Hundreds evacuated in Israel as flames of wild fires reach Haifa


israel-haifa-fireHundreds of people have been evacuated in Israel and West Bank settlements as firefighters battle a three-day outbreak of forest fires.

Hot, dry wind is fanning the flames, which have reached the city of Haifa and forced the temporary closure of a major Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway.

A minister said half of the fires were “apparently arson”.

However, police said they had not determined whether any fires were started deliberately.

Four people have been arrested in connection with a fire in the Jerusalem area.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the Palestinian men were expected to appear in court later on Thursday, on suspicion of starting a bonfire negligently, Reuters reported.

‘People are stuck’

No deaths or serious injuries have been reported, though the national ambulance service said 35 people had been treated for smoke inhalation.

In the northern city of Haifa, which is Israel’s third largest, some residents were reported to be trapped by the advancing flames.

“We evacuated three neighbourhoods and there are people who are stuck,” fire department spokesman Kayed Daher told AFP.

“The fire is still burning and the flames are approaching a gas station.”

Flames 10m (30ft) high were threatening several multi-storey tower blocks in one Haifa suburb, an AFP photographer at the scene reported.

Haifa Mayor Yonah Yahav told Channel 2 TV there were indications that one of the fires started when “someone tossed a cigarette in an area full of oil and flammable fluids” in an industrial zone.

Further south, Highway 443 – which links Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, crossing through the West Bank – was closed to morning traffic on Thursday as another blaze reached the city of Modi’in.

Homes and cars were damaged, and 300 students were evacuated from a school, in nearby Talmon settlement, police said.

Several countries – including Cyprus, Russia, Italy, Croatia and Greece – have sent help and equipment, including aircraft, to help tackle the blazes.

“Almost 50% of the fires are apparently arson,” Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan told Army Radio.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett, the leader of a far-right party, said on Twitter in Hebrew: “Only those to whom the country does not belong are capable of burning it.”

Meanwhile, the Arabic-language hashtag #Israel_on_fire began trending, with the majority of tweets expressing pleasure over the outbreak.

In 2010, 42 people died in a fire on Mount Carmel, just south of Haifa.




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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    (PSSTTT … Don’t say the words ‘Global Warming’ … it’s not some ‘Belief Thing’ – after all. )
    How to get Fire trucks around all the walls and on private roads might be a little funny, of course. :-))))

    1. ‘Israel on fire — what we know, and what we don’t’

  2. 5thDrawer Avatar

    “Only those to whom the country does not belong are capable of burning it.”
    In future parades, it could be one of the wonderful events rolled into something called ‘Armageddon Day’, celebrated largely by those who never witnessed the main event. (Marturs’ notes having been burned in the conflagrations.) Which will suit, one assumes, the department of Education – they won’t need to teach anything about it, along with many other annoying small subjects.)

    1. O'Matrix Avatar

      Leaving in Canada and don’t understand that the rest of the world have the term Arabs for all middle east population.
      When the specifying some special country it will than be, Iraqi arabs, Saudi arabs, Egyptian arabs, Israeli arabs, syrian arabs, jordanian arabs.

      But don’t blame the world for this expression when you have arabs considering themselves as the “Ummah “.
      Ummah (Arabic: أمة‎‎) is an Arabic word meaning “community”. It is distinguished from Sha’b (Arabic: شعب‎‎) which means a nation with common ancestry or geography. Thus, it can be said to be a supra-national community with a common history.
      It is a synonym for ummat al-Islamiyah (Arabic: الأمة الإسلامية‎‎) (the Islamic Community), and it is commonly used to mean the collective community of Islamic peoples. In the Quran the ummah typically refers to a single group that shares common religious beliefs, specifically those that are the objects of a divine plan of salvation.[1][2] In the context of Pan-Islamism and politics, the word Ummah can be used to mean the concept of a Commonwealth of the Believers (أمة المؤمنين ummat al-mu’minīn). (Wikipedia).

