Cellphone and Internet fees to be reduced says minister


Telecommunications Minister Jamal Jarrah:
Telecommunications Minister Jamal Jarrah:
Lebanon Telecommunications Minister Jamal al-Jarrah revealed on Friday that cellphone and internet fees will be slashed gradually and in a “calculated manner,” noting that “a team of experts has been formed to study this issue thoroughly .”

Commenting on the “Switch Off Your Line” protest that took place on Sunday, during which hundreds of thousands of subscribers reportedly switched off their lines to push for lower cellphone and internet rates, Jarrah pointed out that he has not yet been able to study all the files of the ministry since he is a new minister in a new Cabinet.

He however promised the protest organizers that he will meet with their representatives next week to brief them on the recommendations of the team of experts, “which is sparing no time to study means to improve the quality of services and slash the fees.”

Cell phone and internet services are of inferior quality in Lebanon but their rates are known to be among the highest in the world



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