M8 praises Hariri’s support for dialogue with Hezbollah

Pictures of Lebanon's Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (R) and former Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri are seen on key rings at a gift shop in the port city of Sidon, southern Lebanon. Hariri's support for dialogue with Hezbollah
Pictures of Lebanon’s Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (R) and former Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri are seen on key rings at a gift shop in the port city of Sidon, southern Lebanon. Hariri’s support for dialogue with Hezbollah was praised by  March 8 officials

March 8 officials praised former Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s support for a dialogue with Hezbollah Friday, with the hope that  the talks between the two rival parties would help defuse the Sunni-Shiite tensions.

In an interview with LBCI TV at his Paris residence Thursday night, Hariri said he was serious about a dialogue between his Future Movement and Hezbollah, adding that the talks with the militant  Shiite party were designed to defuse Sunni-Shiite tensions and shield the country against security threats linked to the war in Syria.

Thousands of Hezbollah fighters are helping the Syrian regime against the mostly Sunni rebels who are trying to topple the regime. Hezbollah’s role in Syria has come under attack because it brought the Syrian civil war closer to home.

“The atmosphere is positive and matters are heading toward  dialogue between Hezbollah and the Future Movement very soon,” Hezbollah MP Ali Fayyad was quoted as saying by The Daily Star newspaper .

MP Ali Khreis from Speaker Nabih Berri’s parliamentary bloc echoed  a similar view.

“Definitely, Hariri’s statement paves the way for starting the Hezbollah-Future dialogue, which  is basically aimed at defusing political and sectarian tensions in the country,” Khreis was quoted as saying by The Daily Star.

“Hariri’s statement contained several positive elements when he said that he is serious about a dialogue with Hezbollah and that he does not set preconditions for this dialogue,”Khreis  added .

Similarly another MP from March 8 alliance sounded optimistic about Hariri’s stance.

“The meeting between Hezbollah and the Future Movement will defuse the rift between two major sects in Lebanon,” MP Walid Khoury from MP Michel Aoun’s Change and Reform bloc told e Voice of Lebanon radio station. “The extended hands from Hezbollah and the Future Movement will lead to results.”

The former  premier also  met with former President Michel Suleiman in Paris on  Friday, and they reviewed developments in Lebanon and the region. The meeting was attended by Nader Hariri, Hariri’s chief of staff.

 Constitutional Council rejects Aoun’s challenge

Meanwhile,  the Constitutional Council, unanimously rejected a challenge filed by  Aoun’s  bloc against the extension of Parliament’s mandate by more than two years, saying its decision was designed to prevent further vacuums in state institutions.

“The Constitutional Council unanimously rejected the challenge in order to prevent further vacuums in constitutional institutions,” the council said in a statement at the end of its meeting.

The council’s decision came amid calls by Aoun’s bloc, civil organizations and NGOs to annul the extension and hold parliamentary elections. It also comes at a time when there is a presidential vacuum, as Parliament has failed since April to elect a successor to Suleiman.

Lawmakers from the rival political coalitions – March 8 and March 14 – as well as independent MPs voted earlier this month to extend Parliament’s mandate for two years and seven months by a 95-2 margin.

The move prompted Aoun’s bloc, whose MPs had boycotted the vote, to file a challenge against the extension with the 10-member Constitutional Council.

In its statement, the council said that despite rejecting the appeal and despite the extraordinary security circumstances cited by the lawmakers to justify the extension of Parliament’s mandate, it believed that the principle of holding periodic elections “should not be breached.”

It also said that linking the elections to a new electoral law violated the Constitution.

The council called for immediate parliamentary elections  once the extraordinary circumstances that prevented the elections from taking place ceased to exist. “Elections should be held immediately … without having to wait until the extension has expired,” the statement said.

It added that crippling constitutional institutions, especially the presidency, was “a flagrant violation of the Constitution.”

The Lebanese Forces, which voted for the extension of Parliament’s term, praised the council’s decision.

“The importance of this [Constitutional Council] decision is that it has stressed that vacuums in institutions should not be allowed,”Lebanese Forces MP George Adwan  told reporters after meeting  Speaker Berri at Ain al-Tineh.

“Our position is that we have voted against a vacuum and not for the extension.”

M14 also praises move

Adwan a key member of the M14 alliance  also praised   the planned dialogue between Hezbollah and the Future Movement .

“We need today to reduce tensions because in the end when we shield our country, we go to elect a president and hold elections, we as Lebanese will be able to fight the threat of terrorism that is sweeping Lebanon and the repercussions of what is happening in the region,” Adwan said

  • The real lebanese

    M8 has proven time and time again it will not compromise. The Future Movement is wasting its time.

