A Lebanese man lures father to Raqqa, Syria to be beheaded by IS


A Lebanese man has been beheaded after his jihadist son “lured” him to the Syrian city of Raqqa to punish him for his relations with the Lebanese government and the Turkish consulate a media report said on Friday.

Raqqa is the self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic State group’s so called “Caliphate ”

Mahmoud al-Hussein, who hails from the al-Mankoubine neighborhood of the northern city of Tripoli, headed to Raqa to seek the return of his two daughters, who were convinced by their brother, Yehia al-Hussein, to travel to the jihadist bastion to help serve the Islamic cause , Mahmoud’s brother told MTV.

The man fell into an IS “ambush” the moment he arrived in Raqa and his son told the jihadist group that his father had “cursed the Prophet Mohammed,” his brother added.

He said the son had returned to Lebanon after his family exerted efforts to convince him to leave the IS.

However, he later returned to Raqqa along with his two sisters after telling the family that he was accompanying them for “tourism in Turkey.”