Aoun vows to uproot corruption in Lebanon and strive for nation-building


aoun-baabda-palaceLebanon’s newly elected President Michel Aoun has vowed to uproot corruption and strive for nation-building in the deeply divided country.

Aoun spoke Sunday before thousands of supporters who gathered at the presidential palace in Baabda in southeastern Beirut.

The 81-year-old has been a central figure in Lebanese politics for decades. He was elected by parliament as president on Monday.

“A strong nation needs a strong government to administer it,” he said. “Corruption will be uprooted,” he added, drawing cheers from his supporters waving red, white and green Lebanese flags.

Aoun was elected president following a 29-month presidential vacuum. Many Lebanese hope his election would breathe new life into state institutions that have been paralyzed for nearly three years.





One response to “Aoun vows to uproot corruption in Lebanon and strive for nation-building”

  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    In Belgium, when there was no President because of an almost impossible 50/50 vote, the State Institutions simply carried on as normal, and everyone expected that. Mayors & minions carried on their jobs. Bills were still paid. Normal, as a friend there said – it’s the law.
    Aoun is really going to have HUGE troubles doing that “uproot corruption” bit, as well as finding employees to “administer” rules and laws even in place now, let alone making some new ones applying to ALL.
    Even if ‘directives’ come out of a palace, they are not followed.
    (just see ‘experiences of a health minister’ …)

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