Appointment of a male women’s minister slammed by Lebanese women


Jean Ogasapian
Jean Ogasapian
Women’s rights activists slammed on Monday the appointment of a man to head Lebanon’s newly created Women’s Affairs Ministry

The group also said that women were sorely underrepresented in the newly created Cabinet.

“Is it acceptable to appoint a male minister to the Women’s Affairs Ministry?” asked a statement

“Is this the consecration of the patriarchal system in Lebanon or is this due to a lack of competent women for the job?”  the statement, which was carried by the National News Agency added

Prime Minister Saad Hariri disclosed his new 30-member Cabinet Sunday, in which Jean Ogasapian became Minister of State for Women’s Affairs.  Ogasapian 62 is a member of the  Future Movement party, where his official biography notes that he had a lengthy career in the Lebanese army until he quit to go into politics in 2000. He has considerable political experience: In 2005, he was appointed as administrative reforms minister in the government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and he was a state minister in Hariri’s’ 2009 government.

The new government  featured Lebanon’s first “minister of state for women’s affairs,” a welcome development in a country where women have little representation in politics but women were  outraged when they found out that  Lebanon’s first minister for women is a man.

The women activists also deplored the poor representation of females  in the Cabinet, in which only one woman was appointed: Einaya Ezzedine, Minister of State for Administrative Development.

The group  said the failure to appoint female ministers amounted to marginalization, “especially after the promises made by the heads of political parties and parliamentary blocs in support of women and enhancing their role in the new government.”

“What happened was a major disappointment and broke promises that were made,” the statement added.

The group also called on ministers to show commitment to women’s rights by including a quota for women in the forthcoming Cabinet policy statement.

A quota guaranteeing women 30 percent of government posts was necessary, it said, “as a special temporary measure for women’s access to leadership positions in politics and public affairs.”

Out of 128 lawmakers at Parliament, currently there are only four female MPs – Nayla Tueni, Bahia Hariri, Strida Geagea and Gilberte Zouein.



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  1. First, what the hell is Women’s Affairs Ministry?
    Second, any man who claims he knows women, is full of shit.

    1. About the first part of your comment — It’s a newly created Ministry. Read: a bogus position for one to receive all the benefits of a politician in Lebanon – car, driver, bodyguard, maids at home, about $10K/month, etc.

      About the second — Usually, women say that.

    2. MekensehParty Avatar

      well you know, Women’s affair ministry means that… umm… well… umm… that they threw the word women in there just to acknowledge that women exist in this damn country. Exist. Nothing else.

      1. Exist. Nothing else.

        Are you sure you were not in Saudi Arabia?

          1. Oh boy.

          2. Is it his avatar that irks you? 😉 Merry Christmas!

          3. MekensehParty Avatar

            nope, his Syrian accent
            Merry Christmas Hani :))))

          4. MekensehParty Avatar

            Can you read it for us Omega, can you record your voice?
            “Mary Shristmaaas” mou?

          5. (laughing) – “Wahahaha” does a poor job at hiding your inner struggle.

          6. What’s the “Mou heik” accent?

          7. Merry Christmas.

          8. Merry Christmas Omega to you and to your loved ones…

          9. “to your loved ones”
            Since Hitler is dead and Lyndon Larouche irredeemably senile, I guess by his “loved ones” you could only mean Assad and Putin. But do they even celebrate Christmas?

          10. Assad and Putin are friends of Trump who in turn is a friend to Israel…. WHOA it is getting too complicated.

          11. Pharisee never changed since 2000 years they’re today religious and secular Zionists and they destroy Jews who don’t agree with them.

          12. The Pharisees were a Persian priesthood who worshiped the God Ishtar. They found it convenient to take an Indian God (Brahma and his wife Saraswati) to invent the mythological Abraham, his wife Sara, their two sons (Isaac and Ishmael) and a bunch of new religions: Pharisaism (later reformulated as Judaism to fit the Zionist agenda) and Islam.

          13. ‘Solomon’s Temple had two forty-foot pillars representing the fertility cult of Asherah, considered the wife of Yahweh. Down to Hezekiah’s time in 705 B.C., Moses’ brazen serpent Nehushtan was side by side with Yahweh’s ark in the temple (II Kings 18:4). In Josiah’s time 621 B.C. Yahweh shared his temple with Baal, Asherah, and the heavenly bodies, e.g. the sun (II Kings 23:4-7, 11). King Jeroboam set up two cultist bulls. Manasseh built alters to the sun, moon and stars in the temple (II Kings 21:3-5). King Ahab worshipped heifers a century after Solomon (Josephus 8:13) and his wife Jezabel was a devotee of Melkart.”

