First-ever Muslim prayers service at Washington National Cathedral

Washington-National-CathedralBy Pamela Constable
In a corner of Washington National Cathedral, several hundred Muslim worshipers and other invited guests gathered Friday afternoon for a first-ever recitation of weekly Muslim prayers at the iconic Christian church and to hear leaders of both faiths call for religious unity in the face of extremist violence and hate.

The Arabic call to prayer echoed among the vaulted stone arches and faded away, followed by an impassioned sermon from Ebrahim Rasool, a Muslim scholar who is South Africa’s ambassador to the United States. Rasool called on Muslims, Christians and others to come together and make “common cause” in the fight against extremists who appropriate Islam.

“We come to this cathedral with sensitivity and humility but keenly aware that it is not a time for platitudes, because mischief is threatening the world,” Rasool said. “The challenge for us today is to reconstitute a middle ground of good people . . . whose very existence threatens extremism.”

The event was closed to the public and there was heavy security, with police checking every name and bag. Organizers from several area Muslim institutions said there had been concerns about security and threats after the event was publicized and that they and cathedral officials wanted to limit it to a small and selected group.

Nevertheless, the carefully scripted ceremony was marred once when a well-dressed middle-age woman in the audience suddenly rose and began shouting that “America was founded on Christian principles. . . . Leave our church alone!” She was swiftly ushered out by security aides, and the service continued.

Numerous speakers, including cathedral officials and local Muslim leaders, echoed Rasool’s message about the urgent need for religious understanding and collaboration. Most made pointed references to the symbolism of the majestic Christian building, where rugs had been laid for prayer.

Muslims pray at Washington cathedral
First ever Muslim prayer service at Washington National Cathedral, held Friday November 14, 2014 . (Astrid Riecken/For The Washington Post)

The Very Rev. Gary Hall, dean of the cathedral, spoke of Saint Benedict, whom he said believed equally in the importance of prayer and hospitality. Marveling at the sounds of Arabic prayers, which he called “a beautiful sacred language in a beautiful sacred space,” Hall said he hoped the service would serve as the start of more efforts to work together for good.

Other speakers said they hoped the service would help correct some Americans’ misperceptions of Muslims as extremists and re-enforce tolerance among faiths.
“Salaam, shalom, peace. You are all so very welcome here,” said the Rev. Canon Gina Gilland Campbell, the cathedral’s director of liturgy, in an open greeting.

After the hour-long ceremony, which was covered live by several Arabic-language television channels, soft drinks and sweets were served to the guests, a mixture of people chosen to represent local mosques, churches and synagogues. Many seemed touched by the service, and several said they hoped the message would reach Muslims and others in the war-torn Middle East.

“I was very moved,” said Arif Ali, a lawyer in the District who brought his 12-year-old son, Zayd. “Ir really makes one think about the common heritage and values in Christianity and Islam.”

Rashid Makhdoom, a retired engineer from Potomac, said he believes that the message and symbolism of the event will “reverberate throughout the world. It should be a lesson for Muslims everywhere that we and Christians are all one,” he said.

The service developed out of a relationship between Campbell and Rasool, who worked together on a memorial service for Nelson Mandela. The intent was to make a statement about religious tolerance that would resound around the world.
It was not without critics, however.

In a Facebook post Thursday, the Rev. Franklin Graham, who heads the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said that it was “sad to see a church open its doors to worship of anything other than the One True God of the Bible . . .” As of late Friday, 64,000 people had “liked” the post.

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  • wargame1

    “And dispute ye not with the People of the Book (The Christians and the Jews) , except with means better (than mere disputation), unless it be with those of them who inflict wrong (and injury): but say, “We believe in the revelation which has come down to us and in that which came down to you; Our Allah and your Allah is one; and it is to Him we bow (in Islam).” Quran 29:46)

    • 5thDrawer

      “the common heritage and values in Christianity and Islam” …. because Mohammad came later, one supposes with a natural progression of human thought … a progression often interrupted by political blood-letting, and a desire to not venture further into the unknown, with a few extra ‘tales’ thrown in for good measure.

      • wargame1

        Adam (Peace be upon him) was a Muslim and the subsequent prophets and their followers were Muslims too. Prophet Muhammad was a Muslim and Jesus Moses David Jacob Abraham and others (Peace be upon them) were Muslims too. The message of the oneness of Allah were always the same.

        • 5thDrawer

          Therefore Wargamer, I too am Muslim …. and enjoy Scotch and nude sun-bathing (and neither of those harm anyone else that I have seen) and the smiles on women’s faces …
          Peace unto ALL of us, then, brother … I just don’t speak Arabic. :-))

          • wargame1

            “If it had been your Lord’s will, they would all have believed – all of who are on earth! Will you then compel humankind, against their will, to believe? No soul can believe, except by the will of Allah, and He will place doubt (or obscurity) on those who will not understand.” (Quran 10:99-100)

          • 5thDrawer

            So humans need to continually blame Eve, cover her up forever and use her for one purpose only – for pushing a healthy apple and making us ‘aware’ of the world ??

          • wargame1

            The Muslims do not blame eve. We find this belief in the Bible. But the Muslims reject such blaming eve thing.

          • 5thDrawer

            errrr … ok … but why the treatment of them then ? No rights to property from a man, being a huge thing I KNOW about in a ‘modern’ ‘democratic’ Lebanon … let alone seeing what Saudi-Tribal-thinking does to them ?? Did it NOT follow from the ‘teachings’ of the former religionists ?? Or are males just so damn greedy they won’t leave anything to a woman? In some cases, not even her face.

          • wargame1

            “Let there be no compulsion in religion; truth stands clear from error: whoever rejects false gods and believes in God has grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold that never breaks. And God hears and knows all things.” (Quran 2:256)

          • man-o-war

            You don’t know what kind of PTSD you’re causing those poor souls that gaze upon your glistening nude body.

          • 5thDrawer

            I’m not asking them to gaze … hahahhahaa … but some seem to be happy seeing a body chopped into pieces … and revel in it … too weird.

        • man-o-war

          How can these people be Muslims before Islam was founded? Maybe I should brush up on my Islamic history.

          • wargame1

            If I ask you that how come all the prophets mentioned in the Bible prayed like the Muslims in the past including Jesus Abraham ? Did Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon them) went their and taught them the Muslim praying style ?

          • man-o-war

            What? I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here.

            “Prophets mentioned in the bible prayed like Muslims in the past”, since the Bible and Torah came before Islam it makes since that Muslims prayed like the prophets in the past not vice versa.

            I don’t start dressing like I’m from 1920 and then claim that all those people in the past were copying my style.

          • wargame1

            Yes the Muslims pray like the prophet in the past because those prophets were Muslims. You can wear any dress you like. Every nation have their dress style. Islam commands to wear modest dress.

          • man-o-war

            How were they Muslims? There was no Islam in those days. What year did Gabriel bring Gods message to the prophet?

            You’re missing my point about the dress.

          • wargame1

            You are contradicting yourself. If they were not Muslims they how come they prayed like Muslims of today?

          • man-o-war

            Haha, this makes no sense to me. I’m sorry, but I just don’t think you’re understanding what I’m saying.

          • man-o-war

            IS it possible that the Muslims today are copying the praying style of the prophets from the past?

            You know those guys that invented Calculus? Well, I’m doing Calculus today in a very similar fashion as them. Therefore, according to your logic, they are copying me. I invented Calculus!!!!!!!

          • Hind Abyad

            Because they were Jews before.
            Arabia’s Jews were the first to convert to Islam.
            You ISIS and Zionism are same.

          • 5thDrawer

            (he got excited thinking of me on the beach … 😉 )

          • Maborlz Ez-Hari

            God’s plan for peace between Christianity and Islam.


            Islam is the religion founded by Mohammed, which considers the Koran as its holy book. Followers of Islam are known as Muslims and, like Jews and Christians, believe in only one God. Yet despite this shared belief, over the centuries Muslims have engaged in tremendous wars with Christians (and Jews). Many would conclude from these wars that there is little hope for peace. However this is certainly not the case, for we see a beacon of hope in the surprising similarities to Christianity in the mainstream Islamic beliefs with regards to the Mother of Jesus. In supplement to this, certain events of the last 1500 years can be seen to be pointing towards a continual unraveling of a peace plan which God is performing through these shared beliefs – evidenced at Fatima, in Portugal, as well as other places around the world.


            As you may already know, there have been hundreds of physical appearances of Mary, the mother of Jesus throughout the centuries of Christianity. These apparitions have re-affirmed the gospel Jesus gave to the world. They have prophesized wars, warned against evil and frequently been accompanied by great miracles. One of the greatest of these events was at a place called Fatima in 1917. The apparitions at Fatima were towards 3 Catholic Shepard children. During them amongst other things, Our Lady prophesized the rise of communism, predicted the Second World War and showed the children a vision of hell, the place where poor sinners go. She also performed a miracle of the sun- making it expand and appear like a multi coloured Catherine Wheel. The miracle was seen by 70,000 people. A great number of these people came to see the promised miracle as skeptics but went away as believers.

            The town name “Fatima” is a remnant from when the Moors once occupied Portugal. The village of Fatima was given the Islamic name of the well-loved Princess of the nearby Castle of Ourem. The beloved princess died at an early age after marrying the Count of Ourem and converting to Catholicism. Baptized with the Christian name of Oureana, she was named at birth “Fatima,” like many other Muslim girls, in honour of the daughter of Mohammed. Of his daughter Fatima, the founder of Islam, said: “She has the highest place in heaven after the Virgin Mary.” It is a fact that today, Muslims from various nations, especially from the Middle East, make so many pilgrimages to Our Lady of Fatima’s shrine in Portugal that Portuguese officials have expressed concern. The combination of an Islamic name and Islamic devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary is a great attraction to Muslims. God is writing straight with crooked lines, as we will see. Fatima is a key part of Heaven’s Peace Plan.

            The Koran

            In the Koran, the holy name of the Blessed Virgin Mary is mentioned no less than thirty times. No other woman’s name is even mentioned, not even that of Fatima. Among biblical men, only Abraham, Moses, and Noah are mentioned more times than Our Lady. In the Koran, Our Blessed Mother is described as “Virgin, ever Virgin.” The Islamic belief in the virginity of Mary puts to shame the heretical beliefs of those who call themselves Christian, while denying the perpetual virginity of Mary. Make no mistake about it; there is a very special relationship between the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Muslims!

            The Holy Land

            The Holy Land has been a real battleground between the Islamic peoples and Christianity over the centuries. Evidence of this are the numerous churches and basilicas that have been built, destroyed, rebuilt (in the Crusades) and finally destroyed again (when Jerusalem was re-conquered). However, there is one remarkable exception: the Basilica of Saint Anne in Jerusalem. The Crusaders built this church and named it in honour of the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the Crypt of St. Anne’s Basilica, a statue of the Infant Mary is venerated on what is believed to be the exact spot where Our Lady was born. The preservation of this Church demonstrates the Islamic devotion to Mary perfectly as the Muslims great reverence for Our Lady precluded the Muslims from destroying her birthplace. The foundation for Heaven’s Peace Plan can therefore be found in the Land of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


            As the Muslims swept through Spain in the 8th century, a great religious treasure was buried for safe-keeping in the earth, high in the Estremadura Mountains. It was a much venerated statue of Our Lady holding the Divine Child Jesus. After the overthrow of Moorish occupation this special statue was enshrined in a nearby Franciscan Monastery next to the “Wolf River.”

            The Muslims, during their Spanish occupation, had actually named the river. The Islamic term for Wolf River is “Guadalupe” (Guada = River; Lupe = Wolf). Hence, the famous Catholic statue in Spain has been known, since the 14th century, by the Islamic name of “Our Lady of Guadalupe”.


            In the fullness of time, we can be sure that Almighty God knew that the Islamic religion would pose a serious threat to Christianity. God also knew that the Spanish missionaries would face grave resistance in the “new world” from the mighty Aztec Indians. The Aztecs worshipped an evil stone “serpent god” that demanded human sacrifice. It was extremely difficult to win souls for Christ from these people. However, with God all things are possible. Our Lady appeared to a humble Aztec Indian Catholic by the name of Juan Diego in 1531. When asked her name by Juan Diego, at the request of the local bishop, Our Lady’s response, in the Aztec language, included the words “te coatlaxopeuh” (pronounced: “te quatlasupe”) and meant “one who crushes the head of the stone serpent”. To Juan Diego and his fellow Aztecs, this revelation had great meaning, coupled with the miraculous image of Our Lady standing on top of a “crescent,” the symbol of the serpent god.

            A tidal wave of conversions to Catholicism ensued. However, Bishop Zumarraga, who was from Spain, made what was no doubt a “heavenly mistake” that one day may lead to the mass conversion of Muslims. To the Bishop’s Spanish ears, Our Lady’s Aztec name of “Te Quatlasupe” sounded just like the name of the revered Madonna from Spain with the Islamic name, “Guadalupe”. Hence, the bishop named the Mexican Madonna “Our Lady of Guadalupe”. It is interesting that the “crescent” is also the symbol for Islam and that America’s Shrine to Our Lady has an Islamic name. The image was impressed on Juan Diego’s tilma. The tilma itself is made from the fibres of the maguey plant which does not last more than 25-40 years, yet after 469 years, the original tilma can still be found in perfect condition in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Tepeyac. Scientific studies have determined that the image is not painted. The colours used to make the image cannot be identified by science. The eyes of Our Lady in the image have human qualities and reflections of those reported to be present in the room at the time of the apparition have been discovered in the inner eyes of the Virgin. In the ten years following Our Lady producing this image, nine million natives converted to Catholicism. The missionaries, once discouraged, were swamped with hundreds of baptisms every day.

            Battle of Lepanto

            On October 7, 1571, a great victory over the mighty Turkish fleet was won by Catholic naval forces. It was the last battle at sea between “oared” ships, which featured the most powerful navy in the world, a Muslim force with between 12,000 to 15,000 rowers. The patchwork team of Catholic ships was powered by the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. (The Rosary is the name of a set of prayers, in which someone meditates on the way Mary experienced and witnessed the life of Jesus,)

            Knowing that the Christian forces were at a distinct material disadvantage, the pope, St. Pius V called for all of Europe to pray the Rosary for victory. We know today that the victory was decisive and it prevented the Islamic invasion of Europe. We can see here evidence of the Hand of God working through the rosary. At the hour of victory, St. Pope Pius V, who was hundreds of miles away at the Vatican, is said to have gotten up from a meeting, went over to a window, and exclaimed with supernatural radiance: “The Christian fleet is victorious!” and shed tears of thanksgiving to God. Also, as he looked out of the window at this point it is said that he saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary smiling. One of three admirals commanding the Catholic forces at Lepanto was Andrea Doria. He carried a small copy of Mexico’s Our Lady of Guadalupe into battle. This image is now enshrined in the Church of San Stefano in Aveto, Italy. God chose to reveal his plan for peace through the Blessed Virgin Mary in an event that took place almost 1000 years to the day after the birth of Mohammed.

            The Rosary

            The prayers of the Rosary proved very powerful, St Padre Pio, a great devotee to Mary (and worker of many, many miracles) once said: “The Rosary is a weapon” and how right he was!

            The Rosary is stronger than an A-Bomb!

            There was a home eight blocks (about 1 kilometre) from where the A-Bomb went off in Hiroshima Japan. This home had a church attached to it which was completely destroyed, but the home survived, and so did the eight German Jesuit priests who prayed the rosary in that house faithfully every day and were praying when the bomb struck. These men were missionaries to the Japanese people. Not only did they all survive with minor injuries, but they all lived well past that awful day with no radiation sickness, no loss of hearing, or any other visible long term defects or maladies. Naturally, they were interviewed numerous times (Fr. Schiffer, a survivor, said over 200 times) by scientists and health care people about their remarkable experience and they say “we believe we survived because we were living the message of Fatima. We lived and prayed the rosary daily in that home”. Of course secular scientists are still speechless, absolutely bamboozled that somehow; the bomb destroyed everything in a much greater radius, except them.

            The Rosary

            And with that we are back to Fatima, Portugal where Our Lady, when asked her name, said: “I am the Lady of the Rosary”. At Fatima, Our Lady taught us to pray the Rosary every day. Heaven presented its peace plan at Fatima and truly gave us hope for the world. Conversions were promised at Fatima: the conversion of sinners; the conversion of Russia; and what also appears to be the conversion of Islam.

            The prophecies of saints

            Some of the most holy Catholic saints foresaw that, in the final years of the world, Mary would bring all Muslims to Christ. It was revealed to Saint Louis Marie De Montfort, a Saints famed for his devotion to Mary, that there would come an “Age Of Mary” in which she would call all peoples especially the Muslims to her, and through her, to Jesus.

            The situation today…

            Today, the hatred of the Muslim countries against the West is becoming hatred against Christianity itself. It is our firm belief that these fears some entertain concerning the Muslims are not to be realized, but that Muslims, instead, will eventually be converted to Christianity — and in a way that many early Catholic missionaries would never have suspected. That it will be done through a summoning of the Muslims to a veneration of the Mother of God.

