3D-Gun printer will be unveiled at Texas Capitol by activists


Come and Take it Texas’ 3 D Gun  printeron January 13th, Come and Take it Texas (CATIT), one of the biggest and most forward-thinking guns rights advocates in the US, will be conducting a 2nd Amendment public demonstration at the footsteps of the Austin, Texas Capitol building, showcasing the Ghost Gunner CNC machine.

The Ghost Gunner machine is a non-profit open source hardware effort developed by Defense Distributed, the company behind the world’s first ever 3D-printed gun named, the ‘Liberator Pistol’ and brainchild of Texas-based entrepreneur, Cody Wilson. The R & amp; D and Wilson’s 1.0 version of the machine was also funded with Bitcoin.

At this historic launch event, the new Ghost Gunner machine will be finishing the manufacturing of firearms that are up to 80% near completion from being a ‘legal’ gun. Upon completion, new owners will be able walk away with a fully functional firearm in their possession, minus a serial number or permit.

While speaking with one of the founders of ‘Come and Take it Texas’, Phoenix Horton, on whether the Washington establishment was threatened by his group’s demonstrations, he said, “Washington is threatened by anything they themselves do not fully control. The Obama Administration has put a lot of eggs into their gun control basket and they did not expect us to flip around the argument and put them on the defensive with open carry legislation.”

3-D Printed guns made national and world news last year when Cody Wilson and his tech garage non-profit start-up Defense Distributed came under direct attack from New York’s liberal Senator Charles Schumer and Congressman Steve Israel, who both wanted to shut down the progenitor of the first 3-D printed gun, and proposed to slap a Federal government ban the technology.

When pressed on the issue of whether the open carry demonstrations are hurting the 2nd Amendment movement the US, CATITX spokesman Murdoch Pizgatti said, “People told us walking around open carrying rifles would hurt the gun rights movement, yet groups across the state have copied our every move and now we stand to reclaim constitutional carry, now they say we are crazy to do this but, we know you either flex your rights or lose them. It’s harder to make the trail than to walk on someone else’s.”

A young organization of just 2 years, Pizgatti and CATI hope to help pass ‘Constitutional Carry’ Bill HB 195 which will allow the open carry of a firearm without a permit.

Pizgatti explains how, unlike CATI, most of the Washington-based gun control groups will never work because they have no true movement of supporters. “What we’re doing here is the real deal” he said.

3 D printer - gunPrinted Guns
Last May a Japanese man suspected of holding guns made with a 3D printer was detained in Japan – in the first such case in the country.

The suspect allegedly purchased a 3D printer for around ¥60,000 ($600) on the Internet, and downloaded the blueprints for making the guns from foreign websites. Broadcasters showed Imura being taken in for questioning.




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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    When ‘tech’ becomes anti-human.
    Soon, everyone (especially in Texas) can be just like the stupid woman shot dead by her 2-yr-old who pulled her own gun out of her purse and did her in while grocery shopping. In the future, one assumes the 2-yr-old will also be able to push the ‘start’ button on the printing machine. Most who will pay the price of it have brains that didn’t get much past that. Look at how they interpret that ‘amendment’ to a constitution, after all.
    It seems ‘Big Business’ now likes the ‘Bitcoin’ too.

    1. AkhouManUki Avatar

      They’re working on the zillzell 3D printer – because we could all use a little more zillzell in our lives.

  2. Ryan Caspersen Avatar
    Ryan Caspersen

    this is awesome!!!

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      (et voila…)

    2. AkhouManUki Avatar

      Exactly which part is awesome? The part where convicts will now have quick and easy access to an infinite supply of weapons? Let’s hope someone comes up with a 3D printer for bulletproof vests next.

      1. Liberty is the awesome part that trumps all the rest.

        1. AkhouManUki Avatar

          there are countless ways to achieve liberty, why is it so important for you to choose a method where violence is the result? try riding a bike instead

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Oh Geezzz Akhou. Don’t pick cyclists. They believe in invisible walls of protection.
            You know how some of THOSE cycle-sects think they own the bloody road, and want to hog it ALL. !! 😉

          2. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Fine! Forget the bike – go for a run instead!

          3. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Naked ?? :-)) Sounds RIGHT.

          4. AkhouManUki Avatar

            Now we’re talking! 5th knows how to be free.

          5. Armed persons are no more intrinsically violent than porcupines. Don’t infringe on their liberty and you won’t get hurt. Mess with ’em and your likely to get bloodied.

          6. 5thDrawer Avatar

            et, voila. L’attitude.

          7. Humans are animals as well, a different species, but as species go no better, no worse. Everything is natural, nothing is supernatural. That is the nature of existence.

          8. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Animals which kill, only do it to eat.

          9. No, animals will kill to preserve their own life or the lives of their young as well.

          10. AkhouManUki Avatar

            If we were talking about robots, I would get it. But we’re talking about human beings, who come in all shapes and sizes, from crazy to more crazy. I don’t trust the majority of crazy humans with arms

          11. If you don’t trust armed people you should probably take up arms in your own defense as you’re quite unlikely to disarm others who wish to be armed.

          12. 5thDrawer Avatar

            It’s not about trusting ‘armed’ people … or even knowing that one knows how to use one and can take care of it, AND keep it safe from stupid mistakes. I’m sure we do.
            It’s about that concept that ‘anyone’ can throw one in a pocket and waltz around with it, and brandish it whenever they want to ‘show and tell’ that they are ready to kill.
            (sort of like Hezzy – kill to resist … hmmm)
            Perverting that ancient 2nd created for a militia, with advertising, into ‘personal need’ by Gun-Makers, with the line that everyone body ‘should’ have one to feel safe, and now even better ads for ‘lets make own own ‘hidden’ stuff too’ while we’re at it … too weird to trust.

          13. The reality of existence is that the sun shines on everyone. If you find that scary or otherwise objectionable the onus is on you to get in the shade.

      2. 5thDrawer Avatar

        I think that ‘DD’ acronym is for ‘Double Dick’ … prints those too I assume … usually bigger than real life ‘fun’ objects. (had not heard of those killing anyone, however … so far.)

  3. This machine turns aluminum into liberty. Its existence is a fact of reality and can no more be legislatively regulated than any other fact. One’s opinion of this machine, besides being ultimately irrelevant, reflects one’s opinion of humanity. Are humans basically good and entitled to liberty or are they evil and in need of control. If one thinks the latter, please articulate which of the evil humans are going to control the rest.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      All humans are born stupid. Period. What they are entitled to is ‘hope’. Maybe life, if they can be fed.
      The ‘Good’ remains to be seen – and not really known at least until we see if they share toys willingly, or need to be told to do so. If they run around poking other kids’ eyes out, we will assume control is definitely needed. If they shoot YOU with your own wonderful gun, then they have no idea of where the next meal will come from when the fridge is empty. Achieving THAT kind of stupid ‘liberty’?? No thanks.
      I see you had little ‘control’ … perhaps even of ‘self’.

      1. So how are the kids that run around poking other kids’ eyes out going to be deterred and who is going to do it? Only those who can credibly defend themselves will be available to deter those who can’t control themselves. That’s why machines like this are beneficial to those who wish to enjoy the liberty of being unmolested.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Aside from admitting I didn’t mind the girls molesting me … I didn’t let just anyone.
          I didn’t feel I had to kill those few who tried, to achieve the result.
          Even in that USA, you are among the least in thinking you must always shoot first.
          Promoting the concept – especially to kids-brains – leads only to failure.

          1. Liberty includes the right not to be molested by others. Being armed facilitates the maintenance of that right. If others choose to risk death by infringing on one’s liberty that is their choice.

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