          14. Worth nothing that Solomon was a mythological figure. Sol, Om and On are the name of the Sun God in Latin, Indian and Egyptian.

          15. Spreading FAKE NEWS about Hitler and Lyndon Larouche…..

          16. Looking for attention Alzheimer OYeahOMatrix?

    3. 5thDrawer Avatar

      We continue to try to learn about them all through life. 😉 Admittedly failing more often when younger.
      Perhaps this fellow has learned, to some extent, being 62 and all – even if most of his ‘experience’ was ‘gained’ in a military setting where there may be only a few ‘sect’-retaries. :-)))
      I suppose The Ladies could give him a short ‘chance’, and gage his ‘performance’ … since it’s an entirely ‘new concept’ of affairs with women – as the title of the post suggests. 🙂
      CANNOT say there have been notes left by predecessors to guide him.
      MIGHT do a little ‘massaging’ of the reacton-situation by naming a Female Assistant, of course. Seriously.

    4. Andre Perfectly said.

    5. Someone must check him… Will transvestite qualify? 🙂

  2. MekensehParty Avatar

    It’s true that they are not only misrepresented, they’re not represented at all, but my question to Lebanese women:
    TO THE STREETS!!!!!!

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Sadly, most of the females are well-conditioned to the past of lovely experience – believing as they will.

      1. MekensehParty Avatar

        Unfortunately, like all the Lebanese, they complain complain and yet do absolutely nothing to make their lives better. Sad truth

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Sad condition of too many in the world, I’m sure. Yet being beaten into ‘submitting’ to ancient thought-lines has created what the society is. And the ones who see what they know should change, by now just ‘protest’, then throw up the hands and sigh ‘oh well’, then go back to looking for the next meal. Conditioned, I think, by many failures.
          Surprised by a small ‘success’ of even seeing that many agree with them, they react as it that was an accomplishment in itself – and congratulate themselves leaving it just hanging with no follow-through. Like this one … ‘You have a minister for the first time’. WOW.
          And now we wait as always to know what that can do. Since nothing really changes in moment, except by heart-attack. 😉

          1. Sad condition of many in the world but Mekenseh is only interesting in calling out the Lebanon and the Lebanese. That’s what hypocritical rats do.

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I could say they all struggle with trying to understand it … escaping is perhaps a better idea than fighting over (at the least) 2 things – neither of which work to provide a lunch.
            You can’t blame the ‘survival’ and improvement of an individual life, on one who did … even if he manages a bitch about why it seemed necessary in the past to do what individuals do – make a decision. I may have made a wrong one too … or not. What is ‘wrong’?
            In my mind, grabbing a gun to ‘solve’ a problem is more-so.
            We see some ‘return’ hoping there’s half-a-chance now … is that a ‘hypocrisy’ – Especially considering all that the last 6 years ‘brought’ for the conditions??

            NOW the Females have ‘half-a-chance’. Mek doubts they will step up to the plate, and bat for the team. Some obviously think they will. I think they must. We should let time and the Ladies do the talking.

          3. You say based on what? Have you really struggled in such context? I am not talking about having 4 pieces of marshmallow in your hot coco rather than the usual 5 at your local Tim Hortons.

            There is absolutely nothing wrong in leaving to survive and/or better yourself/life but you don’t do it, look back and spit on where you come from. Even less so which death and destruction upon it.

            Why are you parroting to me what he told you? The Women’s Affairs Ministry is a newly created position. It’s not like it’s the 15th time a man held the seat. You can’t fix a problem that didn’t exist. Now that it does, the women of Lebanon must fix it.

            How easy to move your fingers from thousands of miles away and generalizing/criticizing. Mek thinks he’s better because he left Lebanon and does better than he could ever do in Lebanon. Just look at how condescending he is with his comments in general. Most Lebanese who leave are like him, no matter how poor, rich, dumb, intelligent – they just think they are now better because they are outside of Lebanon. I reckon a lot of wrong with the Lebanese people but I also cannot generalize as there are in equal lot of good hearted, intelligent, honest people who want to live healthy, happy and prosperous – like everywhere else on Earth. His problem is personal.

          4. I am better than most Lebanese inside and outside of Lebanon… LOL Sorry Omega could not help it. It is the trickster in me… 😉

          5. I take it your earlier question (“So the Lebanese diaspora all over the world does not love Lebanon for leaving it? “) is based on this comment? Please read again; I never said the Lebanese who leave don’t love Lebanon. I am talking about the particular case of Mek who despises the country and its people after leaving it.

