U.S. Drops ‘Mother of All Bombs’ on ISIS in Afghanistan

U.S. Drops Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb on ISIS Target in Afghanistan
U.S. Drops Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb on ISIS Target in Afghanistan

The U.S. dropped a GBU-43 bomb, nicknamed “the mother of all bombs,” on ISIS fighters and tunnels and caves used by the terror group in the country’s Nangarhar province, officials said. It was dropped from an aircraft.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the GBU-43 bomb was used Wednesday around 7 p.m. local time in Afghanistan. He called the weapon “large, powerful” and accurate.

“The U.S. takes the fight against ISIS very seriously,” Spicer said during the daily press briefing.

The White House did not answer reporters’ questions on what led to the strike — a stark contrast to how the administration outlined what led to a military strike in Syria the week before.

MOAB -2Spicer referred questions to the Department of Defense, declining to “get into details” on whether President Donald Trump had ordered the bombing. NBC reported that presidential authorization is not required for use of the GBU-43.

Military officials did not immediately know how many ISIS fighters were killed or if any civilians died in the attack. The military said it took “every precaution” to reduce any possible civilian casualties.

“As ISIS-K’s losses have mounted, they are using IEDs, bunkers and tunnels to thicken their defense,” Gen. John W. Nicholson, the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, said in a statement, referring to the branch of ISIS in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“This is the right munition to reduce these obstacles and maintain the momentum of our offensive against ISIS-K,” he added.

Hans Kristensen, director of the nuclear information project at the Federation of American Scientists, said that the explosive power of even the smallest nuclear weapon in the U.S. arsenal, the B-61 bomb, is “an order of magnitude” larger than the GBU-43.

The GBU-43 is about half the size of the smallest nuclear weapon ever built, the Davy Crockett nuclear artillery shell, retired in the late 1960’s.

Kristensen said there is a debate inside the defense community on whether to build miniature nuclear weapons.

“We have people arguing for new min-nukes,” he said. “Here you have a case where the U.S. felt all it needed was a conventional whopper.”

“The big unknown with this (GBU-43) bomb is can you get the detonation point close enough to what is in the tunnel,” he said. “How deep does it go in? Does this just destroy the entrance?”




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  1. MekensehParty Avatar

    testing testing 1 2 3…

    1. Hannibal Avatar

      Are you broud of this WMD?

      1. MekensehParty Avatar

        Proud? No
        Agree with its use in this specific case? Yes
        The 36 cavemen (and counting) that were blown to pieces in these tunnels were not drawing bisons and dears hunt on the wall. They were drawing plans to bomb your house and mine, your kids school and mine…

        1. Hannibal Avatar

          Then you’re very broud…

          1. MekensehParty Avatar

            Do you have a boint? Or just papling to paple?

          2. Hannibal Avatar

            I have a heart ache Mek… I wished you a Happy Easter yet got no kind words in return. Now we agreed you are more of a yankee self-hating Lebanese but honestly do you have something against your Christianity as well? Maar Charbel yehdiik ya saa7be.
            I think you have a serious broblem with me and one of these days we’re gonna have a very serious disagreement 😉

          3. MekensehParty Avatar

            So I’m done hearing about nationalism from a coward, now I have to start hearing about Christianity from a fake Christian?

          4. Hannibal Avatar

            Your beriod is still running wild? Take it easy bro. Or is it pro? Damn I’m mixing ub my b(s) with my p(s)… One of these days I will send you my bicture of me as a kid standing on a bickup truck holding a doshka 😉 Then I will brobably become a hero 😛

          5. MekensehParty Avatar

            hold on a second, let me answer hind and i’ll get back to you

          6. HebAlba Avatar

            5thDrawer . MekensehParty • 4 months ago

            Actually, Mek … ‘the we’ who read sensible posts of the past, and had noticed them, have been worried a bit for you. I fear you have been ‘taken’ by all the negativity produced by a ‘war-effort’ that went way beyond what was expected of it, to make positive changes.

            For Lebanon as a country, a fresh disaster, for sure.