            The Islamic explanation

            It is difficult for Muslims to logically explain why neither Abraham’s nor even Mohammed’s mother is given such a mentioning as Mary in the Koran, and even harder to explain her preservation from Sin. Of course, some Old Testament prophecies demanded the mother of the Messiah to be a virgin- however many more numerous prophecies in the same books demand more vigorously that the messiah to be The Son Of God, Suffer death on a cross, bring redemption for our sins through his suffering and rise again after 3 days. Other than the strange mentioning in the Koran, there is really no rational, nor Old Testament Basis, for Mary to be seen so highly. Many are now realizing that only Catholic theology explains Mary’s position in the Koran perfectly- because it understands her full role, as both Mother of Jesus and “Mother of God”.


            We believe that the Blessed Virgin appeared at Fatima in order to be known as “Our Lady of Fatima”. A pledge and a sign of hope to Muslim people, and an assurance that they, who show her so much respect, may one day accept her Divine Son, too. There is much evidence to support this. For example, Muslims have shown enthusiastic reception to the Pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima which is frequently carried through the streets of some countries. Muslims have also attended the Catholic services in honour of Our Lady, allowed religious processions and even prayers before their mosques. In Mozambique the Muslims, who were unconverted, began to be Christian as soon as the statue of Our Lady of Fatima was erected. It is clear that devotion to Our Blessed Lady will carry the Muslims the rest of the way to her Divine Son. Why not pray, silently and humbly tonight, asking almighty God whether indeed he was born of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the most loved of all women in heaven.

          • Maborlz Ez-Hari

            The Quran


            The Bible

            The advertised story behind the writing of the Qur’an is as follows. Mohammed, the founder of Islam, was born in 570AD in Mecca, Islam’s holiest city, of the tribe Quraysh. He began having visions at the age of 40. According to Islamic tradition, the angel Gabriel appeared to him on Mt. Hira, near Mecca, and had him memorize the contents of a scroll. This scroll contained the beginning of Sura 96 of the Qur’an (Koran), entitled “Clots of Blood” because man is supposedly created from this substance. Gabriel ordered Mohammed to “Recite!” The Qur’an refers to the 114 revelations, each containing one “sura” or chapter (Schoeps, Hans Joachim, The Relligions of Mankind, Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc.. 1968, pp. 242-45).

            N.J. Dawood, whose translation of the Qur’an was published as a Penguin Classic in 1956, explains the development of this “revealed book”: The Quranic revelations followed each other at brief intervals and were at first committed to memory by professional remembrancers. During Mohammed’s lifetime verses were written on palm-leaves, stones, and any other material that came to hand. Their collection was completed during the caliphate of Umar. the second Caliph, and an authorized version was established during the caliphate of Uthman, his successor. To this day this version is regarded by believers as the authentic word of God (Dawood,, N.J., The Koran (New York: Penguin Books, 1596), p.3. All references to the Koran are from this version).

            According to Sura II, vs.98, “Gabriel has revealed the Qur’an as a guide confirming previous scriptures [the Old and New Testaments of the Bible].” Even more: “God has now revealed the best of scriptures, a Book… free from any flaw” (Sura XXXIX. vs.23). God tells Mohammed: “Nothing is said to you that has not been said to other apostles before you” (Sura XLI, vs.42. The apostles themselves admit that they brought a more enlightened faith—and so it is with Mohammed, the greatest of all apostles (Sura XLI, vs.20).

            We accept the following challenge in the Qur’an: “Will they not ponder on the Qur’an? If it had not come from God, they could have surely found in it many contradictions.” (Sura IV, vs.82).

            We have read the Qur’an, and we have found many teachings that contradict the doctrines of the Catholic Church, the only organization on earth that has the God-given mandate to teach (Mt. 28:19), govern (Mt. 18:18), and sanctify (Lk. 22:19) mankind. The whole body of revealed truth, that is, whatsoever Christ has taught (Mt. 28:19-20), has been committed to Her for the enlightenment of nations. It is Her duty, then, to preserve, interpret, and proclaim these truths of revelation. No other organization or person has been so commissioned.

            The first contradiction concerns creation. Holy Scripture asserts, “In the beginning God created heaven and earth” (Gen. 1:1). That is to say, in the beginning of time, when only God existed. “Create” means to bring forth from nothing (no-thing): ex nihilo. In other words, only God creates. Only He can bridge the infinite distance or gulf between being and non-being. In contrast, man makes things out of pre-existing materials. He cannot create. He is a creature; that which is made out of nothing, or anything that exists outside of God. But the Qur’an states that God created man from pre-existing matter: Men, if you doubt the Resurrection remember that we first created you from dust, then from a living germ, then from a clot of blood, then from a half-formed lump of flesh….(Sura XXII, vs.5).

            As we pointed out above, Sura XCVI, vs.1 asserts: “Recite in the name of your Lord who created—created man from clots of blood.” Here is a somewhat different account: “I am creating man from dry clay, from black moulded loam (Sura XV, vs.19).

            Before God created man, He created “Satan from smokeless fire” Sura XV, vs.19) and this Satan boasts: “I am nobler than he. You created me from fire, but him from clay” ‘Sura XXXVIII, vs.76).

            We believe that Satan sinned through pride. He desired to be like God, and refused to submit to His will, and therefore he was cast down into Hell forever. The Qur’an maintains that Satan was thrown out of Heaven because he refused to worship man.When I have fashioned him [man] and breathed of My spirit into him, kneel down and prostrate yourselves before him. The angels, one and all, prostrated themselves, except Satan. He refused to prostrate himself with the others…

            “Begone,” said God. “you are accursed. My curse shall be with you till Judgment day” (Sura XV, vss.19­32).

            The Qur’an denies another fundamental truth of Catholicism: the divinity of Jesus Christ. The Psalmist depicts the Messiah saving: “The Lord hath said to me: Thou art my son, this day have I begotten thee” (Ps. 2:7). Moreover, the Messiah shares the throne of Yahweh: “The Lord Yahweh, said to my Lord Jesus Christ): Sit thou at my right hand” (Ps. 109:1) He is Emmanuel, God-with-us (Is. 7:14), and is called El Gibbor (Mighty God), a title Christ the Messiah shares with Yahweh (Is. 9:6; l0:20ff.).

            At least five times in the Synoptics Jesus explicitly declares Himself to be the Son of God (Mt. 11:25-27; 16:16-17; Mk.12:1-9; 13:32; 14:61-62), and implicitly much more often. TheJews understood fully our Lord’s divine claims, and they murdered Him for it:

            “He made himself to be the Son of God” (Jn. 19:7). Similarly, after Christ affirmed His divinity—”I and the Father are one” (Jn. 10:30)—the Jews desired to stone Him “…for blasphemy; and because that thou [Our Lord being a man, makest thyself God” (Jn. 10:33).

            One of the most striking proofs of our Lord’s pre­ existence as the divine Son of God is found in the prologue of St. John’s Gospel:

            In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him was made nothing that has been made (Jn. 1:1-3).

            Despite all the evidence in the Old and New Testaments that Jesus Christ is “the only begotten Son of God, born of the Father before all ages; God of God, Light of Light, true God of true God; begotten, not made, consubstantial with the Father, by whom all things were made,… (Nicene Creed), the Qur’an insists that our Lord is simply a creature: “Jesus is like Adam in the sight of God. He created him of dust and then said to him: ‘Be,’ and he was” (Sura III, vss.51­59).

            “God forbid,” exclaims the Qur’an, “that He Himself (God) should beget a son” (Sura XIX, vs.29). Those who believe that God has begotten a Son, “preach a monstrous falsehood” (Sura XIX, vs.88). for “God is One…, he begot none” (Sura CXII, vs.1). The Qur’an concludes: “So believe in God and His apostles and do not say: ‘Three”’ (Sura IV, vs.174).

            It follows that Mary is not the Mother of God:

            “The Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, was no more than God’s apostle and His word which He cast to Mary: a spirit from Him” (Sura XL, vs.171). “Unbelievers are those who say: ‘God is the Messiah, the son of Mary”’ (Sura V. vs.70).

            That the Blessed Virgin Mary is truly the Mother of God was defined by the Council of Ephesus in 431. This does not mean that Mary, who was herself a creature of God, in any way produced or pre-existed the Divinity. By her complete acceptance of God’s plans for her at the Annunciation, Mary became mother in time of the God who existed before time was. Christ took His human body, His human nature, from His mother Mary; He was truly the “son of Mary” (Mk. 6:3). Muslims, following the Qur’an, reject this article of faith because they are convinced that it entails Mary producing the divine nature of Jesus.

            The divine maternity is the root of all of Mary’s privileges. One is the Immaculate Conception: the unique privilege by which she, in view of the future merits of her divine Son, was conceived free from original sin in the womb of her mother, St. Anne (defined as an article of faith on Dec. 8,1854, by Pope Pius IX, in the Bull Ineffabilis).

            Another privilege of Mary is her perpetual virginity: she remained a virgin throughout her life— before, during, and after the birth of Christ. The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin is yet another privilege: at the end of her earthly life she was assumed into Heaven, glorified in both body and soul. This doctrine was solemnly defined by Pope Pius XII on Nov. 1, 1950 (Apostolic Constitution Munificentissimus Deus).

            Because the Qur’an lambastes belief in Mary’s divine motherhood, it ipso facto disbelieves in all her privileges which stem from it, including the fact that she did not undergo the pains of childbirth. If Mary is free from the stain of original sin, and if the pains of childbirth are due to original sin, then the Blessed Virgin conceived Our Lord without experiencing the sorrows associated with bringing forth children (cf. Gen. 3:16).

            The following description in the Qur’an of the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus is obviously at odds with Scripture and the official teaching of the Catholic Church: Thereupon she conceived him, and retired to a far-off place. And when she felt the throes of childbirth she lay down by the trunk of a palm tree, crying: “Oh, would that I had died and passed into oblivion.”

            But a voice from below cried out to her: Do not despair. Your Lord has provided a brook that runs at your feet, and if you shake the trunk of this palm tree it will drop fresh ripe dates in your lap. Therefore eat and drink and rejoice; and should you meet any mortal say to him: “I have vowed a fast to the Merciful and will not speak with any man today” (Sura XIX. vs.22).

            Where is the angel Gabriel. who saluted Mary: “Hail, thou who art full of grace?” No mention of St. Joseph—neither here nor in the rest of the book—but a whole sura of nine pages is devoted to Joseph, son of Jacob. The miraculous nature of Mary’s conception is rejected: “The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee and the power of the Most High shall overshadow thee and therefore the Holy one to be born shall be called the Son of God.” Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin, proclaims that Mary is the mother of God: “And how have I deserved that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” Moreover, the Blessed Virgin conceived our Lord in a manger, and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes. She was not under a palm tree. Imagine the absurdity of Our Lady being in so much pain that she would rather “pass into oblivion.” Yet the Qur’an asserts: “Such was Jesus, the son of Mary. That is the whole truth, which they still doubt” (Sura XIX, vs.29) (cf Lk., chapters 1;2).

            The Blessed Virgin Mary, furthermore, seems to be confused with Miriam, the daughter of Jachabed and sister of Moses and Aaron: “Carrying the child, she came to her people. who said to her: ‘Mary, this is indeed a strange thing! Sister of Aaron…”’ (Sura XIX, vs.28). In a footnote, Dawood essays to protect the integrity of the text: Muslim commentators deny the charge that there is confusion here between Miriam, Aaron’s sister, and Maryam (Mary), mother of Jesus. “Sister of Aaron,” they argue, simply means ‘virtuous woman” in this context.

            In any case, there is no such reference in Scripture concerning Our Lady, although in the New Testament, Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist and therefore Mary’s cousin, “was of the daughters of Aaron” (Lk. 1:5). The word is often used in its literal sense (Mt. 9:18; Mk. 5:35), but it was also used frequently for a woman of a certain race or religion as a daughter of the Hebrews (Jud. 10:12), or as a term of familiar endearment (Mt. 9:22). The prophets for example often speak of Jerusalem as the “daughter of Sion” (Is. 37:22; Jer. 4:31; Mich. 4:10). But again, “Mary” and “daughter of Sion” are never found together in the Scriptures.

            The Qur’an charges that Catholics worship Mary as a god (Sura V, vs.114), which is patently false. No person or thing should take the place of God, or be honored in a manner due to God alone, for this is idolatry, which God forbade. All worship not directed to God Himself must be subordinate to Him (Ex. 20:3-5; Duet. 5:9;Jn. 4:22).

            Hyperdulia is the special honor or veneration paid to the Blessed Virgin because of the supreme dignity as the Mother of God and her consequent unique holiness: “full of grace.” It is quite different from the adoration due to God alone (latria), for it recognizes that Mary is a creature. Since she is a holier and nobler creature than all the angels and saints, the honor that she deserves is greater than that paid to them (dulia). Hyperdulia implies the loving reverence of a child for God’s mother and ours, and confidence in her intercessory power with her divine Son (Jn 2:5).

            Similarly, the Qur’an insists that Catholics deify the saints (Sura XVII, vs.52). Veneration of the saints, however, is indirectly worship of God, who made and sanctified them and whose friends they are. Their holiness, their triumph, and glory are but a reflection of those of Christ, their Mediator and Model. A classic response to the charge that Catholics deify the saints is given in the Martyrdom of Polycarp. When the Jews pleaded with the magistrate not to give up St. Polycarp’s body to the Catholics “else they will abandon the crucified One and begin worshipping this one,” Marcion replied:

            This was done at the instigation and insistence of the Jews, who also watched when we were going to take him from the fire, being ignorant that we can never forsake Christ, who suffered for the salvation of the whole world of those who are saved, the faultless for the sinners, nor can we ever worship any other. For we love the martyrs as disciples and imitators of the Lord, deservedly so, because of their unsurpassable devotion to their sworn King and Teacher. May it be also our lot to be their companions and fellow disciples! (17:1-3).

            Divorce is yet another subject on which the Qur’an overturns the teaching of the Catholic Church. Our Lord restored to marriage its primitive dignity by insisting upon the indissolubility of the marriage bond, promulgated by the Triune God in the beginnings of human history: “What therefore God has joined together, let no man put asunder”(Mt. 9:4-8).

            Compare our Lord’s statement with those found in the Qur’an: And when Zayd [so-called adopted son of Mohammed] divorced his wife, We gave her to you [Muhammad] in marriage, so that it should become legitimate for true believers to wed the wives of their adopted sons if they divorced them (Sura XXXIII, vs.37).

            “It shall be no offense for you to divorce your wives before the marriage is consummated or the dowry settled” (Sura II, vs.236). A clear case of polygamy is asserted in Sura IV, vs. 126: “Try as you may, you cannot treat all your wives impartially.”

            Again: Lawful to you [Mohammed] are the believing women and the freewomen from among those who were given the Book before you, provided that you give them their dowries and live in honor with them, neither committing fornication nor taking them as mistresses (Sura V. vs.5).

            Believers, do not approach your prayers when you are drunk, but wait till you can grasp the meaning of your words; nor when you are polluted: if you have relieved yourselves or had intercourse with women whilst travelling and can find no water, take some clean sand and rub your faces and your hands with it (Sura IV, vs.43).

            The adulterer may marry only an adulteress or an idolatress; and the adulteress may marry only an adulterer or an idolater. True believers are forbidden such marriages (Sura XXIV, vs. 1). Believers, if you marry believing women and divorce them before the marriage is consummated, you are not required to observe a waiting period (Sura XXXIII, vs.43).

            According to the Qur’an, these orgies continue in Heaven where concupiscence knows no bounds:

            “They [true believers] will sit with bashful, dark-eyed virgins, as chaste as the sheltered eggs of ostriches” (Sura XXXVII, vs.48).

            Reclining there upon soft couches, they shall feel neither the scorching heat nor the biting cold. Trees will spread their shade around them, and fruits will hang in clusters over them.

            They shall be served with silver dishes, and beakers as large as goblets. …They shall be attended by boys graced with eternal youth, who to the beholder’s eyes will seem like sprinkled pearls. When you gaze upon that scene, you will behold a kingdom blissful and glorious (Sura LXXVI, vss. 13-20).

            In conclusion we agree with the Qur’an: “Who is more wicked than the man who invents a falsehood about God or denies His revelations” (Sura VI, vs.21)? And we concur with the judgment: “He [Mohammed?] has invented it [the Qur’an] himself” (Sura XLVI, vs.7).

            Let us pray for the conversion of the Muslims in the words of the Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Pope Pius XI): Be Thou King of all those who are still involved in the darkness of idolatry or of Islamism, and refuse not to draw them all into the light and kingdom of God. Turn Thine eyes of mercy toward the children of that race once Thy chosen people. Of old they called down upon themselves the Blood of the Savior; may It now descend upon them a laver of redemption and of life.
            By Catholic European scholar, who wishes to remain anonymous for personal reasons.

          • 5thDrawer

            A hugely long and interesting insertion Maborlz … copied and pasted for the read.
            Thanks. 🙂

          • man-o-war

            just because the Bible said that Jesus and the Prophets prostrated, followed the Law, did not eat Pork, prayed with others, fasted, and believe in one God that that means the Bible indicates that they were Muslim. This is a false teaching. The Prophets and Jesus Christ did all these things as per Jewish Custom! So, Muslims are really Jews!!!

