Explosion rocks Sidon in south Lebanon, near the British cemetery

sidon blast
The Lebanese army is at the scene of the explosion that rocked the city of Sidon .

The sound of a  very loud explosion rocked  the city of Sidon in south Lebanon  , near the British cemetery in Haret Saida.

 There were many conflicting reports about the cause of the explosion .
 Some reports said  the explosion was caused by  roadside bomb.
Another report said the explosion was caused by a  hand a grenade .
A third report said   the explosion was caused by a  B7 shell near Zahra facilitator of Hezbollah
But the  internal security forces said the explosion in Sidon was caused by a stun grenade in an  orchard  that belonged to the Zaatari  family .
No injuries  were reported 
The army is at the scene to investigate the incident