Mikati says Hezbollah is free to boycott him


mikati-resignsFormer Prime Minister Najib Mikati commented on Saturday over the campaign launched against a letter sent to the Arab Summit by five Lebanese presidents and prime ministers including himself, stressing that he stands by Hezbollah’s fight against Israel saying “it is up to the party” to boycott him.

“When Hezbollah is in a battle with Israel I would blindly jump to its side, but other matters are subject to national constants,” Mikati told al-Akhbar daily on Saturday.

Commenting on reports that Hezbollah has decided to boycott him after signing the so-called five-party letter, he said: “My ties with all Lebanese parties have been nothing but respectful and based on the national constants which I believe in. Anyone wishing otherwise is his own business.”

Mikati denied that the letter aimed at tarnishing the position of presidency : “How can that be possible when we have already sent a copy to President Michel Aoun , PM (Saad Hariri) and Speaker (Nabih Berri)?”, adding that the campaign only aims to divert the attention from “our national constants.”

Mikati revealed that the idea of the letter first emerged during a lunch banquet at the residence of former President Michel Suleiman, pointing out it is not the first for a certain Lebanese side to send out a letter to the Arab summit or international forums.

“I will allow no one to question my patriotism ”, he stressed .

The letter was signed by former Presidents Michel Suleiman and Amine Gemayel, along with former Prime Ministers Tammam Salam , Fouad Siniora and Mikati. It stresses the importance of Lebanon’s commitment to the Taif Agreement and U.N. resolutions, especially UN Security Council Resolution 1701 and tackled controversial issues such as Hezbollah’s arms, the Baabda Declaration, Lebanon’s dissociation policy, the state’s authority over its territory and foreign interference in the Syrian crisis.

The participation of Lebanon in the summit received extra attention after the controversial letter and its repercussions are just beginning.

The letter caused great concern among Hezbollah and its allies and may have reflected a fear of a new era. This fear is based on previous negative experiences regarding the positions of Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil at previous Arab conferences. It also reflected concern over the positions of President Michel Aoun, who granted legitimacy to Hezbollah in a recent interview in Egypt .

The letter was politically embarrassing and its timing caused confusion, but it did, however, reflect the reality in terms of the division over the main issues in Lebanon, particularly Hezbollah’s weapons and Lebanon’s relations with its neighbors. The harsh attack on the five former leaders’ letter is only a confirmation of this.



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  1. I hope you learned your lesson Mr. Mikati.
    Hezbollah used you in 2011 to get rid of PM Saad Hariri and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and prevent the trial of its 5 members over the assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri. But you were courageous enough in 2011 to arrange for the funding of the tribunal despite Hezbollah’s objections

    1. MekensehParty Avatar

      Not really courageous, it was whether he funds it or looses any international credibility. And even Hezbollah needed him to remain credible.

      1. The Topic of this article is the Puppet country Hebalebanon, as usual the lebanese as all arabs look to blame someone else for their miserable life,
        As in all arab cultures, where arab kill arab and blame the west, same issue is here.
        Want help you Hebalebanon is doomed.

  2. ““When Hezbollah is in a battle with Israel I would blindly jump to its side, but other matters are subject to national constants,” Mikati told al-Akhbar daily on Saturday.”

    The idiot is evidently incapable of figuring out that moprons like him “blindly jumping” to the side of armed thugs in uts never-ending war with Israel is precisely what led Lebanon to its present state, against wgich he’s supposedly protesting.

    1. Israel Created Two of Its Own Worst Enemies—Hamas and Hezbollah.

      It is the lack of vision that is making Israel a short-term state

      1. This one would have been (slightly) less ridiculous if it didn’t come from a Lebanese. After all, the Lebanese state (does it even exist, except on paper?) is famous for its long-term vision. 🙂

        1. Lebanon has been around longer than Israel, but vision is lacking in both countries

          1. Niemals Avatar

            How much longer? ????

          2. Lebanon became independent in 1943. The Lebanese state ceased functioning in 1975. So somehow, the numbers don’t really add up. 🙂

          3. Niemals Avatar

            I was hoping that the ‘polite’ Arzna will reply… ????

