Lebanon food scandal: Health minister orders temporary shut down of chicken plant

abou faourLebanon’s Health Minister Wael Abu Faour asked Interior Ministry to temporarily shut down a chicken farm for health violations and referred to the judiciary a recent report of contaminated dairy plant in a Bekaa Valley factory.

In his request that was addressed to Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk, Abu Faour asked the ministry to shut down Tanmia plant for two weeks until the company carried out measures needed to meet the required standards.

The request came after a health ministry unit inspected the company in the Bekaa last week and reported that the factory violated hygiene and health standards.

Abu Faour has said that the plant which produces many meat and chicken products and is famous for cold cuts, had been tampering with the labeling by advancing the production dates printed on their products for three months, which deludes the consumers into thinking they are eating fresh products.

TanmiaTanmia is one of the largest poultry manufacturers in Lebanon. Hawa Chicken and Tanmia control over 40 % of chicken production in Lebanon. While Hawa slaughters about 50 % of its products Tanmia slaughters all its chicken according to a report by the ministry of agriculture .

The minister also referred to Public Prosecutor Samir Hamoud the results of an inspection of the Taanayel Center in the Bekaa, a dairy factory.

The report indicated that the factory contained contaminated and expired cheese, yogurt and yeast.

Abu Faour asked that the report be used by the prosecutor to follow up on the case and launch an investigation into the matter to prevent future violations.

  • arzatna1

    The Lebanese ministry of agriculture should station several inspectors on permanent basis at the Tanmia plant to make sure they are constantly monitoring all the processing operations from the time the fresh birds are brought in till they are packed ready for shipment. This is what the American and western plants do to protect the safety of their citizens.
    The Lebanese government should not be waiting for a report by the heath minister to act on this issue. This is shameful

    • 5thDrawer

      Trouble is, Arzatna, that everyone thinks ‘Uttering a Praise-Name’ fixes everything up just fine.
      And really, how could a god give anyone the shits? :-))))

      • arzatna1

        The problem my friend is I eat tanmia all the time , because it is one of the most commonly used brands in Lebanon and theoretically they are supposed to have the state of the art plant .
        I better go back to the doctor and check. If you don’t see my name anymore here assume I am one of the chicken martyrs.

        • 5thDrawer

          Ah well … not a ‘martur’ probably, but witnessing a mess in a toilet-bowl. :-)))

  • 5thDrawer

    Anyone have the ‘Labneh-Shits’ lately ??