Several countries ready to import Lebanon’s garbage, report


stinking garbage , beirutMinisterial sources told Future TV on Wednesday that Hezbollah is to blame for torpedoing Agriculture Minister Akram Shehayyeb’s plan because it failed to propose locations for setting up landfills in the Bekaa and south of Lebanon.

The good news is several countries like our garbage including our Syrian neighbor

Economy Minister Hakim told Hezbollah’s mouthpiece al-Manar on Wednesday:
“The proposed solution is sending the trash abroad and many countries are ready to receive it, such as Italy, Britain, Syria and Iraq.”

The strange part is Germany is not on the list even though it was the first potential client

Meanwhile Shehayyeb expressed his disappointment with the manner in which the garbage disposal crisis has been handled in the wake of the ongoing failure to resolve the problem, reported As Safir newspaper on Wednesday.

He told the daily that some politicians who had showered him with “theoretical support have let me down.”

In addition, he held some media outlets responsible for creating incitement against his garbage disposal plan, “which resulted in its practical and environmental defeat.”

Lebanon has been suffering from a trash disposal crisis since July with the closure of the Naameh landfill. Politicians have failed to find an alternative to the landfill, which resulted in the pile up of garbage on the streets of the country.

There are fears the uncollected waste, coupled with the rain season, could spread diseases such as cholera among the population.

Various proposals made by Shehayyeb have been met with rejection.