          4. Thank you for your kind comment , but I thought YK already answered by stating that Modern Lebanon is 5 years older than Israel (48 vs 43) .
            But when compared to Lebanon’s real age Israel will look like a spring chicken. Lebanon’s name has been around for 4,000 yrs non- stop (it’s the oldest country/nation’s name in the world!)

          5. but please can you provide 24/7 electricity like in Israel?

          6. no

          7. i’m sorry Israel can not help Lebanon to provide 24/7 electricity because you tolerate Hezbollah instead of your neighbour to be friends

          8. Now I know why Israel never wanted Lebanon to have 24/7 electricity .
            Israel created Hezbollah to punish Lebanon and now is blaming Lebanon for supporting Hezbollah.
            How tricky !!!
            I think the solution should be in Israel’s hand
            Take back Hezbollah
            and leave Lebanon alone

          9. How Israel “created Hezbollah”? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Hezbollah
            You are blaming Israel for all, also for electricity supply in Lebanon, for creating Hezbollah, are You OmegaHell or HebBlahblah?

          10. MekensehParty Avatar

            You should not accuse Israel of creating Hezbollah as that is not true. Hezbollah was created by Iran and Syria.

          11. Ever heard of cause and effect? If not, what about action-reaction?

          12. MekensehParty Avatar

            both cause and effect and action reaction are totally different from creation
            I sent you this link before haven’t I?
            if you followed it, you wouldn’t have failed in the onzieme

          13. The creation are the effect and reaction.

            You’re still grinding the English angle; really?

          14. HebAlba Avatar

            srael need enemies to strive it’s eternal conquest:

            “From the Nile to the Euphrates” the destruction of

            the Middle East planed since WW1.

            2002 article

            “Israel Created Two of Its Own Worst Enemies—Hamas and Hezbollah”

            “By 1986 the Brotherhood controlled 40 percent of all the mosques and the 7,000-student Islamic University in Gaza.

            At the time, Israeli authorities saw the Brotherhood as a counterbalance to the secular PLO and contributed to the Brotherhood’s cause through favors and donations to mosques and schools.3 Israeli donations to the Brotherhood were reported to be in the millions of dollars.”

            “Hezbollah in Lebanon was the other group Israeli aggression unintentionally spawned. It was Hezbollah fighters who harassed Israeli troops as they finally withdrew from Lebanon in humiliation in 2000. After 22 debilitating years of occupation, Israel had scheduled an orderly withdrawal for early July. But pressure from Hezbollah guerrillas forced an abrupt pullout on May 24.”


          15. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Just proves you can’t trust an Arab or a Muslim.

          16. MekensehParty Avatar

            The country of Lebanon’s real age is 97 years (1920), that’s when it was defined as a country in its present (and supposedly final) territory. Before that, History mentioned the word Lebanon as a mountain and not a country. The name Lebanon was NEVER associated to a country before 1920. Israel on the other hand was a kingdom which borders were clearly defined in the very Bible’s old testament, and it is this same territory that present Israel is yearning to regain as parts of that old kingdom remain under the control of present Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. The Sinai desert is not part of that old kingdom even though it is now part of modern Israel…
            Israel as a country/nation/kingdom is therefore by far older than Lebanon, even though it stopped existing as a vassal kingdom to the Roman empire in the year 132 AD, it became a country again in 1947.
            Those are undeniable historical FACTS away from emotions or attachments 😉

          17. Israel was never mentioned as a country before 1948. Religious texts/books are not historical but I’ll play …

            The Torah tells us there were twelve Hebrew tribes. These were nomadic people who essentially lead a life very similar to the Bedouins and would get together to divide grazing lands, etc. Each tribe would be fiercely independent and reserve the right to administer law and justice within their own community. Intermarriage was usually negotiated and brokered. Thus Hebrew life continued for millennia with adventures in Egypt and other places if the scriptures are accurate and/or to be believed.

