Hezbollah official warned of disaster in Lebanon if no deal is reached on new electoral law


Nabil Qaouq hezbollahA Hezbollah official warned Sunday of disaster in Lebanon should no new electoral law be approved soon.

Hezbollah’s central council official Sheikh Nabil Qaouq was quoted by local media as saying:

“Lebanon would be approaching a disaster should no new electoral law be approved before the expiry of the legal deadlines, seeing as failure to approve it would drain all the political, social and economic stability in Lebanon.”

The official denied reports that his party is behind the obstructions

Qaouq stressed that Hezbollah “has offered concessions for the sake of allowing consensus over a new electoral law” and that “it is not part of the complications and ongoing bickering over this law.”
He blamed the parties that will be affected by a change in the electoral law for the obstructions

“Those who would be affected from the correction of electoral representation are behind the obstacles ,” Qaouq charged.

“Those who have not taken a responsible and patriotic decision to offer concessions for the sake of rescuing the country are committing a national sin against our homeland Lebanon,” Hezbollah official warned.

The Iranian backed Hezbollah has repeatedly called for an electoral law fully based on proportional representation but other political parties, especially the Future Movement, have rejected the proposal and argued that the party’s controversial arsenal of arms would prevent serious competition in regions where the Iran-backed party has clout.In 2013 Lebanese Forces and The Future Movement backed by the PSP agreed on a hybrid electoral law which calls for 54% of the MPs to be elected under the majoritarian winner-takes-all system and 46 % under the proportional representation system. This draft law was rejected by the Hezbollah-led March 8 opposition.

Also in 2013 Future Movement leader PM Saad Hariri rejected the electoral law that is based on proportional representation because there will be competition in some regions, but there cannot be any competition in other regions, because of the presence of Hezbollah weapons in them.

Hariri was referring to the 2009 election in the areas dominated by Hezbollah. According to the reports that surfaced back then Hezbollah gunmen prevented their rivals from voting and the results of the election showed it. On the other hand in the March 14 dominated areas several Hezbollah backed candidates won the election that was based on winner takes all electoral law.

In a proportional representation system Hezbollah will be able to gain more seats in the March 14 dominated areas but will not lose any seats in its dominated areas as long as it is allowed to keep its arms and use them internally for political gain, according to political analysts

According to the same analysts Hezbollah is trying to use its ally President Michel Aoun to dominate Lebanon by insisting on adopting the proportional law in a single or several expanded electoral districts.
The country has not voted for a parliament since 2009, with the legislature instead twice extending its own mandate.

The 2009 polls were held under an amended version of the 1960 electoral law and the next elections are scheduled for May 2017.



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  1. MekensehParty Avatar

    Disaster? Because the country has been in a golden age for so long…
    Only the coward Lebanese, living in $hit for 42 years now, can still be threatened with the smell of farts.

    1. “Disaster? Because the country has been in a golden age for so long…”

      One thing I’ve learned with/from life experience: no matter how bad it is, it can always get worse. 🙂

    2. You have a big mouth when is about bragging in the internet, the cowards of Israel hide behind USA and they go always crying like mournful plaintive, beside if You want too show how brave You are accept the challenge for a fight in Igor’s ranch, not so brave now is it? Lebanon is a Country of BRAVE MEN AND WOMAN who confront problems alone and against the boycott of the hypocrite NATO and UN. You are a are Scum of society garbage of Europe who is a problem sent to Palestine and from there to cry for anything in order to exploit pity like in some hollow casting truly a broken record.
      next time that You see yourself in the mirror realize what you are COWARD+

      1. MekensehParty Avatar

        Did you see igor’s mutiliated face? That was my doing
        Bring your own face and I’ll shamble it the same
        Cmon ya kessayeh bring it on

        1. You didn’t strike me as a thug.

      2. “Lebanon is a Country of BRAVE MEN AND WOMAN who confront problems alone and against the boycott of the hypocrite NATO and UN.”

        If your comment is in any way representative (hopefully, it ain’t), then Lebanon is a Country of MORONS. 🙂

      3. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        You’re Canadian? I remember you

  2. Looks like this unelected Hezb Iranian mullah is threatening Lebanon again until they get their way. Like the recent bank bombing The party will launch more torrorist attacks until Lebanon is fully ruled by ayatollahs and is called the shiite Republic.
    This is what happens when terrorist are allowed to mix with politics.

    1. We Lebanese find ourselves between the rock and hard place. Israel’s continued hostility towards Lebanon strengthens Hezbollah and the so called axis of resistance . Once Israel leaves Lebanon alone Hezbollah will cease to exist as a resistance organization, because it will be out of business.
      Let me assure you that no matter how bad it gets , Lebanon will never be run by the ayatollahs . Lebanon may seem to be a weak country to outsiders but few people in the world are as tough as the Lebanese. Any other country would have collapsed long time . The whole world including Israel and Iran should know that .

      1. Arzna you silly, Hezbollah will not cease to exist if Israel ‘leaves Lebanon alone’. Hezbollah is the one obsessed with Israel and its destruction as it claims it has 100 thousand rockets aimed towards Israel. It responds directly to Iran, look what they are doing now in Syria. The truth is when Iran orders Hezbollah to attack Israel, they’ll not even think twice and they are willing to sacrifice all of Lebanon. Because as powerful as Hezbollah may be now they have no chance against Israel and Israeli response will be VERY harsh because they will only stop when all of Hezbollah is gone. Seriously I do predict it will be more destructive for Lebanon than the civil war, it heartens me to say that because I know most Lebanese are good people. But I know the country will quickly recover and will be finally able to progress once this terrorist organization is finally gone.

      2. “Israel’s continued hostility towards Lebanon…”

        Reality check: the Israelis don’t give a shit about Lebanon, with the exception of some luvvies who want to go to Beirut to eat hummus. Israel does – understandably – care about the gang of armed-to-the-teeth thugs on its borders with an idelogical commitment to never-ending Jihad. What should worry you, on the other hand, is that it looks like most Lebanese don’t really giver a shit about their own country.

  3. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    Do you mean you are going to start the killings again Mr Thug? or those who are opposing it are the obstacles for your party and you are going to eliminate them one by one? so if we don’t capitulate to your party again and again we are doomed. what difference does it make we are doomed at the mere of your existence and since the creation of Khomeini and Daesh. there are no differences between the two one again want to kill slowly and the other want to kill you now. Anyone supports either is a son of a bitch..

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