          6. I doubt you’re part of that ‘most”. 🙂

          7. How dare you? bta3ref miin ana? he he

          8. The ‘most’ I was referring to was when I wrote Most Lebanese who leave are like him, no matter how poor, rich, dumb, intelligent – they just think they are better because they are outside of Lebanon. and not your I am better than most Lebanese inside and outside of Lebanon.

            Who knew that a ‘most’ could cause as much confusion as being too festive. Kesak. Cheers. Kampai.

        2. Said the guy who fled. What exactly did you do while in Lebanon?

          1. MekensehParty Avatar

            I got the Syrians out by the main door
            while you opened a little window to let them back in
            mou heik?

          2. Moush heik. Being against the UK/US’ invasions doesn’t equate to being pro-Syria. That being said, I still prefer a secular like Assad than the Wahhabi zealots roaming the country or the Islamist they want to replace him with.

            When you write that you “got the Syrians out by the main door”, were you involved in Hariri Sr.’s assassination? It could explain your sudden departure from Lebanon in 2005 after all. Because frankly, and I am repeating myself, an alleged patriot who stood against the Syrian occupation and its ‘soldiers’ in Lebanon, who hung the Lebanese flag on buildings, etc would not suddenly leave the country he loves so dearly to then absolutely hate it from thousand of miles away.

          3. MekensehParty Avatar

            you think I give a shit about your opinion little syrian?

          4. Touchy subject? Out of curiosity, did you have the detonator or were you a chaperone that day?

          5. man-o-war Avatar

            Think South Lebanon Army and Kataeb , that lead you closer to the real mekenseh

          6. That crossed my mind many times. It would explain his ‘sudden’ departure and his deep rooted anger/frustration towards Lebanon/Lebanese (where he’s likely wanted for treason/spying).

          7. MekensehParty Avatar

            Ah here comes the big Syrian defending the little Syrian
            all the same rhetoric since you graduated from mazzeh, everyone asking for a strong and independent lebanon is an Israeli spy, mou heik?
            Well, you won, Lebanon is back in the hands of the Syrians like your masters always wanted. Congrats for all the Lebanese, you wanted the Syrian jazma, you got it. Now lick it, and lick it good “ya hayawaan”.

          8. man-o-war Avatar

            Hey shit for brains, I’ll lick their boot when you lick my balls you filthy animal.
            If you think my comment was defending big or little Syrians than your reading comprehension is at the level of a gold fish.

            “strong and independent Lebanon”, is that the same strong independent Lebanon you were cheering for when daesh was bombing civilians in Beirut? Are you running out of popcorn? Better stock up for the coming 4 years of Drumpf, because he’s going to support a strong and independent Lebanon. Lol!

            Who said anything about Lebanon winning? What did they win exactly?
            What do you have against the Syrians? Remember, you invited them in, and then the tables turned on you.

          9. MekensehParty Avatar

            dude, change your style already, so boring. Same exact false accusations you’re hiding behind for not recognizing that all I’m saying is true.
            Your dad invited the Syrians, I put them out, keep banging your head on the wall. That’s the truth! You brought them back by the window but eventually you will be thrown out again. And if you don’t congrats on the pile of garbage you call a country, and the pile of rubble you’ll unite with under bashar and hassan
            Happy life sucker

          10. I put them out

            Sure you did.

          11. MekensehParty Avatar

            Yes I put them out. You can deny it for a million years, it will still be the truth and it will haunt your memory for the rest of your life for being a little window keeper to sneek them back in when I was kicking their asses out by the front door.
            But that’s ok little traitor, the majority of the Lebanese were and still are on your side, wanting the Syrian jazma, needing the Syrian jazma and they got it back. As I said, polish it daily with your tongues while sitting on your mountains of garbage. I have the best of what life can give, and you have its sewers. Mou heik?

          12. I am the traitor when you’re the one wanted in Lebanon for treason/spying? (laughing)

            I tried to reason with you many times: that I am not your enemy and that I am not pro-Syria. Yet, you continue with your non-sensical drivel, accuse others of being brainwashed while bending over to those causing the mess in the first place. You fail to realize that Syria was in Lebanon because some in the West allowed it and the immense, negative impact Israel had on Lebanon for decades.

            Let me repeat: sure you did (put them out) and sure you do (have the best of what life can give). You’re especially convincing when you comment such bs early morning your time (what is it? 3-4am?). The only thing that matters is that you convince yourself of your own delusion. That is the only thing that matters.