            However with David all that changed. Legend tells us he slew an Philistine champion called Goliath of Gath. This was not the end of the Philistine wars and many more battles were to be fought. But by the end of David’s life the Hebrews had crushed half a dozen cultures and established a land base for settlement. Their life changed from a nomadic one to a sedentary one and this was not without incident.

            The tribes were granted land rights and Judah was one such tribeland within the Israelite coalition. All received land except the Danites who were probably not Hebrew but Agean mercenaries that slowly and partially integrated with Hebrew society. They had to go to Syria and conquer the city of Laish. From there they had many adventures moving North and then West. (The Dnieper, Don and Danube rivers are all named after them as is Denmark.)

            Of the twelve tribes the Ben Yehuda (sons of Judah) tribe were the most populous and powerful. David and his son Solomon were of the tribe of Judah. This elevated their tribe to the level of aristocracy and overlords. This did not fall well with the other Israelite tribes though who resented the autocratic ways of king Schlomo (Solomon – Suleiman). After only seventy years of coalition and settlement the ten tribes of Israel reject Solomon’s son Rehaboam as their new King and appoint a civil servant Jeroboam instead. They were tired of a regime under which some were more equal than others (not any different than today).

            War broke out immediately and the tribe of Benjamin were the only ones to side with the Judans. They represented a royalist enclave in a way. The first mention of Jews or Judah specifically comes in the book of Isiah as the Israelites invade. The war raged for a couple of centuries on and off. The nations both spoke Aramaic and wrote in Hebrew but they practised different religions and operated different political and social systems. Eventually fearing being overwhelmed the Judeans appeal to their master King Tiglath Pileser III of Assyria to come and destroy Israel and enslave their people even though the Torah forbids it and that is the end of ancient Israel. Left alone the Judeans last only another thirty years before being overtaken by King Nebudchnezzar of Babylon who sent Chaldean troops to aid a Moabite rebellion against them. They are then also enslaved and dragged back to Babylon where they started in the first place. In captivity the collective essays known as the Babylonian Talmud are written and the Pharisaic vision of Judaism is born. God is angered and banishes the Hebrews from ever forming a nation in the Jordan valley until he sends the moschiach to recall them. They broke the convenant and are no longer His chosen people.

            Moral of the story?

            1) The Israelites were not Jewish.

            2) The (to-be Jews) Tribe of Yehuda (from Judea, a district within ancient Israel) paid the Assyrians to have ancient Israel destroyed.

            3) Israelis have no relation to the Israelites.

          18. MekensehParty Avatar

            at least your English teacher taught you how to copy paste
            she didn’t teach you though not to paste text that no one will read

          19. copy paste – Do you see quotation marks?

            no one will read – You have a tendency to ignore what puts you where you belong: in the hole.

            You claim that ancient Israel became a country again in 1947 but you are oblivious to the fact that the Hebrews became the Danish named after the Tribe of Dan who also named the Dnieper River, the Don River and the Danube. They became the Jutes named after the tribe of Judah. The Hebrews that moved to Galatia in Turkey became the Gauls in France and the Gaelic in Scotland and Ireland and the Galicians in Spain and the Portuguese becuase Porugal means the Port of the Gauls. The Spanish Iberian Peninsula is named after Eber the root of the word Hebrew and the Hebrides islands in Scotland have the same root. The Sachsens in Germany derive their name of Isaak-sen – sons of Isaac. The Pasthoons in Afghanistan are also.

            These people no longer identify themselves as Hebrews and have both genetically and culturally moved on. Neither are they accepted by Jews as sons of Shem and Abraham and Isaac. They may not Aliyah to modern Israel under ‘Israeli’ law. They are regarded as ‘tainted.’

            Once last time, get your facts in order.

          20. HebAlba Avatar

            Herodotus 500 BC; the ‘Father of History’.

            “The other argument oft propounded; although this time
            by Zionists and their apologists, is that Palestine is an ‘invention’ of the Emperor Hadrian’s: thus dating the name to after the Jewish kingdoms that are claimed to have existed. Thus; in Jewish eyes, meaning that Palestine is
            an ‘invention’ and gives rise to the common claim that the Palestinians are an ‘invented people’. This is absolute cobblers as Herodotus clearly says Palestine and Syrians of Palestine in the original Greek: he does not say an approximate or substitute. Thus the region was called Palestine long before the Jews turned up and declared Yahweh had given the land to them.

