Venezuela’s troubles overshadow Non-Aligned Summit

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela's president
Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s president

Worries over political protests, poor attendance and food have dominated the buildup to a Non-Aligned Summit in Venezuela instead of geopolitical issues the Cold War-era bloc was created to address.

President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government hopes to use the event, from Tuesday to Sunday on Margarita Island in the Caribbean, to burnish its international legitimacy and counter U.S. “imperialist” power.

But opponents, campaigning to have Maduro removed this year, want to spoil the party and highlight an unprecedented economic crisis that is leaving many in the OPEC nation hungry.

“The country is going through the worst crisis in its history, and the government wastes resources like this,” complained opposition leader Henrique Capriles.

Set up in 1961, the Non-Aligned Movement provided an alternative for nations who did not back either the United States or Soviet Union during the Cold War. But its relevance has declined since the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall.

The government is stationing 14,000 security personnel on the island, about 23 km (14 miles) north of the mainland, to protect delegates coming from 120 nations.

According to local media, it has flown in special shipments of food to avoid any hiccups due to local shortages.

Venezuela is suffering a third year of recession, triple-digit inflation, shortages of basics and long shopping lines.

The government blames the oil price fall and an “economic war” by foes, while critics say 17 years of failed socialist policies and corruption are the causes.

The opposition-led National Assembly was intending to meet in Margarita at the same time, but its head says authorities have blocked legislators from flying in or going by boat.

Political demonstrations are likely, however, especially given a pots-and-pans protest in Maduro’s face earlier this month in Margarita.The island’s palm trees, pristine beaches and turquoise waters were once a major tourist draw, but numbers have dropped due to crime and shortages.

“We’re angry and frustrated as we see the nation’s money misspent to feign a false normality,” said Margarita hotel worker Nathalie Gomez, 36. “Our children do not drink milk and people eat once or twice a day — while the politicians demand the best champagne and wine at their banquets.”

The government has not published a list of attendees, though local media have said few heads of state are expected beyond regional leftist allies like Bolivia, Ecuador and Cuba.

At the summit, Venezuela is to assume the group’s presidency from Iran, whose President Hassan Rouhani was also coming, according to the semi-official Mehr news agency.




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  1. The horrors of the Chavista paradise are beyond description. I wonder how many of these “non-aligned” losers (if they are “non-aligned”, why do they hate America so much, yet have nothing but praise for the Soviet Union/Putin’s Russia?) will raise the issue at this pathetic summit. My uninformed guess: zero.

    1. “why do they hate America so much”?

      You must have been asleep for the past several decades. Anglo-America’s warmongering, Malthusian Imperialism might have a thing (or one billion) to do with it. Tsar-Russia, the Soviet Union and Putin-Russia did not invade countries, killed millions, stolen others natural resources.

      1. “Tsar-Russia, the Soviet Union and Putin-Russia did not invade countries, killed millions, stolen others natural resources.”
        Did you lift this particularly juicy nugget of idiocy from one of Starikov’s screeds, moron? 🙂

        1. Tsar-Russia, the Soviet Union and Putin-Russia did not invade countries, killed millions, stolen others natural resources…, but Starikov has championed a revisionist view of Joseph Stalin (Putins hero), portraying him as an effective leader and bulwark against western expansion.

          East StratCom disinformation claim:
          Putin’s man Nikolai Starikov in Prague: The migration crisis is managed by the USA to weaken Europe so that the US could retain their dominance over it. The European leaders are under strong pressure from the US.

          Additional Russian propaganda done by Nikolai Viktorovich Starikov

          Russian propaganda was exposed decades ago, it’s incredible that some imbeciles still fall for this crap!

          1. Omega doesn’t “fall” for this crap. He actively searches and, unsurprisingly, eventually finds it.

          2. I did fall for the crap with mainstream history: everything was/is tailored and meant to cover the track of Anglo-America. It’s never Britain nor the US’ fault, always Germany, France, Africa, Asia, the Middle East.

          3. Who do you thing have the bigger data library, Omega or his comrade Hind Abyad?

          4. My bet is on David Duke. 🙂

          5. David Duke for president of Israel…

          6. I strongly doubt that the Knesset members would vote for him. In fact, even the Louisiana hillbillies don’t seem too enthusiastic…

          7. LOL

          8. Omega use the term Nazism time after time without associating it with Nationalsozialismus.
            Still he inform that “Bolshevism, Communism and Nazism were British tools to keep its competitors weak,” when in fact the Nationalsozialismus (Nazism) is a radical anti-Semitic, racist, anti-Communist and anti-democratic ideology.
            Der Nationalsozialismus ist eine radikal antisemitische, rassistische, antikommunistische und antidemokratische Ideologie.

            Hakenkreuz-Skizze Hitlers von 1920 mit dem Vermerk (Hitlers Swastika sketch from 1920 with the note):
            „Die heiligen Zeichen der Germanen. Eines dieser Zeichen sollte von uns wieder erhoben werden.“
            “The sacred character of the Germans. One of these signs should be collected by us again.”

            The Nationalsozialismus ideologi in a nutshell;
            Ein „Informationsplakat“ aus der Ausstellung Wunder des Lebens 1935 in Berlin.

            Ausgehungerte sowjetische Kriegsgefangene im KZ Mauthausen
            Omega always claiming that there where no extermination camps under the rule of the Nazis, only the “Hunger plan: starving Soviet prisoners of war in the Mauthausen” concentration camp

          9. Don’t forget that “Omega” is an Arab Nazi. Both Arab Nazi movements: the Baath and the Syrian Social National Party have rather eclectic ideologies, incorporating crappy hateful ideas from both right and left.(that’s practical horseshoe theory for you, buddy). He’s also a Putinoid, and Putinoids routinely mix shreds of various illiberal ideologies in order to undermine Western societies.

