Geagea slams cabinet’s statement , says it is better off resigning


Samir Geagea iran does not want a presidentLebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea slammed the statement issued by the cabinet on Monday following its 6 hours meeting on Lebanon’s crisis with Saudi Arabia, saying that it “failed to hit the nail on the head” regarding Hezbollah’s involvement in foreign conflicts.

Geagea said during a press conference on Tuesday: “The cabinet is better off resigning if it cannot properly resolve Hezbollah’s fighting in conflicts abroad.”

He noted that the party is playing a “strategic” role in the war in Syria, while meddling in the affairs of Iraq, Bahrain, and Yemen, “all against Saudi Arabia’s policy in the region.”

This has led Hezbollah, and consequently Lebanon, to a confrontation with these countries.

“Cabinet spent hours and hours wrangling over a word here and a word there as if our entire fate hinges on a word. I consider yesterday’s statement just poetic phrases,” said Geagea.

The reality is that there are great differences between what the cabinet described and what is taking place on the ground.

It spoke highly of Saudi Arabia’s support of Lebanon over the years, but “it has left a Lebanese party free to wage foreign battles,” added the LF chief.

The cabinet called for respecting the policy of disassociation, “but how can that be possible when a member of government, is taking part in the fighting in Syria?”

“The situation in Lebanon is going from bad to worse, partially because of Hezbollah’s foreign meddling and mainly due to the usurpation of the state’s voice,” he stressed.

“Our crisis is much greater than the one that was described in cabinet’s statement,” Geagea remarked.

He said it should have been more direct in tackling Hezbollah involvement in foreign conflicts, saying that the government alone is qualified to address this issue.

It should resign if it cannot carry out this mission, he declared