            To argue; as many Jews do, that there was a Jewish kingdom of substance before Herodotus is rather difficult precisely because the only evidence we have is from Jewish religious writings written after the fact. When I say only evidence it might surprise some as it is one of those great historical shibboleths that tend to exist in any age: however the strange thing about the ‘Kingdoms of Israel’ is that aren’t mentioned textually by anyone else. It is rather like the ‘holocaust’ in a sense in that it is all assumption and very little substance: yet ‘everybody knows’ it existed.

          21. HebAlba Avatar

            Israel need enemies to strive it’s eternal conquest:
            “From the Nile to the Euphrates” the destruction of
            the Middle East planed since WW1.

            2002 article
            “Israel Created Two of Its Own Worst Enemies—Hamas and Hezbollah”

            “By 1986 the Brotherhood controlled 40 percent of all the mosques and the 7,000-student Islamic University in Gaza.

            At the time, Israeli authorities saw the Brotherhood as a counterbalance to the secular PLO and contributed to the Brotherhood’s cause through favors and donations to mosques and schools.3 Israeli donations to the Brotherhood were reported to be in the millions of dollars.”

            “Hezbollah in Lebanon was the other group Israeli aggression unintentionally spawned. It was Hezbollah fighters who harassed Israeli troops as they finally withdrew from Lebanon in humiliation in 2000. After 22 debilitating years of occupation, Israel had scheduled an orderly withdrawal for early July. But pressure from Hezbollah guerrillas forced an abrupt pullout on May 24.”

          22. Hannibal Avatar

            Don’t you have an oven to heat up Kraut?

          23. Niemals Avatar

            You don’t heat Sauerkraut in the oven, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2bc181e323c5ba3a6929412baa625fbec24a56e8590e9adce077b5632206c415.jpg but you can heat falafel… silly Hannibal.????

          24. Who told you you cant heat sauerkraut in the oven ‘
            Here is a receipe
            By the way falafel test best fresh , why bother reheat when they are so cheap

          25. Niemals Avatar

            ” Cooks.com is an archival collection of free cooking recipes and articles available to the general public……
            Your usage of this site constitues your agreement to the terms stated herein. If you do not agree to these terms, permission to access any information on this site is hereby rescinded.”

            Dum try to pretend to be a culinary expert.
            Falafel test best when I do it myself. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9a519d6e64ed2babf1434a2e08fc8975ee417948c80b94cd1d71a0c6898ec493.jpg
            The Falafel by imbissbude is mostly reheated and are not so cheap – https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0c8ca1c66966d9a8b0e07b8836ca5fba9d0b8585e8af5f28bb481ef3eb282226.jpg

          26. Hannibal Avatar

            Sauerkraut up your Kraut’s aS$… lol

          27. Niemals Avatar

            Hannibal find only nonsense when he can’t find make sense comments.

            You (and Arzna) have miscalculated it all, you might be sparring with the Jews, however I do not accept it.
            Eat your hummus and stay happy.

            You show tendency to belong to the brainwashed gang (Hind and her protege Omega), continuing with that sort of nonsense comments will result that you will be added to the company of the blocked – then I’ll be spared reading your wisecrack of comments.

          28. HebAlba Avatar

            Niemals aka Oh Yaeh, aka Matrix (etc..), giving his likies as Guest ;)))


        2. Hannibal Avatar

          No matter how old one thing is paramount… Israel is no state at all since the land is usurped which renders it illegal therefore a non-state.

          1. “I hate something, therefore it doesn’t exist.” That’s one fine example of Arab/Lebanese logic for you, my friend. 🙂

          2. Hannibal Avatar

            You are very wrong my friend 😀 I do not hate anyone or anything. As a matter of fact I like the gentle side of the original non-apartheid real mission of the state of Israel in Palestine but would contribute by any means to a peaceful solution to the problem when the “chosen” wake up and acknowledge the rights of the Palestinians to their lands. I do hope that logic works out for you as you see how harmful the zionists are to the jewish struggle worldwide.

