Geagea warns: Unacceptable to expose Lebanon banking sector to danger


Samir Geagea iran does not want a presidentLebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea tweeted on his twitter account on Monday “banking sector in Lebanon is the cornerstone of the Lebanese economy and it is unacceptable to expose it to any dangers for anybody’s sake, ” National News Agency ( NNA) reported

Geagea, who was referring to the explosion that rocked central Beirut last night that targeted the headquarters of Blom Bank, one to the largest Lebanese banks added: “We are still waiting for the security apparatuses preliminary investigations due to the delicacy and fragility of this issue.”

Geagea urged Lebanon Central Bank, the Banks’ Association and the banks to take all the needed measures to keep the banking sector in Lebanon acceptable and within the international banking group.

Geagea concluded “Today, we all support the banking sector against the various challenges which it is confronting.”

In a related development BLOM bank said in a statement: “Our bank represents all the components of the Lebanese society. We will continue to offer our services to our customers.”

The Association of Bank in Lebanon met earlier today and issued a statement at the end of the meeting warning : “The blast aims to destabilize the economic sector.”