Canada Imposes More Sanctions Against Russia Over Ukraine


Tuesday April 29, 2014Canada has imposed additional sanctions against Moscow and its sympathizers over the Ukraine conflict.

The new economic sanctions announced on February 17 target 37 37 Russian and Ukrainian individuals. The new names include Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, Rossiya Segodnya Director General Dmitry Kiselev, and deputy head of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff Andrei Kartapolov. It also included more obscure choices such as Alexander Zaldostanov, Leader of the Night Wolves Motorcycle Club and Russian singing idol Iosif Kobzon. Ottawa also introduced economic sanctions against 17 Russian and Ukrainian entities, including Russian oil giant Rosneft.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said his government “remains steadfast in its commitment to stand with the people of Ukraine in the face of the Putin regime’s ongoing military aggression, which has already cost the lives of more than 5,300 people.”

The move was made in coordination with the European Union and the United States, which have also punished Russia for what they say is its military backing of the separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on February 18 it “reserves the right to react accordingly” to the Canadian sanctions.