Horrified residents of Kfarnabrakh, Chouf evacuated their homes after a landslide


Horrified Residents of the town of Kfarnabrakh in the Chouf region evacuated their homes Monday after a landslide hit the outskirts of the town .

“Very dangerous landslides have occurred in the outskirts of the Chouf town of Kfarnabrakh above the towns of Wadi al-Sitt and al-Fowara,” National News Agency reported.

The landslide took place on Monday afternoon.

Residents took to Twitter to publish photos of the landslide.
The mayor of Kfarnabrakh Bahij el Dalghan said the situation has stabilized but is still not safe and threatens the lives of some people.”

This is not the first time Kfarnabrakh witnesses a landslide . 3 years ago a somewhat similar landslide resulted in the closure of the main road above the towns of Brih and wadi el Sitt . This prompted the ministry of public works to build a wall to prevent the falling rocks from reaching all towns below Kfarnabrakh . The wall did help today but was reportedly damaged as a result of the falling rocks