            The mountains of garbage, sewers and what not are not the problem. Your problem is that you were used like a cheap tampon by the West/Israel, had to flee like a rat to never be able to come back and to realize that your actions changed absolutely nothing.

            You can sing all the wrong about Lebanon as long and as loud as you want, all I hear, read and see is a deeply angry, frustrated, tormented person who bangs his head inside in an eternal state of chaos. Knowing that you are in such dark place is enough.

          13. MekensehParty Avatar

            When I was there the first night after the people you are protecting (and you are protecting them, stop hiding behind your finger) just blew Hariri and dozens of Lebanese nobody in the West was paying me, nobody in the West was forcing my hand and I certainly did not have the West and Israel’s best interest in mind. Unfortunately for me, I had the Lebanese, every Lebanese’s interest in mind. We didn’t shout the first night, surrounded by soldiers and Syrian mokhabarat, long live America or Israel! We shouted: “We don’t want any army in Lebanon but the Lebanese army”, and “Syria out out”, “Freedom, Sovereignty and Independence”… We didn’t ask if the guy or girl next to us was Shia, Sunni, Maronite, Druze, Catholic, Armenian Orthodox or or… No, we were all the children of one country. Those were our slogans and ideals and as you can see, none are related to the West or Israel, and as you know too well, the few of us who mustered the courage the first night to show up and defy more than 30 years of occupation, kidnappings, interrogations, torture and even killings; these 2-300 people of the first nights formed the nucleus of what would turn out to be more than a million people on the streets on March 14 demanding that the Syrian army leaves Lebanon and the Syrians did. We proudly did this, and you’re dead jealous that you didn’t live what we lived, a few hundred demonstrators shook the middle east and routed the most cruel of armies in the region.
            I call you a traitor because you are one. Because you, and the likes of you, opened a small window and welcomed Syrian and Iranian interference in our affairs the same day as we were kicking the Syrians out and regaining the country’s independence. That is something that you will have to live with: betraying the will of your compatriots and sell the country back to those same occupiers, torturers and terrorists, all that while knowing very well that they are occupiers, torturers and terrorists. If you were defending a political view, I’d understand, if you were defending a philosophy or values I’d understand, but you’re defending proven terrorists who went on a rampage killing every clean and young figure that was leading M14 (Kassir, Tueni and Gemayel to name but a few, and it is for those that I fight, not for Hariri son, or Geagea or Jumblat, NO, for the true leaders of the Cedar Revolution that your masters killed) and you closed your eyes and let it all happen, justifying your horrible actions, and justifying your acquiescing silence behind a lie, which is that we, the Lebanese who saved Lebanon from occupation, were some western or Israeli agents.
            So tell me Omega, how can I have any respect for a piece of shit like you, who sees the truth and yet decides to close his eyes? How can I reason with a traitor who sold his country to a known human butcher rather than trust his own compatriot, who risked everything for everybody’s freedom, to lead the country to safe shores.
            Nothing will stop my resolve of calling you the names you deserve to be called. Absolutely nothing. Since I left Lebanon the only change that happened to the country was for the worse. In 12 years Lebanon has not done 1 mini-step forward which can only mean one thing: I was right to leave it to the likes of you. If you had done one step forward since then I would have been wrong, but you didn’t do 1. The country is worse than ever and God knows how bad it was in the past. Today it’s much worse and that is the direct result of the traitors like you “vote” for in command, and the sheep that keeps following them.
            Your jealousy, your rage that a Lebanese born had the courage to look the truth in the eye and follow it, wash him/herself from the native (and totally unjustified) pride, turn 180 degrees and start telling the truth about that (by all means) shitty country is what drives you crazy. I have the courage that you lack (you stayed home on feb 14 and then on), I have the logic that you lack ( I see the truth about Lebanon and use the appropriate words to say it) and I have the purity that all you sold souls lack because not one day have I given myself or my logic to anyone but the pure truth, and all that is what makes me invincible while you talk to me with the masked shame of the traitor.
            Go look yourself in the mirror and say: Hezbollah and Bashar didn’t kill Hariri and dozens of Lebanese. Look yourself in the eyes and see the deception of your reflection when you lie to yourself.
            But here’s the trick, you can still be saved if you choose the truth, because it’s here, and will remain, and you only need to liberate your soul by asking for forgiveness and recognizing the truth. Then I will respect you, and then I will reason with you. But not before. Because until you wash yourself from your sins, you will remain the slave of your lies, and I have no respect people who enslave themselves willfully.
            PS: logic says, that if a person is writing at weird hours, this person must not be where he/she usually is geographically. Analyze this and guess where I can be…

          14. A big part of reasoning is putting various/different parts/elements together in order to come up to a rational conclusion. When you don’t know the elements, you make unfounded assumptions like you just did.