    • 5thDrawer

      All Lebanon’s time …. which may have gone … except for the food industry. 😉

  • Andre

    Nice of that he forgave them for killing his dad… that’s so very christian of him.

    • MekensehParty

      He forgave bashar already so why not hassan?
      he’s always been a wuss

      • 5thDrawer

        Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. He knows he needs to keep that eye in the back of his head.
        Compromise doesn’t need to be total dissemble … although Hezzy’s want that as surely as El Supremo … but ol’ Nasty may agree to some temporary ‘giving in’, just to take the heat off his own image. Watch it change quickly later …. IF this 25-yr war ends.
        Or … if it becomes 100 years as Europe experienced. Ideologies at work.
        (Nasty replaced by Nastier?)

        • MekensehParty

          All they’re talking about is “easing tensions”?
          What does that even mean?
          What’s the benefit of such “dialogue”? And where’s the wisdom in dialoguing with someone who has not respected the results of past dialogues?
          There is one way of talking to nasrallah and it’s through a defense lawyer.
          Name that “party” a terrorist organization, which it is, and put an end to what we all know is a monologue under the threat of an Iranian gun.

          • 5thDrawer

            Sigh … yah …
            The fact is that the whole system is screwed by an ‘accord’ which simply left everything in mid-stream in that vain attempt to have people working together for ONE country. 🙁
            And ASSad&Co. made sure it continued that way …. while the ‘Religionists’ love their little fiefs. It’s as Tribal as Iraq.
            On the weekend, ‘the people’ joined hands along the coast to promote the solidarity.
            I don’t think the ‘Masters’ enjoyed it.

  • Maborlz Ez-Hari

    More talk and still no action, don’t hold your breath guys someone will object to something some where.

    • 5thDrawer

      Including the promised house-rebuilds in Tripoli?

      • zabada

        How Syiah distorted Islam religion..I tell you how Syiah ulema cheating all Syiits…When the prophet muhammad said..when you see black flag from Khurasan..join them..( this Khurasan black flag will join previous struggle in middle east (previous black flag)in other Hadis the prophet said AlMahdi will appear in Iraq,people will acknowledge him in a mosque,in Iraq…otherwise Syiah ulemas said.. to prolong their political gains and to defeat muslims..They said Ali had said..when you see black flag..don,t move your hand and feet..(not to join them)..That is what Syiah ulemas have done.So Syiah ulema know the prophecy and they try to prevent muslims to win over Jews Zionist by prevent muslims to join that black flag ..I do believe it is also Jews influence on Syiah religion,Syiah-Abdullah Ibnu saba teaching..one of syiah teacher,is a Jew..Syiah is not only a political religion,rebel faith at the past and bad cultures and bad moral that mixed badly on Syiah religion,it is also Jews, who corrupted Syiah believe..Wise ofJews also know the prophecy a bout black flag by The prophet muhammad pbuh.So they tell Syiah ulemas not to join black flag..in order to survive and prolong their weird Zionist movement and win over muslims..of course Syiah praises Ali better than the prophet..so they said Ali who said not to join black flag..and there are no such claim by Ali in sunni books.That is their way,the Syiah..love politic badly.

        • 5thDrawer

          Well Zabada … Mixing the religion with politics has always proven the worst way.
          And by this century, there is so much re-written by those ‘Hadiths’ that they will never get it straight.

          • Hind Abyad

            Sorry, i don’t understand how a secular Syria has distorted the..”ulema sheathing all Syiits..” Allawite are a branch of Shia. Christians, Armenians, Kurd, moderate Sunnis were the first travail of the “rebellion”..Kah Kah Kah..

          • guest

            Seems in a jolly mood, good keep it that way !!!

          • Hind Abyad


          • 5thDrawer

            I didn’t think there was ‘secularity’ in a dictator government. 😉

          • Hind Abyad

            It’s an ambiguous question.. lets try to be rational.
            Saddam Hussein was a secular dictator government..
            When Iraq was invaded, Iraqi Christians who had lived uninterruptedly in Mesopotamia and Babylon since 2000 years, were massacred and fled to Syria, a secular dictator government, all sects lived together in peace (read about it) = for the first time Christians who had lived in Syria uninterruptedly for 2000 years were massacred and fled = the Iraqi Christians had to flee, again.
            Tthe West said nothing but sent aid to the Azeris and Kurds.

  • Hind Abyad
    • 5thDrawer

      Which is why they attacked the army today … and disappeared another soldier to ‘bargain’ with.
      After killing six.

      • Hind Abyad

        detain his wife to get both soldiers..merde 🙁