The 20th Century’s most influential physicist, Albert Einstein, had a birthday this week, March 14. He would’ve been 137, a pretty ridiculous age even for modern science’s most popular poster boy. But equally ridiculous are a spate of tweets spewed out by Beirut-based pranksters, (and already picking up momentum since the birth date) opining online: what would happen if the German, Jewish-born, genius was, in fact, Lebanese?

Twittersphere asks in #Arabic: #What if Einstein was Lebanese? #لو_اينشتاين_لبناني

— Al Bawaba News (@AlBawabaEnglish) March 16, 2016

If Einstein were Lebanese he’d emigrate because he couldn’t find a job.” At one point, this byword for genius was a school dropout; and we know how much the Lebanese respect a good student. *Our rebel dropped school in Italy and flunked college entry exams in Switzerland. It’s never easy transferring schools and countries, even for a genius!


If Einstein were Lebanese-  There is an  uncanny resemblance  to  Lebanon's PSP leader Lebanon, Walid Jumblatt.  “If Einstein were Lebanese, his people would have mistaken him for Walid Jumblatt!”.
There is an uncanny resemblance to Lebanon’s PSP leader Lebanon, Walid Jumblatt. “If Einstein were Lebanese, his people would have mistaken him for Walid Jumblatt!”.  Back to square one

Riduculous yet still by the fact that you’d think the Lebanese had enough to tweet and chatter about on this nationally-charged day, just given the calendar-date-named political party block, March 14, alone. But, leave it to the Lebanese to find a way into any topic, full throttle. Continue reading below »

Since the eccentric German actually spent much of his adult years in Switzerland where he raised his family (to first wife), maybe this hypothetical premise is not all that far-fetched. Who can forget the nostalgia rekindled by the 1960s Lebanon epithet, our Switzerland of the Middle East. The Lebanese certainly do a fine job of keeping the stale, and less and less relevent, reference alive in the face of ongoing sectarian strife.

Al Bawaba



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