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        … and thus VERY similar to the ‘western native tribes’, who fought each other on occasion, and yet recognized themselves as ‘the people’ living under the Great Spirit which controlles all living things, and the environment they lived in.
        (not that they were able to enunciate it very well when necessaary, or well enough, to explain to various interlopers how much better that concept was, to defray the ‘believers’ of another ‘code of gods’ … who have yet to recognize some simple facts about what they do in ‘Nature’.)

        1. The Great Spirit didn’t control all living things. So many Native Americans died by the smallest of creatures and not unprecedented in the world.

          1. 1947 Fascist.

          2. Hind quarter fecal matter dispenser.

          3. 1947Fascist squatter fecal matter dispenser.

          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            So did the Scurvey Lot who found them. Although the natives had a cure for that.
            Take away a few centuries of medical science and nothing has changed – which is the point – except that fact is noted now only where starvation occurs as well, and some of the little creatures have adapted to the ‘chemical’ science as well, which proves the point I’d think. And no, it’s not unprecedented – the ‘belief-lines’ about the big ‘why’ question are just different – and there again I think the Natives are more correct.

          5. Did they have a cure for small pox?

          6. 5thDrawer Avatar

            What they didn’t have, was a cure for the guns.
            Spreading the bugs of the rest of the world’s experiences was something NO-ONE knew about at the time – until they were packed into refugee camps.

          7. World history is full of stories about someone who felt comfortable until a better idea, or weapon was developed. However, the natural world has also taken so lives, albeit biological or geological.

        2. O'Matrix Avatar

          Don’t you have some more nonsense, “HebAlba”?

          Are you one of the Ummah?

          Tribes exist I’m your head, no tribes in Europe.

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Flemish & Walloon for example? :-))))

          2. O'Matrix Avatar

            Are you one of the Ummah?

            Flemish & Walloon can’t coexist – and it’s not news.
            The official language border as defined since 1963. The municipalities with language facilities, shaded darker. All of the German area has language facilities.

            Through constitutional reforms in the 1970s and 1980s, regionalisation of the unitary state led to a three-tiered federation: federal, regional, and community governments were created, a compromise designed to minimize linguistic, cultural, social and economic tensions. The authority of the Regions and Communities is limited to some language areas:

            Flanders to the Dutch language area, Wallonia to the French and German language areas, Brussels to the bilingual language area,
            the Flemish Community to the Dutch and bilingual language areas, the French Community to the French and bilingual language areas, and, the German-speaking Community to the German language area.
            This territorial issue, in particular around Brussels, is a source of tension between the Belgian communities.

            “Tribe” is a contested term due to its roots of being defined by outsiders during the period of colonialism.

            The tribes of Arabia are the clans that originated in the Arabian Peninsula.

            Ten Lost Tribes
            For other uses, see Lost tribe. The ten lost tribes were the ten of the twelve tribes of ancient Israel that were said to have been deported from the Kingdom.

          3. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Ok. Thanks.

          4. Ha hah…! Good night

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            She changed name and Avatar – You may even be able to squeeze out a few more wacky anecdotes from that slightly dysfunctional head of yours.
            3:55 a.m., Sunday Dec. 4 | Other comments by O’Matrix

          6. that nation should be written as “Belgium” rather than Belgium. not a real country.

          7. Everybody knows Flemish and Wallons is Belgium, not those who reside.
            “I’m Flemish, not Belgian,” says Willy De Waele, mayor of the small Flemish town of Lennik, just south of Brussels”

          8. “Tribes exist I’m your head, no tribes in Europe”.
            Talk to a fool

        3. There goes O’ can one stop spams?..
          How many pages needed YaLibnan?

          1. You should ask yourself about stopping spams. 1930s posters, fake videos….LOL.

          2. Shut up parasite fake videos are Bulywood Production.

          3. Ah come on, I always look forward to your videos and cartoons.

      2. Twit, i’m not Moslem i don’t want to “see more”.. you don’t understand Arab of Palestine are called Palestinians?

        1. O'Matrix Avatar

          I know that those Arabs are Palestinian Arabs.

          Furthermore I’m aware that you are a Moslem.

