Radical Sunnis kill 19 Shi-ites in Pakistan mosque bombing


A rescue worker collects evidence from the site of an explosion in a Shi'ite mosque in Peshawar February 13, 2015. At least 19 people were killed on Friday in the Pakistani city of Peshawar in a gun and bomb attack on the Shi'ite mosque, the latest sectarian violence to hit the South Asian nation. (REUTERS)
A rescue worker collects evidence from the site of an explosion in a Shi’ite mosque in Peshawar February 13, 2015. At least 19 people were killed on Friday in the Pakistani city of Peshawar in a gun and bomb attack on the Shi’ite mosque, the latest sectarian violence to hit the South Asian nation. (REUTERS)
At least 19 people were killed on Friday in the Pakistani city of Peshawar in a gun and bomb attack on a Shi’ite mosque, the latest sectarian violence to hit the South Asian nation.

Radical Sunni Islamist groups often target mosques frequented by minority Shi’ites, whom they see as infidels.

Police said armed men broke into the mosque, where people were attending Friday prayers, and opened fire, following which three explosions were heard inside the building.

The Pakistani Taliban, who are fighting against the state to set up a hardline Sunni theocracy, claimed responsibility and said the attack was revenge for Pakistan’s crackdown on militants following a December school massacre.

“Either Pakistan will become your graveyard, or God’s law, sharia, will be implemented,” Taliban commander Khaleefa Omar Mansoor said in a video in which he was flanked by three young militants clutching AK-47 assault rifles.

“This is the first in a series of revenge attacks … Wait for the rest,” Mansoor, who had earlier claimed responsibility for the Dec. 16 school attack in which more than 150 people were killed, said in the video sent by email to reporters.

The style of the mosque attack was similar to that of the school attack, when gunmen arrived in a car, set it on fire, and broke into the building using a back entrance.

Peshawar’s Hayatabad Medical Complex said at least 19 people had been killed in the latest attack.

A witness, Shahid Hussain, told Reuters the worshippers had just finished prayers when five or six men wearing military uniforms broke into the mosque and started shooting.

“We had no idea what was going on. One of the attackers then blew himself up and then there was huge smoke and dust all around,” he said.

The attack came as Pakistan tries to adopt new measures to tackle militants following the school massacre, in which 134 children were among the dead.
The government has pledged to crack down on all militant groups, and has reintroduced the death penalty, set up military courts to speed convictions and widened its offensive in northwestern areas on the Afghan border where militants find refuge.

Yet Pakistan’s religious minorities, among them Ahmadis, Christians and Hindus, say the government is doing little to alleviate their daily struggle against discrimination and violence.

Last month, dozens of people were killed in a similar attack on a Shi’ite mosque in the southern town of Shikarpur.




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  1. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
    Maborlz Ez-Hari

    So, what’s new?

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Oh well, Talibanies again … especially in Pakistan .. yes, yes, nothing new. Too sad, but there it is.

  2. man-o-war Avatar

    “Btw where is your outrage at this crime? Oh thats right its not committed by a Jew or sunni.”

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Son’t worry … It must be … somehow …. Obamas’s fault.
      Pass the bacon, please. πŸ˜‰

    2. Hind Abyad Avatar

      Like the other Salafist barbaria, she played Zionist Malmequer friend against me. .but Barabia never talked to herself 17 posts in a row .

  3. man-o-war Avatar

    “Why arent the babbling idiots on this blog outraged like they are when a muslim does something similar?
    The hypocrisy is astounding. ” Barabie and her crew of monkeys are absent as usual, lets talk about hypocrisy some more, lol

  4. man-o-war Avatar

    The same idiots demanding somebody condemn the non-Sunni killing of Muslims have all of the sudden gone silent. Why could that be? Does this mean they support the radical Sunnis actions? According to barabie, it’s ok to assume that their silence means approval.

    1. Open your eyes Avatar
      Open your eyes

      You are SO predictable. I purposely didn’t comment on this article to see which of the yellow terrorists would bark about equality. Between you and me, my money was on you. πŸ™‚

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        But really, is there anything more that could be said? ;-))