            I can admit that news-pics of the relatively few ‘pro-female-change-protests’ in Beirut – with ‘crowds’ of only a hundred or so – has seemed rather insufficient. And that even when there’s a couple of male heads showing in the ‘crowd’, it will look like simply for some security, and to carry the water-bottles. Fair enough.

            BUT 5 years ago there was only about 50. And it IS a ‘beginning’ to awareness. And the ‘reports’ of the events are getting out, even if it’s for slow news-days. 😉 And we know nothing ever changes in a day on such ‘touchy’ subjects. The women have been programmed too, after all. This is a tiny ‘positive’ event.

            As for the ‘negativity’ you have been producing here, alongside some ‘others’, you need some introspection about why there is such bitterness in the content. One woman in this site cannot be the reason for it, or a cause – or unfairly, the target of such, either.

            The ‘Confessional Democracy’ demands at least some Self-Conffession – if not to a god.

            I think ‘we’ are asking, for your own sake and some peace-of-mind in you.

            And that’s my ‘input’ on that. As for Lebanon, we keep fighting against the known absolute little insanities of ancient approaches to things like ‘garbage control’ – and seemingly with the ‘institutionalized’ ways of putting people ‘in charge’ of something they know nothing about. But I think there ARE small cracks in their armour now. ASSad Ways have caused that – even with all the sadness mounted by it. Better to keep trying to find the positives … those CAN come, in time, with approaching ‘history’ as a lesson to be learned by ALL. Only way. Be free in the mind for yourself.

            And yes, I can make a joke or two about the whole thing too – those can be with a positive approach to them as well – bottling up anything of a serious nature and letting it steam for too long, only drives us down.

          7. Hannibal Avatar

            A philosopher indeed that 5th… May he be dwelling with our Lord in heaven.

          8. MekensehParty Avatar

            The dead can’t defend your debilitating idiocy forever hind
            but rejoice, you are no longer the stupidest person on my list, Hannibal just flew past you and that was what I meant by my comment, that I’d rather answer you first (unlikely as that is) before answering him…

          9. HebAlba Avatar

            “The dead can’t defend your debilitating idiocy forever hind”

            What a sordid mind.
            You’re not answering me, 4 months ago it was Christmas 5th was alive the post adresses you.
            As for your demented post; ..”defend me” is a detail in a large painting little man, you have that Korsakov syndrome from alcohol, the debilitating hatred doesn’t concern anyone else than you.
            PS. I don’t like Champagne.

          10. MekensehParty Avatar

            Sordid? Lol
            You use pictures of dead babies to advance your horribly sick views
            Then you use the words of a dead guy to shield your horrible sickness
            And I’m sordid?
            Get lost moron and never try to use 5th’s passing like you use pictures of dead kids.

          11. HebAlba Avatar

            Yes, Sordid sick hate venerated primitive mind that has nothing to do with politics, you coward drove away anyone who had different opinion with your arrogant insults and hate garbage language.
            Besides 5th letter is public domain.
            I never asked him to defend me.
            I wrote: Hanni, 5th and you, knew each other years before i came, nothing to do with me.”

            “Get lost moron and never try to use 5th’s passing like you use pictures of dead kids.”
            Haha.. what a faked outrage, hiding behind ‘respect for 5th’s passing’. I did well to honour his passing, unlike you and your Israeli Zionists children killers, YK lapdog. As long as dead innocent children happen to be kidnapped by Western supported Al Qaeda headshop cannibals from the right “Sect”, Shia, Alawites, Yemeni and hated Syrian Christians.

            Herzl children ended up in mental Institutions.
            Begin ended up demented after a life Wars and massacres “From the Nile to the Euphrates”,
            rouh la jhannam

          12. MekensehParty Avatar

            I absolutely dont care what a shit eater like you has to say
            so save your keyboard from having to type your nonsense

          13. HebAlba Avatar

            Idem! “I absolutely dont care what a shit eater like you
            has to say so save your keyboard from having to type your nonsense”..while eating popcorn

          14. MekensehParty Avatar

            Your one method of copy/pasting proves yet again that you are brainless and incapable of formulating your own words. A pure Syrian parot fed shit and spewing shit.