            When I was there the first night … the most cruel of armies in the region.

            Syria was in Lebanon because some in the West allowed them to be. You and the rest of the idiots who rioted in the streets changed absolutely nothing. It was the false-flag assassination of Hariri that did. I say false-flag because I, like most, believe Iran/Syria/Hezbollah did it – but the more I looked into the facts and evidence, the less that conclusion made any sense. You refuse to look at those facts because you’re afraid to realize you’ve been duped. If you really believe that the group of 200-300 grew to over one million by pure will, then you are a bigger fool than I thought. Most of them were paid to be there since they had nothing better to do anyway. Besides, I was outside of Lebanon when all that happened. Thus, how can I be jealous or most importantly why would I be? Even if I was in Lebanon, I would not take part in such circus. Syria’s presence in Lebanon was one variable of the equation. The back-to-back riots in the Middle East were not instigated by the people of the countries in question; they were by the West in order to further their agenda in the region. Look at the current situation: Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Sudan, etc. Seriously man, wake up.

            I call you a traitor because … the country to safe shores.

            You can call me what you want. I have never helped the Syrians and/or Iranians to be in Lebanon or grow their influence in the country. I’ll repeat what I told you in another comment: being against the West’s meddling in the ME and calling out their cunning/nefarious actions cannot translate to being pro-the other side – revise your logic.

            The Cedar Revolution was nothing but bull fvcking shit. The dumb Christians of Lebanon were duped by the Zionist Israelis to believe that the Palestinians (and Muslims) were the enemy and that something needed to be done about it. Lebanon had/has the Palestinians because of Israel; nothing else. I know people in a Christian town up north who, still have no clue why people in their town were massacred in 1978 – when it was directly related to their Guardian of the Cedars’ involvement with the SLA and IDF. Like them, you are a far-right ultranationalist Christian Lebanese idiot who has no clue why certain things happened and why they are still happening. You solely relied on what your father believed in and perpetuated his beliefs. Did Lebanese people ever have problems with Palestinians prior to Israel’s creation? Besides, the Christians of Lebanon were not any better than the non-Christians – they killed, chopped heads, stole and raped their fellow Christians during the bloody wars. Why don’t you talk about that? They are as much traitors than those you call traitor.

            I know your support is not for the likes of Hariri’s son but for the ones like Gemayel but you need to really educate yourself to find out who was who and for what? They were not any more interested in saving/helping the Lebanese than the current one are. It was and still is a power game.

            I don’t defend any political view because all are the very same. I believe that education is the only way to further a society and have done my part accordingly: tutoring underprivileged kids for 15+ years at my cost, providing my expertise with local/state projects, helping with charities, etc. Unlike you, I don’t need to shout on every roof what I do to prove myself.

            Nothing will stop my … keeps following them.

            I told you and I’ll repeat: call me what you want, all you want – I can care less. I don’t need your or anybody’s approval. There is a lot of wrong about Lebanon but your portrayal of Lebanon is the one of a bigoted Western: they live in caves and ride camels. I am guessing it helps you live better with yourself on a day to day basis. I had the chance to live and work outside Lebanon after finishing my doctorate in Switzerland, I did not. I love Lebanon and I am perfectly happy here. To each his own.

            My both parents were science professors in universities in Lebanon. I was raised in an academic environment and politics was always left outside the house. Neither my parents, my siblings nor I ever voted for any of the baboons here.

            Your jealousy, your rage that … reflection when you lie to yourself.

            You call out the unjustified pride of Lebanese people (I don’t disagree that it is unjustified) when you should look at yourself: you only shifted that same unjustified pride from one side (Lebanon) to another (USA). If you dug a little, you’ll realize that the one running the USA aren’t any different than those running Lebanon. Once again, you’re afraid to find out the truth.

            I’ve called out the idiocy, the incompetency of Lebanese ‘politicians’ and everything there is wrong about Lebanon for ages – read my past comments on TDS Lebanon. Suggesting that I am jealous because you did/do so, and I supposedly don’t, is laughable and nothing but another example of your unhealthy/deranged ego. I also don’t need to insult Lebanon and its people ad nauseam (like you do) to emphasize it.

            I don’t need a mirror to proclaim loud and clear that both Hezbollah and Syria have killed dozens in Lebanon but they had nothing to do with the killing of Hariri.

