Hariri tells Russian FM: “Hezbollah blocking solutions to Lebanon presidential impasse


saad-haririFormer Lebanese PM  and Future Movement leader MP Saad Hariri held talks in Moscow with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, his media office said on Tuesday.

Hariri  arrived in Moscow for talks with Russian officials on the latest developments in Lebanon and the region, and the bilateral relations between the two countries, added his media office.

During the meeting, Lavrov expressed “support” for Hariri’s efforts to end the presidential impasse, stressing that the former PM is “playing an important role” regarding the domestic situations in Lebanon, Hariri’s office said.

The former premier for his part noted that he has made “several initiatives to end the presidential vacuum in Lebanon” but lamented that “Hezbollah is the main party that is blocking the solutions.”

Hariri was accompanied by former MPs Ghattas Khoury and Bassem al-Sabaa, and his adviser Nader Hariri.

Media reports had said that the Moscow meetings will focus on Lebanon’s thorny file of the presidency.

This is not the first time that  Hariri visits Moscow to solicit its help in ending the presidential impasse . Last April he visited the Russian capital and met with  president Vladimir Putin who offered to mediate with Iran . But according to reports from Moscow , Putin and several Russian officials   failed to convince the Iranian leadership to help end the impasse



5 responses to “Hariri tells Russian FM: “Hezbollah blocking solutions to Lebanon presidential impasse”

  1. Yeah, because Lebanon’s sovereignty is so important to Russia, Syria, Iran and the rest of the world that doesn’t give a rats ass.

    1. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      Yes it’s important for everybody except Israel.

  2. Reme Stax Avatar
    Reme Stax

    When Hezbulla kills Sunni civilians the US and other media outlets don’t condemn them. Same with Iran, Iran is sending Shia terror squads from Iraq and Iran into Syria to punish the civillian population for defending their towns and villages. I haven’t heard Obama condemn Iran for this. As a matter of fact Iran got a plane full of cash. I can’t wait til Moscow turns into a war zone after all the atrocities. When can you target and destroy a dozen hospitals and get away with it? No call for no fly zone! Israel told Obama to stay out of it. They also take credit for the chemical transfer.

    1. You must have been asleep for the past 5 years: it’s Anglo-America-IsraHell who’s responsible for the ‘Arab Spring’, the illegal invasions of Iraq, Libya and the current war in Syria.

    2. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      Iraq is 67 % Shia Moslem, Iran is 80%, so i don’t think they’re sending “Shia terror squads” to Syria
      to punish the Civilian population, they protect civilians minorities from ISIS who kills Christians, Shia, Allawite, Yazidies, Armenians, Kurd..you know nothing about the Middle East, Rambo .

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