          15. Niemals Avatar

            HebAlba aka Hind Abyad lives in a fantasy world, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/48f3f8973bea4ec5db9b2f6f3eae419f35f0b897664f916cdbccdfdb3707de1a.jpg what can you expect from one (from Gothham city) with a derange brain that feeds only on Jewish / Zionist conspiracies to master the whole world.
            Furthermore she must be bloodthirsty given that she published countless times gruesome videos / photographs.

            All evil comes from the Jews, no one else is evil….

            Hind claiming to be true authentic Christian Lebanese, but she possesses a heart like a true Daesh.

            Her own compatriot (Danny Farah) is pointing out “No secret either.. what were the PLO doing going thru wedding and trying to disrupt it. i thought the PLO arms were supposed to be inside the camps not on the streets of Ashfrafieh and everywhere in Lebanon. You have never blamed them or hezbollah for attacking lebanese. but you are so quick when it comes to put the blame on the CHristians.
            Did you attack Bashar and his father when he was bombing Tripoli, Beirut and raping lebanon from head to toe.. you are so obsessed with Israel.”
            Israelis want peace as much as you do. And yes we know it was the PLO who wanted to overrun Lebanon so they can have their own country.”

          16. Hannibal Avatar

            Niemals, now honestly this obsession with Hind must end. She is not interested in you. I do hope Sharia law will get to your zionist kraut neck soon enough. Then and only then you’ll appreciate HA and the Syrians fighting the Cancer known as Islamism. ISIS, the zionist brainchild, will get you in due time. They are all over Europe spread like the zionist cancer. Choose your enemies carefully for your allies Sharia-driven ISIS is at an end.

          17. Niemals Avatar

            Yes I know that HebAlba aka Hind Abyad is not interested in me (I bet that this idiot is addressing comments to me even though she knows I can not see them), however she is continuing with the same line as you do.

            Just read the comments from Danny Farah, Rascal, Y K, Barry, Arzna, MekensehParty, Jack, vs, Rudy1947, kirby1, PatienceTew, doron and the deceased Matrix and 5thDrawer http://disq.us/p/1ezljlx…..

            In other words both of you are cut from the same tree 😉

          18. HebAlba Avatar

            Playing dead is sign of dishonest creatures

          19. HebAlba Avatar

            My compatriot is not your business Niemals @ohyeah, aka Matrix, aka O’Matrik, aka annodasnumal, aka Renee Descartes, aka Insufferable “from Charlie Hebdo”
            Repeat (Disgraceful)
            BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:44 A.M.) – Shocked residents in the northern A young ultra-Orthodox man was walking around the street with his wife’s head in his hands, covered in blood. No one understood what was going on and why he had so much blood on him. Only later did they realize he was holding the woman’s head,” said a witness to the arrest, according to Israeli newspaper Maariv.

            Matrix was banned came back as O’Matrix https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/56669936d9d57f1c1c16726de25c71b07214a5dc13647327d19cc45e5258645f.jpg
            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f0daaa48f7ca3c88a1d83754675974e30e22576ba10fd173af257575a128dc9b.jpg ame Oh Yrah
            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7fd0b5a309dd06890c251093a7276bf7519ed7dc8dc410a48e219e253a24d7ad.jpg .

          20. Hannibal Avatar

            LOL yalibnan is on to him. Sicko he is.

          21. HebAlba Avatar

            Your method is natural born arrogance hate and machiavélisme.
            Don’t adress me, express you hatred with your Zionist buddies..

          22. HebAlba Avatar

            ‘MekensehParty – Hannibal • 5 days ago

            hold on a second, let me answer hind and i’ll get back to you
            • Reply•Share ›”

            Mekshitt obsessional coward how dare you use ME as a commodity to mock your old friend? F Y.
            That made me post 5thDrawer letter to you (and he was right) he did it out of friendship. Ya sick rabid dog!

          23. HebAlba Avatar

            ‘MekensehParty – Hannibal • 5 days ago

            hold on a second, let me answer hind and i’ll get back to you
            • Reply•Share ›”

            Mekshitt obsession how dare you use ME as like a commodity to mock your old friend? That’s what made me post 5thDrawer letter to you (and he was right) he did it out of friendship.
            Ya sick rabid dog!

