Jeb Bush calls on Obama to ‘unleash the military’ on ISIS

jeb bush forming pac

jeb bush forming pacPresidential candidate Jeb Bush on Wednesday blasted the White House’s approach to combating ISIS, calling on President Obama to “unleash the military” to battle the Middle East militants.

“A strategy would be how do we mobilize support for the remnants of the Syrian Free Army, and it might require combat troops to inspire an international effort,” the former Florida governor said on CNN’s “New Day.” “I would let the military commanders give the commander in chief options rather than tell them what you want to hear.”

“Not having gotten those options, I can’t tell you if we are going to have boots on the ground but certainly, a more expanded role for the special operators would be essential. And being more effective in strikes as it is relates to the air,” he said.

“We need to unleash the military in unison with our partners in Europe and the Middle East to be effective in this regard,” Bush added.

In the 12 days since ISIS militants unleashed terror on Paris, killing 129 people and injuring scores of others, international attention has turned to how European nations and the U.S. can best destroy the terrorist group.

President Obama has repeatedly doubled down on his current strategy of conducting and assisting with airstrikes, utilizing humanitarian assistance and facilitating negotiations between Syrian President Bashar Assad and the Syrian rebels that would see Assad leave power.

Obama has continually ruled out putting troops on the ground, however.

NY Daily News