Another 7 Hezbollah fighters killed by Syrian rebels near Zabadani


Hezbollah-FlagAnother seven Hezbollah fighters were killed by  Syrian rebel near the embattled Syrian border town of Zabadani, according to Lebanese media reports . 5 Hezbollah fighters were killed  on Thursday and another 2  on Friday

Hezbollah’s mouthpiece  Al-Manar TV also reported that about 200 rebels targeted Hezbollah positions Thursday on the eastern outskirts of Zabadani. The station did not report any casualties.

The report said Hezbollah, along with the Syrian army, launched a counterattack, killing 20 rebels and leaving another 30 wounded.

Hezbollah and the Syrian army continue to suffer heavy losses in clashes against the rebel positions inside Zabadani at the southern end of Qalamoun, according to Lebanese media sources.

Hezbollah and the Syrian army have been trying for months to take over Zabadani from the mostly Sunni rebels