Valls vows to ” give everything for France” , decides to run for presidency


French Prime Minister Manuel Valls
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls formally announced Monday evening that he is running for the presidency in next year’s election.

Valls said he would “give everything for France” in a speech to supporters at the town hall in Evry, just south of Paris, where his political career began.

“I have a responsibility to unite,” he said, appealing to the left to rally behind him.

He warned of the risk of far-right leader Marine Le Pen pulling off a repeat of France’s 2002 electoral upset when her father Jean-Marie Le Pen edged the Socialist candidate for a place in the presidential runoff.

Le Pen, he said, would “take us out of Europe” and her policies would “ruin the working class.”

Polls show the younger Le Pen winning or being placed second in the opening round of the election on April 23, but later being defeated by the conservative Francois Fillon.

Valls said his candidacy was “a revolt against the idea that the left has been disqualified.”

The 54-year-old said he would stand down as prime minister on Tuesday to focus on the campaign.

His widely expected announcement comes just a few days after unpopular President François Hollande said he would not seek a second term.

It follows a conservative primary ballot in which François Fillon, a 62-year-old former prime minister, secured a resounding win to become the presidential candidate of the centre-right Les Républicains party.

Health Minister Marisol Touraine and Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve are among those tipped to succeed Valls as premier for the six months until the legislative elections that follow the presidential vote.

Valls faces a challenge from at least seven other candidates in the two-round primary on January 22 and 29.

France’s presidential election takes place in two rounds next April and May.



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  1. Run Valls run..the fanatic Zionist vows to give everything to France..err..Israel, like

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      A HUGE pile, from the looks of it … They are trying to eliminate the British Magna Carta now … which will allow more ‘land-grabs’.
      (See ‘Basis For All Democracy AND Free Speech AND ‘rights of the individual’ ..)
      Better get a copy of the Original now, before it’s ‘revised’ …

      1. Doesn’t exist anymore

        ‘A Free Press
        In a democracy the press should operate free from governmental control. Democratic governments do not have ministries of information to regulate content of newspapers or the activities of journalists; requirements that journalists be vetted by the state; or force journalists to join government-controlled unions.’

  2. HeBlabla will only feel welcome in France when and if Marine LePen gets elected President. 🙂

    1. First my name is Arabic, stop massacring Arabic language insufferable squatter
      ‘The Arabic language is considered the language of the enemy and is therefore banned. It appears that in Israel of 2016, racism is what determines the rules of the game.’

      1. “First my name is Arabic”
        You are nothing but a piece of crap. I don’t care much if you’re Arab, Chechen or Bophuthatswanan. I care even less about your name. Capisce? 🙂

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Right. Exactly. She’s Lebanese-Canadian. And THAT is what you ‘care’ about.
          Adding the crapulous language was your specialty, BEYOND disrupting all the conversations which USED to occur on this particular ‘web-log’ of a corporation named ‘Disgus’ which has many and varied-purpose ‘web-logs’ on it’s Hard Drives of ‘folks’, collecting their voluminous ‘experiences’.
          I think THIS (and particular other) ‘web-logs’ became a real ‘target’ FOR disruptions of sane dialogues, because it began with a few and gathered MANY discussing real problems and the REAL reasons for them, with the originators of it attempting to sort out and find some ways to try to fix a country – WHICH ‘certain people’ DO NOT wish to have repaired.
          After my own 5 years or so in it, and certainly since the time when Gassan Karam contributed mightily to understanding of what had transpired in ‘the past’ (since he lived it), and by that suggesting what could or should REASONABLY be done with THE THINKING evolved in ‘The Lebanese Experience’, there has been a steady degradation in the last few years OF BOTH the ‘content’, which focusses little on Lebanon now except crappy ‘sensational’ or ‘gossipy’ bits, like many ‘news-sites’ do, and without ‘sensible moderation’ ALLOWS all the language it would NOT allow in it’s initial manifesto of enjoining ‘a conversation’ WITH some respect for the ‘sensitivities’ OF ‘The People’ who were in it, enjoying the ‘dialogues’ of that time – ALONG WITH some of what one might call ‘personal insults’ OF the people far beyond a friendly jibe or dig at the ‘characters’ displayed by some honest opinions.
          IF you had no opinion OF Lebanon BUT some ‘directed’ (and probably paid-for) dislike of it’s themes, OR some of it’s people who’s HONESTY in what they bring to us all -even with furthur-reaching , then it would have been better for ALL the ones who have now LEFT the attempts of the ‘web-log’ and it’s purpose for existing in the first place. They may have stayed. Something may have been accomplished.
          When even a good fellow like ‘Dab’insky can’t see any purpose to return regularly, it’s NOT because his English is poor – it’s because YOUR kinds of comments make it valueless for him. He didn’t even need English to see that.
          I’d suggest you go find a place to write the crappy stuff all and BE with the same kind of people which may allow you some happiness. You can all dump on each other constantly, call that your ‘contribution’ to the crappiness of your pleasures, and stay OUT of here with it, aggravating everyone because you only come to try to destroy ONE who seeks to know a truth, and shares what she finds.

          1. “She’s Lebanese-Canadian. And THAT is what you ‘care’ about.”
            R u touched in the head? I only know she (it?) lives in Canada (if you can call this living) because she never shuts up about it.
            Sorry, pal, I’m sure the rest of this bedsheet-sized comment is very thoughtful and profound but, sadly, life is too short. Try to be more succinct, and I promise I’ll read what you have to say on the matter. 🙂

          2. O'Matrix Avatar

            “to know a truth”…
            The truth of the mutual admiration club, I suppose.

          3. Ridiculous explanations, it is as if you are friend of Erdoğan that allows no opinions that offend him – so he relegates all of the country or even worse….
            “I’d suggest you go find a place to write the crappy stuff all and BE with the same kind of people which may allow you some happiness.”
            Racist remarks, or have I interpreted it incorrectly?

        2. “You are nothing but a piece of crap. I don’t care much if you’re Arab, Khazaria Chechen or Bophuthatswanan. I care even less about your name. Capisce? :-)”

      2. O'Matrix Avatar

        You claimed that you’re not an Arab, yet you have an Arabic name, what a joke.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

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          One could ask, for example, ‘What’s the joke’? It’s only a word.

          1. O'Matrix Avatar

            Again “you guys” – dumbo.

            She claimed that she is not an Arab – that’s the joke.
            “First my name is Arabic, stop massacring Arabic language…”

            Why it is not nice to have ‘Omar’ or ‘Hussein’ or ‘Mohammad’?

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Well, dumbo-2, having a name of a past King didn’t make me one.
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            Yes 6thDrawer.

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        2. The clown with brain tumour..

          1. O'Matrix Avatar

            Thank you for your noble empathy.

          2. Thank you for making this site stupid

          3. O'Matrix Avatar

            You are welcome Dumbo.

      3. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Always did. #1 rule was extracting Jewishness for exclusivity.

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