          • Hind Abyad

            Rather Moslems learned to pray like ancient Jews and first Christians

        • guest

          We (All non-Muslims and many Muslims) have a common misconception that Islam is the newest religion and was originated just after Muhammad (peace and blessings be on him) preached Islam. In reality Islam is the oldest religion on earth. It started from Adam (A.S) and Eve (A.S.) and continued till Muhammad (SAW). In between there were some One hundred or two hundred and 24 thousand prophets who preached the same religion. Islam means acquiring peace by submitting one’s will to Allah (God). So those who do that are Muslims. We know that all the prophets (Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad [peace and blessing be on them all]) basically preached the oneness of the same God, prohibited to any partnership/association with God and other basics.

          Allah says in the Holy Qur’an- 22:78 “And strive in His cause as ye ought to strive, (with sincerity and under discipline). He has chosen you, and has imposed no difficulties on you in religion; it is the cult of your father Abraham. It is He Who has named you Muslims, both before and in this (Revelation); that the Messenger may be a witness for you, and ye be witnesses for mankind! So establish regular Prayer, give regular Charity, and hold fast to Allah! He is your Protector – the Best to protect and the Best to help!”

          So you see even before Muhammad (SAW) the followers of other prophets were Muslims under Islam as the basic principles were the same. The same God will not prescribe different basics for different people. The basic of mathematics 2 + 2 = 4 will remain for every part of the mathematics no matter how advance it is. So the basics of religion is also the same throughout the history of human being and it is known as Islam. In the religious texts no where it is written for the jews that they are jews, or for the christians that they are Christians or for the Hindus as well. These terms are basically provided by others, humans.

          • 5thDrawer

            Here we can agree, it is humans. And the mathematics works.
            More humans thinking the same = more of common thought.
            ARE we educating?
            Or dividing into disconnected tribal thinking by the lack of knowledge?
            (or worse, ill-educating by unfounded ‘belief’ – with no logic or mathematics.)

        • guest

          Since there is One God and one human kind; as men are not better than women and whites are not better than blacks, nor are Arabs better than Indians, etc…, then there is One Sender and one recipient, therefore it is logical to have one religion sent by God to the human kind with different messengers through different eras.

          This religion should not be limited, in order to suit all people. It should not be called after a person or a tribe or a geographic region like Hinduism which is called after Hind or India, Judaism after the tribe of Judas, Christianity after Jesus Christ and Buddhism after Buddha.

          The religion of God is called Islam which is a concept meaning: submitting to God and worshipping Him purely without associating other gods with Him, in order to reach peace and harmony with the universe.

          Islam is the religion of Jesus and Moses and Abraham and all the Prophets since Adam (peace be upon them all). Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is merely one of the messengers of Islam, the final messenger as called by the Quran (3:144):

          {Muhammad is no more than a messenger of Allah, like the messengers that passed away before him. If he dies or is killed, will you turn back on your heels (become unbelievers)? He who turns back on his heels will do no harm to Allah; soon Allah will reward the thankful.}
          The main creed in Islam is to worship none but Allah, the Exalted, who is the only true God since He is the creator of everyone and everything; He is unique and there is no one comparable to Him. If a god walks on earth and eats like everyone thus discharges what he eats then he is surely not a god. The true God does not have to come to earth to show Himself, He chooses prophets and messengers from among people who speak their own language and understands their culture. Allah the Exalted mentions in His book what is translated as:

          {Certainly we have sent you (O Muhammad) with the truth as a bearer of good news and as a Warner, for there has not been a nation which has not had a Warner}
          So Allah has sent a prophet to warn every nation on earth from the beginning of time until the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who addressed the final reminder. This is to worship none but the only true God, Allah, otherwise there will be major consequences in the hereafter on those who reject. Why was Muhammad (peace be upon him) the final Warner? Because Allah has perfected and completed His religion to mankind as mentioned in the Qur’an (5:3):

          {…This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion…}
          So the previous prophets before Muhammad (peace be upon them all) preached Islam by asking their followers to believe in only one unique God, the creator. Over time, people changed this ideology to what is known today as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc… It is mentioned in the Qur’an what is translated as:

          {And this (submission to Allah, Islam) was enjoined by Ibrahim (Abraham) upon his sons and by Jacob (saying), “O my sons! Allah has chosen for you the (true) religion, then die not except in the Faith of Islam (as Muslims – Islamic Monotheism).”} (Al-Baqara, Chapter 2, Verse 132)

          {Do you claim that Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and their descendents were Jews or Christians? Say, “Are you more knowledgeable than Allah?” Who is more unjust than he who conceals the testimony received from Allah (Islam)? Allah is not unaware of what you do.”} (Al-Baqara, Chapter 2, Verse 140)
          Furthermore, Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) as saying:

          “I am most akin to Jesus Christ among the whole of mankind, and all the Prophets are of different mothers but belong to one religion and no Prophet was raised between me and Jesus.” (Muslim – Book 30, Hadith 5835)
          In conclusion, Islam is the final revelation from God sent to humanity. It is everyone’s duty to study Islam and understand it in order to attain final salvation.

        • guest

          And while you are reading, notice that the word “Islam” is explained both as a verb and as a noun. The reason for this is to help the non-Muslims understand that “Islam” has always been there for all of the people since the time of Adam, peace be upon him. This is in the form of the verb, “Islam.” Anyone who “Islams” is therefore, a “Muslim.”
          As regards what the prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) brought this is clearly the noun form of the same word, “Islam.” Yet, at the same time we still can understand it as a verb.

          The religion of the people who came after their prophets always became named by them in ways that they could divide up themselves and distinguish themselves from other groups. The Muslims have tried to do the same thing even today. The idea of dividing up into different groups is something that Allah forbid us to do in the Quran and it is something that the devil loves to see us do.

          Now let me make my point perfectly clear: ISLAM is the Way of all of the prophets from the first (Adam, peace be upon him) to Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him). They all called the people to submit their free choice that Allah had given them to the Will of Allah. That is what “Islam” is really all about.

          When the people begin to corrupt and change the message, they give some name to it that makes it distinct for them. Usually they chose a noun such as a person, place or thing. The examples are many, but let me mention the Hindus, from the nation of Hind, the Jews from the tribe of Judah, the Christians from The Christ, the Buddhists from the name of their Buddha. All of these are “nouns” right? So that is where they took the names.

          Islam is from Allah, The Creator and Sustainer of all that exists. As such, it is for Him Alone to command and direct His creation and He Alone is responsible for what He will accept and what He will not accept. It is also for Him Alone to decree what is good and what is bad and He must be the One to show the right path in all things.

          Everything in the life of the creations of Allah, especially for those who have choices to make (us), must be dictated and clarified by the One who Created everything in the fist place. We understand from this that Islam must be a complete and total way of living, explaining everything in the life from beginning to end and from birth until death.

          Islam is careful to remind us that it not a religion to be paid mere lip service; rather it is an all-encompassing way of life that must be practiced continuously for it to be Islam.

          There are other injunctions and commandments which concern virtually all facets of one’s personal, family and civic life. These include such matters as diet, clothing, personal hygiene, interpersonal relations, business ethics, responsibilities towards parents, spouse and children, marriage, divorce and inheritance, civil and criminal law, fighting in defense of Islam, relations with non-Muslims, and so much more.

          In conclusion, we are forced to realize that ISLAM is a complete way of life for the human being. Everything is covered in Islam from birth to death to live in the complete submission to the Will of the One Who Created man in the first place.

          • 5thDrawer

            AND NOT WRITTEN DOWN BY ALLAH … but ONLY by ‘man’.
            Who ‘believes’ HE was given the words – the spirit of God/Allah IN A HUMAN.
            If you didn’t have a female, you would’t have the male.
            Can you at least ALLOW some equality ????? A little bit?? MAYBE ???
            Surely ALLAH did.
            Necessarily ‘different’, but equally necessary to ‘life’.

        • guest

          Jewish Professor Admits All Prophets Were Muslim

          • wargame1

            The Jews know very well about Islam. They wont accept it out of arrogance. They want some one like their own who will make usury pornography sodomy etc halal. then he will be their prophet i.e.Dajjal. The Jews were send many prophet and most of them were killed by them or driven out of the land. Thanks for the video. It is helpful for all of us

          • 5thDrawer

            We can assume that if you say it, then others think it too. Someone had to come up with the ‘original thought’, after all. After RA, and a multitude of Gods floating around before as well as since, the ‘One God’ was a better thought …. although it didn’t save the pocket-book for the contributions.
            Not everyone is overlooking the fact that RA didn’t raise the price of energy – ever.
            Thank God.

        • guest

          Being a Jew is not a religion but a race like being an arab, being a Greek or a roman among all these we have Muslims too!

          Is there in the “jewish scriptures” where they are commanded to pray to a ruined wall?
          if not, know for sure that neither Moses nor Jesus was jewish by religion but muslims because they used to make compulsory daily prayers whereby they stood, prostrated and bowed. Mary the mother of Jesus was told in the Quran to join those who pray in standing, then prostrating and bowing.
          Muslims stand, bow and prostrate even today.

          • wargame1

            Yes its true about that race but they themselves made it their only religion. The Jewish religion is those who follow the Torah. We call them Jews as they themselves identify in that way. When a children of Israel reverted to Islam they are not considered as Jews such as the Pushtun tribes in Afghanistan who are Muslims. People from any race or religion can not be a Jew! Kurds , Alawites ,Durge , Some African tribe ,Pushtuns are from the children of Israel.

          • 5thDrawer

            Sorry old ‘Guest’ … I will catch up to the Saturday ‘Lesson’ later …

        • guest

          The Prophet Muhammad said, “No baby is born but upon Fitra (as a Muslim). It is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a Polytheist.” (Sahih Muslim, Book 033, Number 6426)

          Islam is the religion of all Prophets, Adam to Muhammad. Children are not born out of any sin, original, inherited or derived. They are born on the religion of their nature, i.e., Islam.

        • guest

          The question which arises here is, “How can all people be expected to believe in Allah given their varying- backgrounds, societies and cultures? For people to be responsible for worshipping Allah they all have to have access to knowledge of Allah. The final revelation teaches that all mankind have the recognition of Allah imprinted on their souls, a part of their very nature with which they are created.

          In Soorah Al-A’raaf, Verses 172-173; Allah explained that when He created Adam, He caused all of Adam’s descendants to come into existence and took a pledge from them saying, Am I not your Lord? To which they all replied, ” Yes, we testify to It:’

          Allah then explained why He had all of mankind bear witness that He is their creator and only true God worthy of worship. He said, “That was In case you (mankind) should say on the day of Resurrection, “Verily we were unaware of all this.” That is to say, we had no idea that You Allah, were our God. No one told us that we were only supposed to worship You alone. Allah went on to explain That it was also In case you should say, “Certainly It was our ancestors who made partners (With Allah) and we are only their descendants; will You then destroy us for what those liars did?” Thus, every child is born with a natural belief in Allah and an inborn inclination to worship Him alone called in Arabic the “Fitrah”.

          If the child were left alone, he would worship Allah in his own way, but all children are affected by those things around them, seen or unseen.

          The Prophet (PBUH) reported that Allah said, “I created my servants in the right religion but devils made them go astray”. The Prophet (PBUH) also said, “Each child is born in a state of “Fitrah”, then his parents make him a Jew, Christian or a Zoroastrian, the way an animal gives birth to a normal offspring. Have you noticed any that were born mutilated?” (Collected by Al-Bukhaaree and Muslim).So, just as the child submits to the physical laws which Allah has put in nature, his soul also submits naturally to the fact that Allah is his Lord and Creator. But, his parents try to make him follow their own way and the child is not strong enough in the early stages of his life to resist or oppose the will of his parents. The religion which the child follows at this stage is one of custom and upbringing and Allah does not hold him to account or punish him for this religion. (By Abu Ameena Bilal Phillips )

          • 5thDrawer

            ‘Nature’ is wonderful.

          • man-o-war

            We’re getting an Islamic lesson whether we want it or not. He could of just told us, “Islam #1, everyone else will burn in hell fire”, done! Less spamming and your point is clear.

          • Hind Abyad

            Guest spam-man thinks we read him..

          • Hind Abyad

            Why were Jews Moslem Christians living together in peace in Palestine before the Zionist with no link to the ME came?
            See these Jewish soldiers they look like Middle Easterners, not Netanyahoo.


          • TheUSequalsTheIS

            as did they b4 the zionist promoted civil wars in lebanon, iraq, and syria.
            now they want the same thing to happen to iran where muslims, christians, and jews live together in peace.
            divide and conquer is what the zionists r doing and the IS and al-qaeda are just the tools they are using.

        • guest

          What would you call a religion whose beliefs, practices and followers are being bashed and bad-mouthed in practically every sphere of activity, in almost every corner of the globe, yet it attracts ever-increasing numbers of people?

          A Paradox? A Miracle ? Or simply, The Truth: Islam.

          The fact that Islam. is the fastest growing religion in the world today, is proof that our Creator has taken it upon Himself to perfect the Truth that He sent all His prophets and messengers with — from Adam [AS] to Muhammad [SAW].

          Studies conducted in the West show that the sheer number of new Muslims is changing the demographic profile of countries all over the world, and not all of them are born into Muslim families. With some 6 million adherents in the United States, Islam is said to be the nation’s fastest-growing religion. One expert estimates that 25,000 people a year become Muslims in this country; some clerics say they have seen conversion rates quadruple since Sept 11.

          Ironically for a religion that is routinely bashed for “subjugating” and “oppressing” its female followers, the number of female reverts to Islam.outnumber the males 4:1!

          The fact that more and more people are finding their way to Islam., notwithstanding the relentless propaganda, deliberate misinformation and outright prejudice against it, never ceases to amaze me.

          How do these people navigate in the darkness to find the light of Islam. in spite of all the obstacles in the way?

          The answer is that our Creator has granted each one of us a guiding light — a pure, undefiled innate nature called the fitrah. Unlike Christians who believe in the doctrine of Original Sin and assert that each baby is born tainted with the sin of Adam’s disobedience to God, Muslims believe that every child is born into a state of purity where it recognizes its Creator and is naturally subservient to His laws.

          In his book The Fundamentals of Islamic Monotheism, Abu Ameenah Bilaal Philips writes: Just as a child’s body submits to the physical laws which Allah has put in nature, its soul also submits naturally to the fact that Allah is its Lord and Creator. But its parents try to make it follow their own way and the child is not strong enough in the early stages of its life to resist or oppose its parents. The religion which the child follows at this stage is one of custom and upbringing and Allah does not hold it to account for this religion.

          When the child matures in youth and clear proofs of the falsehood of its religion are brought to it, the adult must now follow the religion of knowledge and reason. At this point the devils try their best to encourage him to stay as he is or to go further astray. Evils are made pleasing to him and he must now live in the midst of a struggle between his innate pure nature and his desires in order to find the right road.

          If he chooses to follow his innate nature, his fitrah, Allah will help him overcome his desires even though it may take most of his life to escape, for many people enter Islam. in their old age.

          The Qur’an also points to this phenomenon, where every soul that has been created is asked Who their Lord is, and they testify that it is none other than Allah before they are born into the world.

          When your Lord drew forth from the loins of the children of Aadam their descendants and made them testify concerning themselves. Saying: Am I not your Lord? They said: “Yes, we testify to it.” (This) in case you say on the Day of Judgement, “We were unaware of this.” Or in case you say: It was our ancestors who made partners (with Allah) and we are only their descendants…[Surah Al-A’raaf 7:172-173]

          Explaining this verse, the Prophet [SAW] said: When Allah created Aadam [AS] , He took a covenant from him …then He extracted from him all of his descendants who would be born until the end of the world, generation after generation and spread them out in front of Him in order to take a covenant from them.

          He spoke to them face to face saying: Am I not your Lord? And they all replied: Yes, we testify to it.

          Allah then explained why He had all of mankind bear witness that He was their Creator and the only true God worthy of worship. He said: That was in case you (mankind) should say on the Day of Resurrection, “Surely we were unaware of all this. We had no idea that You were our God.” [Silsilah al ahadeeth as Saheehah, Narrated by ibn Abbaas, collected by Imaam Ahmad]

          This is the reason why people who adopt Islaam are said to revert instead of convert, because they are going back to their original nature — the one they were naturally created with — which is automatically aligned with the Universe, its Creator and His Laws; as opposed to simply exchanging one set of beliefs for another.

          Reverts to Islaam testify that this inner inclination to search for the Truth, to know and follow it is a major factor in their adopting the faith. It is interesting to see some of the reasons cited by reverts for adopting Islaam:

          Islamic Monotheism
          “The Christian sect of Athanasians insistently inculcates the tenet that Christianity is based on a belief in three gods (Trinity), that a slightest doubt as to this belief will lead one to immediate perdition; and that a person who wishes to attain salvation in this world and the next should definitely hold a belief in the three gods: God, the Son of God, and the Holy Ghost.

          When I became a Muslim, I received a letter, which said: “By becoming a Muslim you have damned yourself to perdition. No one can save you. For you deny the divinity of God.” The poor man [who wrote that letter] thought that I no longer believed in God, not knowing that when Jesus had begun to preach, he stated the unity of God and he never claimed to be His son.

