Jihadi John picture as an adult revealed for first time


emwazi-adult- pic

Mohammed Emwazi was on a UK terror watch list, but managed to flee to Syria in 2012. Now, he’s known around the world as “Jihadi John’ the notorious Islamic State murderer who has shocked the world with his blood lust.

jihadi john resume

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32 responses to “Jihadi John picture as an adult revealed for first time”

  1. MekensehParty Avatar

    He looks like Barabie

    1. Good courses bad grades… Intelligence reflecting his actions. Those of a loser with a knife.

      1. American armies are the worse..they killing people from above with smart bombs and killing a million…American who force them to killing on revenge .

        1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

          how can they be so bad and you’re still here. they must like you i guess.
          Keah Keah Keah

          1. zabada Avatar

            it is my style in debate or disqus..my friends will stop hate me.

      2. Hind Abyad Avatar

        Serial killer psychopath, no feeling, no emotions

    2. Anti ISIS Avatar

      If he does then I now can understand why he went and joined ISIS.

  2. This passionate brutality ,cruelty and terror is seen in his eyes! It is coming from frustration,from a deep seated anger,fear and hatred .

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Because it was not explained to him, early on, that we can’t all be ‘The Rock Star’. Or the ‘Scientific Wizz-kid’ either. Too many kids aim for that ‘Level of Incompetence’ (The Peter Principle) MUCH too early – because they are told they ‘should’ (for good incomes), and have some sort of ‘right’ of expectation to it. When life hits them in the face, and if they can’t adjust to a reality, the wrong ‘support mechanism’ easily leads them off into ‘alternate justifications’ …. blame is placed everywhere but on ‘self’.
      Continuing to try go to ‘weird places’ and then being ‘watched’ because of doing that could surely make one with a downtrodden self-confidence a little edgy. But time passes, and one is forgotten, if it doesn’t become a habit. The sensible would say; ‘Opps ..made a mistake.’ The one who keeps pushing ties himself in a knot fighting it. In retrospect, although not seen at the time, the ‘watchers’ seem justified.

  3. Reasonableman Avatar

    Canadian women told to remove her hijab before judge will har her case.


    Our parents moved to the west with the belief that there is freedom of religion.
    It’s un acceptance and scapegoating the muslim community by the callous mean dogs which drive people to join ISIS and FIND that acceptance.

    1. Samaritan Avatar

      With all due respect Reaseonable how does the offence of asking to remove the hijab equate to the justification of joining or legitimatizing a questionable representation of your faith that mercilessly removes peoples heads?
      I truly hope you rephrase as I believe you are wise enough to separate the two issues.

      1. Reasonableman Avatar

        Thanks for taking the time to reply.
        I can justify that the muslim community or any community consistently targeted by the “elites” have a right to react/reaction.

        I do have a problem with your statement though, it’s that you tied me up to justifying isis crimes just because I spoke up against something which is continually occuring. “The targetting of muslims in the west”

        I love the west I grew up in the west but it doesn’t mean im gonna be quiet when something happens and it doesn’t fit the west’s agenda.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Ever since the beginning of ‘The West’, as you like to call it, Minorities and Different crowds of ‘world-refugees’ have been ‘targeted’. In fact, EVERY Race and Nationallity has felt those ‘slings and arrows’ of the misfortunes of life that took them away from their Tribes.
          I don’t see why you feel you should be any different. Anywhere. I am sure a ‘court’ now allows people to ‘swear truth’ on a ‘book of choice’. Pick one.
          But taking off the ‘shield’ on the face is what EVERYONE does when they wish to make a statement against someone else, or have the truths of their honesty be seen.
          And in a court, a Judge rules.

          1. “But taking off the ‘shield’ on the face ”

            The “shield” was already off the face, as is clearly visible from the picture. But your bigotry knows no limits just like you know who on this blog. The only thing she was shielding was her hair but people like you must be able to determine “the truths of their honesty” by her hair. You have been exposed.

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Hats off in courts TOO !!!
            What the hell picture are YOU talking about ???

