Trump praises Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi

Donald Trump  praised former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein (C)  and said the world would be "100 percent better" if dictators like Hussein and Libya's Moammar Gaddafi  (R) were still in power
Donald Trump praised former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein (C) and said the world would be “100 percent better” if dictators like Hussein and Libya’s Moammar Gaddafi (R) were still in power

RALEIGH, North Carolina (AP) — Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who frequently criticizes U.S. foreign policy under President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has praised former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s ruthlessness.

“Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, right? … But you know what he did well? He killed terrorists. He did that so good,” Trump told a campaign rally Tuesday night in Raleigh, North Carolina. “They didn’t read ’em the rights, they didn’t talk. They were a terrorist, it was over.”

Trump has previously said the world would be “100 percent better” if dictators like Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi were still in power. Prior to the U.S. invasion, Iraq was listed by the U.S. as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Jake Sullivan, a Clinton senior policy adviser, said Trump’s “praise for brutal strongmen seemingly knows no bounds.”

Sullivan said such comments “demonstrate how dangerous he would be as Commander-in-Chief and how unworthy he is of the office he seeks.”

Trump’s foreign policy pronouncements have proved controversial, even within the Republican Party. He has said the United States is too fully engaged around the world and has questioned the role of NATO and said the United States has been taken advantage of by nations benefiting from its security cooperation and troop presence. Some critics within the GOP have said his policies suggest an isolationist stance in an increasingly dangerous world.

Sens. John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, partners among Republican congressional critics of Obama administration foreign policy, carried out a fact-check on Trump’s national security statements earlier this year at a Capitol Hill hearing.

On April 19, when the Army general selected to lead U.S. forces in South Korea testified before the committee, McCain seized the opportunity to undermine Trump’s suggestion that the U.S. withdraw its forces from the South because Seoul isn’t paying enough to cover the cost of the American military presence.

“Isn’t it the fact that it costs us less to have troops stationed in Korea than in the United States, given the contribution the Republic of Korea makes?” McCain asked Gen. Vincent Brooks.

Yes, Brooks said, telling McCain the South Koreans pay half, or $808 million annually, of the U.S. presence there.

Two days later, Trump’s claim that NATO is irrelevant and ill-suited to fight terrorism came under the microscope. As president, Trump has said he would force member nations to increase their contributions, even if that risked breaking up the 28-country alliance.

In early March, more than 70 conservative national experts, including former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, wrote in an open letter that they have disagreed with one another on a variety of issues but are united in their opposition to a Trump presidency. Chertoff served in President George W. Bush’s administration.





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  1. Omega Avatar

    Another planned failure by the West. Well done.

    I look forward to the Day it blows back in your faces.

  2. wargame1 Avatar

    Trump is scam. Yes presence of Saddam and Gaddafi would be great but its not Trump who just invented this truth. Truth is out there and people of all time will now see and compare. That Bush and Blair the war criminal.

    1. Omega Avatar

      No kidding.

    2. Omega Avatar

      Americans swallow lies like beer and sold. They need someone like Trump to tell them.

      1. Rudy1947 Avatar

        What’s sold?

        1. Omega Avatar

          Typo: soda. Edited.

  3. Omega Avatar

    Everybody knows that Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, etc were all stable under their dictators – except Americans.

    Hence why, they need someone like Trump to tell them.

    1. Rudy1947 Avatar

      They always cleaned up after themselves.

      1. Omega Avatar

        Have another beer.

        1. Rudy1947 Avatar


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