PSP rejects parliament extension and vacuum, calls for a hybrid electoral law


ghazi aridiThe Progressive Socialist Party MP Ghazi Aridi proposed on Saturday a new electoral law that blends on equal basis the majoritarian and proportional representation voting systems.

In a press conference Aridi reveled the details of the proposal stressing PSP’s keen interest on agreeing
on new law to help the elections be held on time.

The PSP’s hybrid format mixes equally between the majoritarian and proportional voting systems. It divides the parliament seats equally where 64 MPs would be elected according to a majoritarian ( winner takes all) system in the current 26 districts, while the other 64 according to a proportional system in newly created 11 districts.

“Many formats and ideas were suggested, it is normal not to reach consensus on all of them. But because consensus did not happen and we are under the pressure of the deadlines, we wanted to propose an initiative and take advantage of every moment before the May 15 deadline ,” he added.

Aridi , a key member of the PSP said his party “totally rejects vaccum and an extension of the parliament’s term.”