Hezbollah vows to attack US forces ‘defending ISIS’ in Iraq

hezbollah  iraq

hezbollah  iraqHezbollah Brigades fighters in Iraq have threatened to attack the American troops stationed in the country, following the decision by the US army to send reinforcements to Iraq to support the international coalition in its fights against ISIS.

The Iranian-backed organization that is active in Iraq and in the Syrian civil war, claimed in a statement that it released Sunday : “the United States increasingly intervenes in Iraq’s issues with its presence in the Iraqi joint operations command.”

While the US army says it is sending reinforcements to Iraq to help the international coalition eliminate ISIS, Hezbollah Brigades’ statement claimed the opposite.

“ISIS, the stepdaughter of the Americans, is taking its last breaths, so the Americans dispatched their ground troops to protect the “clinically dead” body of ISIS,” Hezbollah Brigades’ said in its statement .

“We have defeated the American occupation with our quality and quantity in the past and we will continue attacking them, with our resources significantly increased. ”

“The occupation’s coward soldiers should understand that however protective their vehicles are, these vehicles will become an obstacle for them and they will burn to death inside them,” the statement read.

Hezbollah Brigades, known in Arabic as Kata’b Hezbollah is backed by Iran thrice lebanon’s Hezbollah .According to US forces, the group received training and logistical aid from the Iranian Quds force as well as from Lebanese Hezbollah.

Hezbollah Brigades’ statement came hours after Colonel Steve Warren, the Spokesman of the US military operation against ISIS, announced Sunday that a group of Marines will reinforce the existing force in Iraq to support the international coalition’s efforts against ISIS.

A US Marine who served at a coalition fire base near Makhmur in northern Iraq was killed on Saturday, after the base came under ISIS rocket fire. Several other Marines were wounded in this ISIS attack.