Siniora: Hezbollah’s Iran ties tarnished Lebanon’s relations with the Arab countries


sinioraFormer Lebanese prime minister and current Future Movement parliamentary bloc leader MP Fouad Siniora blamed Hezbollah’s “meddling” in Lebanese affairs at Iran’s bidding has turned the country into a “body without a head,” reported Ashara al-Awsat daily on Sunday.

Siniora told the daily that the ongoing vacuum in the presidency “has created a huge void and allowed Iran’s ties with Hezbollah to tarnish Lebanon’s relations with Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia.”

He called on Tehran to “distance itself from interfering in the internal affairs of Arab countries.”

Iran’s “systematic” intervention in Lebanon through Hezbollah has caused the state to lose the ability to build its institutions in a responsible manner, continued the former PM.

This has created a “major political setback” that has affected Lebanon’s “historic” ties with Arab countries.

Several Lebanese March 14 politicians accused Iran on several occasions of being behind the presidential vacuum in Lebanon and today Saudi daily Okaz confirmed that Iran is definitely behind the ongoing vacuum in the presidency in Lebanon.

Western diplomatic sources in Beirut explained to the daily that Tehran is seeking a “complete package deal that covers the entire region, which includes the presidency.”

Iran is waiting for how developments will unravel in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq, continued the sources.

The Lebanese parliament failed again on April 18 and for the 38th time in a row to elect a president to replace Michel Suleiman whose term ended on May 25 , 2014.

As in the past sessions the parliament was unable to reach a quorum because the Iranian-backed Hezbollah militant group and its ally MP Michel Aoun’s Change and Reform bloc MPs boycotted the session, because they could not reportedly guarantee Aoun’s election as a president

Speaker Nabih Berri a key ally of Hezbollah postponed the election to May 10, 2016.

Hezbollah earlier this year said it would boycott the presidential elections until it receives guarantees that its candidate Aoun, is elected head of state, but several politicians doubted Hezbollah’s intentions specially after the emergence of Aoun and Franjieh as the the 2 main candidates . Both are in the Hezbollah-led March 8 alliance.

Many analysts are of the opinion that Iran does not want Lebanon to have a president before the Syrian situation is resolved



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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    No Kidding … You just figured that out?
    Well, Siniora, we should confess, that’s religionism for ya.

    1. master09 Avatar

      All politicians on all sides in Lebanon wait for the money to show up in their account and than they attack. Can’t spend what you don’t have.

  2. It is only a matter of time before Hezbollah militarily takes over our cities again which will be directed by those crazy Iranian mullahs. It is bad enough that those mullahs rule the Iranian people with terror, but they want to do it to Lebanon too.

    1. Daniel'O Avatar

      You are anti “Iranian mullahs” only. Obviously you are a Wahhabi Salfist with Taqyiah and long beard with no moustache.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Mullets and Mohawks look weird too … and brush-cuts with shaved sides … and pink or green … blondes with dark roots … oh, I could go on …

        1. Daniel'O Avatar

          Nose piercing and tattoos turn me on! Beards with no moustaches and make me sick!

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (probably likes to listen to the ugly noise they call ‘Metal’ too.)

          2. Daniel'O Avatar

            Hohoho 😉

          3. “probably likes to listen to the ugly noise they call ‘Metal’ too”
            Hope you’re joking. Hatred of metal combined with an unhealthy weakness for “Hind Abyad”…. That would be really over-the-top.

          4. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Can’t think or talk without wailing “Hind Abyad”.. Ziocrackpot?

          5. ‘Can’t think or talk without wailing “Hind Abyad”‘

            If you were a little less dumb (if only!), you would have noticed that I had used this moniker for the second (and most probably last) time.
            On the othjer hand, can’t help noticing your (slightly) improved English literacy. Been taking one of those English courses for welfare recepients lately?

          6. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            1- correct “On the othjer hand”
            2- Put a piece of paper with Hind Abyad’s name into the wailing wall keep uttering the word to the wall, rather than here.
            3-Obsession makes you feel potent and purposeful.. you’re like a little lost puppy looking for friends.

          7. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (I imagine this crowd around a table in a restaurant … FOOD FIGHT. :-)))))

          8. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Within any ‘Genre’ of attempts to make ‘new music’ there may come one or two actually listenable. You will NOT find me in a ‘Nosh Pit’ proclaiming endurablity for hours.
            I’m sure, from scientific tests which have been made, that even the plants we are genetically connected to know what drives them insane, and leads to stunted growth.

          9. Not sure about the nose piercings, though. I prefer them somewhere else, if you catch my drift. 🙂

          10. Daniel'O Avatar

            Yup 😉

  3. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    Siniorita, just be sure US SA Israeli supported “Moderate rebels” don’t come to Lebanon.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Imagine they park that outside your sleeping kid’s window … like the tank that rolled up one night in Tripoli … soldiers yacking and peeking in the 2nd-floor windows from the turret. 50-cal. machine gun going on occasion …
      Wars in cities … by idiots.

  4. Andre Avatar

    Don’t blame Iran, blame the idiots whose allegiance in not patriotic. And are manipulated and bought off, just like you, and all the stupid figure heads in Lebanon with fat bank accounts.

  5. Evidently, to the watery-eyed old woman Fouad Siniora the worst thing about Hezbollah is that it has tarnished Lebanon’s relations with Saudi Arabia. With “anti-Resisters” like that, all hope for a better Future (pun definitely intended) is lost.

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