          3. zionism is your mental onanism on jews really

          4. Hannibal Avatar

            Zionism is evil… It is hurting you jews.

          5. Your (totally) unrequited love for the Jooz is touching, pal, but it’s time to move on already. I’m sure there’s someone out there even for you. 🙂

          6. HebAlba Avatar

            Your (totally) unrequited, move on already.

          7. Looks like another screw went loose in your already hopelessly broken brain. I don’t love cockroaches. Sometimes I pity them, but it ain’t the same. 🙂

          8. HebAlba Avatar

            “We declare openly that the Arabs have no right to settle on even one centimeter of Eretz Israel…. Force is all they do or ever will understand. We shall use the ultimate force until the Palestinians come crawling to us on all fours … When we have settled the land, all the Arabs will be able to do will be to scurry around like drugged roaches in a bottle.”

            Rafael Eitan
            MY KU

          9. Fool, 21% Israeli citizens are Orabs

          10. please provide something constrictive, productive, interesting, not blahblah. YK is O.K. contributor

          11. i’m sorry you are biased

          12. Hannibal Avatar

            Let me entertain you a little and assume you’ve got a bone in your statement… Tell me this after you watch the following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0th3WPLAcM
            Is ALL of humanity jerking off to the tunes of the zionist jews? may be…

          13. not all of “humanity” please learn Russian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlcFrIHe0yQ

          14. Rudy1947 Avatar

            If your an experience wanker then try Flight of the Bumble Bee.

          15. Hannibal Avatar

            vs, The biggest injustice was done to both parties and the link you provided makes sense. But are you aware that at that time Jordan and Egypt made those decisions on behalf of the Palestinians? The Palestinians and the Jews would have came together to a just resolution if it weren’t for the West and the Arabs meddling. Moving forward, either you continue on the path of destruction which others put you up to it or sideline the minority warmongers (on both sides) and find a just viable sustainable future for both nations. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away and just think of the potential of wealth when the energy of war is spent on peaceful existence and the opening of markets for goods on both sides.

          16. Minister of Transport and Intelligence Israel Katz presented the project for the construction of “Gaza Island”
            This is a
            project to create an artificial island off the coast of the Gaza Strip,
            as well as the laying of railroad tracks from Israel to Jordan and Saudi Orabia http://newsru.co.il/israel/05apr2017/kats_710.html

          17. MekensehParty Avatar

            did you have wisdom soup this morning?

          18. Hannibal Avatar

            No I spit in one 😛

          19. Precisely.

            No Palestians were ever present at any partition negotiations. The Higher Arab Council only included foreigners. The Zionists rejected partition in 1937 and embarked on a decade long campaign of terrorism forcing the British to either crush them mercilessly or abandon partition. They withdrew.

          20. keep distorting reality?

          21. Reality is not distorted. You just don’t know it.

            The Zionists went on a decade-long terror campaign in Europe and in Palestine after the rejecting the Peel Commission’s proposed partition (a small part of Palestine to the Jews) – versus the whole Palestine and parts of Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon the Zionists wanted.

            After the Peel Commission Bengurion’s line hardened considerably. Before where he spoke of concession and sharing with Arabs he made no such references subsequent to 1937 and spoke only of expulsions and appointed Yosef Weitz, Ezra Danin and Eilyahu Sasson to the Transfer Committee charged with planning and executing the Naqba.

          22. keep distorting? http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/the-peel-commission “Among the Jews, bitter disagreements erupted between supporters and
            opponents, while the Arabs rejected the proposal and refused to regard
            it as a solution. The plan was ultimately shelved”

          23. I’ll repeat: reality is not distorted, you just don’t know it.

            The Peel Comission was created to investigate the causes behind the Revolt in 1936 when the Palestinians realised they were going to get shafted on the British promise of independent statehood after fighting WWI to liberate the land from Ottoman hands – while most Jews fought on the Central Power side.