            But here’s the trick, … themselves willfully.

            I don’t need nor want saving and your respect.

          15. MekensehParty Avatar

            your first sentence was enough
            you’re the dog of a traitor
            go bark elsewhere

          16. My first sentence said you jump to hasty conclusions, like you just did now. Deflate your ego dumb sold out rat.

            God forbid you’re with someone and have kids – are you always ‘right’ home?

          17. He’s not wrong moron!!

          18. My first sentence says you jump to conclusion; like you just did now.

            As for being a traitor, I am not the one wanted for treason.

          19. Omega – You say “I know people in a Christian town up north who, still have no clue why people in their town were massacred in 1978 – when it was directly related to their Guardian of the Cedars’ involvement with the SLA and IDF.” which town was that?
            and if you would explain to me something… The Guardian of the Cedars as a party had moslems and Druze amongst their ranks and preached secularism… Why would they be labeled “far-right ultranationalist Christian Lebanese”?

          20. The town in question was Chekka.

            You’re either confused or there is something I don’t know but the Guardian of the Cedars were 100% Maronite zealots.

          21. That is not true… Do your research and let’s visit that once more.

          22. If semantics is the issue, then sure, far-right ‘secular’ and not Christian. I’ve seen them in ‘action’ – anything but secular.

            Besides and bout ‘Phoenicianism’: It promotes the view that Lebanese people, or sometimes exclusively just Lebanese Christians, are not Arabs and that the Lebanese speak a distinct language and have their own culture, separate from that of the surrounding Middle Eastern countries.

          23. Not ‘exclusively’ Lebanese Christian, the Maronites were Syrians followers of Syriac Monk mar Maroun, they fled persecution by Nestorien and Jacobian in 4th-century.
            I don’t know how they’re not Arab..

            “This missionary work came to fruition when in the mountains of Syria, Saint Maroun was able to convert a temple into a Christian church.[7] This was to be the beginning of the conversion to Christianity in Syria (..) After his death in the year 410, his spirit and teachings lived on through his disciples.”

            “His holiness and miracles attracted many followers, and drew attention throughout the empire. John Chrysostom wrote to him around AD 405 expressing his great love and respect, and asking Maron to pray for him.[5] Maron and Chrysostom are believed to have studied together in the great Christian learning center at Antioch, which at the time was the third largest city in the Roman Empire.[7]

            Maron embraced a life of quiet solitude in the mountains north-west of Aleppo.[8] He was known for his simplicity and his extraordinary desire to discover God’s presence in all things.[7]” Wikipedia

            Phoenicia Coast population was pagan, they were converted by his disciples in the way of saint Maroun
            Curiously the Antioch Patriarchate in Syria 200 years before Rome, was given to Turkey after WWI by Western Allies, that, after the Armenian Genocide..humm…tu sais ce que je veux dire..
            Languages: Arabic Lebanese, Arabic, Cypriot Arabic,
            Liturgical Aramaic Syriac. (Foreign French English)
   (Foreign French English)

          24. Wikipedia as you can read (edit) continuously edited by special “interests”. Israel says Palestinian Christians are not Arab. I took what was historical and omitted “(..) Maronites are in Lebanon, Syria, Israel.” (they were in Palestine;-)

          25. Some see dead people everywhere, others Syrians.

          26. South Lebanon Army, Kataeb, Lebanese Forces and the new orange party are a big part of Lebanon’s make up. To sideline them is unfair because THEY saved the Lebanese collective ass from total foreign power domination. Think PLO’s jazma and the zionist / Kissinger project which those you abhor died to lift it off the Lebanese’s neck. STOP the bull. This is NOT how nations are built. Nations are built via inclusion not exclusion. If you want your martyrs acknowledged you must first acknowledge their martyrs as well. and while we are at it let’s not forget the harm that was done to all (including to the Palestinians) who were used in a civil war that was not their war to fight. EVERYONE was guilty during the civil war INCLUDING your heroes who put the final nail in the Palestinian struggle while pretending they are championing their cause during “7arb el moukhayamat”…

          27. All the same shit, I agree, but SLA is on a whole other level of shit.

          28. man-o-war Avatar

            First off, I didn’t sideline anyone. Omega was trying to figure where mekenseh’s hatred for Lebanon and Syrians stems from. I just merely gave him a direction that I thought might lead him closer to his answer. I didn’t sideline SLA, Kataeb, or the Lebanese forces.

            “which those you abhor died to lift it off the Lebanese’s neck. ” Who are you talking about? How did you get all this from my comment?