          10. Bushism: If you are not with us then you are against us… I think Omega, like most people, is extremely tired of the two camps mentality.
            There is no such thing as Arab Nazi… They have no notion of nation building. on the other hand, Islamonazis and Zionazis are well known and well established. One is built on the bigoted Sharia law and a book which teaches intolerance and another built on a novel invention of a people out of mythology and a paranoia that the world is out to get them despite the fact that through their financial usury they effed up pretty much everyone.
            As to the SSNP, I do agree, it is built on Syrian Nationalism but they have nothing to do with anything Arab nor religion. SSNP’s ship has long sailed there is too much hatred to build anything Syrian unity, Arab unity, or Lebanon unity for that matter because the entire Middle East and by extension the 3 monotheistic religion followers are bigots and x-phobes. Replace the x with any religion you want.

          11. Bushism, shmushism. Even the dumbest member of the Bush family is a zillion times smarter than the smartest Arab “thinker” of Omega’s ilk. That’s a medical fact, pal. And I don’t mean this as a compliment to the Bushes. 🙂
            As to “non-existent” Arab Nazis, that’s one singularly stupid statement. I could advise you to take a close look at the SSNP and the Baath, mentioned in the comment above, but since you don’t seem to want to see, that would probably be useless. “They have no notion of nation building”? An even more idiotic nugget. (Nominally secular) Arab nationalists are pathetic losers, no doubt about that, which is one of the chief reasons why the Arab world looks the way it does. But no one can accuse them of lack of motivation/trying.

          12. Boy are you in a bad mood.

          13. Drinking freshly brewed coffee accompanied by some cute little (sadly unhealthy) croissants. How much better can it get? 🙂

          14. Bolshevism, Communism and Nazism were British tools to keep its competitors weak, underdeveloped, backwards and dependent on British and then British-American imports.

            George Soros’ funding of color revolutions and mass-migration of refugees has been established for a while now. I would think that Germans are more intelligent than American but you are an exception. Europe is very much under the US’ influence who doesn’t want it to open to the East for trade. Care of your country, not one that doesn’t about yours.

        2. Counterpunch is no good, now Stakirov? Hahaha, you top-class imbecile.

          As if you had a clue who Stakirov was before I cited him and his work. Regardless, Stakirov doesn’t give his opinion, his work has long and detailed bibliographies.

          1. Counterpunch and the mentally deficient clown Starikov (not Stakirov, you dumb creature!) are great for various kinds of Nazis meeting at the ends of that horseshoe.

          2. Nazism was created by Britain. Some of the many objectives were to weaken Germany, keep it divided and have it fight a war with Russia who was another competitor to Britain.

            Counterpunch is without fault. If you don’t like Starikov, you can read the same conclusions with others:



          3. I piss on you, on Starikov and on Counterpunch. Dunno about that Sarkisyanz fella, but if you link to him, he is sure to be a piece of crap, like all your other “sources”.

          4. They bother the people you troll for. Big difference.

      2. This has to be literally the stupidest comment I have ever read on the Internet…this week. Okay, this month.
        Then again, I read a lot of Ya Libnan.
        Ask the good people of Finland, the Baltics, Poland, Siberia, China, Mongolia, the Stans, the ex Republics, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan, Georgia, Moldova, Syria, Ukraine, and a few others if the “Tsar Russia, USSR and Putin’s Russia” did not invade countries.
        Ask the ghosts of the tens of millions Stalin killed. He was worse than Hitler.
        And the resources….They never touched them!
        Painful lies or stupidity or ignorance or all three.

        1. It’s only stupid when you strictly rely on mainstream history written by court-historians.

          Tsar-Russia and Putin-Russia did not invade any country. The Soviet Union did … but who was in charge of it for decades? Who spread Communism to China? The British created, funded and supported Bolsheviks were and did.

          Tsar-Russia (the fastest growing industry and biggest oil producer in the world back then) was Britain’s target which wanted to weaken it and make it dependent on British imports. Hence why the Bolsheviks and Communism were unleashed on them. Afterwards, Britain created Nazism and funded/supported Hitler and Nazis to weaken Germany, keep it divided and have it go to war with the Soviet Union. The same repeats until today with “muslim” terrorists.

          Don’t be so naive. Every single war is about resources. Britain’s WW1 and WW2 were no exception. Who do you think looted the Tsar’s tons of gold and hundred of million in NY and European banks?

          I don’t see you talk about the millions the Jewish Bolsheviks killed, why? ->

          p.s. Syria invited Russia

  2. The Non-Aligned Movement………

    1. Sounds like the beginning (and the ending) of a particularly sad joke.

  3. 5thDrawer Avatar

    As well as the flown-in food-groups, and with the exception of offers on silver platters to Rouhani, the supply of Margaritas has been boosted as well. Headaches from those are less severe.

    1. I wouldn’t fall for it this preemptively. Grain/bread/food shortage has always been part of the Anglo-American mainstream media propaganda for decades and part of the demonization design.

      One of the photo used on Venezuela was taken in New York …

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        This is why a US Senator called us Canuks ‘Internet Terrorists’ a few years ago … hehehehe
        Unfortunately, they got to Harper&Crew anyway …

        1. Americans call everyone terrorists but themselves.

      2. Where do you find these lowlifes you source from? It must be a special skill. 🙂

        And yes, pal, every sane person knows that there are widespread food shortages in New York, while Bolivarian Venezuela under the wise leadership of that feeble-minded bus driver is doing just great. 🙂

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