          24. your Falsetinians are usual politically corrected Orabs since 1964, you are fake

          25. MekensehParty Avatar

            Israel is a state recognized by a majority of the countries in the world and by the United Nation. Usurpation/illegal occupation/annexation never stopped a country from being one. The US usurped, “illegally” occupied and annexed the lands of the Indian nations, the US is definitely and undoubtedly a country/state.
            The biggest mistake of the Arabs is to not recognize Israel as a de facto country, especially after they realized that they cannot defeat it. As a matter of fact, by adopting the “two state solution” the Arabs finally recognize that Israel is a state, even if they keep publicly denying it.

          26. also some countries are more than recognized states, and are factually Noah Arcs, big refugee camps for escapers from failed “recognized” “states” with wars, killing, raping, destruction, like Canada, USA, EU, Israel vs parts of Africa and ME

          27. Not sure what you’re on about or who you’re referring to by ‘Arab’s but both the PLO and Hamas recognized Israel long time ago. Israel was never interested in sharing.

          28. They recognized Israel in the past, many times. It was always thwarted with Israel breaking the cease-fire.

          29. Strange recognizing, sending rockets, killing “collaborators with Israel”, isn’t it?

          30. What’s strange is that you don’t see the Zionists and Israel’s wrong doings. It was not the Arabs who massacred the inhabitants of the land to then steal their lands and private properties – the Zionists did.

          31. you are not with reality, OmegaHell, slander again

          32. Zionists seem to slander too …

            “Avigdor Lieberman (former Minister of Education) removed a textbook called Nationalism: Building a State in the Middle East from Israeli schools as soon as he became aware of its existence, because of an extract which stated:

            If Israeli children learn about the mass expulsion of Palestinians, they are likely to turn against the state of Israel.

            Until the British left, no Jewish settlements, however remote, was entered or seized by the Arabs – David Ben Gorion-Rebirth and Destiny of Israel, 1954 p. 530

            after the formation of a large army in the wake of the establishment of the [Jewish] state, we shall abolish partition and expand to the whole of the Palestine – David Bengurion Simha Flapan Birth of Israel, 1939, p.22

            I can go on. Let me know.

          33. 21% (not expulsion) Israeli citizens are Orabs, keep ignoring

          34. Irrelevant.

            Upwards of 800,000 Palestinians were displaced in 1948 after the Zionists went on a killing/destruction spree.

          35. No need to start and support wars against jews so you will not lost and displaced (mostly left not because of fights but because of Orab lieders promisings to quick displace jews)

          36. Nobody started wars against Jews. The Zionists planned the expulsion of the Palestinians from the land for ten years after the Peel Commission of 1937.

          37. slander, again, your Falsetinians are pollitical correct usual Orabs since 1964

          38. I don’t know if they are politically correct but they are the righteous.

          39. sure sending rockets, throwing stones are “human rights”, righteous for you

          40. Correct, righteous. Their lands were stolen.


            The rest is cause and effect or if you prefer, action-reaction.

          41. Haha, sure: the narrative of the invader.

            Let’s just say the Rothschild shafted everyone.

          42. The so called Falenstinians are a bunch of rejects that no other Orab
            country wanted. IMO, they’re just proxies for the “war” against Israel,
            being used by Jordan, Syria, Iran, etc.

          43. They didn’t need to be wanted by anyone, they had/owned lands. They were promised an independant statehood by Britain who ended up betraying them. As a matter of fact, the two Hashemite prince Abdullah and Faisal were to be awarded Jordan and Syria respetively but the Britsh had done a secret deal between Sykes and Picot to award Lebanon and Syria to the French who were their allies in WWI and tried to cheat Abdullah on Jordan too.

            The Palestinians are not fighting Jordan, Syria, Iran, etc’s wars against Israel – they are resisting/fighting the Zionists who stole their lands and who have been oppressing them for decades.

          44. profalsetinian bs

          45. Mea culpa for waisting precious time with you.

          46. thank you are not ignoring me, idiot

          47. Rudy1947 Avatar

            We all feel the same about you.