            “EVERYONE was guilty during the civil war INCLUDING your heroes ” Who are my heroes? Again how did you get to this conclusion from my comment?

            I’m well aware that all sides committed atrocities during the war. Sunni, Shi’ite, Druze, Maronites, Catholics, Communist, Nationalist, Palestinians, Israelis, Syrians, and on and on.

          29. That was also my understanding: you pointing out at that Mekenseh’ anger/frustration – and you were right.

            I don’t know where @hbarca:disqus ‘s comment came from. He also seem to have misunderstood some of my comments. Maybe a bit too festive? ???? 🙂

          30. man-o, when you attribute Mek’s opinion to him belonging to a certain party you taint the party with his opinion indirectly. If what you wrote for an answer is what you believe in then we are on the same side…

          31. One too many? ???? 🙂

          32. I had one punch with a bit of white wine. I doubt it had that big of an effect. However, I am becoming, in “my old age”, more like 5th Drawer a bit of a centric and try to balance the equation and find excuses to all sort of behavior. 😉

          33. 5thDrawer Avatar

            hehehe .. As long as our ‘behaviour’ isn’t hurting anyone else, then wine, arak, or scotch isn’t any of their bloody business … and I don’t want the bloody Mary messing up the purity of a pleasurable ‘age’, either. 🙂
            I’m sure I was a little centrically unbalanced at 20, however … and that just aged well. :-))
            After this, of course, is hit or miss. (even chairs move mystically…) :-))))
            May the New Year not be so ‘interesting’ …. I wish you, and all left in it, the very best.
            ( Young folks like Omega should try an 18-yr, on occasion, for a reserved taste. ;-))

          34. Happy New Year 5th…

          35. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Thank you … Here’s to you and yours as well.

          36. man-o-war Avatar

            18 year olds are my favorite! They make me feel young again.

          37. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Always loved them in your avatar, Man-O …. and you know it. :-)))
            (bad old guy .. yes.) 😉

          38. As long as neither you or 5th have the pinky finger up when drinking. 🙂

          39. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Only with Tea. ;-))

          40. Haha. 🙂

          41. You were right.

          42. Wrong again.. that’s the internert

          43. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Think ‘Green’. One ‘protest’ they didn’t see coming … and couldn’t stop. By ‘ALL’.

          44. Hmmmmmmm Omega. So the Lebanese diaspora all over the world does not love Lebanon for leaving it? Mind you that there are more Lebanese outside the country than inside and Lebanon’s “bread and butter” comes from their hard labor sending much needed money back home. The reason our young folks leave is more like seeking opportunities rather than escaping it for political reasons.
            Regardless, and despite Mekenseh’s rhetoric, people like Mek spread a little of Lebanon to the world ;P. I translated the poem of Said Akl which was sung by Majida recently for my son’s school project. It epitomizes the Lebanese people in the diaspora… Enjoy:

            … And villages of Emerald
            Suspended near the clouds
            With Blue luminance
            Consuming the Sun’s Theater
            Bonding my country to Heaven’s borders

            … And from this small home
            we gallop the earth
            Sowing every shore with our towns
            Challenging the world, nations and countries
            as we erect, with resolve, a Lebanon

            We shall remain …
            Whether others desire it or not
            Resist, O Lebanon, have no worry
            As we should remain if there is justice on Earth
            And there will be no justice if we are no more

            We shall remain

          45. Where do you read me write such thing? Please read again.

          46. I never said those who leave don’t love Lebanon. Please read again.

          47. I found your mou heik;-)
            Shocking Video: parents send daughters on a suicide attack against Syrian government.

          48. The Korsakoff Symdrom (caused by alcohol)

            “As we grow more dependent on external recording devices, we will loose ability to form relations, to think and create ideas. “Nine times out of ten Alzheimer’s disease starts as a problem with “recent memory” that is easily noticed, in fact he (or she) has a tendency to dwell on the past, which is easier to remember. Old memories are more resilient than newer ones.
            Ribot’s law: the oldest memories are the most resistant.”

