Ukraine says 2 Russian officers captured near rebel area


The Ukrainian government on Sunday claimed to have captured two Russian officers who were operating in the rebel-controlled area.

Ukrainian military spokesman Andriy Lysenko said on Sunday the two Russian officers have been taken prisoner by the volunteer Aidar battalion in the town of Shchastia, not far from the front line. He would not provide further details and said investigators were questioning the men.

Aidar said on its Facebook page that the two officers were wounded and taken captive in a skirmish in the area early on Sunday.

A year-long conflict between Russia-backed separatists and government troops in eastern Ukraine has killed more than 6,100 people. Russia has repeatedly denied that it was supplying the separatists with rebels or recruits despite the mounting evidence testifying to the contrary.

Shchastia, a town less than 20 kilometers north of the rebel-controlled regional capital Luhansk and home to a strategic power station, has repeatedly changed hands throughout the conflict.

Anton Herashchenko, a Ukrainian member of parliament, on Sunday posted a video on Facebook purportingd to show the questioning of one of the two officers.

The young man who was shown lying in a hospital bed introduced himself as Sgt. Alexander Alexandrov of the Russian Special Forces from the Volga River city of Togliatti and said he was operating in the area in a group consisting of 14 men. He said he had been based in the rebel stronghold Luhansk since March 6 and that he and his comrades had been rotating in and out of the area around Shchastia every 4-5 days.




5 responses to “Ukraine says 2 Russian officers captured near rebel area”

  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Holiday rotations .. of volunteers … of course. Putin knows nothing of this, as the army does what it wants on vacation.

  2. Detained in Ukraine Russian servicemen will be tried for terrorism

  3. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Meanwhile, in Putin’s ‘extended Russia’ realms …
    Scandal … but they forced her to do it anyway …. but at least she’s not 6.

  4. Once again, two Russian soldiers taken prisoners in the territory of
    Ukraine, and that Russia has refused them, and the Russian army
    leadership has forgotten about the officer’s honor:
    you do not understand, the ordinary Russian sees nothing wrong in the
    fact that Russia does not recognize the two soldiers by their actions
    !!! The average Russian does not see this is no betrayal on the part of the Russian leadership, and here’s why:
    Russians (most of them) who believe (know) that the Russian army is
    fighting in the Ukraine, supported the Russian leadership in the “secret
    war” against Ukraine. These Russians, respectively, support the lies being spread by Russia that their military is not supposed to Ukraine. These
    Russians do not care what lies will tell the Russian leadership – if
    only the Russian army continued to fight against the “fascists”. These Russians are pleased how cleverly Russia (and therefore they) are deceiving the rest of the world! After all, the whole world – the enemy, and in the struggle against the enemy of all good!
    Those Russians (they are a minority) who believed (knew) that Ukraine
    is fighting the army of the Russian Federation, were very pleased to
    learn that the Russian army is still at war with the “fascists”!
    you about some “officer’s honor,” the “betrayal by the leadership of
    the Russian Federation” … Russians are all a lie completely satisfied, no claims !!! Bitch time, gentlemen

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