Geagea: Lebanese village Qaa was not the target of the suicide attack


qaa village mapLebanese Forces leader  Samir Geagea  said that the Lebanese border  village  Qaa was not the target of the suicide bombers , but the  terrorists  were hiding in the village   waiting for transportation to another location   and the residents of the village discovered them and attacked them before they were able to escape .

In an Interview with MTV Geagea said: “My gut feeling is that Qaa was not the target of the suicide attack but it ended up  protecting    all of Lebanon, because the heroes of Qaa  found the  suicide bombers  who were  hiding .” The suicide bombers got  scared and triggered their bombs .

5 people were killed in the 4 suicide attacks and several were wounded.

Al Qaa village mayor told MTV  this morning :” What happened today is a massacre by 4 suicide bombers who killed 6 people. No Lebanese soldiers were killed, but there are several injuries”. The Red Cross confirmed later that 5 people  were killed .

Voice of Lebanon identified  the 5 martyrs as : Joseph Lewis , Boulous al Ahmarm, Joseph Fares, Faisal Aad and Majed Wahbe

Several wounded were taken to Batool hospital and identified as Basil al Matar, Milad Matar, Khalil Wahbi , Shad Mukallad , Dina shahoud , Marwan Lewis and Georges Fares and Yusuf Aad.

Several wounded were taken to Hermel hospital and were  identified as:
Sergeant Mohammed Suleiman, soldier HusseinKheireddine, soldier Zuzu Lakis and Deputy Jean Georges, Priest Michael Wahabi , Talal Mukallad.