          [Lord Headley al-Farooq; British diplomat, engineer]

          An answer for every question:
          “I would always search for causes and purposes for everything. I would anticipate logical explanations for them. On the other hand, the explanations provided by priests and other Christian men of religion did not satisfy me. Most of the time, instead of giving satisfactory answers to my questions, they would dismiss the matter with evasive prevarications such as, “We cannot understand these things. They are divine secrets” and “They are beyond the grasp of the human mind.”

          Upon this I decided to study, on the one hand, Oriental religions, and on the other hand, books written by famous philosophers. The books written by these philosophers always dealt with such subjects as protoplasms, atoms, molecules, and particles, and did not even touch on reflections such as “What becomes of the human soul?” “Where does the soul go after death?” “How should we discipline our souls in this world?”

          The Islamic religion, on the other hand, treated the human subject not only within the corporeal areas, but also along the spiritual extensions. Therefore, I chose Islam not because I had lost my way, or only because Christianity had incurred my displeasure, or as a result of sudden decision, but, on the contrary, after very minutely studying it and becoming thoroughly convinced about its greatness, singularity, solemnity and perfection

          [Muhammad Alexander Russell Webb; American diplomat, author]

          Direct relationship with one’s Creator:
          Now I realize I can get in direct contact with God, unlike Christianity or any other religion. As one Hindu lady told me, “You don’t understand the Hindus. We believe in one God; we use these objects (idols) to merely concentrate.” What she was saying was that in order to reach God, one has to create associates, that are idols for the purpose. But Islam removes all these barriers.

          [Yusuf Islaam, formerly Cat Stevens]

          Islam is a religion that belongs not only to the Arabs but to the entire humanity. This universal quality presents a sharp contrast with the Judaic religion, whose holy book always refers to the God of Israel.

          One more thing that I love in Islam is that this religion recognizes all the prophets, makes no distinction between them and treats the believers of other religions with compassion.

          [Mahmud Gunnar Ahmad, Swedish Muslim]

          Absolute equality before God, extended brotherhood:
          There were tens of thousands of pilgrims, from all over the world. They were of all colors, from blue-eyed blondes to black-skinned Africans. But we were all participating in the same ritual, displaying a spirit of unity and brotherhood that my experiences in America had led me to believe never could exist between the white and non-white.

          America needs to understand Islam, because this is the one religion that erases from its society the race problem. Throughout my travels in the Muslim world, I have met, talked to, and even eaten with people who in America would have been considered white – but the white attitude was removed from their minds by the religion of Islam. I have never before seen sincere and true brotherhood practiced by all colors together, irrespective of their color.

          You may be shocked by these words coming from me. But on this pilgrimage, what I have seen, and experienced, has forced me to rearrange much of my thought-patterns previously held, and to toss aside some of my previous conclusions. This was not too difficult for me. Despite my firm convictions, I have always been a man who tries to face facts, and to accept the reality of life as new experience and new knowledge unfolds it. I have always kept an open mind, which is necessary to the flexibility that must go hand in hand with every form of intelligent search for truth.

          During the past eleven days here in the Muslim world, I have eaten from the same plate, drunk from the same glass, and slept on the same rug – while praying to the same God – with fellow Muslims, whose eyes were the bluest of blue, whose hair was the blondest of blond, and whose skin was the whitest of white. And in the words and in the deeds of the white Muslims, I felt the same sincerity that I felt among the black African Muslims of Nigeria, Sudan and Ghana. We were truly all the same (brothers) – because their belief in one God had removed the white from their minds, the white from their behavior, and the white from their attitude.

          [Letter written from Makkah, by Malcolm X]

          Purity of prayer:
          If I were asked what impressed me most in the religion of Islam, I would probably say the prayers, because prayers in Christianity are used wholly in begging God (through Jesus Christ) to grant worldly favours, whereas in Islam they ar used to give praise and thanks to Almighty God for all His blessings since He knows what is necessary for our welfare and grants us what we need without our asking it.

          [Cecilia Mahmuda Cannolly, Australian Muslim]

          Women’s rights and status:
          No doubt, influenced by the usual condemnation of Islam from Christian pulpits on the subject, I picked on polygamy. At last I thought I had something; obviously Western monogamy was an improvement on this old system. I talked of it to my Muslim friend. He illustrated with the aid of newspaper articles how much true monogamy there was in England, and convinced me that a limited polygamy was the answer to the secret unions that are becoming so distressingly common in the West. My own common sense could see that, particularly after a war, when women of a certain age group far outnumber men, a percentage of them are destined to remain spinsters. Did God give them life for that? I recollect that on the radio programme known as `Dear Sir’ an unmarried English girl had called for lawful polygamy, saying she would prefer a shared married life rather than the loneliness to which she seemed to be destined. In Islam no one is forced into a polygamous marriage, but in a perfect religion, the opportunity must be there to meet those cases where it is necessary.

          [Mavis B Jolly, UK]

          Belief in the Qur’aan as Divine Revelation:
          I read as much of the Qur’aan as I could. I was immersed in it. As I read the verses in English, I repeated to myself over and over again, this is what I have always thought and believed. What kind of book was this? Before long I was reading the book and crying, and reading and crying… it was as if something had overtaken me… I forgot what I was looking for in particular, however when I came upon the verses in Surah Baqarah 122-141 regarding Prophet Ibrahim (AS) I had found my answer.

          I had been searching for Isma’il (as), son of Prophet Ibrahim and his wife Hajarah, who had been missing from the Hebrew brothers story. In those verses I found the truth of religion… They say: Become Jews or Christians if ye would be guided (to salvation). Say thou: Nay! (I would rather) the religion of Abraham the True, and he joined not gods with Allah. Say ye: We believe in Allah, and the revelation given to us, and to Abraham, Isma’il, Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes, and that given to Moses and Jesus, and that given to (all) the Prophets from their Lord; We make no difference between one another of them: and we submit to Allah.” (2:135-136) As I continued to read and cry, I became intent upon finding someone who could connect me with others who believed in this book!

          [K H Abdul Lateef, USA]

          The personal example of the Prophet Muhammad [SAW]:
          I accepted Islam because I admired the Prophet Muhammad.[SAW]. I had quite a number of Muslim friends in Zanzibar, who gave me Islamic books, which I read in secrecy from my family. I became a Muslim despite the remonstrances of my family and the oppressions of the priests of Parsee religion, which had been my religion until that time. I held fast to my religion and resisted against all sorts of threats. Now I love Allah and His last Prophet Muhammad [SAW] more than my life

          [Faruq B Karai, Zanzibar]

          Islaam withstands scrutiny and encourages reasoning:
          Instead of asking a follower to believe in its precepts just ”because” or someone asks them to, Islaam encourages people to think for themselves, reflect on the signs of God in Creation and within their own selves. Little wonder then that a sizable number of reverts are thinking people: scientists, astronomers, philosophers, doctors.

          As created beings who can neither grant life nor ward off death, we owe it to ourselves and The One Who Created Us to discover the Truth, to follow it and to facilitate others to do the same.

        • guest

          “Have the ignorant polytheists abandoned the true God and chosen, instead, the false and powerlessgods? Tell them: ‘Bring forth your proof!’ This call of mine to unity is my saying and that of all the learned men of the community, as well as the saying of all the Prophets and learned men before me. But these polytheists have no knowledge of the truth and constantly avert themselves from it. (21:24)

          Did man emerge from non-being through his own devices? Was he his own creator? Did mankind create the heavens and earth? Certainly they do not know God.” (52:35-36)

        • guest

          All Prophets from Adam to Noah to Idris (Enoch), Ibrahim, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus & Muhammad (S) preached ONLY AND ONLY ONE MESSAGE “LA ILAHA ILLAllah” – Islam, but later deceived priests edited original scriptures repeatedly & fabricated many dogmas such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Roman Paganism, Judaism, Atheism & many others. This truth will be confirmed to every one immediately after death! (Ref: Quran) NonBelievers will repent but their repentance after this life will not be accepted.

          So called Christian & Jew deliberately do not like to realize the truth, & from centuries many so called half-learned Muslim scholars also do not ponder into the truth of Quran which is stated at many places in Quran & that is: That All Prophets taught only Islam & all their true followers were Muslims. Quran clearly says, Noah Abraham Moses & Jesus were Muslims.

          The terms Hindu, Buddha, Jew, Christian are dogmatic terms that were invented by deceived priests. When Quran uses the terms like Jew (Yahud) and Christian (Nasaara), Quran is just pointing toward these fabricated dogmas. Quran never ever say that these dogmas were/are correct, and were paths of GOD. In fact Quran clearly says in verse 3:67 that invented dogmas such as Judaism and Christianity (Nasara) are NOT PATHS of GOD.

        • guest

          It is matter of common sense that GOD is not so unwise that he will send different prophets for different religions. It does not make any sense at all. In fact he sent all prophets for one path which is Islam (defined as submission only to ONE GOD). The word Muslim in their root languages of scriptures appears in all original old revelation/scriptures. No where the word Hindu Parsi Buddha Christian or Jew etc appears in original scriptures. As these all dogmatic terms except the term of MUSLIM, are invented by deceived priests in ages.

          The final BOOK of GOD Glorious Quran confirms that old scriptures were from GOD but also confirms their corruption later on, and Quran corrects their priests-edited verses. Quran very CLEARLY says that all prophets taught just one path of ISLAM and Allah (Some say GOD) has made it very clear in verse 3:85 of Quran: “If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost (All spiritual good)”

          Islam started from Adam & perfected at Muhammad (S). All Prophets preached ONLY ISLAM. “La Ilaha Ill’Allah” is Fixed-Permanent TRUTH & Rasool-Allah remained Permanent-Incremental truth a part of Shahada up to Muhammad (S). In the time of Moses, shahada was La Ilaha Ill’Allah; Moses Rasool Allah, & when Eisa came, It was Eisa Rasool Allah. After Muhammad (S), one can be only Muslim if he/she believe in “La Ilaha Ill’Allah; Mohammad Rasool Allah. To believe in ON TIME prophet & past prophets is a CONDITION in Quran. It is 4th Article of faith.

          Allah (some say GOD) has said in verse 3:85 of Noble Quran:
          “If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost (All spiritual good)”

        • guest

          For example, in the time of Moses (PBUH), a Muslim could not be a Muslim unless he believed that “La Ilaha IllAllah”, and Moses is Rasool Allah [(plus he/she believed in all past prophets/Messengers came before Moses(PBUH)]. So any body who converted from a Kafir/Unbeliever to Muslim in the time of Moses, Must had accepted “”La Ilaha IllAllah”, and Moses is Rasool Allah.

          But after EISA/Jesus (PBUH) became Prophet, all true followers of Moses could only be Muslims if they believed in “”La Ilaha IllAllah”, and Eisa (Jesus) is Rasool Allah [(plus he/she believed in all past prophets/Messengers came before Eisa/Jesus(PBUH)].

          In Same way, after Muhammad (PBUH) Last Prophet & Messenger came, All true followers of Jesus/Eisa could only be Muslim if they believed in “”La Ilaha IllAllah”, and Muhammad is Rasool Allah (plus he/she believed in all past prophets/Messengers came before Muhammad(S). This is why that when a Non-Muslim wishes to Convert/Revert to ISLAM today. HE/MUST declare “LA ILLAHA ILLALLah”, and “MUHAMMAD is RASOOL ALLAH” [(plus he/she believed in all past prophets/Messengers came before Muhammad(S)]. He/she Must also declare that he/she believes in Angels, in Quran and all Past true scriptures (only in their original form) and on the day of Judgment.

        • guest

          So Articles of faith for a Muslim are:

          1- To have believe on one ALLAH (some say God)
          2- To have believe on Allah’s angels
          3- To have believe on Allah’s all revelations/Scriptures (of course in their original unedited forms)
          4- To have believe on all Prophets/Messengers (all are equal ranks, though some were granted some thing that was not granted to other and vice versa)
          5- To have believe on Day of Judgment

          Now if any person in the time of Moses was his true follower. He was a MUSLIM (regardless what label was attached to him by others such as Jew Nasrani etc), and such a true follower will go to paradise. But after the prophethood of Jesus, if the same true follower of Moses refuse to accept Jesus as a prophet of GOD that person is now no longer a Muslim because by refusing Jesus, he denied from five Articles, one article of Islam/Muslim which is to have believe on all prophets. Such a person though still believes on first part of Shahada which is “La Ilaha ILLAllah but refused the second part of Shahada “Rasool Allah”. When Quran says that Jews and Nasara who have done good deeds will have also reward in next life from Allah; here Quran is in fact speaking about the true followers of Moses (before arrival of Jesus), and True followers of Jesus before the arrival of Muhammad (S) who were Muslims but were labeled by some ones as Jew or Nasara. Label has no value. Value is in what you believe. Allah knows well what is even hidden in hearts. It is also clear here, that who does not believe in the prophethood of Muhammad (S) is denying the 4th article of Islam (To believe all prophets), such person is not following Islam and is not a MUSLIM.

          However the Pagans who say Jesus is son of GOD and Ezra is son of GOD were/are MUSHRIK and not true followers of Jesus and Moses.

        • guest

          There are some non-Muslims who criticize Muslims/Islam, that why Islam/Muslims/Quran say there is only one true path of GOD and that is ISLAM. My answer to those empty heads is, that ONE GOD does not have hundreds of Paths but ONE GOD have just ONE PATH, and I have not fabricated this law myself but this truth is present in Quran, the final protected Revelation of GOD that corrects corruption of all old scriptures and supersedes all old scriptures.

          Take an example: Assume. you are a student of Physics in University. Teacher will always advise you to buy the latest edition of that Book. If next year, if new edition comes, he will announce, old edition is no longer to be used for exam but only the the new edition/Latest/final edition. GOD is the author of all scriptures. You are not in need of to search guidance in old forged/corrupted editions when you have the latest edition in your hands. which is the most perfect one comparatively to all old editions. Does it make sense!!! YES IT DOES.

          • Maborlz Ez-Hari

            I think I need to update my car, clothes and phone with your illogical logic. The need to update the scripture of the perfect God is only required by an imposter. Does this make sense ? Ofcourse it does.

        • guest

          1- All prophets preached only one DEEN of Allah which is Islam. Therefore Noah, Idris-Enoch, Abraham, Ishaq, Ismail, Moses, Jesus & Muhammad (peace be upon them all) all of them preached only and only Islam. It is matter of common sense to understand that ONE Allah will not send thousands of Prophet to preach hundreds of conflicting DEENS (some say religions). DEEN mean “Divine System”.

          2- Jew is in Arabic Yahood. Yahood or Jew or Judah is NOT THE NAME OF ANY FAITH but these are people who belong to the tribe of Yahooda/Judah. Prophet Jacob used to have 12 sons. One of son’s name was Yahooda/Juda. So A Jew can be a Jew Muslim ( like Kashmiris who are Israeli Muslims), a Jew Buddhist, a Jew Hindu, a Jew Kafir, a Jew Zoroastrian etc. Quran also describes the word of Nasaara. Now our all translators and so called ignorant scholars again translated the word of Nasara into Pagan Pauline Christians of today. Know that, that Nasara is is not a faith but were people who belonged to the city/town of Nazareth called Nazarenes and in Arabic/Quran Nasaara. For example one can say, a Nazarene Jew, A Nazarene Hindu, A Nazarene Muslim etc.

          3- Now there were many types of believes among Jews (People from the tribes of Judah) and Nasaara (people from the City/Town of Nazareth. Among were also those who used to believe in Allah, day of Judgment, Messengers, angles and on scriptures (The 5 requirements for a Muslim also given in Quran). These good people did not believe in the blasphemy of son-ship and Trinity. They were Good Nasaara and GOOD Jews & in fact were Jew-Muslims and Nazareth Muslims. Verse # 2:62 of Quran is addressing such type of Good Jews and Nasara. There is no any word in Quran called “Christian”. To translate Nasara into Christian is a utter Non-sense. People of Book mean, the people whom Islamic prophets, received scriptures from Allah.

          4- When Quran promises reward news for GOOD JEWS and GOOD NASARA of past (who did not believe in SHIRK of sonship and Trinity); Quran also blasts those who say Eisa/Jesus is son of Allah and Jesus is himself Allah. In this blasted area automatically comes all who say Jesus is God and son of Allah and Ezra is son of Allah. We all know that Pauline Pagan Christians comes under this cursed/blasted area.

          5- Allah very clearly says in Quranic verse 5:72 that who says Eisa/Jesus is GOD will NEVER enter in Paradise but Hell for such an evildoer is guaranteed. and in Quranic verse 9:30 Allah has dropped CURSE on who say that Ezra and Jesus are sons of Allah. Now reader can understand how these Pagan Pauline Christians can come under verse 2:62 of Quran? They do not come under that reward which Quran promises for GOOD Nasara and GOOD Jews of past. As per Quran it is forbidden to marry a woman who is Mushrik. And we know all Christians of today are Mushriks, as they say Eisa/Jesus is Allah and son of Allah too. As per laws of Quran, even today a Muslim can marry a Nasaara or a Jew lady who rejects blasphemy of son-ship and Trinity. Now if a Mushrik who says that Eisa/Jesus is God, & even if she/he does all other good works; his all good works will be burned to ashes that fly away in wind storm (reference Sura Ibrahim in Quran).

