Hezbollah and Future movement agreed to preserve stability in Lebanon


Hezbollah and Future  movement agreed Wednesday on the need to activate state institutions and preserve stability in Lebanon.

“The conferees agreed to activate the work of institutions, follow up on the measures that can boost domestic stability, and support the efforts of the military and security institutions as they seek to protect the country and its citizens,” the two parties said in a joint statement issued after their 26th dialogue session at Speaker Nabih berries residence  in Ain al-Tineh, Beirut.

Dialogue between the two rival  parties was about to get suspended in recent weeks amid a war of words between them that is linked to the Saudi-Iranian tensions in the region and unprecedented Saudi measures against Lebanon and Hezbollah.

Hezbollah was recently branded as a terrorist organization by the Arab Gulf  countries and  the Arab League

Berri has reportedly was able to convince the two parties to maintain their bilateral talks.

Both parties have on several occasions reiterated that their dialogue is mainly aimed at defusing sectarian tensions in the country.