          3. Ooh touchy sweetie. Careful you might have a heart attack.
            As for the picture, OPEN YOUR EYES you blind old man. The LINK reasonable provided. Duh

          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            So I looked at the story, although I didn’t need to … and the woman with the CRIMINAL kid says: ‘I didn’t feel Canadian after’ … or some such silly thing. Had to make a ‘Federal Case’ out of it. Call a newspaper – claim to be ‘mistreated’. All because her car would be impounded for a mere month?? I’d have had the kid paying for my taxi rides !!
            Well, NOBODY feels ‘homey’ going through a court even for a speeding ticket … and if you don’t understand the proceedings in the first place (or the concept), then you shouldn’t complain when it dumps all over you.

          5. Lol I notice you didn’t retract your ludicrous and absurd bigotry, only tried to steer the conversation away from anyone paying to much attention to what I originally exposed you about.

          6. 5thDrawer Avatar

            We assume ‘bigotry’ is your ‘catch-word’ of the month … did you check an Oxford for a meaning?
            And that should read … ‘ originally exposed about you’ … shouldn’t it?

          7. Add male chauvinist to your resúme.
            What happened to HER court?
            Trust me I will pick on you just like you pick on others

          8. 5thDrawer Avatar

            If it’s a Female Judge, it’s HER court … and YOU still can’t wear a hat and chew your bubble gum if she doesn’t want you to … which I am sure would be the case.
            Lack of ‘respect’ for ‘a court’ could land you in jail just for the ‘contempt’ you show it.
            And yes, that’s a Law too.

          9. Do people wear caps and chew gum for religious reasons oh bigoted one? Stop your deflection. You are sounding more and more senile

          10. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Seems some kids these days do.

    2. Anti ISIS Avatar

      Greetings Reasonable, how are you brother, hope you and your family are doing well.
      Brother, from my understanding our parents move to the west to escape the war torn countries we come from. The west in general has been very good to the Muslim communities. I know you may disagree, however it’s Muslims fanatics who have been and still are treating the west bad. I myself thank God each and every day for being in Australia. The opportunities I have been given in this beautiful country would never have been available to me in Lebanon. Please don’t take me the wrong way bro.

      1. Reasonableman Avatar

        Hi there, im good family is well and how about yourself and yours?
        Read the comment I wrote to samaritan I don’t feel like repeating myself over and over again for the same underlying debates and questions.

    3. 5thDrawer Avatar

      ‘Face to Face’ … open & honest. Seems reasonable …
      We’re not used to just reading eyes … no-one can stand in court hiding behind a mask.

    4. I lived in Canada when the terrorist attack of 9/11 with the twin towers. Neighbors and community have noticed that lot of muslims were cheering the attack of 3500 innocent us citizens that died.They observe that lot of muslim on that specific day whearing the hijab…

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        You mean the Never-talking Masked angry eyes in wide black shrouds that bash their way through a grocery store with their shopping carts … I found that Shopping on Friday is good, however. 😉
        It wasn’t ONLY USA citizens who fried in those towers.

      2. Reasonableman Avatar

        That must be a fact because you said so.
        It doesn’t take much to join the bandwagon Tk.
        The way I see it you are a minority and the only way you “think” you will win respect is to bash on the minority that the majority of bigots/xenophobe/ racists scapegoat.

  4. arzatna1 Avatar

    His grades show that he was good for nothing , no wonder why he decided to be a murderer.
    I am surprised 40 is a passing grade. He must have threatened his professor to pass him using that dagger that appears in his beheading videos

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Some kind of ‘new-think’ arzatna. ‘THEORY’: Might be an unfair ‘trauma’ for a child to repeat a grade … send it on … might do better later. Which they didn’t exactly get through to ‘bosses’ of ALL companies yet … except maybe the ones that can’t build a washing machine that runs a week or so past the warranty.
      HOWEVER … They also provided a relatively new, and seemingly increasingly popular, course called ‘Political Science’, for those who might feel edgy about a job in rocketry … and look where we are now. 🙂

    2. That explains why anti is a terrorist. Farqed up has no education besides the educating he receives here

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