          1. “O’Matrix * HebAlba • 11 minutes ago

            Furthermore I’m aware that you are a Moslem.
            • Reply•Share ›”

            Looks like a crime..hum.. please report I’m anxious
            don’t loose credibility now.. Oh Yeah-Matrix….:-o

          2. O'Matrix Avatar

            It doesn’t bothered me that you are a Muslim.

          3. “Furthermore I’m aware that you are a Moslem”.

            Don’t divert prove it

          4. O'Matrix Avatar

            I don’t divert and I don’t need to prove it.

          5. Then you’re a stupid LIAR;-)

          6. 5thDrawer Avatar

            You prove you refuse to recognize Palestinian Christians who are not Arabs or Muslims.

          7. O'Matrix Avatar

            I prove?

          8. O'Matrix Avatar

            Why should I refuse to recognize Christian Palestinians?

            We have a granted them shelter – most of them left Gaza.

            The sad truth is that in the Palestinian territories, Christians are forced to live like dhimmis – second-class citizens who survive largely by the protection-money they are required to pay to buy their daily safety. These barely-tolerated citizens exist only at the whim and pleasure of the ruling Muslim majority. Muslim Arab discrimination against non-Muslims includes economic and socially prejudicial behavior that makes it difficult or impossible for Christian Arabs to run a profitable business or for their families to be fully integrated into society.
            Palestinian Christians at the St. Porphyrius Church in Gaza City celebrate Palm Sunday June 4, 2015.
            Ahmed Hjazy, Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images, LightRocket

          9. You’re demented.. give the link ..

            ‘Amos Oz Calls Perpetrators of Hate Crimes ‘Hebrew neo-Nazis’ Writer and Israel Prize laureate says ‘hilltop youth’ and ‘price tag’ are whitewashed terms ‘for a monster that should be called by its name.’

          10. O'Matrix Avatar

            You probably don’t knew that already on Dec. 29, 1977, Christians in Israel and the occupied territories protested a new law passed by the Israeli parliament making it illegal for missionaries to proselytize Jews.
            And you come with the 2014 article….

            Protestant churches charged that the law had been “hastily pushed through parliament during the Christmas period when Christians were busily engaged in preparing for and celebrating their major festival.” The law made missionaries liable to five years’ imprisonment for attempting to persuade people to change their religion, and three years’ imprisonment for any Jew who converted.
            The United Christian Council complained that the law could be “misused in restricting religious freedom in Israel.”

            You probably didn’t start with your ‘passion’ (according to 5th) so aerly as the seventies.

          11. What’s “so aerly as the seventies” mean?
            I asked the link for your article not the Protestants Western missionaries, including evangelical churches established in the late 19th century in Palestine
            Stop mentioning 5th it’s beyond Stupid, chimp brain.

          12. O'Matrix Avatar

            Hallucinating again?
            Zzz ???? Zzz zzz, ???? Zzz zzz zzz

          13. ;-)) Bye.. crackpot

          14. O'Matrix Avatar

            ???? Zzz ???? Zzz zzz, ???? Zzz zzz zzz

          15. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Yes, don’t mention ‘we are’ aware that ‘radical thinkers’ are a grand problem.
            I AM sure that many Jews are as scadalized as the grandmother, or anyone else who’s ‘normal’ in societies, about the treatment BY radicals OF other peoples for being born what and where they are… and Hind has never said differently. The ‘problems’, however, are not being solved in any way by backing up what they do simply by looking the other way. And as the boy – who really didn’t look forward to a life in Israel – said; ‘They would never have known about a Nazi Group if he hadn’t been honest and open about who they were’ – which only absolves him a little, and is a ‘learning experience’ of his youth about being very misled.
            How many of those are there now, who have been misled by all manner of methods, into doing what they do to fellow humans?
            ‘How can this happen, here, in Israel??’ The older voices cry in anguish.
            It IS necessary to look within, as well as without.

