Turkey has become Syria, Iraq, Libya and Lebanon, MHP chief says


Devlet BahçeliMHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli has addressed last Saturday’s deadly bomb attack – which killed 102 people at a peace rally in capital city Ankara – and the raging terror that has killed over 150 security force members, stating that the country has been dragged into the chaos of the Middle East.

“The state apparatus is in panic and disarray, while the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) election government is broken down, suffering and reckless. Our nation has turned into an open air funeral home. Everyone with a bomb is on the attack against us,” said Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party Chairman Devlet Bahçeli, speaking Sunday in Istanbul’s Yenikapı district at a campaign rally ahead of the Nov. 1 general election. “Turkey has turned into Syria; it has transformed into Iraq, Lebanon and Libya, [and become] drenched in blood.”

“The suicide bomb blast in front of the Ankara Train Station on Oct. 10, 2015, was the bloodiest incident in our modern republic’s history – 102 of our citizens have been killed and hundreds are injured,” he said.

The MHP leader also highlighted the surge in Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) attacks in recent months, since the July 20 suicide bombing in Suruç, southeast Turkey, which killed 33 pro-Kurdish and left wing Turkish activists. “We have lost 93 soldiers, 75 police officers, 4 village guards – a total of 172 martyrs. Additionally, 177 citizens have lost their lives.”

Bahçeli slammed rumors that Sunday’s rally was going to be attacked. “If they want, they can come with cannons and rifles; we are here. We are the Nationalist Movement that only kneels in front of God, and we believe in the national struggle and our national anthem’s poetic verses, which begin with the words: ‘Have no fear.’”



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    Yup. Glad you noticed. It’s getting worse ‘out there’.

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