          48. Speak for yourself only and don’t confused wasting time with your incapability to contradict the facts I bring up.

          49. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Don’t feel I’m speaking out of line.

          50. Entitling yourself to speak for others is speaking out of line.

            I am not interesting in wasting more time with another dimwit.

          51. so пнх

          52. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Then bye bye.

          53. MekensehParty Avatar

            I want you to meet this guy I know
            He’s as great as you are in uttering nonsense
            He has as bad an English as yours too
            Donald Trump. You know him?
            If not, ask your English teacher at the Mahdi school for the banin to tell you about him

          54. Do you have anything else to say (attacking the English, the French) when you have nothing left to say?

          55. Do you have anything else to say (dwelling on the English, the French) when you have nothing left to say?

            The PLO and Hamas did recognized Israel.

            Still butt hurt at Trump being your President I see. Few (several?) years; hang in there.

          56. Hamas: We will never recognize Israel

          57. They may not any more but they did, many times.

          58. please contact hamas for information

          59. I don’t have their contact number. Could you get it for me?

          60. The question was rhetorical but thanks anyway.

            I don’t need to ask them a question for which I already know the answer: they (like the PLO before them) recognized Israel in the past. Despite the laundering of the Zionist state outside the ME, Israel was never interested in sharing the land.

          61. +sharing the land+ are you see jewish communities in judenfrei Gaza now? sharing the land lol, want you judenfrei Judea also?

          62. Are you suggesting the Zionists should steal the rest of the land?

          63. Idiot, Orabians steal? half of Africa, almost all ME, now EU, Lebanon, and you fascist concentrated on jews like hamas was in “liberated” Gaza. Where are you stealing your genius stuff? Or its you generating this bs yourself?

          64. I leave you to your straw man arguments and dementia.

          65. пнх

          66. HebAlba Avatar

            “Israel is a state recognized by a majority of the countries in the world and by the United Nation. Usurpation/illegal”

            Israel usurped their seat in the United Nations in 1951 by signing article 49 of the Geneva convention. How it treats the inhabitants, stealing land, water, destroying crops, cutting hundred of thousand olive trees, demolishing homes.

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/485565e6cd7f9345d078ebe26c055fb9b1215929e07242937257ad6e0116807a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3a75b7c8922512e1146ece541f4ed9ab19f113596b1c8d1e31e21e009194a790.jpg

          67. slander again, HebBlahblah, 57,000 Falestinian workers have a work permit in Israel, about 27,000 people work in jewish communities. Taking into account also illegal immigrants, more than 100,000 families can live with dignity. Thus, to Falestinian economy poured 4-5 billion shekels a year

      2. Danny Farah Avatar
        Danny Farah

        The lack of Vision Israel had when it decided to divide the arabs.. it created many monsters and Now they have Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and many other extremists. Bengari thought he was being smart ass when he wanted to split Lebanon or have it controlled by a Christian General who will submit to their will. Well when they realized Bashir Gmeyal was not going to be their surrogate they did not warn him about the bomb that exploded and killed him among other victims in the building.
        then when the christians attacked the camp it even backfired on the israelis. Look at Syria, Iraq everyone is going to surround the jewish state and they will have hard time fighting off everyone around them. Therefore their only way out of it is the nuclear weapons..which will make things worse for everybody. Life will never be the same afterward. It will be the end of days.

    2. HebAlba Avatar

      “5 of Ovadia Yosef’s most controversial quotations
      Late Sephardi spiritual leader made a range of inflammatory comments — involving snakes and sinners, gentiles and Blacks”

  3. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    Or Boink hiim.. Lol

  4. The Topic of this article is the Puppet country Hebalebanon, as usual the lebanese as all arabs look to blame someone else for their miserable life,
    As in all arab cultures, where arab kill arab and blame the west, same issue is here.

    Want help you, Hebalebanon is doomed.

    1. OmegaHell and HebBlahblah diverting topic on Israel as usual

      1. sure that’s the arab culture, they never have problems and it’s never their fault it’s always someone else to blame.
        arabs kill each other every day, but the will always find someone to blame…….

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