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar

          Encourage the spams

      2. “Let’s really not go to extents that do not apply in this case.
        This so far has a legal term: 1st degree murder. Meaning that for now, it is considered a murder and nothing more. There will be an investigation, evidence and testimony will be gathered and based on those the prosecutor then decides what charges to be brought.
        The investigation might show that the 3 victims brandished Kalashnikovs on the guy and he shot and killed in self defense. I doubt this is the case but if it’s proven he’ll walk free.
        Or the investigation might show that it was a dispute and that the suspect lost it and started shooting with no other motives than killing other human beings whether they’re Muslims, Zarkonians or Phil Collins fans. Again I doubt this is the case but if that’s what it is he’ll get 3 counts of 1st degree murder and will go to the gas chamber.
        If the investigation shows that the suspect insulted the victims religions, their hijab, their race… and that the act of killing was solely or even partially based on discrimination then it will be considered a hate crime and the death penalty will also apply.
        For it to be considered a terrorist act, the suspect must be part of an organization meant to spread terror, it can be a one individual organization or a million members organization. And that the suspect left his house that day with the plan and purpose of spreading terror.
        For condemnations to be issued by officials it has to be charges 3 or 4 (hate crime, terrorist act). The suspect so far is charged with 1st degree murder which does not require condemnation besides the usual “killing is unacceptable”. The most they can say right now is that it’s a “heinous crime” but before the trial is over they can’t call it a hate crime or a terrorist act. It has to be proven that he was targeting Muslims by hate or for spreading terror.
        Why for now we can’t compare this “heinous act” to other “heinous acts” like the Boston Marathon bombing, or the Charlie Hebdo attack. Because for now, this man seems to have acted alone and without premeditation, while the Tsarnaev brothers learned how to do bombs in Pakistan, left home with premeditation to kill people and spread terror, and they have you tubes linking them to a cause. The same goes to the Charlie Hebdo hit squad.
        One last important note: people get killed every day and everywhere in the world and No, not every Muslim that kills another person the world asks for condemnation from other Muslims. Yesterday a guy named Ass ad Nasrallah walked into a house to rob it and killed the people in there and no one heard about it… Because it is a murder that had no ulterior motive besides robbing the house peacefully.”

        It could be a parking issue and the perpetuator seems a thug unfit soul.
        It seems a case of Khawarij lunatic act against non-muslims.

      3. “People needs to calm down as this is an isolated incident. And it may well be a hate crime, but don’t confuse this with a “terrorist” attack. Call him what you want, the problem here is the media’s use of religion in headline to insight emotions and interest.
        The outrage, for me, is the loss of these young and hopeful people, will be drowned by the noise – as you see here.”

      4. “this tough Thug should have been fighting Ass ad , Hezbulshaitan, Isis, Iran not innocent non- muslims i hope he rot in hell. S.O.B”

      5. “It was a ‘parking dispute’??? Magnified ‘Road Rage’??
        Really, then, part of the Societal Insanity experienced by many. Happens every day.
        That the victims were non-Muslim is, really, irrelevant, and probably that’s why there’s no huge over-reaction … and although the head-scarves might have been like waving a red cape at a bull, THAT kind of idiot wouldn’t need one because he’d just find something else to ‘dislike’ about how someone looks, to haul out a gun and assert his ‘power’.
        One can spend a lifetime avoiding them.
        Some have not been able to.”

      6. “We’ll find out or maybe we won’t, if this was a hate crime. But the true evil, is the media, reporting it as such to insight “interest” – and they succeeded.”

      7. “Suppose that they began this story the same way as most other homocide reports, and left out the word ‘non-Muslim’ … in the headline, and until the bottom of the text about his ‘tweets’, which were barely needed ? (barely needed because I’m sure the idiot with the gun didn’t read any tweets)”

      8. “Pass me a tissue, boo hoo………”

      9. man-o-war Avatar

        Haha, you purposely didn’t comment on this article, give me a break barabie. You’re the predictable one. I also didn’t say anything about equality. Just pointed out how you’re being a hypocrite by not expressing your outrage about this incident. Sound familiar barabie?

      10. “You want ‘mundane’?? More die in the USA each year from guns than from cars.
        And really, they are not all non-Muslim.
        The other thing to note, of course, is that it’s not because of organized religious ‘thought’.”

        1. man-o-war Avatar

          Are you ok?

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I think it’s his favourites from the past week … :-)))

          2. Thanks!:) Glad you liked, those lovely quotes were from some lovely people.:)

          3. 5thDrawer Avatar

            ‘You ARE welcome.’ ( _ proper Lebanese response._)

          4. Lol…anything Lebanese should always be appreciated, right?:)

          5. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Especially if female. πŸ˜‰ But the COFFEE … too. :-))

          6. You said it, ofcourse if IT is our sweet Hind!:)

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            Hey, don’t forget the ‘sweet Virgo’ … or even the Barabie … who was LARGELY appreciated … until she said a few words that ‘did not compute’… :-))))))

          8. Barabie?

          9. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Ah well … before your time … forget it.
            Some assume she comes back in another form. Some of us have been in here too long ….

