North Korea’s latest test missile may have exploded because of US cyber attack: Experts

north korea missile launch fails

north korea missile launch failsNORTH Korea’s latest nuclear test missile exploded five seconds after launch yesterday because of an American cyber attack, experts believe.

They say US agents may have infected the hi-tech electronics in tyrant Kim Jong-un’s rocket with an undetectable virus that caused a massive malfunction.

North Korea fired the missile in defiance of President Trump sending a naval task force to the region.

Tyrant Kim Jong-un ordered the provocative launch from near the port city of Sinpo yesterday.

It exploded 4-5 seconds after take-off, humiliating the North Korean despot in the eyes of the world.

Experts later said it was possible the medium-range ballistic rocket, thought to be a Nodong, was brought down by a US cyber attack.

North Korea is forced to import the high-tech electronics used in its missiles.

US agents are believed to have infiltrated the supply chain and may have planted undetectable “malware” viruses inside Kim’s missiles.

As soon as a launch was detected, a signal could have been delivered to the infected component via satellite from the US National Security Agency headquarters in Maryland.

Defence analyst Paul Beaver said: “It is perfectly feasible the US brought down this missile.

“Their cyber warfare capabilities are now highly advanced.

“As soon as military satellites watching Sinpo detected an imminent launch, a team at the National Security Agency would have got to work.

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