Hezbollah chief is misleading the Lebanese , says MP Fatfat


fatfatFuture Movement bloc MP Ahmed Fatfat said on Monday that Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah’s latest remarks about the return of former PM and Future Movement leader Saad Hariri to the premiership were only aimed at “misleading the Lebanese”, accusing Nasrallah of implementing an Iranian project that is aimed at obstruction .”

“ Nasrallah’s remarks were vague and general and did not contain anything that requires a response from former PM Hariri,” Fatfat said in a phone interview with al-Jadeed TV.

“Nasrallah should press his allies to elect (Free Patriotic Movement founder MP Michel) Aoun as president instead of trying to impose that on Hariri,” the MP added, describing Nasrallah’s alleged behavior as a “violation of democracy.”

“If Aoun has a majority of votes in parliament, let him go to parliament and we are willing to take part in the voting process,” Fatfat went on to say.

Asked about al-Akhbar newspaper’s report that Future Movement is seeking to extend anew the parliament’s term, Fatfat categorically denied the claims.

“The newspaper should have asked Future Movement sources, not March 14 sources,” he said.

Asked whether there are talks over a “compromise president,” Fatfat said such deliberations have been running for a long time now.

“We hope a consensual, centrist president will be elected and there are dozens of members of the Maronite community who are qualified for assuming this post. But there is an Iranian political decision that is being implemented by Hezbollah and it is aimed at obstruction,” the MP added.

Nasrallah had hinted in a speech on August 13 that Hezbollah would accept the re-designation of Hariri as prime minister in return for the election of Aoun as president and the re-election of Speaker Nabih Berri as the speaker of the parliament.

The Lebanese parliament failed again earlier this month and for the 43rd time in a row to elect a president to replace Michel Suleiman whose term ended on May 25 , 2014.

As in the past sessions the parliament was unable to reach a quorum because the Iranian-backed Hezbollah militant group and its ally MP Michel Aoun’s Change and Reform bloc MPs boycotted the session, because they could not reportedly guarantee Aoun’s election as a president.

Amal Movement leader, Speaker Nabih Berri a key ally of Hezbollah postponed the election to Sept 7,2016



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  1. “Hezbollah chief is misleading the Lebanese , says MP Fatfat”

    Really? Takes a genius to figure THAT out.

    But then the Lebanese don’t really seem to mind, so what’s the big deal? 🙂

  2. No shit sherlok, Lebanon as a state no longer matters in the big murky middle east pond. Only 3 states that really count: Saudia, Egypt, and Iran (no including Turkey and Israel).

    1. Lebanon is where they come on vacation.

  3. D’uh, they just figuring that out now. Some people are so slow. Hezb/Iran has been lying to Lebanon all along. Call it as it is, the southern Iranian occupied portion of Lebanon.

    1. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      And Israel occupies Lebanese land.

      1. master09 Avatar

        Because if you take away PLO and HA they will give it back, they will have to as no need to have the buffer zone for protecting. At this point they are using the protection crap to hold on to the land.
        Yes I know what your going to say but it is both sides that are hard headed and don’t want to sit in the round table to talk and that would bring peace maybe, maybe not. But only way forward is for both to do it not just one side, no matter who the land belongs to.

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar
          Hind Abyad

          I don’t need your parroting propaganda.
          “Events in the Biblical lands between Palestine and Mesopotamia are never in a scope of years or decades, but goals are set in centuries. There is an undercurrent of policy between states, an evolution that is not discussed or published. Best example is Israel, where settlement policy is set at a creeping pace and will not be deterred when “peace talks” with its enemy summons hope.”

          1. master09 Avatar

            Ok tweety bird thanks.

  4. master09 Avatar

    People rather listen to crap and be amused when a man does it wearing a dress.

  5. Said a bent-over to the filthy Wahhabi Outhouse of Saud and the filthier Zionist IsraHell.

  6. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    Hezbollah carries out surprise attack against jihadists in west Qalamoun

  7. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Berri speaking behind bullet-resistant shield gives ‘hope’ to the girl-guiides that Sadr will pop up one day…

    1. PatienceTew Avatar

      What’s the shield to protect him from?? He USED to have a ‘ring of warts called Hizboobs’ around his rectal orfice, does he need protection from them now?

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