Is too much hope pinned on Geagea, Aoun meeting ?


aoun geagea 100Former Lebanese president and Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel welcomed the expected talks between Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Michel Aoun and the Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea and expressed hope that such a meeting could to positive results and salvage the Republic

“We encourage dialogue between all (party) leaderships to salvage the Republic,” Gemayel told al-Mustaqbal newspaper in remarks published on Monday.

He hoped the dialogue between Aoun and Geagea would lead to positive results.

Gemayel expressed hope that the talks between them would focus on “saving the constitutional institutions, which have reached a state of decay.”

Gemayel said that he had no information or details about the expected talks.

According to media reports Melhem Riachi, chairman of the LF communication department, and MP Ibrahim Kanaan a key member of Aoun’s Change and Reform bloc are holding meetings away from the media spotlight to prepare the agenda for the dialogue between the two Christian leaders .

According to informed sources the presidential crisis will top the agenda.

Geagea was the first to announce his candidacy for the presidency , Aoun , wants to run as the consensus president , despite his affiliation with the Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group. Gemayel could also be a candidate and stressed this point on several occasions.

Geagea is supported by March 14 while Aoun is supported by March 8 .

Geagea has rejected outright Aoun’s suggestion of restricting the candidacy list to just the two of them.

The Lebanese Forces suggested that all the parliamentary blocs attend a session for a presidential election, or else meet up independently and agree on a third person.

Geagea has confirmed, through the delegates, that he would be happy if any of the four main Maronite politicians are elected – himself, Aoun, Gemayel or Marada Movement chief Sleiman Frangieh – but that a figure of very high caliber should be chosen.

Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk said Friday that Geagea and Aoun must drop their presidential aspirations and agree on a consensus candidate,

“It is time for March 8 and March 14 to give up their candidates and adopt an approach that could establish the consensual nature of the presidency ,” Machnouk, a key member of the Future Movement, said in a televised interview with Al Arabiya.

“Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea… is a rival to the other camp and… MP Michel Aoun is a rival to us,” he added. “Thus, neither of them can run for president.”



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  1. And as if appointing any of them matters! Isn’t the other idiot from Hozzib Tizzi running the country, and will continue to do so till his extermination.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Geagea says: ” …. a figure of very high caliber should be chosen …”
      The biggest problem of Lebanon, is in the general thinking that ‘The People’ are not competent enough to chose one. (Not that we can’t thank ‘the educators’ for that assumption… controlled as they are) Although, one could assume that there MUST BE A FEW among each sect with a brain.
      (recent example – Abe Faour)

      The ‘Tops’ of the sects (popular secularists) believe that ONLY the tops of sects should be running. Although by THIS time, seeing what has happened to Lebanon over the past 5 years, I’m sure very few who think about that country as ‘one entity’ would consider voting for any of them, if looking for ‘a figure of very high caliber ‘. And even Nastyrallah couldn’t draw more than 2 seats out of the 30 the last time they actually allowed ‘The People’ to have a vote. So he runs in fear of having a real election too. AND ALL want to continue under that ancient ‘Babda’ agreement to not fight with each other.

      Maybe they should just put out referendums, and go with results of those … to allow ‘the people’ some say, since there must be a few thinkers out there. Start with one that asks: ‘Do you like electricity? [ ] Would you feel better paying your $200/mnth electrical bill if it flowed to your home 24/7?’ [ ] Are you happy with it now? [ ] … (mark with an x or a check-mark where applicable – we will accept either)
      Then at least the elected parliament could find some direction …. maybe.

  2. Life without hope is nothing!!Let s hope for a better year ,let s hope for Peace ,for a world where there is happiness and no fear ,for a world where all mankind can live together !!Le us keep on hoping!!!!Happy New Year to All !

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