        • guest

          Now it is again clear in this verse that people in third group are those who are bent on ascribing divinity to aught but God. Now let you reader decide who are the people who say that Jesus Son of Mary is GOD and Son of GOD? They are Christians;and they are strictly warned through out Quran especially in verse 5:72. Therefore they do not come under the group of Good “Nasara” who considered Son of Mary no more than a Prophet. Under 2nd Group comes those Good Jews [People belong to tribe of Juda], Sabians [see wikipedia], Nasara [Nazarines],& Magian who believed in one GOD and did not make any partner with GOD. In fact such kind of people were Muslims of their times — A Jew Muslim, a Magian Muslim, a Nazarine Muslims [see verse 3:52], a Sabian Muslim, just like today a Saudi Muslim, an Irani Muslim, a Russian Muslim and an American Muslim etc. [Refer to verses 22:78 & 42:13].

          As a result, under two billion Christians of today comes under 3rd last group of Mushriks mentioned in verse 22:17 and they have to do nothing with Good Muslim Nasara [Nazarines – see verse 3:52] of Group two of verse 22:17 who are promised for reward in Quranic verse 2:62. Punishment for the 3rd group mentioned in verse 22:17 is clearly given in verse 5:72. Verse 5:72 gaurantees HELL for those who believe that Jesus is son of GOD. So all those so called modern or progressive Muslim scholars who want to give reward of verse 2:62 to Mushriks who say Jesus is son o GOD are CRIMINAL LIARS and twisters of Quran. Allah is nearer to human than his neck-vein and Allah knows well who is a liar and who is a truth sayer. We are not against any one nor we hate any one nor Quran teachs so but we have to say truth; therefore in order to please a certain cult we must not tell lies.
          The true followers of Son of Mary Prophet Eisa[Jesus] PBUH were those Muslim Nasaara [Nazarenes]who are mentioned in verses 3:52 & 5:111. Reward in verse 2:62 is relevant to those Nasaara Muslims. Paul invented the dogma of Christianity that claimed Jesus as son of GOD [Shirk]. Roman Pagan Constantine blended blasphemy [Shirk] of Trinity. So, never mix true Nasaara [Nazarenes] of Son of Mary [of verse 3:52 & 5:111] with Christians of Paul.

          • wargame1

            I do not differentiate among Christians or Jews. Those who are Jews and Christians are as they claim. Allah knows what is in their heart. Those who do good work and are not hostile towards the Muslims are not our enemy. For their basic faith they are responsible and they only are accountable to Allah.

          • Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Mohammed – Is his Testimony Credible?

            By St. Thomas Aquanis

            “He (Mohammed) seduced the people by promises of carnal pleasure to which the concupiscence of the flesh urges us. His teaching also contained precepts that were in conformity with his promises, and he gave free rein to carnal pleasure. In all this, as is not unexpected; he was obeyed by carnal men. As for proofs of the truth of his doctrine, he brought forward only such as could be grasped by the natural ability of anyone with a very modest wisdom. Indeed, the truths that he taught he mingled with many fables and with doctrines of the greatest falsity.

            He did not bring forth any signs produced in a supernatural way, which alone fittingly gives witness to divine inspiration; for a visible action that can be only divine reveals an invisibly inspired teacher of truth. On the Contrary, Mohammed said that he was sent in the power of his arms – which are signs not lacking even to robbers and tyrants. What is more, no wise men, men trained in things divine and human, believed in him from the beginning (1). Those who believed in him were brutal men and desert wanderers, utterly ignorant of all divine teaching, through whose numbers Mohammed forced others to become his follower’s by the violence of his arms. Nor do divine pronouncements on part of preceding prophets offer him any witness. On the contrary, he perverts almost all the testimony of the Old and the New Testaments by making them into a fabrication of his own, as can be seen by anyone who examines his law. It was, therefore, a shrewd decision on his part to forbid his followers to read the Old and New Testaments, lest these books convict him of falsity. It is thus clear that those who place faith in his words believe foolishly”

            – Summa Contra Gentiles, Book 1, Chapter 16, Art. 4.


            1. Sura 21:5, Sura 44:14; Sura 16:103, Sura 37:36

        • guest

          Know that all prophets of ONE GOD preached only ONE path of ONE GOD which is Islam. Quran repeats this truth again and again. Islam did not start from Prophet Muhammad PBUH but was perfected upon Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

          Glorious Quran; & all past [un-forged] Scriptures sent to past prophets of Islam were/are Scriptures of Islam. Now one can ask where Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism then came from? Know that a Jew is a person who belonged to tribe of Judah, so to be a Jew is not a religion but is a family name. Judah was name of one son of Prophet Jacob/Yaqoob PBUH. Moses like all other prophets taught only Islam “La ilaha iL-Allah”. True Followers of Jesus were also Muslims. They used to say themselves Muslims.He taught “La Ilaha iL-Allah”.

          The term Christianity was invented by deceived Priests, Paul, and Constantine. If Jesus comes today, he will not understand what mean by the term Christian. Just like Prophet Muhammad PBUH if comes today, he will not know what is meant by the terms such as Sunni, Wahabi, Shia, DeoBandi, Brailvi & salfi etc. He also taught “La ilaha iL-Allah”.

          There is strong Quranic & historical evidencethat Buddha was a Prophet of Islam too, his almost all commandments are same as are in Quran. He taught “La ilaha iL-Allah”. He was/is Dul-Kafil of Quran. Quran mentioned him twice as Dul-Kafil with high praise. See Proof at: “Jesus and Buddha[Dul-kifl]” But Buddhists distorted his teachings and later refused the existence of ONE GOD.

          We have ONE HUNDRED PERCENT IRREFUTABLE proof that 2000 years ago, all Buddha Lamas used to believe in ONE GOD. Search irrefutable proof in the middle of a great page at: “Jesus and Buddha[Dul-kifl]”. Krishna also taught “La ilaha iL-Allah” which is Shahada of Islam but Hindus distorted his teachings later and started to worship idols/stones.

        • guest

          Jewish Rabbi admits Islam is the oldest religion

          • 5thDrawer

            (Music …)
            ‘Everything Old Is New Again’ ….

        • guest

          Islam is a principle that simply means to submit/surrender your will to Almighty God. That principle existed ever since Almighty God created the heavens and the earth and then Adam, etc. It was preached in different languages, came in different times and every era, different books in different languages, etc. but the concept always remained the same. Hence “Islam” is the oldest religion!

          Therefore, Adam was a “Muslim” because he submitted his will to Almighty God and preached the Oneness of God and the same goes for all the prophets and messengers after him for ex: Abraham, Moses, Jesus up until the last prophet “Muhammad” (PBUT)!

          If all the past prophets since and including Adam (PBUT) did, believed, and followed the same principles of “Islam” what good peace loving Muslims of today does, believes, and follows then weren’t they “Muslims” and hence should and must be rightfully called “Muslims” and followers of “Islam” as well like the real and true “Muslims” and “Islam” of today!?

        • Hind Abyad

          Adam? Ha ha..! So you copied the Jews?

      • wargame1

        Secular writers and historians have been compelled to acknowledge the justice of Islam towards non-Muslims in their midst. The British historian, H.G. Wells, wrote the following:
        “They established great traditions of just tolerance. They inspire people with a spirit of generosity and tolerance, and are humanitarian and practical. They created a humane community in which it was rare to see cruelty and social injustice, unlike any community that came before it.” (Quoted by Siba’i, Mustafa, ‘Min Rawai Hadaratina,’ p. 146)

        • 5thDrawer

          “Herbert George “H. G. ” Wells was a prolific English writer in many genres, including the novel, history, politics, and social commentary, and textbooks and rules for war games.”
          “Together with Jules Verne and Hugo Gernsback, Wells has been referred to as “The Father of Science Fiction”. Wells’s earliest specialised training was in biology, and his thinking on ethical matters took place in a specifically and fundamentally Darwinian context.”

          Which ‘genre’ did that quote come from?
          But yes, one of the greatest writers of ‘our time’ in history.

  • man-o-war

    Would Muslims allow a Christian prayer service in a Mosque? Even if it was to express unity and nothing more.

    • 5thDrawer

      God works in mysterious ways …. 😉 … this remains to be seen.

      • wargame1

        Patriarch Ghaytho wrote:
        “The Arabs, to whom the Lord has given control over the world, treat us as you know; they are not the enemies of Christians. Indeed, they praise our community, and treat our priests and saints with dignity, and offer aid to churches and monasteries.” (Tritton, Arthur Stanley: ‘The People Of The Covenant In Islam.’ p. 158)

        p.s Those Daeshbags represents the Khawarij NOT Islam

        • man-o-war

          Speaking of Daeshbags, you never responded to my post. Maybe now you can shed some light on this situation.

          “You and others claim that Daesh is a made up group by the anti-Sunnis. So if what you say is true I assume you don’t have the same aspirations as them. Is this a correct assumption? Daesh claims they will fly the flag of Islam over the White House, British parliament, and so on. Do you believe that its the Muslims responsibility to raise the flag of Islam over all the capitals of the world?

          Daesh has been forcing Christians to convert, leave, or pay a tax to practice their religion. If all is refused they kill them. Is this an Islamic tradition or a made-up Daesh practice?

          I ask you these questions because you claim that Daesh is unIslamic and a made up entity to paint the Sunni people in a negative light. I just want to understand how different their thinking is from a true Sunni Muslim as yourself (again I’m assuming).”

          • wargame1

            Daesh are the Khawarij and they are one of the enemies of the Sunnis. They endanger the sunnis all around the world by their action. The world community somehow assumed that they are sunnis therefore any of their evil actions are attributed on the sunnis. They claim that they fly the flag in the whitehouse but we dont find such inspiration in the hadis or in the Quran. Yes Daesh dogs are forcing the Christians to convert which goes against the doctrine of ISlam. By their fruit ye shall know them. There is not a single known sunni scholar around the world who gave legitimacy to Daesh. They are called the Dogs of the hellfire.

          • wargame1

            Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said: “Whoever kills a person with whom we have a treaty, will not come close enough to Paradise to smell its scent, and its scent can be found as far away as forty years of travel.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)

            Daeshbags are Khawarij the Dogs of the hell fire

          • 5thDrawer

            (sometimes we just love the poetry ….)

          • wargame1

            Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said:
            “Indeed God, Mighty and Majestic, has not allowed you to enter the homes of the People of the Book except by their permission, nor has He allowed you to hit their women, nor eat their fruit if they give you what is obligatory upon them [from the jizyah].” (Abu Dawood)

            Jizyah and Zakat are a form of tax. Since Zakat is obligated opon the Muslims to pay therefore it will be unjust to impose Zakat on other faith thus Jizyah a nominal amount of money to be paid for the social welfare.

          • 5thDrawer

            Always enjoyed your ‘digging’, Wargame …
            And if it seems the Jizyah is buying guns more often than not, we assume the ‘donators’ are going to be missing out on those ‘flowing rivers’ too – even if they felt ‘obligated’.
            Seems there’s precious little going to feed the impoverished in Tripoli ….

          • wargame1

            “God does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion and do not expel you from your homes – from dealing kindly and justly with them. Indeed, God loves those who act justly. God only forbids you from those who fight you because of religion and expel you from your homes and aid in your expulsion – (forbids) that you make allies of them. And whoever makes allies of them, then it is those who are the wrongdoers.” (Quran 60:8-9)

            You can see that the actions of the Daeshbags contradicts clearly to the teaching of the prophet

          • wargame1

            Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said: “Beware! Whoever is cruel and hard on a non-Muslim minority, curtails their rights, burdens them with more than they can bear, or takes anything from them against their free will; I (Prophet Muhammad) will complain against the person on the Day of Judgment.” (Abu Dawood)

          • wargame1

            “And if any one of the polytheists seeks your protection, then grant him protection so that he may hear the words of God. Then deliver him to his place of safety. That is because they are a people who do not know.” (Quran 9:6)

            The Quran doesn’t pass beyond the throat of The Daesh Dogs of Hell fire

          • wargame1

            Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said:
            “The obligation imposed by the covenant is communal, and the nearest Muslim must try hard to fulfill it. Anyone who violates the protection granted by a Muslim will be under the curse of God, the angels, and all people, and on Judgment Day no intercession will be accepted on his behalf.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari, Ibn Majah)

          • Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Jesus and Muhammad

            Words, Actions, Teachings Contrasted

            By William J. Federer

            What motivates fundamental Muslims to violence?

            Much effort has gone into answering this. Muslim apologists are quick to point out Christians have also committed violence. Secularists suggest anybody who believes in God is prone to violence, conveniently ignoring the atheistic killings of the French Revolution, Stalin’s purges and Mao Tse-tung’s Cultural Revolution.

            In an attempt to uncover motivations, founders of the world’s two largest religions can be compared. According to the World Factbook, the world’s 6.5 billion people are 33.32 percent Christian and 21.01 percent Muslim.

            If a computer acts up, the technician resets it to the default settings it had when it left the factory. If followers of a religion act up, one should examine the default settings the religion had when it left its founder.

            One can examine the life of Jesus from the four Gospels.

            One can examine the life of Muhammad from the Quran, Hadith and sources like the Sirat Rasul Allah.

            The Quran is a collection of private revelations Muhammad received between A.D. 610-632. Conflicting versions were passed down orally until Caliph Uthman standardized them around A.D. 650.

            The Hadith are stories about Muhammad passed down orally until Caliph Umar II began collecting them around A.D. 717-720.

            The Sirat Rasul Allah, or “The Life of the Prophet of Allah,” was written by Ibn Ishaq between A.D. 707-773 and preserved in copies by Ibn Hisham (d. 833) and al-Tabari (838-923). In 1861, Sir William Muir published an English translation, “The Life of Mahomet.” Edward Rehatsek’s translation, edited by Michael Edwardes, was presented to the Royal Asiatic Society of London in 1898. Oxford University published Alfred Guillaume’s translation in 1955.

            A review of these resources reveal:

            * Jesus was a religious leader.
            * Muhammad was a religious leader and a military leader.

            * Jesus never killed anyone.
            * Muhammad killed an estimated 3,000 people, including beheading 700 Jews of the Banu Qurayza tribe in Medina, A.D. 627:

            “The Jews surrendered and the apostle confined them in Medina. Then the apostle went out to the market and dug trenches in it. Then he sent for them and struck off their heads in those trenches as they were brought out to him in batches. … There were 600 or 700 in all, though some put the figure as high as 800 or 900. As they were being taken out in batches to the apostle they asked Ka’b what he thought would be done with them. He replied, ‘Will you never understand? Don’t you see that the summoner never stops and those who are taken away do not return? By Allah it is death!’ This went on until the apostle made an end of them.” (Sirat Rasul Allah)

            * Jesus never owned slaves.
            * Muhammad received a fifth of the prisoners taken in battle, including women. (Sura 8:41)

            “Muhammad gave command and the heads of the two chiefs were severed from their bodies. The scene of torture and bloodshed was hardly ended when Muhammad sent Bilal to fetch the wife of Kinana. … He cast his mantle around her in token that she was to be his own.” (Conquest of Khaybar, A.D. 628, Sirat Rasul Allah)

            “The apostle occupied the Jewish forts taking prisoners as he went. Among these were Safiya, the wife of Kinana. The apostle chose Safiya for himself. The other prisoners were distributed among the Muslims.” (Sirat Rasul Allah)

            “Married women are forbidden unto you, except those whom your right hands possess (taken in battle.)” (Sura 4:24)

            * Jesus never married.
            * Muhammad had many wives.

            “Anas said, ‘The prophet used to visit all his wives in an hour round, during the day and night and they were 11 in number.’ I asked Anas, ‘Had the prophet the strength for it?’ Anas replied, ‘We used to say that the prophet was given the strength of 30 (men).'” (Hadith Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol. 1, Bk. 5, No. 268)

            “Muhammad said: ‘Woman can be married for religion, her fortune, or her beauty. So marry one for the religion.'” (Abu Issa al-Tarmidi, Sunan al-Tarmidi, Medina n.d., p.275, B: 4, H:1092)

            “Prophet, we have made lawful to you the slave girls whom Allah has given you as booty.” (Sura 33:50)

            When Muhammad’s behavior is reviewed, Muslim scholars point out that King David was also a prophet yet he killed people, owned slaves and had many wives.

            The response is still that Jesus never killed anyone, never owned slaves and never married. David only wanted a small piece of land. There is no Bible command for Jews to subdue the world.

            * Jesus never forced followers to continue believing. After Jesus made a difficult saying, “many of his disciples went back and walked no more with him. Then Jesus said to the twelve, ‘Will ye also go away?’ Then Simon Peter answered him, ‘Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life.'” (John 6:31-69)
            * Muhammad forced followers to continue believing, “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.” (Hadith al-Bukhari, Vol. 9, Bk. 84, No. 57)

            * Jesus taught God was our Father (Matthew 6:10).
            * Muhammad taught it was blasphemy to call Allah your father (Sura 5:18)

            * Jesus taught man was made in God’s image. (Matthew 22:20, ref. Gen. 1:26-27)
            * Muhammad taught Allah has no image. (Sura 42:11, Sura 112:4)

            * Jesus taught “forgive those who trespass against you.” (Matthew 6:10-15)
            * Muhammad taught to avenge trespasses against your honor, family or religion.

