-American historian Bernard Lewis. Lewis – a British military intelligence officer during the Second World War, advocate of the clash of civilisations theory, longtime supporter of the Israeli right and, you guessed it, member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) – wrote an article as far back as 1992 called “Rethinking the Middle East,” published in the CFR’s own Foreign Affairs. In it, he predicted the “lebanonisation” of the Middle East:

            “Most of the states of the Middle East – Egypt is an obvious exception – are of recent and artificial construction [sic][33] and are vulnerable to [“lebanonisation”]. If the central power is sufficiently weakened, there is no real civil society to hold the polity together, no real sense of common national identity or overriding allegiance to the nation-state. The state then disintegrates – as happened in Lebanon – into a chaos of squabbling feuding, fighting sects, tribes, regions and parties.”[34]According to Lewis, American policy is mainly aimed at preventing adversarial regional hegemony (whether in the form of multilateral pan-Arabism or in the form of one strong regional power) that would establish monopolistic control over the Middle Eastern oil reserves. The US does not pursue this policy of “lebanonisation” in a classical imperial fashion, hints Lewis, but instead by invigorating Islamic fundamentalism, as religious opposition groups are the only ones that have at their disposal a network outside the control of the state.[35]


          110. Omega Avatar

            Lebanon’s no.1 enemy is 90% of its people – more than anything else.

        7. HebAlba Avatar

          “I am sorry did I offend your iranian proxy sweetheart?”
          Typical Meke psyche, uncontrollable hatred for me + bad language, surprised that’s all..

          1. Reality check: nobody hates you. Well, maybe your ex-boyfriends. Can you blame them? 🙂

    2. HebAlba Avatar

      I’m not ‘Omega iranian proxi sweetheart’, he’s married and has three children.
      I tough i was your sweetheart..

      1. Do keep us apprised of the developments in his fascinating personal life, sista. While not forgetting about informing the world about your own. 🙂

  2. More tribal islam less focal point

  3. No one takes seriously and wants to travel to a country that is ruled by a terrorist organization.

    1. HebAlba Avatar

      Or a corrupt goverment

      1. terrorist and corrupt follow each other

        1. HebAlba Avatar

          ..and bzzzzzz the mosquito spotted me. Blocked again..

          1. bye

        2. Omega Avatar


          The terrorist Haganah became the IDF.

          The terrorist Etzel/Herut became the Likud.

          1. мимо кассы

          2. master09 Avatar

            It’s amazing how people only obsess with other people’s issues and wrongs and forget about HOME. It’s like a mother who protects a son who in front of her eyes killed 100 kids for fun and than she says, he is a good boy.
            That’s the big Omega.
            Blind to his problems at home.

          3. thank You, master09, truth and wisdom are scarsity

          4. Are you even sure where his “home” is?

          5. Rudy1947 Avatar

            A successful bunch as well.

          6. Omega Avatar

            If your definition of success is terror, murder, theft, massacre, lies, extortion, oppression, etc then sure.

          7. OmegaHell slander

          8. Rudy1947 Avatar

            War is not pretty. Ask the Arab League.

          9. Omega Avatar

            Absolutely lamentable attempt at non sequitur.

  4. Rudy1947 Avatar

    Since Lebanon has such few natural resources, they must depend on tourism and “business”. LOL.

      1. Omega Avatar

        I do. Can you explain what this before & after civil war photograph has anything to do with the article?

      2. Hannibal Avatar

        Last Summer when I visited it did look posh and beautiful and it was not black and white. I will be there this Summer and let you know if it changed color again ;P

        1. Omega Avatar

          Until then, I can guarantee you: it’s in color. 😉

  5. Rascal Avatar

    Pretty hard to be a successful county when the government is stagnated by an international terrorist group. Until the Party of God and cocaine is gone, Lebanon is still a failed state and Islamic terrorist camp slowly slipping into the 12’er shiite abyss.

    1. man-o-war Avatar

      Have you ever been to Lebanon? Your comment is pure ignorance and fantasy. Cocaine? Lebanon has a cocaine problem? Do tell
      The US is biggest consumer of cocaine in the world.

      1. One of Lebanon’s greatest problems is the ubiquity of the ostrich syndrome. Capisce?

        1. man-o-war Avatar

          Clearly you haven’t ever been to Lebanon either. Just love you guys that want to educate Lebanese about Lebanon. Very credible sources of information.

          1. Wrong, pal: I have zero intention to “educate” anybody, least of all the Lebanese. Every people’s foremost responsibility is to itself.

          2. man-o-war Avatar

            Ok pal. At least you understand that you’re in no position to educate Lebanese about Lebanon.

          3. Please, man-o-war, start to learn Phoenician a bit at least. This are basics of education, Lebanon, civilisation

          4. man-o-war Avatar

            Are you really telling me to learn a dead language? I’ll leave that to historians, it serves me no purpose. Please learn that in the English language it is spelled Arabian , not with an “O”.

          5. Script can not be dead, man, phoenician script can be used (also by you) like latin or orabic (sorry, i think o is more correct, phoenician, orabian, hebrew letters have meaning) script for lebanese language. You can start learn also Orabic from here:

          6. man-o-war Avatar

            Well…you must be the only person on earth who spells Arabian with an O. I’ve never ever seen anyone spell that way except you.

            I have no use for Phoenician script, I can’t read it or write it. I’ll leave it in the history books and for linguists to study it. It is not practical for me. I use Arabic, English, French, and Spanish. It is enough languages for me.

            I’m more into the natural sciences. Where in Israel do you live?

          7. O.K., how you want, but someday with computer upgrading you will get Phoenician out of the box anyway and that is cute and important as for me (to see and use it here on yalibnan f.e.) I believe languages are not limitation. I will crazy insist on O in Orabian.
            I’m living on Givat Hamore (“shooting mountain”, former volcano), Afula, in Galilee,
            Jezreel Valley, where was Gidon battle etc.

          8. please, can you see my reply in disqus?

          9. man-o-war Avatar

            I did see it initially and then it disappeared. Did you delete it? Weird

          10. some of my best comments detected as spam, i contacted disqus, said it is by most visited site moderation

          11. If under “Lebanese” you mean “Omega”, Hind, Hannibal and the like, these don’t need an education. They need an enema and some electroshock therapy.

        2. Omega Avatar

          As opposed to the Israelis’ Stockholm Syndrome?

          1. As far as you are concerned, they are all criminals who deserve death anyway, so the analogy is as stupid as the rest of you.

          2. Omega Avatar

            Contrast, not analogy. Israelis worship the very people who killed and exploited Jews for decades.

          3. But isn’t “killing and exploiting” Jooz (are they “real” or “false”? – quite the conundrum) a good thing, actually?

            In case you were wondering: your “contrasts” are just as moronic as your analogies.

          4. Omega Avatar

            Why would killing real and/or fake Jews an/or anyone for that matter be a good thing? In your case, the question is, needless to say, rhetorical.

            I wasn’t wondering about that but I do about your missing schizophrenic emojis.

  6. The senile Retard-in-Chief keeps blabbering on. This wannabe (Louis-)Napoleon is totally lost in his own fantasy world.

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