Saudi-led coalition prevented Iranian plane landing in Sanaa Airport


yemen houthi controll mapOn Friday, Saudi-led coalition prevented an Iranian plane, owned by Iranian Red Crescent, from landing in Sanaa International Airport, Houthi militia controlled Saba news agency, reported.

According to Saba, the plane was carrying basic humanitarian and medical aids, in addition to 90 Yemenis, who received treatment in Iran.

The source, which reported the news to Saba, said that the Iranian plane applied for landing permission on Thursday, but that application was denied.

In addition, the source said that the plane was planning to take a new number of wounded Yemenis to be treated in Iran.

Anadolu news agency said that the Saudi-led alliance has not released any comment on the incident yet.

Since the start of the Operation Decisive Storm, the Saudi-led alliance monitors the Yemeni skies, to prevent any planes carrying weapons for Houth militias landing.