            “Narrated Anas bin Malik: ‘On the day of the Conquest, the Prophet entered Mecca, wearing a helmet on his head. When he took it off, a man came and said, “Ibn Khatal is clinging to the curtain of the Ka’ba.” The Prophet said, “Kill him.”‘” (Hadith Sahih al-Bukhari Vol. 5, Book 59, No. 582)

            “Ibn Khatal … had two slave girls who used to sing for him and for his companions songs full of abuse of the Prophet. The Prophet’s instructions specified that the two slave girls should also be killed. Another (to be kiilled) was al-Huwayrith Nuqaydh Wahb Qusayy, one of those who used to insult him in Mecca.” (Sirat Rasul Allah)

            * Jesus never tortured anyone.
            * Muhammad tortured the chief of a Jewish tribe.

            “Kinana had been guardian of the tribe’s treasures, and he was brought before the apostle, who asked where they were hidden. But Kinana refused to disclose the place. The apostle of Allah handed him over to al-Zubayr, saying, ‘Torture him until he tells what he knows’, and al-Zubayr kindled a fire on his chest so that he almost expired; then the apostle gave him to Muhammad b. Maslama, who struck off his head.” (Sirat Rasul Allah)

            * Jesus did not retaliate when violence was committed against him, saying “Father, forgive them.” (Luke 23:34)
            * Muhammad retaliated when violence was committed against him, ordering the death of his enemies.

            “Muhammad sent Abdullah to use diplomacy to gain an opportunity to assassinate Sofyan. Abdullah went forth, pretending to be on his Sofyan’s side, and when the moment was right, cut off his head. He carried it to Muhammad, who was in the Mosque in Medina. Muhammad was so gratified, he gave the assassin his staff, saying: ‘This shall be a token betwixt you and me on the day of resurrection. Verily, few on that day shall have anything to lean upon.'” (Sirat Rasul Allah).

            “Ibn Sa’d Tabaqat reported: ‘The apostle of Allah entered through Adhakhir into Mecca. He ordered six men and four women to be killed.” (Kitab al-Tabaqat, written by Ibn Sa’d (A.D. 745-845), Vol. 2, p. 168.)

            * Following Jesus was voluntary, from the inside out.
            * Following Muhammad could be coerced, from the outside in.

            “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.” (Sura 9:29)

            * A martyr in Christian and Jewish thought is one who dies for his faith.
            * A martyr in Islamic thought is one who dies for his faith while killing infidels.

            “Narrated Abu Huraira: ‘The Prophet said, “The person who participates in (holy battles) in Allah’s cause and nothing compels him to do so except belief in Allah and His Apostles, will be recompensed by Allah either with a reward or booty (if he survives) or will be admitted to Paradise (if he is killed in the battle as a martyr).”‘”(Hadith al-Bukhari Vol 1, Bk 2, #35)

            * Christianity teaches God wants a personal relationship with each individual.
            * Islam teaches individuals cannot have a personal relationship with Allah, as he is transcendent and unknowable.

            * Jesus’ religion is known for forgiveness and love.
            * Muhammad’s religion is known for obedience and fear.

            *None of Jesus’ Apostles led armies. A village did not receive Jesus “and when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, ‘Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven and consume them, even as Elias did?’ But he turned and rebuked them, and said, ‘Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For the Son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.'” (Luke 9:52-56)
            * All of the caliphs who followed Muhammad led armies. (Caliphs Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali, Muawiyya, the Umayyads, the Abbasids, etc.)

            * In the first 300 years of Christianity, there were 10 major Roman persecutions, and Christians were fed to lions in the Coliseum. Never did Christians lead an armed resistance against those who attacked them.
            * In the first 300 years of Islam, Muslim armies conquered Arabia, Persia, the Holy Land, North Africa, Spain, Southern France, Central Africa, and invaded vast areas of Asia and Asia Minor.

            Fighting is inconsistent with Jesus’ example but not Muhammad’s, as the Sirat Rasul Allah records Muhammad personally led 27 raids, including Battle of Badr, 624 AD; Battle of Uhud and expulsion of Banu Nadir, 625 AD; Attack on Banu Mustaliq, 626 AD; Battle of the Trench and killing Banu Qurayza, 627 AD; Battle of Khaybar, 628 AD; Battle of Mu’tah, 629 AD; Conquest of Mecca, Battle of Hunayn, Battle of Auras and Siege of al-Ta’if, where Mohammed used a catapult, 630 AD; Battle of Tabouk, Subjugation of Banu Thaqif (Yemen) and subjugation of Ghassanids (Arab Christians), 631 AD.

            Jesus’ teaching on how to treat enemies:

            * Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, pray for them which despitefully use you (Matthew 5:44).
            * Resist not evil (Matthew 5:39).
            * If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to them the other (Matthew 5:39).
            * If someone takes your coat, give them your shirt (Matthew 5:40).
            * If someone make you carry something one mile, carry it two (Matthew 5:41).
            * Forgive and you shall be forgiven (Matthew 6:14).
            * Judge not, that ye be not judged (Matthew 7:1).
            * Blessed are the peacemakers (Matthew 5:9).
            * Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy (Matthew 5:7).
            * Ye have heard that it was said, Thou shalt not kill, but I say who ever is angry with his brother is in danger of the judgment (Matthew 5:21-22).
            * Treat others the same way you want them to treat you (Luke 6:27-36).
            * Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick, whatever you do to the very least you have done unto me (Matthew 25:40).

            Muhammad’s teaching on how to treat enemies:

            * Infidels are your sworn enemies (Sura 4:101).
            * Be ruthless to the infidels (Sura 48:29).
            * Make war on the infidels who dwell around you (Sura 9:123, 66:9).
            * Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day (Sura 9:29).
            * Strike off the heads of infidels in battle (Sura 47:4).
            * If someone stops believing in Allah, kill him (al-Bukhari 9:84:57).
            * Take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends (Sura 5:51, 60:13).
            * Never be a helper to the disbelievers (Sura 28:86).
            * Kill the disbelievers wherever we find them (Sura 2:191).
            * No Muslim should be killed for killing an infidel (al-Bukhari 1:3:111).
            * The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land (Sura 5:33).

            What motivates fundamental Muslims to violence?

            Where Jesus was a religious leader, Muhammad was a religious leader and a military leader, thus the effort to separate the militant aspect of Islam from the religious aspect is an attempt to split Muhammad.

            The closer one follows the example of Jesus, the more peaceful is one’s motivation.

            The closer one follows example of Muhammad, the more militant is one’s motivation.

          • wargame1

            When a Christian delegation from Ethiopian churches came to Medina, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) opened up his mosque for them to stay in, hosted them generously, and personally served them meals. He said: “They were generous to our companions, so I wish to be generous to them in person…” (Ibn Hamdun, ‘at-Tazkira al-Hamduniyya,’ vol. 2, p. 95)…referring to the event when they provided asylum to a number of his companions after they fled persecution in Arabia and took asylum in Abyssinia.

          • man-o-war

            Ok, so you believe that Christians and other non-Sunni religions are free to openly practice their religion. Even if they’re idol worshipers?

          • Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Common Logical Fallacies Made By Muslims

            Dr. Robert Morey

            Christians must be prepared to answer the typical objections made against the Gospel. Most of the objections are based on simple logical fallacies. The following is a list of some of the most common fallacies used by Muslims.
            Note: The average Muslim does not know that his arguments are logically erroneous. He is sincere in his beliefs. Thus you must be patient and kind in sharing with him why his arguments are invalid.

            1. The Fallacy of False Assumptions: In logic as well as in law, “historical precedent” means that the burden of proof rests on those who set forth new theories and not on those whose ideas have already been verified. The old tests the new. The already established authority judges any new claims to authority.
            Since Islam came along many centuries after Christianity, Islam has the burden of proof and not Christianity. The Bible tests and judges the Qur’an. When the Bible and the Qur’an contradict each other, the Bible must logically be given first place as the older authority. The Qur’an is in error until it proves itself.
            Some Muslims violate the principle of historical precedent by asserting that Islam does not have the burden of proof and that the Qur’an judges the Bible.

            2. Arguing in a circle: If you have already assumed in your premise what you are going to state in your conclusion, then you have ended where you began and proven nothing.

            If you end where you began, you got nowhere.

            #1 Proving Allah by the Qur’an and then proving the Qur’an by Allah.
            #2 Proving Muhammad by the Qur’an and then proving the Qur’an by Muhammad.
            #3 Proving Islam by the Qur’an and then proving the Qur’an by Islam.

            3. False Analogy: Comparing two things as if they are parallel when they are not really the same at all.
            #1 Many Muslims erroneously assume that Muslims and Christians share the same concepts of God, revelation, inspiration, textual preservation, the Bible, prophethood, biblical history, conversion, etc…
            #2 Because a false analogy is drawn between Islam and Christianity, some Muslims think that any argument which refutes the Qur’an will likewise refute the Bible; any argument which refutes Muhammad will also refute Jesus Christ, etc…
            #3 For example, many Muslims claim that Muhammad and all prophets were sinless. Thus when a Christian points out all the wicked things that Muhammad did (mass murder, child abuse, lying, etc.), the Muslims will say,

            “If you are right, then you must also reject your biblical prophets for doing wicked things as well.”

            What he is really saying is, “If you reject my prophet, then you must reject your prophets as well. If Muhammad was a false prophet, then your prophets are false as well.”
            The root problem is that the Muslim concept of prophethood is not the same as the Christian concept of prophethood. We teach that prophets sin like anyone else. Thus while Islam is refuted by the sins of Muhammad, Christianity is not jeopardized at all. The Muslim is guilty of setting up a “false analogy.”
            Whenever a Muslim responds to a Christian attack on the Qur’an, Muhammad, or Allah by flipping the argument around and applying it to the Bible, Jesus or the Trinity as if Islam and Christianity either stand or fall together, he is guilty of the fallacy of false analogy. Islam can be false and Christianity be true at the same time.

            4. The Fallacy of Irrelevance: When you introduce issues which have no logical bearing on the subject under discussion, you are using irrelevant arguments.
            #1 Some Muslims argue, “The Qur’an is the Word of God because the text of the Qur’an has been preserved perfectly.” This argument is erroneous for two reasons:
            a. Factually, the text of the Qur’an has not been preserved perfectly. The text has additions, deletions, conflicting manuscripts, and variant readings like any other ancient writing.
            b. Logically, it is irrelevant whether the text of the Qur’an has been preserved because preservation does not logically imply inspiration. A book can be perfectly copied without implying its inspiration.
            #2 When Muslims attack the character and motives of anyone who criticizes Islam, they are using irrelevant arguments. The character of someone is no indication of whether he is telling you the truth. Good people can lie and evil people can tell the truth. Thus whenever a Muslim uses slurs such as “mean,” “dishonest,” “racist,” “liar,” “deceptive,” etc., he is not only committing a logical fallacy but also revealing that he cannot intellectually defend his beliefs.
            #3 When confronted with the pagan origins of the Qur’an, some Muslims defend the Qur’an by answering, This argument is erroneous for several reasons.
            a. It is a false analogy to parallel the pagan origins of the rites commanded in the Qur’an with the present day holidays nowhere commanded in the Bible. What some modern day Christians do on Dec. 25th has no logical bearing on what the Qur’an commands Muslims to do (eg. the Pilgrimage, the Fast, etc.).
            b. It is irrelevant that some Christians choose to celebrate the birth of Christ. Since the Bible nowhere commands it, it is a matter of personal freedom. But Muslims are commanded in the Qur’an to believe and practice things many things which came from the paganism of that day.
            c. The Muslim by using this argument is actually admitting that the Qur’an was not “sent down” but fabricated from pagan sources. This means he has become an unbeliever (Surah 25:4-6).
            #4 Some Muslims argue that the Qur’an is the Word of God because it contains some historically or scientifically accurate statements. This argument is irrelevant. Just because a book is correct on some historical or scientific point does not mean it is inspired [Its worth mentioning however that on historical grounds the Qur’an is very often mistaken – Ed]. You cannot take the attributes of a part and apply it to the whole. A book can be a mixture of true and false statements. Thus it is a logical fallacy to argue that the entire Qur’an is true if it makes one true statement.
            When a Muslim argues that history or science “proves” the Qur’an, this actually means that he is acknowledging that history and science can likewise refute the Qur’an. If the Qur’an contains just one historical error or one scientific error, then the Qur’an is not the Word of God. Verification and falsification go hand in hand.
            #5 The present meaning of a word is irrelevant to what it meant in ancient times. The word “Allah” is a good example. When confronted by the historical evidence that the word was used by pagan Arabs in pre-Islamic times to refer to a high god who was married to the sun-goddess and had three daughters, some Muslims will quote dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc. to prove (sic) that “Allah means God.” They are thus using modern definitions to define what the word meant over a thousand years ago! What “Allah” means now has no bearing on what it meant before Muhammad.
            5. The Fallacy of Equivocation: If we assume that everyone has the same definition of such words as God, Jesus, revelation, inspiration, prophet, miracle, etc., we are committing a very simple logical fallacy.
            #1 When a Muslim says, “Christians and Muslims worship the same God,” he is committing the fallacy of equivocation. While Christians worship the Triune God of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Muslims worship a Unitarian deity. Obviously, they are worshipping different Gods.
            #2 When a Muslim says, “We believe in Jesus too,” he is committing the fallacy of equivocation. The “Jesus” of the Qur’an is not the Jesus of the Bible. Islam preaches “another Jesus” (II Cor. 11:4). The Jesus of the Bible is God the Son who died on the cross for our sins. But the “Jesus” of the Qur’an is not God the Son and he did not die on the cross for our sins. Thus it is erroneous for Muslims to tell Christians that they believe in Jesus too.
            #3 When a Muslim assumes that Christians have the same concept of revelation as Muslims, he is guilty of the fallacy of equivocation. According to Islam, the Qur’an was written in heaven by Allah and has no earthly sources. When we prove that it comes from earthly sources, this threatens the inspiration of the Qur’an.
            On the other hand, the Bible does not claim that it dropped out of heaven one day. It openly quotes from earthly sources. It uses pre-existing sources without any difficulty whatsoever. Thus while the Qur’an is threatened by historical sources, the Bible is actually confirmed by them.
            #4 When a Muslims tells you that the word “Allah” has only one meaning: “the one, true, universal God,” he is assuming a fallacy. The word “allah” has many different meanings.
            a. It can be used as a generic term like the English word “God.” Thus it can be applied to any god or goddess regardless if if a true or false god is in view. (ex. The “Allahs” of Hinduism.)
            b. The Nation of Islam uses it to refer to Wallace Dodd Ford, Elijah Muhammad, and Louis Farrakhan as “Allah” and teaches that all black people are “Allahs.”
            c. It has been used by some Christians in Arabic speaking countries as a generic name for the Holy Trinity.
            d. It was used in pre-Islamic times by pagan Arabs to refer to the moon-god whowas the father of al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat.
            e. It is used by Muslims to refer to their god.
            Islam and Christianity do not worship the same God. The Christian worships the Holy Trinity while the Muslim worships a unitarian deity.
            6. The Fallacy Of Confusing Questions of Fact with Questions of Relevance: Whether something is factually true is totally different from the issue of whether you feel it is relevant. The two issues must be kept separate.
            #1 When a Christian argues that some of the beliefs and rituals of the Qur’an came from pre-Islamic Arab paganism, the Muslim will deny it at first. But as more and more evidence is given, the Muslim will often do a flip-flop and begin arguing, “So what! Didn’t you Christians get Christmas from the pagans?” The Muslim has now committed three fallacies:
            a. The “So what!” argument is dealing with the issue of relevance, not fact. You must stop the Muslim at that point and ask him, “Since you are now dealing with the issue of whether the pagan origins of the Qur’an are relevant, does this mean that you are now agreeing to the fact of the pagan origins of Islam?”
            b. The Muslim has also committed the fallacy of equivocation. The Bible is not threatened by historical sources. It freely refers to them and even quotes them (Acts 17: 28). But the Qur’an denies that it has any earthly historical sources (Surah 25:4-6).
            c. He also committed the fallacy of false analogy. The Bible and the Qur’an are two totally different books. The inspiration of the Bible does not depend upon the fate of the Qur’an because what Muslims claim for the Qur’an is not what Christians claim for the Bible.
            7. Phonic Fallacies: The phonetic sound of a word should not be used to twist its meaning. For example,
            a. Some Muslims try to prove that the word “Allah” is in the Greek New Testament because of the Greek word alla. But while the word is pronounced “alla,” it only means “but” in Greek. It has nothing to do with the Arabic “Allah.”
            b. Some Muslims have claimed that the word “Allah” is in the Bible because the Biblical word “Allelujah.” They then mispronounce the word as “Allah-lujah!” But “Allelujah” is not a compound Arabic word with “Allah” being the first part of the word. It is a Hebrew word with the name of God being “JAH” (or Yahweh) and the verb “alle” meaning “praise to.” It means “praise to Yahweh.” The Arabic word “Allah” is not in the word.
            c. The same error is found in the Muslim argument that the word “Baca” (Psa. 84:6) really means “Mecca.” The valley of Baca is in northern Israel.
            d. Some Muslims have tried to go from “Amen” to “Ahmed” to “Muhammed!” Such nonsense is beyond belief.