          10. Before my time? Oh OK, lol..:)

          11. Hind Abyad Avatar

            You’re so hypocrite..
            “Ah well … before your time…”
            “Before my time? OH OK, lol..:)”

          12. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Well, Hind … you can whack at me, I don’t care.
            I assume every ‘new name’ is somebody new, because I stick with mine. That simple.
            Sorry I’m simple. Voila.

          13. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Stick to whatever..don’t be sorry..Bye

          14. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Wow … I’ll have to start recording all I say … seems others do … even the smilies, sometimes.
            I’ll let ‘Sweet’ answer her own post-results questions there.
            I laugh with you when it’s laughable, and cry when it’s sad … and yet, I’m not going to avoid making a comment about a ‘generality’ because it doesn’t agree with your ‘view’, even if you think I can’t be ‘all over the map’ and enjoy the variations presented.
            No-one in here ’caused’ all those vicious semi-humans to do what they are doing, in many places by many means, and if I think I see some faulty thinking which doesn’t fit a ‘logic’ framework …. well, I’ll just punt in my own philosophy – maybe wrapped in a bit of comedy – hoping someone picks up the concept – WHICH is not SO different than yours …
            Killing should be outlawed. We agree.
            I get tired of hearing that ‘why’ of the histories, when no-one learns from them. It won’t change much in here – of either the world, or a country full of the dorks.

          15. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Yes..and over. Bye

          16. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Sorry … I just can’t hate all those funny Jews the same way. Even as I avoided most of them, generally, maybe because they always want to argue.
            HOWEVER … speaking of ‘getting personal’ …. I AM open to discussion.
            Although, your studio is probably too cold at the moment……
            (even a masochist has limits … ) Au Revoir.

          17. Awww…so sweet of your ex-friend…:)

            “hypocrisy is by definition made ​​to conceal his true personality and affect interest by opinions feelings or qualities one possesses. I Was patient about your ‘ inclinations Zionistes’ because we were friends..but now it’s personal”

            5th, you better be ready! Lol…:)

          18. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Oh, stuff it.
            (and I can muddle through French too …)

          19. Lol..no doubt about it!:)

          20. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Do you also spy in other people houses in real life monkeyMajoos? Or exclusively on the internet
            Haha.. you’re an exhibitionist.

          21. When is YOUR SHOW, exhibitionist? Hope it won’t be too SCARY for the good ol’ audience here!:) Don’t forget the Monkey act!:)

            Ya Majoos Ya Majoos Ya Majoos shmmm rhmmm ahhhhh oooooh kheah kheah kheah…

          22. Now you’re a ‘Spy’, indeed! Which among your zillion avatars is this, Hindafist?:)
            Please don’t ‘Spy’ in other people’s houses, internet is already too Hind!:)

          23. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Exhibitionist and plagiarist = irrelevant

          24. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Very bad and false French translation.. useless idiot.

          25. Hind Abyad Avatar

            I never said; “getting personal “personal”.

            If you had respect you wouldn’t have referred to my studio (even a masochist has limits ..) humm..
            You learn fast .. XYZ isnogood professor.

          26. 5th will come around until then Majoos and Them are available, Hindjoos!:)

          27. Hind Abyad Avatar

            Sorry ..nothing to do with “funny Jews”..Likud Zionists don’t represent all Jews in Israel or Internationally..It’s you mocking dead Palestinian..no importance..forget it..

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            I wrote this as a reply to “barabie” or “openyoureyes”. Is there a problem?? Not sure what’s exactly going on…..but it seems like you’ve upset my dear friend 5th.

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            5th saw “openyoureyes” make copy-pastes of your letters, i asked if he remembers..(this person change names all the time), now he’s (+tt) and publish your letter again.
            I said he’s the same person
            I’m more upset than him.. for his reply..
            No importance i just wanted to answer your question.. πŸ™‚

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            Actually the name looks like XTC …. ‘Ecstasy’ … one up for the club dater … πŸ˜‰

          31. Bravo, well said!:)

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            Maybe .. but I’m out too … Pork sausages and eggs time … MMMM mmm.
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          35. I miss her πŸ™

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            I miss her as well, Like a hole in the head.

          37. lol

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            I’m glad all you guys are finally getting along, as Mabolrlz is too. :-))
            Philosophy CAN be an aid …

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            Now this is funny ;))

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            You’re obsessed with Hind +tt ?
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            Well, we can see you must also be the one who was in the thoughts of the guy who wrote that famous song …..
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            Have another Scotch.. i said Bye

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          53. Ya Majoos Ya Majoos Ya Majoos shmmm rhmmm ahhhhh oooooh kheah kheah kheah…

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            Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Glad i made cut.

