Russian embassy in Damascus shelled twice: TASS


russian-embassy-syriaThe Russian embassy in Syrian capital of Damascus was shelled twice on Wednesday afternoon, Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, calling it a provocation aimed at derailing peace settlement in the country.

Announcing the attack in a statement, the foreign ministry called said the shelling was a “provocation” aimed at derailing a peace settlement in the country.

It said a shell hit an inner yard of the embassy complex, while another shell landed near the diplomatic mission. De-mining specialists have been working in the hit area.

According to the statement, the Russian embassy to Syria was “shelled by terrorists” at one 1pm and again almost 20 minutes later.

The ministry said Russia considers “this new provocation by extremists opposing the peaceful settlement in Syria as the confirmation of their intention to continue sowing terror and violence”.

The ministry said there remains a threat to Russians in the territory and that the attack underlines the importance of the “prompt elimination” of extremists in the region.

Russia has called for the international community to condemn the alleged attack.




14 responses to “Russian embassy in Damascus shelled twice: TASS”

  1. PatienceTew Avatar

    The ‘Skis’ are the ones sowing ‘terror and violence’.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      For them, then, we will condemn all alleged attacks by terrorists.

  2. Why Russia needs to calle the international community to condemn the alleged attack? – Are they the victims in Syria?

    1. Compliance with Vienna Conventions Protection of Diplomatic, Consular Missions, Personnel..Oh oh,

      1. Because the tens of thousands children,women and men killed by Russia and Syrian forces are sheep, no compliance needed for them….. Oh oh

        1. MekensehParty Avatar

          You know how it goes, a dead Arab is only a martyr if killed by Amrikans or zionnists. The million others killed by Arabs, Iranians, Turks, Afghans… are just rubbish.
          Logic no?

  3. Ho hum. No surprise.

  4. Stoney Huff Avatar
    Stoney Huff

    Syrian State TV (ABC, NBC, CBS) dares to show heroic Opposition caches of small mortars and ammo clips as somehow proving anything. No one said no one was firing at the SAA, Hezbollah or Russian troops.
    Imagine the fools somehow thinking the “rebels” were responsible for the ruins of Aleppo, not the bloody RuAF and Russian Navy.

    1. Clown idiot…think.. you call ISIS “rebels”?

      1. Stoney Huff Avatar
        Stoney Huff

        You don’t read English too well. First of all ISIS is not in Aleppo, the hero rebels made sure of that.

  5. rusiaeh good mr kill terorists mr hapye newed year mr

    1. PatienceTew Avatar

      Happy new year to you, Dab. Long time no hear!

      1. tank you mr. i hobed bird good mr

    2. Yes dab rusiaeh good, happy new year 😉

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