            8. “Red Herring” Arguments: When a Muslim is asked to defend the Qur’an, if he turns around and attacks the reliability of the Bible, the Trinity, the deity of Christ, the Crusades, etc., he is introducing irrelevant issues that have no logical bearing on the truthfulness of Islam. He is trying to divert attention from Islam to other issues.
            Furthermore, he is assuming that if he can refute the Bible, then the Qur’an wins by default. If he can refute the Trinity, then Allah wins by default. But this is logically erroneous. You cannot prove your position by refuting someone else’s position. The Bible and the Qur’an could both be wrong. Muslims must prove their own book.

            9. Straw Man Arguments: When you put a false argument into the mouth of your opponent and then proceed to knock it down, you have only created a “straw man” argument. Muslims sometimes either misunderstand or deliberately misquote the arguments Christians give them.
            Some Muslims have built a “straw man” argument that claims that we teach,

            “The Qur’an teaches that Allah is the Moon-god and that Muslims knowingly believe in and worship the Moon-god and his daughters.”

            They then knock down this “straw man” argument and claim victory. Of course, we never said such nonsense. What we have said is that while the Qur’an claims that Allah is God and Muslims think they are worshipping the one true God, in reality they are worshipping a false god preached by a false prophet according to a false book.


            The average Muslim has been deceived by Muslim apologists who use such logical fallacies without regard to reason, fact or honesty. But there are many Muslims who want to be rational in their religion and thus have an open mind to rational discourse. Once they see that their arguments are based on logical fallacies, they will be open to the wonderful news that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for our sins on the cross.

      • wargame1

        Historian Will Durant wrote:
        “At the time of the Umayyad caliphate, the people of the covenant, Christians, Zoroastrians, Jews, and Sabians, all enjoyed degree of tolerance that we do not find even today in Christian countries. They were free to practice the rituals of their religion and their churches and temples were preserved. They enjoyed autonomy in that they were subject to the religious laws of the scholars and judges.” (Durant, Will: ‘The Story Of Civilization.’ vol. 13. p. 131-132.)

      • wargame1

        Author Ron Landau wrote:
        “In contrast to the Christian Empire, which attempted to impose Christianity on its subjects, the Arabs extended recognition to religious minorities, and accepted their presence. Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians were known to them as the People of the Covenant; in other words, the nations who enjoyed a protected status.”(Landau, R, ‘Islam and The Arabs,’ p. 119)

    • wargame1

      The Jewish Rabbi allow their people to pray in the sunni Mosque. But they forbid them to pray in the Christian church or in the Shia Mosque because they consider them as idol worshipers.

      • man-o-war

        So…what you’re saying is that Jews & Sunnis > Shia and Christians?

        • 5thDrawer

          hehehhe … sounds right …. hehehehehe

        • wargame1

          You can ask this question to the Jewish rabbi. I think the Jewish Rabbi do not allow their community to pray in the Shia mosque is due to those big big picture of Ali Hussain and other Ayadollars. And the Christian Churches have huge idol of Jesus!! SO if you read the Ten commandments in the old testament then you will know the reason

          • man-o-war


          • 5thDrawer

            ISIS, like some (most? all?) others, is a ‘big bucks’ operation.
            Even if it’s propaganda is something about a religion, it’s the money that ‘creates’.

          • 5thDrawer

            But, does it help to blow the faces off what is considered ‘an idol’ ??
            The Talibanies think it’s the only way they can put them out of their minds ….

          • doron

            makes sense .there is a rule about not worshiping Idols. be it a picture or a statue.
            actually it is the second commandment

          • Maborlz Ez-Hari

            How about “Thy shalt not kill”

          • doron

            it is canceled by the rule: ” he who comes to kill you- kill him first” or did you really think we’ll lay on our backs and wait for you to slaughter us?… or maybe you pretend to claim you never want any of us dead .. ??
            kind of Hypocrisy to call for one nation’s destruction WHILE criticises them for fighting back ..classic act

          • Maborlz Ez-Hari

            I don’t want no one dead…. Self defence is one thing but outright murder is something else, don’t mix these up otherwise your just another form of Isis.

          • doron

            you don’t want, i don’t want and yet 2 Arabs went into a synagogue in Jerusalem this morning armed with knives and a gun- killed 4 people who were praying and wounded badly 9 more.
            i appreciate your peaceful intention but at the same time- assuming everybody are like you will only translate for more dead Jews. some here see a Jew’s life as something that need to end but for obvious reasons, i think the exact opposite.
            how that phrase goes? ” better 100 other mothers cry then mine shed 1 tear”

          • Hannibal

            There is a simple solution… Everybody goes home to their native original country of recent and not the ones promised by a made up myth some 5000 years ago.

          • doron

            ok..the minute the things quiet down in Iraq i will return there,will i be getting my family’s property as well? i wonder how they will react t a jewish israeli coming to claim lands long gone

          • Maborlz Ez-Hari

            Thats tricky one, maybe you can post pone that idea for a few generations.

          • doron

            exactly my point 🙁
            the only safe place for a Jew is Israel

          • Hannibal

            With you totally… I will even defend you to stay and live there as an IRAQI JEW with pride. I love my tiny village North of Lebanon. I hope you have the same passion for your Iraqi land. Abraham was born in the Sumerian city of Ur. Some Jewish descendants converted to Christianity/Islam and still live there. An Arab Jew will always be an Arab. A conversion to Islam by a Chechen does not make him an Arab nor will it give him the right to take Syrian, Lebanese, nor Iraqi land.

          • doron

            i didn’t think you will take me seriously 🙂
            I have nothing to do with Iraq,Hannibal.
            i don’t speak the language, i don’t know the culture, the land .
            i have no friends there and no ,i don’t feel comfortable living in a Muslim society, pay tax to practice my religion or force my wife to a face cover against her religion cause the masters of the land feel offended by the sight of a woman…you ask for too much and give nothing in return.
            and as much as i appreciate your concern, you and I both know that the majority don’t care about “the other’s” safety, and even if most do I would still have to defend my self, build some kind of Militia and watch for my little piece of land.
            so why bother?
            I got my little piece of land in Israel, i got my own minority militia in the IDF and i built my home here from the ground.

          • Hannibal

            I do not intend to do any of those “un-islamic” things neither and I do not have a militia 😛

          • doron

            🙂 it’s a rarity these days.
            but can you see my point? there is no safe place for a jew on our generation but israel

          • Hannibal

            Not true… in my neighborhood we have 80% Jews… Sometimes I wonder if I am safe 😛 😉

          • doron

            where do you live?

          • Hannibal

            U.S. MA

          • doron

            many Jews… 🙂
            i believe and hope you get along better with them then with me .less things to disagree on etc

          • 5thDrawer

            Here they keep mostly to their own little hood … I wouldn’t want to live in that part .. the traffic is a pain. Strange event last year there, when they were dumping on their own Wine Store. :-)))

          • TheUSequalsTheIS

            things will queit down in iraq and the entire ME the minute u stop messing everything up

          • doron

            excuse me????are we controling the IRGC in Iraq?is sulimanin working for us?
            do we supply weapons in Syria?
            for a moment i got confused here…thought I was the Iraninan here lol
            thats a good one :)))
            Irani preaching people to mind their own buisness :)))))

          • TheUSequalsTheIS

            iraq and syria are our business, not israels 😉 Iran has always been and will always be the superpower of the ME :))))))

          • doron

   much as I appreciate your honesty, i think the Lebanese and Iraqis don’t agree with you

          • TheUSequalsTheIS

            they do, i have been to both countries and syria 😉

          • doron

            i dare you to say that in some parts of Iraq and Syria these days or even go there 🙂

          • TheUSequalsTheIS

            no prob

          • doron

            safe trip, send me a postcard when you get there

          • doron

            these are the caricatures posted after ..just so you know that there are many many different from you and much more closer to IS

          • 5thDrawer

            Yah. Too many these days ….

          • doron

            and’re the first one to condemn it..all the screamers here who are quick to jump and shout MURDER when an idf shoots down a terrorist ,simply fade away when it comes to looking in the mirror.
            this is what bugs me about these people most, they know they are wrong yet ,they can’t bring themselves to admit it.

          • 5thDrawer

            Apparently, I’m different than everyone here. :-)) Scotch ? 😉

          • doron

            acctually i’d love some 🙂
            it’s chilling 15 degrees here, perfect for scotch

          • 5thDrawer

            Try Zero … chilling indeed. I hope you get a snowstorm again. :-))))

          • doron

            yes :))) last year was a good one, we rarely get enough rain and last year i had a coat of snow in my back yard.loved it (and that it practically shut down the country,had 2 days off work :))

          • Hind Abyad

            no thank you, i like wine.

          • 5thDrawer

            Wine for the Dark-haired Lady … Red, of course. 😉

          • Hind Abyad


          • doron

            how nice to see who is really stalking who…and to think of all the times you falsely accused me of stalking you :)))
            this is what i like about truth , it’s always there, sooner or later it surfaces

          • Hind Abyad


          • doron

            HAHAHA…inability to deny equals admition of guilt

          • Hind Abyad

  …Collective punishment, disregarding Law, shooting to kill…

            PPC attorney Mufeed al-Haj said that other violations were reported
            during the apprehension of children, including but not limited to night
            and predawn raids on family homes, physical and sexual abuse.

            Forces often ignore laws and arrest Palestinians without warrant.

            A report by The Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights, Israeli forces
            arrested nearly 3,000 Palestinian children from the beginning of 2010 to
            mid-2014, the majority of them between the ages of 12 and 15 years old.

            The report also documented dozens of video recorded testimonies of
            children arrested during the first months of 2014, pointing out that 75
            percent of the detained children are subjected to physical torture and
            25 percent faced military trials.

            In 2013, the UN children’s fund (UNICEF) reported that Israel was the
            only country in the world where children were “systematically tried” in
            military courts and gave evidence of practices it said were “cruel,
            inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment.”

          • 5thDrawer

            Thou, Mab … it’s ‘Thou’ …
            Like saying ‘you’ …. whereas ‘Thy’ is possessive, like saying ‘yours’ …

          • 5thDrawer

            One needs to define ‘graven image’ a little better for the modern crowd.
            The politicians Love to be on a TV.

          • Hannibal

            It is just a representation like a photograph. If I take your picture does it make it you? or is it just a reflection of you at that moment? If I follow the archaic writings of the religion then nobody should own a camera nor a photo nor a painting…

            Verbatim it says: “You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth”

            So really where is heaven above? the skies? We take pictures of Mars, Jupiter, the moon etc… The stuff in the water? Really? I take a picture of beautiful fish when I dive every time.
            Those books including your Koran are written by men… God is indeed ONE, INFINITE and NEVER WROTE NOR DICTATED ANYTHING. All what was written has been disproven as myth.

            Look into your heart and mind and you shall know the creator… Look into a book and you will see nothing but a human myth.
            As a matter of fact ONLY when you follow takfiri Islam that you pick up the sword and kill… These are the acts of the devil spoken through human mythology. GOD will never tell you to kill.

          • 5thDrawer

            It devolved from the ancients who thought (similarly to voodoo and witch crafting and medicine-men) that making a representation of someone could be harmful if the wrong guy got their hands on it. So … rules. By ‘man’. Made to be broken. 😉

      • doron

        never heard of this.
        i believe every man can pray and speak to god everywhere and every time.
        no one man can stop another man’s prayer

  • wargame1

    The Qur’an teaches that there are faithful Christians and Jews:
    “Not all of them are alike: Of the People of the Book (Christians and the Jews) are a portion that stand (For the right): They rehearse the Signs of Allah all night long, and they prostrate themselves in adoration. They believe in Allah and the Last Day; they enjoin what is right, and forbid what is wrong; and they hasten (in emulation) in (all) good works: They are in the ranks of the righteous. Of the good that they do, nothing will be rejected of them; for Allah knoweth well those that do right.” (Quran 3:113-115)

  • 5thDrawer

    SO Btru2u …. are there ANY ‘Real Muslims’ in America? ;-)) Or Australia for that matter??? :-)))
    Imagine … they prayed in a church.

  • wargame1

    “Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans; and nearest among them in love to the believers wilt thou find those who say, “We are Christians”: because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant.
    And when they listen to the revelation received by the Messenger, thou wilt see their eyes overflowing with tears, for they recognise the truth: they pray: “Our Lord! we believe; write us down among the witnesses.
    “What cause can we have not to believe in Allah and the truth which has come to us, seeing that we long for our Lord to admit us to the company of the righteous?”
    And for this their prayer hath Allah rewarded them with gardens, with rivers flowing underneath,- their eternal home. Such is the recompense of those who do good” (Quran 5:82-85)

  • Tk

    Dream on !!! muslim working with christian for peace. It is in their quoran to abolish any non muslim religion muslim.
    Look what is happening with isis in iraq and syria. Over 300 girls were kidnapped in Nigeria and forced to convert to islam by force.

    • TheUSequalsTheIS

      the US = the IS

  • TheUSequalsTheIS

    such a waste of time… there is no god ppl, god is imaginary, god is fake, god is an ass

  • guest

    Jesus and all of the Prophets before him prayed the same as Muslims pray today:

    When a Muslim prays or thanks God he does so in the same fashion and from that was taught to Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and all of the previous Prophets of God (may peace be upon them all). You will find that when a Muslim prays he places his forehead on the ground in total submission to God Almighty. Let us see how the Prophets (including Jesus) prayed according to the Qur’an and Bible:

    “These are some of the Prophets whom GOD blessed. They were chosen from among the descendants of Adam, and the descendants of those whom we carried with Noah, and the descendants of Abraham and Israel, and from among those whom we guided and selected. When the revelations of the Most Gracious are recited to them, they fall prostrate, weeping.” – Qur’an English Translation [19:58]

    “And he (Jesus) went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.” – New Testament (Matthew 26:39)

    “And when the disciples heard it, they fell on their face, and were sore afraid.” – New Testament (Matthew 17:6)

    “And Abram fell on his face: and God talked with him, saying,” – Old Testament (Tanakh) (Genesis 17:3)

    “Then Abraham fell upon his face, and laughed, and said in his heart, Shall a child be born unto him that is an hundred years old? and shall Sarah, that is ninety years old, bear?” – Old Testament (Tanakh) (Genesis 17:17)

    “And Moses made haste, and bowed his head toward the earth, and worshipped.” – Old Testament (Tanakh) (Exodus 34:8)

    “And Moses and Aaron went from the presence of the assembly unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, and they fell upon their faces: and the glory of the LORD appeared unto them.” – Old Testament (Tanakh) (Numbers 20:6)

    “And the LORD spake unto Moses and unto Aaron, saying, Separate yourselves from among this congregation, that I may consume them in a moment. And they fell upon their faces, and said, O God, the God of the spirits of all flesh, shall one man sin, and wilt thou be wroth with all the congregation?” – Old Testament (Tanakh) (Numbers 16:20-22)

    And Ezra blessed the LORD, the great God. And all the people answered, Amen, Amen, with lifting up their hands: and they bowed their heads, and worshipped the LORD with [their] faces to the ground. – Old Testament (Tanakh) (Nehemiah 8:6)

    “And he said, Nay; but as captain of the host of the LORD am I now come. And Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and did worship, and said unto him, What saith my Lord unto his servant?” – Old Testament (Tanakh) (Joshua 5:14)

    “And it came to pass, while they were slaying them, and I was left, that I fell upon my face, and cried, and said, Ah Lord GOD! wilt thou destroy all the residue of Israel in thy pouring out of thy fury upon Jerusalem?” – Old Testament (Tanakh) (Ezekiel 9:8)

    “And Jehoshaphat bowed his head with his face to the ground: and all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem fell before the LORD, worshipping the LORD.” – Old Testament (Tanakh) (2 Chronicles 20:18)

    “And it came to pass, when I prophesied, that Pelatiah the son of Benaiah died. Then fell I down upon my face, and cried with a loud voice, and said, Ah Lord GOD! wilt thou make a full end of the remnant of Israel?” – Old Testament (Tanakh) (Ezekiel 11:13)

    So although some people may admit :
    “Ok, yea these verses speak of Jesus and the other Prophets prostrating themselves in prayer but we still don’t know the exact details on how they prostrated and/or if they did so in the same manner as Muslims do today?”

    However, using common sense I would have to challenge anyone to give an example of how any of these Prophets could have “fell on their face” i.e. prostrated in any other position than Muslims do!

    Also, some people may further state:
    “If the style of prayer was truly important I would assume that the Torah and/or Jesus would have pointed that out directly.”

    Again, I think this question can be answered with simple reasoning. If a person acknowledges someone as God’s chosen Prophet, then wouldn’t you think intuitively that the way in which that Prophet prayed would be the best example for all of mankind to follow.

    And if a true follower and believer of that Prophet doesn’t adapt to the way in which that Prophet worships then how can anyone justify that this Prophet was sent from God to guide Mankind in the first place, yet not even worship God in a like manner? The Prophets are supposed to be the ideal examples on how to live one’s life on Earth.