          55. Like you all!:)

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            Just Majoo’s style spam

          57. Geez you’ve called out his name zillions of times still Nada. Let me try your Shitan style.:)
            Ya Majoos Ya Majoos Ya Majoos shmmm rhmmm ahhhhh oooooh kheah kheah kheah…
            Hope the great cave dweller Majoos comes out at last for YOU!:))

            See how much I respect you dear Hindjoos!:))

          58. Just Hindjoos style spam!:))

          59. Hindjoos rymes beautifully with Majoos, whatcha say??:))

      11. “Well i read yesterday and more today about what happened and this guy is an Atheists and he had problems with all his neighbors and he apparently argued with the victims. so he was a ticking time bomb ready to explode. People should have reported him instead of letting him vent his anger on everyone. But reading the facts and this supported all religions and even same sex marriage. so I really do not this so far as a hate crime. But no matter what it was heinous crime and killed innocents human beings and the suffering he is causing upon his family. I say that S.O.B needs to be hanged..”

      12. “Quite lovely … but trying to explain legalese to some of the lunkheads is like trying to explain why they wake up in the morning. :-))”

      13. “Ummmmm you have a point, it could be an act of terrorism no other way to describe it, but isn’t it you that is the first to say we have to wait for police investigative operations to conclude and the proper judicial processes to be carried out before we speculate on who is REALLY to blame? Or maybe everyone has become too desensitized after the burning alive of the Jordanian pilot that this really barely causes a ripple. But rest assured that justice will be carried out on who did the act unlike the non existent justice systems in the middle east.”

      14. “Just an FYI…..the sick bastard who shot these innocent people didn’t believe in religion at all so he wouldn’t be called a “muslim terrorist”.

        And for the record and to quote you exactly “when a Khawarij does something similar” those thugs don’t belong to a religion all they’re are doing is a hijacking a religion just to give themselves an excuse to kill, murder and rape. Those thugs belong to Satan.”

      15. “I didn’t think he was unfit his mother stated he was unfit. Hence my comment that he was NOT chemically imbalanced and that is why 5th replied what you copied and pasted.

        As for your “hypocrisy” accusation…..the first comment you made to me:

        AND this gem.
        “LOL….very true. It’s just so disturbing to see innocent people being a victim of these Islamists. I’m sick of them. And then you get some people who are on this site defending these pigs.”

        First you are laughing with me and now you’re calling me a hypocrite. Tell me why am I a hypocrite again?? Because to tell you the truth you are all over the place and what does a comment I wrote months ago have anything to do with what I commented to you?”

      16. “Sorry I don’t fire in a pile of ‘news briefs’ to let you know where a comment comes from.
        Think .. of a concept. No guns.
        The purpose of holding off on a sale or licence of a gun AND it’s carrier, and doing background checks, was to either allow idiots to cool down before getting it in their hands, or discover they had a history of being idiots and shouldn’t have a gun in the first place.
        Some even shoot themselves … or allow their 2-yr-olds to do it for them.
        I’m not going into ‘swords’ of course – most find them too awkward to put in the briefcase.
        The POINT is it should never have happened – the brain was fried, by whatever.
        But someone gave him the gun. Maybe even knowing they had fried his brain first.
        (and don’t blame the Aussie gov’t for that either)”

      17. “Because he’s mentally derranged like ISIS people. And all those ‘types’ terrorize us.
        In North Carolina the derranged are arrested and put on open trials.
        We don’t argue the fact.”

      18. “Take it easy now, nobody dropped bombs anywhere before some douchebags decided to bring down a couple of towers…”

      19. “Do I hear any ECHOS ?? :-)))))))
        (probably not from Pakistan ….)

        β€œequal opportunity anger” …. interesting turn of phrase for a certifiable nut-bar.”

    2. Open your eyes Avatar
      Open your eyes

      “Pass me a tissue, boo hoo………”

      1. man-o-war Avatar

        Tissue? Are you deflecting?

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar

          Now you will have a discectomy procedure of brain mashed potato-patata..have fun:))

          1. Lol… glad you are not a Doctor, Hindjoos!

            Ya Majoos Ya Majoos Ya Majoos shmmm rhmmm ahhhhh oooooh kheah kheah kheah…

      2. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
        Maborlz Ez-Hari

        your a quick learner.

  5. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    bunch of cowards all they do is kill innocent people. wish them the same fate..

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