          16. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I know people who have gone to the ‘holy spots’ from here. As tourists, they bring the money, and the ‘sightseeing’ is geared to this concept. Whether or not they pray while standing there is not anyone’s real concern. It’s a ‘value’ of taxing that is in the politics of it. As long as they ‘oohh & awwwhh’ and pick through the ‘markets’ for items and food, without making any waves, then they are welcome to it – although it seems the Israelis can’t control their own brainwashed nut-bars who set out just to hassle the crowds. Never could, probably.
            And if it takes a Palestinian a whole day going and coming home through checkpoints, just to do a 1-hr church service, then it’s easy to understand why few of them would be in a line-up, other than in their own walled-off spots. At least a Christian doesn’t have to be in a church or standing at a wall to say a prayer. Thanks be to the general rules in a concept enjoyed by them – it’s ‘the others’ who dislike the freedom inherent in that. 😉
            So the Zionists were smart enough to not tear them all down, and lose the income from it … the few smarts show on occasion like anywhere else.
            Russians kept it ‘low-key’ and allowed some to remain standing too – even if they put KGB-trianed priests in to listen to confessions. SOME always recognize the value in Architecture, at least … even if they don’t agree with the concepts that created a building, style has it’s place after all.
            At least Disneyland is ‘upfront’ and tells you why it’s charging so much for that ‘once-in-a-lifteime’ experience. 😉 Canaveral caught on as well, finally. (the boy enjoyed it more)
            So let’s just admit that all the ‘theocracy’ has been blended with politics from the beginnings of any of it ….unless one wishes to be living and working in the godly ways ascribed to the simple few rules which would have given some peace to the landscapes, if they had been simply listened to.
            Only the ‘cultures’ made the great divides – Caesars get the profits, and even a One-God get’s the blame, as all the others before did, from ‘inventive’ humans.

          17. ‘Christians Harassed By Israel ~ Zionists Against Churches


          18. What’s “it doesn’t bothered me”?

          19. I know you were Swedish, you were banned, then came back as German.

            Furthermore I’m aware that you are a Communist.

          20. O'Matrix Avatar

            You know nothing, you just speculating.

            You are correct, I’m a very € wealthy communist. ????

          21. That was a joke, you’re unable to prove your statement in public.
            “O’Matrix HebAlba • 19 hours ago
            Furthermore I’m aware that you are a Moslem.”
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            Farewell chimp brain.

          22. O'Matrix Avatar

            Are you 100% sure, or you just guessing?

      3. What’s “leaving in Canada”?

        1. O'Matrix Avatar

          Nice try, but it meant to be “lives”.
          Suck on the candy until you reach my age.

    2. “Israel calls everybody ARABS.”
      What are you, a Martian? 🙂

      1. O'Matrix Avatar

        Martian? :-), I doubt it, but a Lebanese Muslim from Palestine.

        1. She’s never been to Palestine. In any capacity.

          1. I have pictures of my great great great grandmother on my father’s side house on Mount Carmel 1914, before you Zionists came.

          2. I have pictures of my great great great grandmother on my father’s side house on Mount Carmel 1914, before your Zionists terrorist came.

          3. O'Matrix Avatar

            Du you refer to the same Mount Carmel that the Shrine of the Báb is located?
            Baha’i Gardens and Terraces, and the German Colony.

          4. Horrible pictures of what was a mountain.
            Are you Christian or Zarathustian?

          5. O'Matrix Avatar

            Miserable enough, baptized as a Rome Catholic. ;-

          6. Western Church copied Middle Eastern Christianity who had Popes and Bishops 200 years before Western Roman Latin Catholic Church, while Rome was still feeding Christians to the lions, yes it’s miserable.

          7. O'Matrix Avatar

            You turn to the wrong person with your “we are better” declarations – I give a damn about all religions is the root of misery (poverty, war, etc.) worldwide.

            The Middle Eastern Christianity is miserable too.
            100 rival priests clash at church built to mark birth of Jesus.
            Riot police are forced to defend themselves from broom-wielding holy men at the traditionally accepted birthplace of Jesus Christ, in the West Bank town of Bethlehem.