    Many Christians who convert to Islam today testify that they are now better “Christians” for doing so. The word “Christian” simply means “a follower of Christ” or “Christ-ian”. So how are these people who are now professing Muslims claiming to be closer follower’s of Jesus.

    Let’s think about this logically by examining what the Bible says of Jesus. For example, if we read the gospels we will see accounts of Jesus where he prayed with his face to the ground, greeted his fellow believers with expressions of peace, and fasted for lengthy amounts of time.

    Now honestly ask yourself, who truly follows Jesus’ example today? As you may know, Muslims pray humbly with their forehead touching the ground at least five times a day…Also, Muslims always greet each other with the phrase “Peace be upon you” as mentioned in the previous section…and further more just as Jesus fasted for 40 days in the wilderness Muslims fast for an entire month during the month of Ramadan.

    Indeed many former Christians acknowledge that they were Muslims in every sense of the word before discovering the confirmation of their natural beliefs within the text of the Qur’an. You see mankind’s disposition of monotheism is inseparable from the human psyche. This innate phenomena in Islam is termed “Al-fitra.”

    To Pray as an a Ancient Jew

    In a book entitled “To Pray as a Jew” I found a lengthy explanation of the Prayers as done by the ancient Jews and few of the contemporary Jews. In this book the author put diagrams showing the movement and positions during the prayer. One look at these illustrations is enough for the Muslims to realize the similarity of the prayers of the Jews then and Salat Prayer as practiced by the Muslims.

    It is also interesting to learn that the prayers of the Jews involve wash before the prayers, (like Wuduu or ablution for Muslims), and the call for Prayers (like the Azan for the Muslims).

    Muslims follow the Religion OF Jesus; the faith that he spoke of and practiced. Likewise, We worship The same God that he worshipped; The God of Abraham and The God of all of the Prophets whom lived on Earth.

    Whereas today some people who claim to follow the way of Jesus, Abraham, and Moses (peace be upon them) have deviated from the path. And in the case of Christianity, people have mistakenly created an entire faith about the Prophet Jesus and thus have made him into something that he never claimed to be.

    “Abraham was not a Jew nor yet a Christian; but an upright Muslim (one who submitted their will to God).” – Qur’an English Translation [3:67]

    • 5thDrawer

      (seems like a lot of face-time …)

  • guest

    Modern Christianity:
    Modern Christianity was not founded by Jesus, but rather by Paul and the Romans in the Council of Nicea in 325 AD (meaning about 325 years after Jesus), inspired by Satan. In this Council of Nicea, Church leaders from around the world debated and finally decided on what should and what should not be included in the Bible. There were different views expressed in the Council; however, the views of the those who were most powerful won. As a result, lots of Gospels were thrown away. For Christianity to be adopted by the Roman Empire as its official religion, it had to succumb to the desires of the Romans who wanted to incorporate their own pagan religious beliefs and myths into Christianity. The integrity of the message brought by Jesus from God was compromised to appease the Roman Empire. Christianity has evolved into a cult that has deviated significantly from the true teachings of Jesus by: (a) adding new doctrines not preached by Jesus, (b) deleting or modifying some of the teachings of Jesus, and (c) creating an “unholy”, man-made scripture. A holy scripture must be in the form and content intended, inspired, or revealed by God, not created by human beings.

    Many Christians insist that Muslims do not worship the same God of Christianity. We say that Islam requires Muslims to worship only God (the God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad), the creator of the universe. Many Christians mistakenly believe that without Trinity, there is no Christianity. We ask them if Trinity is so important why didn’t Jesus speak about it clearly. In many verses in Bible, Jesus contradicts the Trinity. We, as Muslims, say to such Christians, obviously, we do not worship the same “triune” God that you do. The Quran instructs us to worship only the creator of the universe and not worship any human being. Muslims today are the true followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ, as well as the teachings of Prophet Mohammad and the other prophets before them. Muslims worship the God of Jesus, the God who created Jesus and whom Jesus himself worshipped. Who is more worthy of worship: God or Jesus ?

    The true teachings of Jesus (pbuh) are fully compatible with Islam. Muslims are the true followers of the teachings of Jesus, Moses, and Mohammad (peace be upon them).

    Muslims regard the “real” Bible (that reflects God’s actual message and the real teachings of Jesus and the prophets before him) as a holy scripture. We believe that the Bible has been corrupted due to many factors and reasons. The current Bible is corrupted, but not completely false. So, we can still find today in the Bible some traces of the truth, such as verses that contradict with the Trinity. That is why Muslims are willing to accept the “current” Bible only to the extent that it does not contradict with the Quran.

    Just imagine yourself trying to explain the Trinity of Christianity to someone. The first thing this person is likely to accept is that he should worship God, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, of course as long as this person is not an atheist. If you are dealing with an atheist, then first you have to prove to this person that there is God. Then, you can simply say that since now you believe in the existence of God, God expects you to worship him. Now, your final task, that is to make him believe in the Trinity, is certainly going to be much harder than convincing him of the need to worship God. Trinity is not a “natural” concept. It is a hypothesis (theory) that is more difficult to accept. You have to convince him that 3 is equal to 1. Trinity defies the laws of mathematics and the laws of nature.

    The purpose or rationale for the Trinity was to say that Jesus died for the sins of human beings and merely by believing in the Trinity and worshiping Jesus, people will be saved and they will go to paradise.

    There are at least 6 problems with the Trinity and the “Original Sin” doctrines:

    (a) These doctrines merely form a man-made hypothesis that defies the natural/inborn tendencies of people to worship only their creator as we have explained above.

    (b) They were adopted in the Council of Nicea in 325 AD in which there were views that differ sharply from today’s Christianity and many gospels were discarded.

    (c) Trinity is a concept that was copied from a popular pagan religion of the Romans, called Mithraism.

    (d) There are as verses in the Bible that contradict with the doctrine of Trinity.

    (e) The Original Sin concept encourages people to sin as much as they want and not to do any good deeds. After all, regardless of their sins, Christianity teaches that Christians will be forgiven, saved and go to heaven as long as they believe in Jesus, as explained above.

    (f) The Original Sin concept is not fair, as we have explained earlier, because no one should be made to bear the burden of someone else’s sin or mistake.

    Today’s Christianity is a product of man-made corruptions, motivated by personal and political reasons, and inspired by Satan. The primary objective of Satan is to entice people to disobey God and stray away from his religion. Satan knows that most people will not agree to worship him (Satan). So, Satan is satisfied by just making people follow him indirectly. By inspiring people to corrupt the Bible and create today’s Christianity, Satan believes that he won one battle against God, but even Satan knows that he cannot win a war against God. Satan utilizes several methods to achieve his objectives such as: (a) Satan entices people to do evil things by camouflaging the bad aspects and creating an attractive illusion about the benefits one will get for doing these evil things, (b) Satan attempts to stop people from doing the good things that God has commanded, (c) Satan does his best to strengthen the sense of vanity, selfishness, over-confidence, and invincibility in individuals to the extent that Satan makes them feel they do not need God and consequently either reject the existence of God or at least choose to disobey him (this is exemplified by people who “act like God”).

    Satan acted like a deceitful businessman. He noticed a unique opportunity and he wanted to take advantage of it. The opportunity was the advent of a Jesus, a prophet with a genuine message from God that was originally intended to correct the beliefs the Jews who strayed away from God’s religion. Satan did what some deceitful sellers of vegetables and fruits do today. He inspired Paul and the Romans to create Christianity in such a way that they sell it as a package that includes bad apples inside the package, but with some good apples (Jesus’ teachings and message) displayed in the upper viewable portion of the package to deceive people into buying the package. The package is wrapped in attractive way and the buyer has to buy it as a whole package. As a businessman, Satan wanted his evil product to be bought and used by the largest number of people and that is why he chose to inspire the Roman Emperor to adopt Satan’s product, giving it a brand name, Christianity, and making it the official religion of the Roman Empire. This is how Christianity was created and promoted.

    It is also worth mentioning that the Old Testament (Jewish Torah) was also corrupted by likely by Jewish Rabbis and priests to fit their own preferences.

    Finally, we should also point out the important role of scribes and translators in corrupting the Old & New Testaments. Some of the corruptions by theses scribes & translators were possibly done intentionally, while others may have occurred unintentionally.

  • 5thDrawer

    We are all ‘one’ … humans. Religion tends to ignore that.
    But of course, there are some who poo-poo the whole idea. Which is why the congregation had to be carefully chosen to represent people … even if one slipped through a crack.
    As for the later ‘thoughts’ by a ‘rightist’ foundation … TOO LATE. :-))))

  • guest

    Zionist, Shiites, Neocons, and their Allies: A Treacherous Alliance

    The world has been programmed to fear Islam – Islam is often painted by right-wing neoconservatives as a religion that will never integrate a primitive religion that seeks to rob individuals of their freedoms and dominate the world. Muslims are often led to believe that if Shariah law is enforced upon mankind the world will usher into a golden age, they believe the West doesn’t want Islam because of its complete and utter remedies to society’s social ills. For the last 20 years or more, humanity has been continuously sold Samuel Huntington’s lie about the so-called “Clash of Civilisations” which is often used to defend right-wing, anti-Muslim mass immigration bigots. Islamists are portrayed as a threat to national security, national sovereignty and the safety of civilians – both Muslim and Non-Muslim. Many Muslims and Non-Muslims are led to believe political Islamic movements are the biggest threat and main opposition to Western imperialists. Unfortunately, people only see what is in front of them, nobody reads between the lines anymore, people only scratches the surface and the hidden historical connections between Islam and the West upon Islam’s inception until now are either unseen or completely dismissed altogether. Political Islam and Islamists are in fact the biggest modern day vehicles for Western imperialism and neo-colonialism.

    If you connect the dots between high profile, historical Islamic political and religious figures who worked hand in hand with Zionists and the West to create what is now the so-called modern threat of Islamism which worries Westerners and triggers right-wing groups intensely. I strongly recommend reading this book titled “Terrorism and the Illuminati: A Three Thousand Year History” by David Livingstone.

    Iran’s secret alliance with Israel, this book supports everything people have been saying about the Middle East being no different than a game of minesweeper – Israel’s mines are everywhere, in movements, in religious authority figures, in ruling elite Muslim (or secretly Jewish) bloodlines, in political positions of power… nothing is left untouched or not infiltrated – everybody is playing for the same team – the only difference is ideologies are made to look as though they oppose each other and even though they do, ultimately they all work for the same interests despite what their followers are led to believe.

    There were secret alliances between the Crusades, Knights Templar and off-shoot Shiite sect Ismailis which exchanged various occult traditions.

    The Persian royal family intermarried with Alexander the Great and Herod the Great, these intermarried families were responsible for creating the leading mystery school known as “The Mysteries of Mithras” which later merged with the Christian movement to create what is now known as the Catholic Church. The Mysteries of Mithras movement introduced humanity to the occult arts including astrology, magic and alchemy. The cult today now known as the Kabbalah was created by Jews who refused to remove Pagan influences from their religion by adopting Babylonian magic knowing it was forbidden by the God of Israel – they instead chose to honour Lucifer. They kept their apostasy hidden by disguising their hidden faith as religious interpretation.

    Zoroastrianism was originally monotheistic which was quickly corrupted by the Magi (the Persian priests) who infused Babylonian elements to it. Compulsory schooling was enforced by the ruling elite in order to separate children from their parents by indoctrinating them with ideals of the state. The original Mysteries of Mithras were the first families to ultimately produce the ruling elite bloodlines – they believed they were superior to everybody else because of their intermarriage to other multi-dimensional beings. The cult of the Roman Empire produced by the Mysteries of Mithras then penetrated the Islamic world via the off-shoot Shiite sect known as the Ismailis who later created the first network of Islamic terrorism known as the Assassins. An article published in the American Journal of Human Genetics revealed the Hebrew University of Israel revealed Jews have a closer genetic relationship to populations in the northern Mediterranean, including Kurds, Anatolian Turks and Armenians more than Arabs and Bedouins.

    Islam was subverted through the same occult influences from a community in Harran, southeast Turkey known as the Sabians. It was through their influence the most notorious of radical Islamic groups, the Assassins later imported occult tradition via the Knights Templar during the Crusades to the West. The Sabians were translators and astrologers who diffused the mystical teachings to the Islamic world later creating what is now known as Sufism. The Shiite Muslims were split into two main groups, the majority following the Twelve Imams known as the Twelvers and Jafar’s followers who remained loyal to his son Ismail who later became known as the Ismailis. The Templars grew powerful, Jerusalem fell back into Muslim hands, and nearly all Crusader holdings were in Arab control. The Templars established Cyprus as their new headquarters – they were involved in secret pacts with the Muslims forging alliances with them to establish connections with the Ismailis. The Templars were charged with practicing magic and believed by most to have been disbanded – they later formed the Freemasons.

    The Illuminati created the Egyptian Rite Freemasonry and allied themselves to the secret societies of Egypt to produce the Ismaili “Grand lodge” of Fatimid times to produce Islamic fundamentalism. The relationship between European Occultists and their brethren in Egypt opened up the opportunity to create three world wards of which the last would be against Islam.

    WWI – to enable the Illuminati to overthrow the Tzars in Russia and create stronghold of atheistic-communism; Communism was created to destroy other governments and weaken religions.

    WWII – to emphasise the differences between fascism and political Zionism; Nazism was created to be destroyed to give rise to political Zionism and establish the state of Israel.

    WWIII – to emphasise difference between political Zionists and Muslim world both will destroy each other divided against each other forced to fight themselves into a complete state of exhaustion physically, mentally, spiritually and economically.

    The monopoly was achieved by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the Iranians would play a central role in the Illuminati conspiracy to gain control of oil, and through the accumulation of wealth fund the spread of deviant interpretations of Islam and finance Islamic terrorism. The British Oxford movement in Egypt later created a reformed Islamic movement later known as Khawarijism which would be later used as a pretext for Western invasion to safeguard oil. The Iranians were employed to protect Britain’s growing interest of the Suez Canal which would become crucial for oil shipments to Europe and elsewhere. Jamal ud Din Al-Afghani was the founder of the Khawariji movement; he was guided by British and cult specialists. The Khawariji movement became allied with the Shiites of Iran through Freemason, Mohammed Rashid Rida who later led the movement.

    The Nazis and the Shiites worked together to revive ancient mind-control tactics of the Ismailis who would later be known as terrorist. The organisation was later named the Muslim Brotherhood who would use Islam only to deceive the public. Robert Dreyfuss who was held hostage by Ayatollah Khomeini professed:

    “The Muslim Brotherhood is a London creation, forged as the standard-bearer of an ancient, anti-religious (Pagan) heresy that has plagued Islam since the establishment of the Muslim community by the Prophet Muhammad. Representing organised Islamic fundamentalism, the organisation called the Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1929 by the British agent Hassan al-Banna a sufi mystic. Today, the Muslim Brotherhood is the umbrella under which a host of fundamentalist Sufi, Khawarij and radical Shiite brotherhoods and societies flourish.”

    When Hitler came to power in the 1930s he and Nazi intelligence made contact with Banna in order to collaborate – Banna was a devout admirer of Hitler. Nazi Military intelligence provided information on the British to work covertly to undermine British control in Egypt. When Abdul Nasser threatened to nationalise the Suez Canal, the Rothschilds employed their assassins from the Muslim Brotherhood against him.

    One British agent even admitted “The Muslim Brotherhood was a silent ally that provided a cheap no-American causalities way to do our dirty work in Yemen, Afghanistan and plenty of other places” Robert Dreyfuss even clarified

    “The real Muslim Shiite-Khawarij Brothers are those whose hands are never dirtied with the business of killing and burning. They are the secretive bankers and financiers who stand behind the curtain, the members of the old Arab, Turkish or Persian families who genealogy places them in the oligarchial elite, with smooth business and intelligence associations to the European black nobility and especially to the British oligarchy. The Muslim Brotherhood is money. Together, the Brotherhood probably controls several tens of billions of dollars in immediate liquid assets, and controls billions more in day-to-day business operations in everything from oil trade and banking, to drug running, illegal arms merchandising, gold and diamond smuggling. By allying with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Anglo-Americans and worldwide financial empire that extends from numbered Swiss bank accounts to offshore havens in Dubai, Kuwait and Hong Kong.”

    No Islamist movement is real – People have been saying that for years now. A real Islamist movement would not have any kind of alliance with the West, but these facts above prove the opposite otherwise. Islamism is not a threat to the West; it’s only incited as a threat in order to create instability, paranoia and chaos among citizens who feel threatened by an “invasive species” who seek to reform their Western-liberal-democratic values. The alliance between Shiite-Khawarij and the West has revealed itself in the past couple of decades or so, but nonetheless, many naive Muslims and Non-Muslims still believe
    Shiite-Khawarij have their best interest at heart and aspire to use the divine doctrine of God to create a utopia which the West rejects.

    People need to dig deeper – what you see in front of you is far from the truth, but if you seek the truth eventually you will find it. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to enlighten people about these inconvenient truths which often is overshadowed by silence and mass ignorance of people. At the end of the day, some people will never live to uncover the truth, others will resist the truth to protect their beliefs and few will uncover the truth and be shockingly disappointed. Lesson here, never believe anybody who claims to be something they’re not, never have faith in a group of people who could easily deceive you by telling you one thing and leading you to believe another.