United Nations Security Council declares war against Islamic State


un security council meeting gazaThe United Nations Security Council on Friday adopted a resolution, drafted by France, calling on countries around the world to take “all necessary measures” to fight the Islamic State.

The 15-to-0 vote came a week after the terrorist attacks in Paris, for which the Islamic State claimed responsibility, and just hours after the deadly siege of a hotel in Bamako, the capital of Mali, by Islamic militants.

The French ambassador, François Delattre, told the Security Council after the vote that the resolution “recognizes the exceptional nature of the Daesh threat,” using an Arabic acronym for the group.

Russia voted for the measure, which signaled a rare diplomatic convergence. For four years, Russia and the West have sparred over the war in Syria, with the Kremlin staunchly backing the government and Western powers backing the opposition.

Russia has floated its own counterterrorism proposal, but it would require coordination with the governments of the affected countries — meaning, in Syria, the administration of President Bashar al-Assad. That idea is anathema to the West.

Hinting at the reluctance of his Western rivals to cooperate with the Syrian government, Russia’s envoy, Vitaly I. Churkin, said the fight against terrorism should be “guided not by ambition but by shared values.”

The resolution approved Friday gets around that knot by offering no legal basis for military action. Nor does it cite Chapter 7 of the United Nations Charter, which authorizes the use of force.war

Several Council resolutions already apply to the fight against terrorist groups. Sanctions are in place against Al Qaeda and related organizations and individuals, another resolution is aimed at preventing the flow of foreign fighters into groups like the Islamic State, and yet another forbids trade in oil or antiquities with the Islamic State. The latest measure does not specifically authorize any new action by France or any other country. It does offer France the moral and political backing of the Security Council.

The resolution calls upon countries to “take all necessary measures, in compliance with international law, in particular international human rights, refugee and humanitarian law, on the territory under the control of ISIL,” using another acronym for the group. It calls for the eradication of the group’s “safe havens” in Syria and Iraq.

The French draft singles out two entities that are already subject to United Nations-backed sanctions — the Islamic State and the Nusra Front, an affiliate of Al Qaeda — but it leaves open the possibility of adding other groups.

The vote comes against the backdrop of rising resistance in Europe and the United States to the admission of Syrian refugees. On Friday, the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, announced a summit meeting designed to draw pledges from countries to resettle Syrians. The United Nations refugee agency will host the summit meeting in March, Mr. Ban said at a meeting of the General Assembly, warning of “misplaced suspicions about migrants and refugees, especially those who are Muslim

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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    FINALLY … Something ‘Created’ Unanimity.

    1. DaveTheRave Avatar

      If it’s a new book dedicated to the same old storm god then we’ll probably only get more ‘storms’

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Yes … But if it was titled ‘Nature of Universe’ with a Hero named ‘Atom’ the CONCEPT would be more correct. 😉

        1. Is your wife an atom?

        2. DaveTheRave Avatar

          For the Revolution! The bearded lady ones do love them Atoms <3<3<3

    2. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      True.. back to the future.

  2. As if there was no war against Islam in the first place.
    Why does the West lose its mind when a Muslim alludes to the real causes that lead to the bloody events that occur on its lands?!

    1. The West insists that the problem lies with Islam itself and is inherently in the Muslims subsequently. It views Muslims as being barbaric in their thinking and this is reflected in the terrorism and killing that they commit, for no reason, than their very belief which is the reason for this, therefore it’s not allowed to point to the actions of… the civilised west as a cause for such reactions.

    2. Following each such attack in the West, Western politicians and media make the point that the west is being targeted due to the values it holds and due to their way of life. This is the biggest lie, as all those who attack the west cite Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, the cartoons, Abu Ghraib, etc, etc as the reasons for their attack.

    The West would be correct in saying that it is their values that are being targeted only if they admit that the crimes they perpetrate in the Muslim world are a representation of such values

    1. The world is NOT at war with Islam. The world is at war with any extremist that wants hegemony over all others. ISIS is a cancer growing INSIDE of Islam and since the moslems are not stepping up to defeat that cancer the West is coming to YOUR rescue to give you a chance at living with decency.
      Sharia law is not compatible with the modern world. It has to go whether some like it or not.
      Before you attack me on the last sentence let me declare to you that I feel the same towards Iran’s mullahs rule (A shia state), against Saudis (a Sunni state), against Israel (a jewish state), and against ANY state carrying the name or religious symbol or emblem on their flag.
      Modern societies must be secular with civil liberties and religious freedom to include everyone in that freedom.

      1. You can’t tell the difference between cia and fbi but yet here you are trying to lecture somebody else. Lmfao go get an education bitch

      2. Funny you didn’t bark about the Vatican or Christianity, home of the inquisition. Hypocritical retard.

        1. Just to give you an education… Vatican is a city state with no people to manage. You cannot be a “citizen of the Vatican”.
          Inquisition is history and was very wrong. I am talking about TODAY!
          Finally, name ONE country that says it is ruled by Christianity and if you find one please add it to my list as unacceptable.

          1. Lol
            “Mobile-friendly – Because of space limitations, Vatican City is one of the few countries in the world that is unable to host embassies.”

          2. And even more lol.

            “Hannibal Hind Abyad
            2 hours ago
            You still debate with this low life? She is a bitter person who knows not the truth.”

            Just one question. Are all Lebanese Christians hypocrites or is it just yalibnan and its Lebanese Christians?

          3. 5thDrawer Avatar


          4. Is that where your wife is

          5. O got banned….
            Where is Hind to enjoy the moment?

          6. the Leb Christian hypocrites can try. But I assure I will always comment where I want

          7. Yes where is it?

          8. Let me correct you.
            The Leb Christian hypocrites deleted my comments and TRY to ban me. But I assure you they can’t ban me.

          9. But you, a Leb Christian hypocrite, can bark “cum, whore, bitch etc” and you aren’t banned nor deleted. Typical Leb Christian hypocrisy

          10. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Hannibal … I think they had to write a ‘special script’ for that one … unique as it is … because they didn’t want to do what everyone else is doing – force ‘expensive joining’ upon the concept of ‘guests’ just in for a read, who may have wanted to contribute.
            Someone had to work at it. :-))

          11. I am one to champion free speech but OBarabie was like an annoying “barabaghashe” who would not buzz off even with insecticides. 😉

          12. Sweetie, keep dreaming coz I’m your worst nightmare.

          13. And thank you for continually confirming you Leb Christians are the most disgusting hypocrites in the planet. That includes the scum running yalibnan too

          14. “I am one to champion free speech BUT”!
            Of course there’s a but. Just like there’s a but when you claimed you didn’t address me.
            Hypocritical Christian Leb. Go fuck your mom. Your dad ass is sore

          15. Bidee neek rabek wa rab yalibnan owner.

          16. @yalibnan

          17. They obviously didn’t write a special script for your wife coz the slag isn’t here.

          18. Lol you ran like a bitch!
            Or maybe you went join 5th column’s lovely wife, hopefully.

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