Sami Gemayel may soon replace his dad as the Phalange party leader


gemayel-sami-pressFormer Lebanese president and Phalange party leader Amin Gemayel will reportedly step down as the party chief , clearing the way for his son MP Sami Gemayel to succeed him

But according to al-Akhbar newspaper published on Tuesday, some members warned that Sami’s leadership puts the party at enormous risks.

The daily said that Sami, who was the coordinator of the Phalange party’s Central Committee, resigned from his post as a first step to lead the party.

Amin Gemayel is expected to announce his decision during the party’s upcoming conference in July, which the Phalange party is compelled to hold every four years in accordance to its by-laws.

However, several members of the party’s politburo reject Amin’s decision.

MP Nadim Gemayel, the son of the slain president-elect Bashir Gemayel (Amin’s brother), told al-Akhbar newspaper, that they “will hold onto their stance in order to postpone the matter or avert it.”

Nadim pointed out that a “large number of the party members reject such a step as those who support Amin have fears over their positions in the future and others deem that the circumstances don’t allow such move.”

“Every person knows his capabilities. It’s not a battle between Sami and Nadim,” the young MP added.

Nadim expressed belief that “Sami’s leadership to the party wouldn’t safeguard the institution.”

However, Nadim told al-Akhbar that he is ready to cooperate with Sami “if he was positive and didn’t exclude us from decision-making.”

“I am not against Sami,” he stressed.

On the other hand, Labor Minister Sejaan Qazzi, who a key member of the party, said that he supports Sami to head the party.

“He has the necessary requirements to lead the party,” the minister remarked.

Qazzi, however, noted that Amin didn’t tackle the matter with the party members, pointing out it’s a democratic process.

“If several reject Sami, then no one can impose him.”

Sami is very outspoken and known for his controversial stances and fiery statements that created some trouble for the conservative members of the party, but he is loved by the March 14 media for his courage.

The Lebanese Phalanges Party ( Ḥizb al-Katā’ib al-Lubnānīya), better known in English as the Phalange , is a Christian political party in Lebanon. Although it is officially secular, it is mainly supported by Maronite Christians. The party played a major role in the Lebanese Civil War (1975–90) and it is now part of the March 14 Alliance.

The party was formed in 1936 as a Maronite paramilitary youth organization by Pierre Gemayel, Amin’s father. He founded the party along with four other young Lebanese: Charles Helou (who later became a President of Lebanon), Chafic Nassif, Emile Yared and Georges Naccache. Pierre was chosen to lead the organization, in part because he was not a political figure at that time.