          24. Niemals Avatar

            HebAlba aka Hind Abyad lives now in URANICA, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bd0df67005273b527a0f4ff40269bd50917184abb2e946b0c85bbba91410b4a9.jpg no longer in Gotham city.
            This derange brain feeds only on Jewish / Zionist conspiracies to master the whole world.
            Hind claiming to be true authentic Christian Lebanese, talking about the Maronite Catholics, until the 1700’s they were definitely not Arab. They became Arab in more of a sense in the 1800’s and after that. In the 1700’s, their first language was not Arabic, their first language was Syriac, which is a form of Aramaic.
            Do Lebanese Christians hate being called Arab?

            All evil comes from the Jews, no one else is evil….

          25. HebAlba Avatar

            I don’t live in Gotham city you’re a joke hahahh!…
            Now stop harassing, discus know where i live (can put on Mars;-).
            “All evil comes from the Zionist Not JEWS”..it’s called free speech.. like Niemals, Y K, Rudy1947, vs Orab

          26. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            What copy pasting? Better than pathological insults, petit homme.Your type of American hero. Coward McCain

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2a117ef200bf3e812219545235c01f45e16d42f6be43d50560c3c824da3abb2c.png ke

          27. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Shit eater your mother. FY.

          28. Hannibal Avatar

            That he did indeed. He kept the insults until he drove everyone away with his zionist friends. They must lead a lonely life. I had a lot of disagreements with every single person but nobody spew their personal attacks like this Mek and the rest of the zion trolls. I disagreed with you, with Prophettttt(add more t…s) 😉 and many others yet we kept it within the confines of civility (OK plus or minus) 😀 but never took it to low levels of attacking the person. I wish those guys come back. Geo, Prophetttt etc. I know 5th Drawer is watching and laughing from his 5th heaven.

          29. HebAlba Avatar

            😉 I’m sure Geo, Prophetttt watch Mek disgrace.

          30. HebAlba Avatar

            Mekenshitt cowardly used me to mock an old friend, that’s what made me publish 5thDrawer letter, or i would have never done it

            “MekensehParty Hannibal • 5 days ago
            hold on a second, let me answer hind and i’ll get back to you
            • Reply•Share ›”

            (?)Ya sick rabid dog!

          31. Hannibal Avatar

            Indeed sordid… I wonder how one can stoop to that low.

          32. Hannibal Avatar

            Calling someone stupid when you run out of intelligent argument puts you at the nadir of stupidity Mek. Your name says it all. Mekenseh? What type of a low self esteemed referral to one’s name. Mekenseh aal… I’d rather call you majrour HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
            There is a spot for you at the wailing wall so go cry and wail there or run to mommy in Lebanon. Is she still sending you liras from home so you live your posh life in the US you useless piece of $hit? Stop your attacks and hit on the arguments themselves without attacking the individual when you lose arguments. That is what those zionist trolls do on these websites. Did you ever ask yourself what the hell are they doing trolling on Lebanese sites? I never go to their websites as I am not interested in anything they have to say. They have been dead to me since their inception. But ask why their long nose is into everything. They are not welcome here. Every nation on the planet since the days of the Pharaohs kicked them out and bitch slapped them. Do you ask yourself why? YET you align yourself with them just because they attack your fellow citizens which somehow one girl somewhere broke your heart and you turned on everything self. That my friend is called a psychological autoimmunity. So let’s see. Be a man and don’t answer me.

          33. MekensehParty Avatar

            I’m not sure why my first answer didn’t appear but thank your lucky star it didn’t, because it deserves to go into the blogosphere’s hall of fame, or maybe the Guiness book of records under “biggest sewers to ever be cleaned with Hannibal’s tongue”.
            Oh well, I’ll have plenty of opportunity for a redo now that you’re on top of my $hitlist.
            Just a piece of advice, call your mommy and tell her to stay away from yalibnan because the $hitstorm that’s about to hit you ain’t gona make her proud.

          34. Hannibal Avatar

            oooooouuuuuuuuh I’m so scared…. As if anyone gives a crap about your opinion. You’re not a man since you did answer me. That being said why not really be a man and face me mano e mano. We both live in the US. Let’s see what you’re made up of.