          8. Listen Crazy glue stop bothering me. I’m not interested in your cacophony, stop mentioning my name on this blog.

          9. O'Matrix Avatar

            It impossible to stop mentioning your name on this blog.
            After all you constantly using it for spreading hate and twisted propaganda – you can’t help it, it’s your ‘passion’ according to your folks.

          10. O'Matrix Avatar

            “stop mentioning my name on this blog.”, what should we call you then, bitch or lobotomized Lebanese?

          11. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Heart-Attack Nirvana for anyone over 50. :-))))

          12. O'Matrix Avatar

            You know her better, I accepted this information.

        2. Protestant Evangelischer Arbeitskreis Kirche Und Israel In Hessen Und Nassau
          Konferenz Landeskirchlicher Arbeitskreise Christen und Juden (KLAK)
          National Council Churches of Christ (NCC) U.S.A.
          United Christian Council in Israel The United Christian Council in Israel – World Evangelical Alliance Zionist Christians.

        3. HebAlba . O’Matrix • 2 days ago
          “O’Matrix * HebAlba • 11 minutes ago
          Furthermore I’m aware that you are a Moslem.
          • Reply•Share ›”

          Prove it.
          Cowards can’t prove..hhh..

          1. O'Matrix Avatar

            HebAlba O’Matrix • 10 hours ago
            “You’re the neo-Nazi” – Prove it.

          2. O'Matrix Avatar

            I never claimed that you are a coward Muslim!

            I don’t play any game of “your turn to prove”, I just judge you in association to your own words and point of view.
            You certainly don’t behave as any sort of Christian.
            You don’t turn the other cheek, you strike back as a Jew/Arab use to do.

    1. Crushed??? He was up within seconds.

      1. The deed is sadistic

        1. Who said it was intentional? Did the guy give the guards a hard time prior to opening? If it was so sadistic, why did the guard come to his aid so quickly? Tell me sweetheart……post a video, news article……still waiting!!!!

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Gotta admit there’s no modern tech there … look for ‘safety sensors’ for elevator doors, for instance. Maybe USA will supply some. There are always stupid people trying to dodge into the ones that are closing.

  3. HebAbla aka Dumbyad sees the word “Israel” and goes up in flames. 🙂

    1. O'Matrix Avatar

      According to 5thDrawer “.. it’s a passion”…. that makes her go up in flames.

        1. O'Matrix Avatar

          I’m sure that you like the following, – correct me if I’m wrong.

          1. A homage to Holocaust’s victims hopes and dreams causes outrage. Stupid people don’t understand Art. Blocked.

          2. Didn’t see any art.

          3. O'Matrix Avatar

            “An homage and acknowledgement for Holocaust’s victims”…

            Tell it to your supporter OMEGA – a Holocaust denier.

            He will thank you for your acknowledgement of this ‘art’.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Do you have a ‘hobby’? Something you find some satisfaction from doing well?
        When we find one that suits the ‘passion’, some still laugh while we do it.
        And that to me is rather sad, if it harms no-one. One could just ignore the fact, and walk away, without trying to tell the happy person they waste ‘time’ in their efforts. No need to antagonize.

        1. O'Matrix Avatar

          “When we find one that suits the ‘passion’ “…, it’s not a ‘passion’ it is an obsession.

          What a silly comparison you contributed with; “Some collect it in postage stamps. Laughing at the stamp collector is rather useless.”

          I can’t ignore someone spreading hate just for the ‘passion’ sake.
          I’m not hostile, just dislikes this kind of ‘passion’.

          I’m sure that you too liked the ‘art’ performance of Tatiana Navka – an ice skater married to presidential aide Dmitry Peskov, skated into controversy over the weekend with a Holocaust-themed routine performed on state-owned Russian television.

          Was the Holocaust cute and funny for the homosexuals, Jews, Romany and retarded people?

          You will not find any HebAbla ‘passion’ for the Armenian Holocaust, although she claims to be the rightful Christian.

    2. Very entertaining Hasbara monkey shaped parasite

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