          49. Are you on Aricept?

        3. Honestly Mek, men are helpless in these environment and to call on women to force the change is a little overboard. It is NOT as easy. Look at your country (the U.S.) 😛 you cannot even vote a female into office and women are almost always paid less than their male counterparts doing the SAME jobs and THAT is ongoing even in the liberal states. So to ask the women of Lebanon to stand up and fight is unfair.
          In my honest opinion, only enlightened Lebanese men (like you) can bring the MUCH needed change for women in Lebanon. I will be waiting for you next in downtown Beirut to picket on their behalf my “enlightened compatriot” 😉

          1. MekensehParty Avatar

            Look at these wise words, you must have had an enlightening Christmas.
            Love the new spirit, and thanks for the “compliments”
            People, men and women, have surrendered in Lebanon
            you hear some voices complain (tweet) but they can’t do anything
            the country has failed and nothing less than a true miracle can bring it back together.
            But then again, you called me “enlightened” and that’s a hell of a miracle ;-))))

          2. Now don’t let it get to your head… 😛 I am glad you still believe in miracles (Charbel’s miracles that is) 😉 😛

          3. MekensehParty Avatar

            it’s well known that the best miracles were made by mar charbil, wallaw

        4. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Actually, Mek … ‘the we’ who read sensible posts of the past, and had noticed them, have been worried a bit for you. I fear you have been ‘taken’ by all the negativity produced by a ‘war-effort’ that went way beyond what was expected of it, to make positive changes.
          For Lebanon as a country, a fresh disaster, for sure.
          I can admit that news-pics of the relatively few ‘pro-female-change-protests’ in Beirut – with ‘crowds’ of only a hundred or so – has seemed rather insufficient. And that even when there’s a couple of male heads showing in the ‘crowd’, it will look like simply for some security, and to carry the water-bottles. Fair enough.
          BUT 5 years ago there was only about 50. And it IS a ‘beginning’ to awareness. And the ‘reports’ of the events are getting out, even if it’s for slow news-days. 😉 And we know nothing ever changes in a day on such ‘touchy’ subjects. The women have been programmed too, after all. This is a tiny ‘positive’ event.
          As for the ‘negativity’ you have been producing here, alongside some ‘others’, you need some introspection about why there is such bitterness in the content. One woman in this site cannot be the reason for it, or a cause – or unfairly, the target of such, either.
          The ‘Confessional Democracy’ demands at least some Self-Coffession – if not to a god.
          I think ‘we’ are asking, for your own sake and some peace-of-mind in you.
          And that’s my ‘input’ on that. As for Lebanon, we keep fighting against the known absolute little insanities of ancient approaches to things like ‘garbage control’ – and seemingly with the ‘institutionalized’ ways of putting people ‘in charge’ of something they know nothing about. But I think there ARE small cracks in their armour now. ASSad Ways have caused that – even with all the sadness mounted by it. Better to keep trying to find the positives … those CAN come, in time, with approaching ‘history’ as a lesson to be learned by ALL. Only way. Be free in the mind for yourself.

    2. Yeah, that’s the spirit, mate!!! Long live the revolution!

      On second thought, do you really want Heblabla and her ilk on the streets? Nah, it’s probably better if they stay home. 🙂

      1. MekensehParty Avatar

        I doubt she’s a woman, or even a person. More like a sick Syrian lab product 🙂

        1. Fake News…. ????

        2. You were always wrong in your virtual world, second life lost all humanity and morality.. a sick alcohol product..
          Everybody not present in the church at Mass – watched by the paroissial sect- are Syrians.
          I, Omega, Mano are Lebanese, all my cousins are Maronites but i want Liberty from authority, tradition, or established belief, i refuse tribalisme. kol khara;-)

        3. She’s a ghost like the Syrians who hunt you 24/7. (laughing)

      2. YK and Mek are male chauvinists, product of the Middle East. 😛

        1. I’m pretty sure I can speak for our friend Mekenseh on this one: we love women! We’re just not sure THIS is a woman. 🙂

          1. Behave…

          2. Where do you live YK?

          3. Pluto. It’s cold and dark there, and on top of it it’s been demoted from planet status. So I visit Earth each chance I get. Every 250 years or so.

          4. OK so when you visit Earth, every 250 years or so… Where do you reside? ;P

          5. No men speaks porn language from the gutter and hatred to a woman.. paid hasbara you’re not a man..and ugh.. that endless smirk. 🙂

          6. Not that it matters, but for the record: I don’t hate you. I do despise you and your ilk, but that’s by no means due to the fact that you’re a woman, a man, a transgender or a lizard. With or without the smirk.

          7. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (due to the facts she finds, repeats, and which you don’t wish to hear, or have others consider, of course. )

          8. Hahaha..what’ all the blabla for? 😉

  3. 5thDrawer Avatar

    I contemplate, that it may still be a better go to have a ‘male rep’, than the Algerian Minister who made a joke about females working for free, and was actually taken seriously in ‘News Reports’. :-)))))

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