          35. MekensehParty Avatar

            Again with the real face off knowing very well that it won’t happen and therefore your a$$ won’t be kicked?
            You’re such a coward

          36. HebAlba Avatar

            Torche toi avec ta liste connard

          37. HebAlba Avatar

            Torche toi avec ton Chambagne connard

          38. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Vinegar and Guest? The lowest of the lowest 😉

          39. HebAlba Avatar

            Disgusting traitor. hhhh..Y K “likes”

          40. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Guest likes

  2. anno dazumal Avatar
    anno dazumal

    The World Police have spoken loudly…

    1. Dan Myers Avatar
      Dan Myers

      Unfortunately, we just can’t seem to stop bombing people ????

      1. bporter44 Avatar

        ………Said ISIS

        1. Dan Myers Avatar
          Dan Myers

          Yeah, but we’ve been bombing people pretty much non-stop for 70 years…in fact, we’re pretty much responsible for ISIS being in existence.

          1. bporter44 Avatar

            Your comment is vague at best. The discussion always devolves into a chicken or egg debate. Deflection is always a convenient default and popular among liberals. Serial killers always blame their parents for their atrocities. Professional welfare recipients blame society in general. On and on. There is always a convenient scape goat. The “rise of ISIS” is a complex combination of religious fundamentalism perpetrated by tyrannical, greedy dictators suppressing the masses, generating hatred for materialism and freedom of any kind colliding with an ever growing smaller world and the unavoidable lifestyles of free nations. The effort to provide Iraq with an opportunity for Democracy and that same freedom in a land fraught with 2000 years of suppression, then jerking it away by Obamas political blundering is what caused ISIS to emerge. The Madrasas provided the recruits.

          2. Dan Myers Avatar
            Dan Myers

            I See you deflect from my real point, which is that we have been bombing and creating chaos all over the world for seventy years…typical “vague at best” yeah right

          3. “We”, “us”, “our” in every sentence. Just how many of you are out there, pal? 🙂

          4. Dan Myers Avatar
            Dan Myers

            It was none of our business to try and install Democracy in Irag, the only reason we were there was for the oil, and of course you try to blame Obama for all the chaos G.W. Created

          5. Hannibal Avatar

            Democrazy can be very easily manipulated. He who has the most money and who can afford the most ads and a bashing campaign against the other candidates wins. A little help from the Russians and Assange does not hurt neither. 😉

          6. The “rise of ISIS” is a complex combination of religious fundamentalism perpetrated by tyrannical, greedy dictators suppressing the masses, generating hatred for materialism and freedom of any kind colliding with an ever growing smaller world and the unavoidable lifestyles of free nations.

            Where does the arming/supporting of ISIS by the UK-US-IsraHell-Gulf Alliance fit in your equation?

      2. HebAlba Avatar

        4 identities
        anno dazumal- Matrix- Niemals- Oh Yeah.

    2. Dan Myers Avatar
      Dan Myers

      The Trump Zealots will be distracted and loving this…

      1. HebAlba Avatar

        4 identities; anno dazumal- Matrix- Niemals- @Oh Yeah.

    3. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      One of Guest multiple names..

    4. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      Hello Guest

  3. Don Downing Avatar
    Don Downing

    Another biased article here. The real name isn’t ‘mother of all bombs.’ It’s a ‘Massive Ordnance Air Burst.’

    1. Rudy1947 Avatar

      Lightened guy, there’s a “daisy cutter” bomb as well. Or how about the BUFF.

    2. Hannibal Avatar

      It is nicknamed as such even on CNN.

      1. HebAlba Avatar

        It’s called Mama Mia

  4. Niemals Avatar

    Frigging much talk about the Massive Ordnance Air Burst (MOAB).

    If you want talk about the real big bombs that Putin’s Father Of All Bombs (FOAB) is 4 times more powerful than the Mother of All Bombs.
    The world’s most powerful vacuum bomb having shock-wave with the power of a nuclear bomb.
    Trump’s ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ is ineffective, killed 36 ISIS militants in Afghanistan….

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